Where Did THAT Come From: Buck McCoy, Prospector, & The Kid With No Name

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. That is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

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The cool looking building/character combo Buck McCoy & Wild West Film Set appeared during Act One of our Wild West Event. You can find more information in the “Should I Buy” HERE.

The Kid With No Name appeared during Act 2 of our Wild West Event. He can be found in the Personal Prizes (#7) that you can earn Deputy Badges to unlock.

The Prospector, well he arrived in our games during Act One to help us and oru Neighbors earn some Event Currency.

In this post I will be going over the Origin of Buck McCoy, the Prospector, and The Kid With No NameWhy are they in our games? What do they have to do with Springfield Wild West?  Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

**Side Note: THIS Bart, isn’t quite the same as the one in our game… but close. Another Bart similar can be seen in another episode… you will notice when that WDTCF goes live too. 😉


Season 13, Episode 12: The Lastest Gun in the West
Bart is being chased all over town by a pretty vicious white dog. No matter where he goes or what he does to try and avoid the animal, it always seems to find him. After a while of being chased, Bart manages to get away from the evil dog by scaling a gate to someone’s residence. He turns around to see… MORE vicious animals? Nope, they are just movie props for the “Famous” Buck McCoy. WHO??! That’s right, Buck McCoy.

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (1)

Buck shows Bart how to calm the savage beast by laying it down and placing his hands on his neck. Buck takes Bart on a tour of his place, where it seems like everything has some kind of “skin” covering it. Including his Desktop. Frank the Wonder Horse is even there vacuuming the place.

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (2)

Bart heads on home. Marge is curious as to where the vicious dog went. Bart explains that Buck McCoy helped him. Well at least Grampa Abe seems to know who the guy is as he starts rambling on about him. Bart is really starting to spend a lot of time with Buck McCoy. Homer seems a bit annoyed as the boy seems to like Buck and look up to him far more than he ever did with Homer.

Buck comes over to the Simpsons for dinner and to show off some of his old Movies. He went from Action Movies, to TV Series (complete with his own commercials selling Whiskey to Kids), to a Detective show (because in the 70’s that’s what they did). They quickly wrote him out. Buck, now saddened, explains that Westerns just stopped being popular. They went the way of Paper and Polio. The Simpsons however think that the Westerns could make a come back. Even Bart is really excited of the thought.

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (3)

Bart shows up the next day to school complete in Cowboy garb. He declares that dressing this way is what EVERYONE should start doing. He expects to see them all tomorrow in cute Cowboy clothes. Of course, they all follow. Kent Brockman is even there to run a special on how the kids are bringing Western Gear back. At the Kwik-E-Mart, even Apu is getting into the Western mood by wearing a Ten Gallon Hat and strumming tunes on a Guitar.

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (5)

Bart now has it set in his mind to get Buck McCoy back into pictures. He approaches Krusty to beg him to put Buck McCoy into his show somewhere. However, Buck doesn’t seem so keen on the idea. Even with the reverse psychology Lisa tries to pull on him… or did it work? I guess it did as Buck McCoy shows up at Krusty’s show… to show off his shooting skills.

Sadly though, Buck McCoy doesn’t seem to be able to handle the fact that he will be live… in front of Millions… Millions… and a TV Guide Critic. Poor Buck shows up for his performance quite drunk and belligerent. He pulls out his pistols to complete the act… but instead shoots everything he shouldn’t. Including Krusty. It seems he was also an alcoholic along with all his other talents.

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (6)

Bart is really bummed out, his mentor and new Hero turned out to be very disappointing instead. Well, I guess he can always find OTHER Heroes to hang on his wall and worship…

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (7)

Homer should be happy Bart is no longer obsessing over another Adult being his Hero, but he just can’t. Marge and Homer decide they are going to make Buck sober. Buck tells Homer he is grateful, but he is too old to change. He is in his 70’s afterall, 76 to be exact. Buck ends up checking into John Ford Center For Alcoholic Cowboys. Just who do you know is one of the Alcoholic Cowboys? Well our lil Prospector that we are dropping off and trying to catch during the Event. No wonder he runs so fast, he’s running on Moonshine Gasoline.

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (8)

Buck just can’t stand it though. He calls all the Cowboys crazy, is literally branded a Quitter, and takes off out of the Center. Homer and Marge still don’t want to give up on Buck. Of course, a chance comes along. A Bank Robbery in progress. They really need a Hero… a Hero… a Hero… Homer picks up the phone and calls Buck. He takes out the Robbers with just his Lassos. He is now Bart’s Hero again. In typical Cowboy fashion, of into the Sunset he rides on his trusty Steed…

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (9)

…back home to pick up his mail, take out the trash, and keep an eye out for intruders.

Buck McCoy Kid With No Name Prospector (10)


There you have it, an Old Cowboy, a Young impressionable Boy, and a Drunken Prospector all made appearances throughout this episode and are now in our silly lil games.

Do you remember the episode? What do you think of the Buck McCoy Combo? Did you splurge and pick it up? How about the No Name Kid? How is your Prospector earning and dropping of going? Anyone else want Buck’s Horse and House in their games too? Let us know.


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  1. I want this game to stop sucking.. Seriously got the Livery building yesterday AND finished the quest for more badges. Yet no donuts.. I am outraged!! ARRERRHH! GIMME MY DONUTS X(

  2. But is the prospector’s name John?

  3. The only thing I liked about this episode was the fact that Snake was using a Colonial Marines pulse rifle.

  4. Great post!!! Love the characters and episodes but never knew where the prospector came from! Thx Bunny 🙂

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