Where Did THAT Come From – Luke Stetson, Hootenanny Barn & Cow Tongues

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

charactersets_lukestetson Hootenanny_Barn cowtongues

Howdy and Yeehaw Cowboy and Cowgirleenos! How in tarnation are y’all doing? Liking the 2016 TSTO Wild West Event? It’s Act Two in this darn-tootin’ new event and with every new imagining by the designers comes new items. This of course means the wild gang here at Addicts gets to dive into the Best. Show. Ever. and find new critters like the outlaws they are. For this post, I checked out the wanted posters and decided to ride down the origins for Luke Stetson, the Hootenanny Barn, and the Cow Tongues. The first two are a premium offering for 100 donuts but the last can be added for those sweet sweet freemium bucks. It’s only $45000. But what the heck… what does a barrel of tongues have to do with the series? Who is Luke and why does he have an ironic last name synonymous with a type of cowboy hat? What does this have to do with the Wild West? Let’s check out the Best. Show. Ever., shall we?

“Dude, Where’s My Ranch?” (S14:E18)

It’s Christmas in Springfield and the Blue Haired Lawyer ruins Christmas caroling for our favorite family by invoking copyright law. He also mentions awful public domain carols and that Disney owns the notes A flat and G natural. Homer is undeterred though. He tries to write his own carol but ends up writing a song making fun of Ned Flanders. The tune turns out to be all the rage in Springfield. Problem is it’s basically played non-stop on the radio. Reminds me of the rotations of radio stations in my neck of the woods and why I mainly listen to podcasts and the Hamilton soundtrack. Anyhoo… our favorite family heads on vacation to a dude ranch to avoid the song.

Lazy I Ranch Simpsons

The Lazy “I” Ranch formerly the Wandering “I” Nudist Colony (“Peace. Quiet. Chili.”) owned and operated by none other than the Rich Texan. Lots of cowboy-themed fun for the Simpson family. A memorial for a battleground against Native Americans, Bart rides a horse, a chuck wagon, Homer fights beavers, you know? Cowboy Fun. Lisa isn’t too thrilled with the vacation until she meets Luke Stetson who keeps her from stepping on a rattlesnake egg.

Luke Stetson Simpsons

He’s the first person who cares about their animal equals and convinces her to ride on a pony to help hang his No Hunting and Free Tibet signs. I found it interesting that Lisa isn’t all that thrilled at first about a pony. Seems out of character for her but oh well. Basically this cowpoke is the perfect guy for Lisa. He shows her the beauty of the countryside. I also love how Marge hides to spy on the budding romance.

Luke Stetson Simpsons 2

Not all is perfect at the dude ranch though. Luke might have tried to give Lisa a new respect for the “New West, where we respect our equine and bovine Americans” but they ride right up on a barrel of cow tongues. Seems Luke is the only gentle wrangler there. The chuckwagon guy named Cookie is ready to shoot a chicken and even the clouds are meat murderers.

Cow Tongues 10 for a Nickel Simpsons

Marge points out to Lisa the age difference between Luke (13) and Lisa (8), even their names go well together, but Lisa is off to make beautiful music with Luke.

Lisa Simpson & Luke Stetson make beautiful music

Lisa is excited for a dance that’s being held at the ranch. She overhears Luke talking to a girl named Clara on the phone and promising her the first dance. Suffice to say that Lil Lisa is heartbroken. Not heartbroken enough though to not go off and send this girl Clara on a dangerous detour to the dance lol. Lisa now has Luke all to herself for the dance. Guess where it’s held?

Hootenanny Barn Simpsons

At the hootenanny (a fun word for a dance with fiddles), Lisa finds out that Clara was actually Luke’s sister and has to go save her from danger. When Lisa admits to her misdeed, it marks the end of the relationship between L & L. We also learn that Luke’s family moved from Central Park West and may be Jewish… l’chaim.

Luke Stetson Simpsons 3

So there you have it friends, a love interest for Lisa, a barrel of how cows go moo, and another barn to add to Builder’s Barn, Pottering Barn, Crypto Barn, the Movementarian Barn, and Prodigy Barn in show canon. What do you think of the items? Did you buy Luke? Buy/Earn/gag about the cow tongues? Sound off in the comments below and keep it classy cowpokes.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Goes well with spider pig

  2. Google Translate recognizes that as being Japanese, but doesn’t seem able to translate it…

  3. I think i had a glitch. When i opened my game i started recieving dynamite instead of badges and i got a new hour long quest. I went to some friends towns and then when i went back they were badges again. Then when the hour long quest was over i got the third building in the town center. I then got a second quest however the jobs are not showing up in the characters tasklists. I am also now recieving gold coins but it doesnt show how many i have though i sometimes have to spend them in the general store.

  4. blackgypsyrose13

    Beef tongues, yummy!

  5. Been a busy week, so this is the first time I’ve been on since Sunday (I think). Spent some time updating my Wild West motif….and as of yesterday…includes Hootenanny Barn! I ultimately figured I am paying on average 150 for a building and character, so for 100 sprinkles, it was a good deal. Originally, I wasn’t gonna spring for it because we got the Livery & Stable as the Act 2 final prize, but both actually work well in my space.

    I giggled at the dialogue between Luke & Lisa when I first purchased, and a big THANK YOU to the Wookie for his elaboration on the episode. Now I have a confession that might make some of you hyperventilate, so I recommend getting a paper bag now.

    Here goes: I have never watched the Simpsons. AHAHAHAHAHAHAEEIKKKKKKKEIEKAHAHAHAKEIEK!

    In my defense, I grew up a bit sheltered…some say more like a concrete shelter from what I hear from “outsiders”. Anyway. The Simpsons did not pass my mother’s allowable T.V. and by the time I was out on my own and had a TV – yes, I spent years as an adult with no TV. Well, what are they on now Season 27? So, I have never watched it.

    So, #1 reason you still have to like me is it is not entirely my fault as when they came out I was still under lock & key.
    #2 reason you still have to like me is….I started watching. I have watched all of Season 1. Actually started back at Christmas time, so I laughed a little at the timing since the first episode is at Christmas, then the camping trip. Anyway, I have really enjoyed it…

    ….and you are all to blame! Give yourselves a pat on the back. I have been converted.

    And to think, without this game….I would just be another lost soul.

    Wookie – Best.Show.Ever. :o)

    • Better nate than lever

      • I am so overjoyed to see someone else knows that joke. As a child, I would always beg my father to tell the “Better Nate than lever” story. Kids are always so easily amused – especially by puns.

    • I like you. Some of my best friends have never seen the show. Well, not best friends, but I know them. 😉 (Maybe you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory?)

      The Christmas Special was just that, a special…. because it’s not the first episode by production order, just the first one that was broadcast.

    • Do the barn and the paddock match up like they belong together? I hadn’t originally planned on getting Luke, but Alissa (and others) keep talking about what a great deal it is. So if the barn and the paddock work together, that would make me lean more towards getting Luke and the barn.

      • They don’t look like they belong together like the 2 paddocks do if that’s what you mean. However, you can design them in a way where they fit in with each other, that’s my plan whenever I finally start getting into designing this area. I’m going to put the horses behind the barn and tie them in with decorations so they look more fitting together. They definitely weren’t designed to compliment each other though.

    • No worries – we still like you! My husband wasn’t allowed to watch Laugh-In when he was growing up and I *married* him. 😉

    • Psh, they were on my mom’s no-watch list, but that didn’t stop me from sneaking them every chance I got!

      You absolutely muct watch seasons 1-8 first. 2 has some great epsisodes, but 3 is where thing really pick up. If you can’t stream them or something, you can usually buy them on eBay cheaply enough!

  6. Did I really start a game

    “Earn the cowtongues”…?

    Weren’t they a freemium item (bought with IGC)?

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