Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E3 “Homer’s Odyssey”

It’s time for another Throwback Thursday with Totbox!  Enjoy this week’s installment.. -Alissa 

Hi There, Energy Eaters (and Inspectors of Safety)

I have been able to time travel relatively safely without the use of radioactive materials. It is safe to say that “Safety” is no joking matter, but neither is tying a boulder around ones waist, but on January 21st 1990 it was a simpler time perhaps and thus those things were indeed a joking matter. Like Homer, I too had my darkest moments turn to a purposeful mission. What? You want to know more? …Fine, so I was playing TSTO while there was a lull in the game between one event to another and I realized something, I can write a Post about old episodes!! :p

“Homer’s Odyssey”

Homer’s worst moment brings clarity to his devotion to Safety

image (3)

“Homer’s Odyssey”, This isn’t about the Greek masterpiece this is about the third episode of The Simpsons. The band Ace Of Base sang “I saw the sign” back in 1992 and they might not have seen a sign if it wasn’t for Homer in this episode on January 21st 1990. After the loss of his job (as Technical Supervisor), (due to an accident he caused) he Crusaded for safety (just after he was about to due himself in) and in the end, accepted the job (he has today) as Safety Inspector.

FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING: Otto, Chief Wiggum, Smithers, Blinky (the three eyed fish)  and Jasper Beardly as a background character. This episode also included City Hall (or is that different from Town Hall?) and The Tire Yard (but it wasn’t on fire).

There are also character’s and items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe.  OH THE POSSIBILITIES:

image (19)

Some previously requested Characters: Barflies, Larry and Sam because Barney is so lonely in theat TSTO character collection category all by himself *burp*. Wendell (though I mentioned him in S1 E1, this episode he was more visible as a voiced character).

Possible Skins: Tan Smithers, Safety Salamander Homer (NOPE, not in this episode), Burger Server Marge (she would look great wearing that in a Burger/Ribwich event)

image (20)

Possible NPCs: Smile’n Joe Fission, Blinky with a pop-up-UPON-tap/demand pond. El Barto (wanted poster character come to life) that could spray spray-paint when tapped.

image (21)

Possible Events: Nuclear Energy (Film) Event with Event-Tappable-Critters (Uranium 235 Rods, and nuclear waste (blue critters) maybe even the Nuclear Family, Random Hooded Power plant workers with inspectors.), Safety mini-event.

Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game. Don’t Mention It: Mr. And Mrs. Winfield, City Hall council members, and Sherri and Terri’s Dad (whom you’ll see in the picture below with the hard hat and megaphone). There are also locations that we could pass on such as Springfield Toxic Waste Dump, and dare I even say it… (I won’t say the name since I know people are tired of… Prisons, but the criminals waving to the school bus was too funny)

some Highlights: 

image (22)

Some other things to think about:

Sherri or Terri goes a few animation cells without a body 😮  . Homer watches a Duff Beer commercial (the event following… Well, lets just say Bart’s Piggybank didn’t make it through the night). On a funnier note Bart see’s Otto’s tattoo and says “I want one of those”, you’d think Bart would have learned his lesson for S1 E1 (maybe he should have asked for that instead of the “Mother” tattoo). I have done my hardest not to bring up the Kitchen’s (plain looking) curtains and One-slice Toaster… So close (not mentioning it) :p  . Do you think Sherri and Terri’s dad and Smithers go the same Tanning Place? ;p . To bad Caller ID wasn’t available back then or Moe would have figured out whose been Pranking him. 🙂

There is one more thing I want to POINT out 😉
(perhaps this episode was inspiration for Tapped Out and Maggie as Skyfinger)


Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like?  Ever quit or get fired someplace only later to return to work at that same place? Do you have any memorable field trips? Have any good safety tips? Does anyone know that “I.P. Freely”? Sound off in the comments and have a SAFE journey back to your current space/time 🙂


19 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E3 “Homer’s Odyssey”

  1. I am seriously surprised no one mentioned this Gif, I was excited to put it together. To the point that I thought it would be a TSTO Addicts Iconic reusable Gif. I even thought about a contest to anyone that can duplicate it with a Meme phrase of their own. Example: TSTO Addicts wants You! [at top and then at the bottom] To Keep Tapping.
    Or “Whose a good tapper? You Are!!!” Or “when in doubt … Tap”

  2. Enjoyed your review! I have to watch this episode again.

  3. I think Tapped Out really needs a “throwback” event, with the dark Smithers, black haired Moe, yellow haired Barney, and skins for all the Simpsons family from the early seasons or the Tracy Ullman shorts. Etc etc.

    We already got the babysitter bandit which is from way back, so why not more? I WANT MORE, DANG IT, BOBBY.

  4. I thought this was gonna be about that minivan he rented once. Coin slots for every coin….

  5. Great episode! Great review! 🙂 Loved Series 1 and it defiantly has some Tapped Out potential!

    • ….Season in America. Series is the entire run of seasons. Unless there’s a reboot, I guess. Hah, I wonder how the Simpsons would handle a reboot.

      • I would like to see a scene-for-scene remake of the very first episode in the new HD style of animation. Never gonna happen though…. 😐

      • I’m assuming they’d cast a whole new group of actors so the characters didn’t age and appear old when the reboot starts… Oh wait. Nevermind.

    • Thank you for the feedback, I must confess I was a little worried that no one commented on it for what felt like hours (but it was just Alissa’s moderation) :p

      Shout Out to Alissa for Helping me get this Gif onto the site 😀

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