The Bug Report….5/20/16

Updated with information about a Glitch at Moe’s

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some bugs have been fixed…some are still looming.  Some aren’t bugs at all…..

Let’s take a look at the latest bug report updates and details….(remember this post is where we initially listed it all)

And for those who don’t like to read everything…here’s what we’ll be covering:
-Gil Deal still Missing
-Lockout Glitch
-Level up XP
-Not enough space
-Longshot Skinner (Fixed)
-EA reps…
-Moe’s Tavern Glitch


Missing Gil Deal…
Not Fixed. 
From yesterday…
The Gil Duff Gardens Deal is missing for a good chunk of you.  I’ve got some quick tips for trying to get it back on this post. But for many of you that’s not working.  So….many of you have reported this to EA already.

2016-05-18 11.27.23

EA is aware of the Missing Gil Deal and they’re working on it.  My hopes are that if they don’t fix it this morning they’ll extend the timer…

If you are impacted by this one, I still think you should contact EA and let them know.  The more that report it the wider scope they have to investigate the issue.

Lockout Glitch
UPDATE: Fixed.  At least from the reports of many of you.

When you leveled up it was causing some players to get locked out of their Springfields…and land in a perpetual Bart Screen.

Because it’s been fixed…I would say it’s now safe to play your games.  HOWEVER…I was still caution against Leveling up too quickly, at least until you’ve finished the Level 60 questline.  Finish that and then Level up as you want.  Just to be safe.

Level Up XP, Different for Some Players

This is NOT a bug.  This is intentional. Here’s the deal…

Level 60-61 you need over 1 million XP
Levels 61-100 you need 40,000 XP for each Level
Levels 101-939 you need 500,000 XP for each level
Levels 939  you’ll need 1,000,000 XP to hit the Bonus Level Up

So not a bug…it’s as intended.  🙂


-Not Enough Space To Download Update:
This is NOT a Bug…the game is just REALLY big.

If you’re getting the Not Enough Space Message on your device…
Fully uninstall TSTO and then reinstall it.

ONLY Do This If You Have an EA/Origin Account

It’s not that this update is massive, it’s that the Wild West Update is huge.  And when it downloads an in-game update it tries to add all of the space to your device again.  So if you’ve been playing Wild West it’s likely you don’t need to free up more space, just fully uninstall and reinstall TSTO.

This problem should be gone once the Wild West Event is over, May 30th.

Longshot Skinner

FIXED. The patch installed today (5/20) fixed this


Some of you are reporting seeing Longshot Skinner in your town before you’ve unlocked him.  This is just a visual glitch and nothing to freak out about.  You’ll still be able to earn him once you unlock him as a prize.  For now  just ignore it…and don’t worry about it.

EA Reps

I know MANY of you have been getting Reps telling you that any of the problems you see above aren’t happening to anyone else.  I’m sorry.  Those are the kind of Reps who shouldn’t be taking calls about TSTO.

You are not crazy.  They are.  These bugs are impacting A LOT of players….

So if you get a rep that’s tell you you’re crazy…get their name, id number (or whatever they call it), ask to speak to their supervisor and report them.  Use this site as reference, or the EA forums.  You can also try calling/chatting again and getting a different Rep.

It’s worth it when you get a good one..I promise.

To all the good EA reps out there (the ones that actually read this site), this doesn’t apply to you.  You’re the good ones.  Bunny, Wookiee and I have all talked with you.  We like you, you’re helpful.  It’s the reps that have NO clue what’s going on and their only advice is to uninstall and reinstall forever that we’re referring too. 🙂

NEW Moe’s Tavern Glitch

2016-05-17 11.51.33

Some of you are reporting that when you level up Town Plaza to unlock the ability for Moe’s Tavern to become a Bandit Hideout the characters that are inside get locked inside and you can’t get them out.

This is now trending enough that it is in fact a bug.

If this has happened to you, store and replace Moe’s and it should free those characters.  However, remember that doing that will also store Moe and Marge.  So any tasks they are on, they will get knocked out from.

Also, contact EA so that they are aware of the problem and it can be fixed.

And there you have it my friends…the Bug report for today.

Are you experiencing this bugs?  Anything resolved itself for you yet?  Anything else you’re getting since yesterday? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

263 responses to “The Bug Report….5/20/16

  1. I’ve looked everywhere for an answer/solution, but can’t find one, and Im not sure if anyone can help with this, but if you can please let me know..I’ve been seeing a weird ‘glitch’ with the PolyVac since after the event finished, it just keeps blinking, including buildings, etc..around it..I know I can just store it, but it gives there anyway to fix this?

  2. I’m having a glitch where visiting friends (and I have 100 of them) isn’t giving me any frog princes. It drops them, and it’s still crediting me the goblin gold, but not the frogs. It’s really annoying since I’m so close to the end goal now, and this event has been so difficult to get everything you need for the final prizes. Is anyone else having this problem? Any advice on how to reslove this?

  3. Help please it says I can buy moes tavern when I buy it (I do have enough money) it goes by the locked land which i don’t have enough to buy… is this a glitch or do u have to but the land to get to it ?….

  4. The ‘maybe if you hit retry’ has been coming up for a few hours at a time every day for the past few days, and no matter how many times I choose retry it just loads for a minute and the same screen shows up. It doesn’t matter whether I use wifi or mobile data. I’ve deleted and re downloaded the app, but it only worked for about 12 hours and now it’s not letting me on the game again. I’m on iOS, is anyone else experiencing this issue?
    Also, I recently reached level 60, maybe that’s part of the problem?

    • The problem mentioned above still hasn’t been fixed, but there’s a new problem in addition to that. The game has somehow logged me out and whenever I enter my email+password it says an error occurred processing the login. I managed to get in this morning but hasn’t worked since. Y u do dis EA wut u doin 😭 I’m so behind with the event now

  5. Since the last update the game no longer prevents my device going into sleep mode. It is happening on both my Android phone and tablet and is very annoying as it means restarting the game when I wake my device up.

    Anybody else noticed this?

  6. Have you noticed that Homerlayas, Burns Summer Mansion, and Players Club Tower all revert to smallest (first) design option after visiting neighbors? Buggy…

  7. HELP PLEASE – Krustyland (glitch noticed today, August 29th) – I tried to play “Sideshow You” as usual and I got a pop-up that said “Requirements not Met” and would not let me play. WTH???? Thanks for any help/comments.

  8. The photo camera is not working

  9. The solution I found on EA’s website suggested downloading the Samsung game tuner from the play store. Set resolution to high, and it works fine. Phew! I’m remodeling my town, so this makes it much easier. So if you are having this problem with a Samsung device, try this.

  10. Is anyone having a problem with their town being too zoomed in? It started the second time I started the game today. I’ve tried Uninstall ingredients and reinstalling, no luck. Anyone else having this problem?

    • might be a phone compatibility issue. Try contacting EA see what they have to say

    • Download Samsung Game Tuner on Play Store to set game resolution back to 100%. This was a “feature” added in Android 6 to conserve battery… but can be adjusted with Game Tuner.

    • The level of zoom seems to change sometime. Usually the game reverts to the normal zoom, usually around the time I’ve gotten used to the new zoom. Just give it a couple of days.

  11. Bart just won the go kart race and it reloaded and i never got the last prize ?? Thank you now it’s gone ??

  12. spaced_hopper

    My 8 hours job drinking at Moe’s has disappeared for Carl, Lenny, Eddie, Lou, Sanjay and Skinner (I haven’t checked anyone who is a superhero) I’ve stored and replaced Moe’s, any other tips? Thanks

  13. I am still locked out, for over 24 hrs.
    Where do i go to report this?

  14. When I logged on today, 50 of my donuts were missing!!! I am super annoyed about this as I’ve spent ages slowly collecting them to buy apu’s wife!!
    It’s saying I have 42 donuts but yesterday I had 102!! So frustrated!!!!
    Has this happened to anyone else??

  15. theguillotine

    Purchased dr colossus and his quest line wont start? I have packed and unpacked his hideout but i got no othet ideas? Amy help would be great

  16. Good afternoon For about a month now I’ve had to uninstall reinstall every day Sometimes 2 to 3 times a day Now I cannot even sign in as it says an error has occurred Tried going to EA And couldn’t log in there either please help

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