Chili Cook-Off Pro Tip: Grow Corn

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Quick tip for y’all….Grow Corn!  As in, start it right now.  Before you complete Part 2 of It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity…where you unlock the ability to grow Peppers at Cletus’ Farm, start growing Corn.  And turn on your XP Collider (if you’re someone who uses it, and willing to grind out some XP to get more donuts.  Otherwise don’t worry about the collider…)

Once you complete Part 2 of It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity the corn will Auto-Complete for you.

This will ONLY work if you start growing corn prior to completing part 2.

I can confirm, this works.  I sacrificed some donuts in my game to test.

So start growing and good luck!

corn Insanity_Peppers

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  1. Thanks for the advice! I’m still working on part 2. My grandma Bunny passed away last week so I didn’t start this mini event till Monday. I’m hoping I can get it done in time. BTW, my grandma had been sick for years, she was ready to go to Heaven. ❤️

  2. I just wanted to point out that Marge the Witch’s “speed up a crop” task is particularly useful for this event, as it enables you to earn 6 extra peppers every 3 hours. I hope we can benefit from planting crops at Cletus’s farm also in future events.

  3. I discovered a real awesome way to get loads of free donuts with a small 5 donut charge with the multiplier. Once you reach level 60 the next levels only take 40,000 XP to move up a level and at some point jumps to 50,000 XP per level. You need to have a lot of in game cash and some room for bloodmobiles. I bought a bunch of bloodmoblies and with the multiplier i was moving up a level with nearly every purchase. Some levels are two donuts, most are 1. 37 donuts and all it cost me was 5 donuts and $2 million in game cash. Nice trade off if you ask me.

  4. I am about 60 days in to growing corn and was quite panicked about completing step 2, I thought I would be stuck and unable to complete the event. So I came here for advice and found this beautiful article. Thanks for being so on top of things!

  5. I did all of this completely on accident and it was the best surprise ever.

  6. I was using Witch Marge to speed up my peppers crop. Worked great! Then I started another crop but it showed 3 hours to complete. I tried to store Witch Marge to restart her job but could not do it? I stored the farm to release her and start her over. Well, D`oh!!!.. I just lost the progress of everyone else collection peppers… I feel like a little kid that just spilled his milk at the dinner table… Well, Sh*t happens…

  7. Holy smokes! I leveled up 4-5 levels by doing this! I love this group! It has made a lot of quest happen faster by listening!
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the advice! Growing corn worked like a charm. Also thanks for the suggestion to use Witchy Marge for pepper crops.
    “You hags are all right.”

  9. Worked for me this morning. Collider on. 91.85% multiplier. Auto completed corn. My measly 3 million and a whole lot of tiki bars leveled up 10 times. Now at level 119.

  10. Collider on, one hour until I finish part 2, get to see corn in my town for the first time, get a new crop and have Witch Marge on stand by. Then I shall reward myself with the donut day boat and watch it rain. A nice start to a Saturday, kind of excited 😁🍩🙌🎉 Happy Weekend Everyone!

  11. Also using Witch Marge to speed up my crop so my peppers are done in an hour and a half. So glad I splurged on her.

  12. WanderingCaveman

    Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t been using my farm lately, so I didn’t have anything growing. I managed to get the corn started just before I finished part 2 and was able to snag a nice little chunk of xp : P

  13. I did this and worked (great tip thanks!)

    Only problem I seem to have is now I have levelled up and haven’t got the homerlayas triggered. I was close to finishing level 60 when I harvested the corn so I completed level 61 also pretty much instantaneously. I figured it would trigger maybe when homer was freed up but nothing. I levelled up a bit more with some blood mobiles; as I wanted to get some donuts from my Xp machine almost finishing, and still nothing. Any ideas? Wouldn’t mind but they’re kinda cool edition to Springfield design wise:)

    Also just wanted to say great blog you guys do, this is my first post just for you! 😀


  14. It works!! This morning I saw a in app-update and I think that all is lost with Cletus farm locked with the corn that need eras to grow but no problem with the update, corn autocomplete in a second when I finish part 2 of the event.

  15. Here’s another XP boosting tip that I came across from a 3-year old posting, but still works nicely now – build about 20 Kwik-E marts, wait four hours for them to build, then sell them again.

    Even though the prices went up during the Easter 2015 event, building 20 will only cost $37,070 ($27,800 net once you sell them) but on completion you’ll get 2,000 XP per shop. That’s an amazing 1.08 XP per $ compared to 0.1 XP per $ for a Rat Trap Delivery Truck.

    With my XP collider running combined with 224% bonus XP and another 155% XP from Springfield Heights I’m going up 2 levels every four hours. I paid 25 donuts to start the collider for 10 days (2.5 per day) but every day I’m earning 10 back from the above, plus a couple more from other tasks. I figure after 10 days I should be about 100 bonuts in profit.

    • Ray–super super helpful! I’ve been buying bloodmobiles, but the Kwik-E Mart is easier on the pocketbook! I just “harvested” 10 Kwik-E marts (just wanted to test it) and got 400,000-ish XP with my collider on. (My bonus XP is not as high, although I do have all the SH buildings (how do you know what your SH XP is? Just the fact that you have all the buildings placed?), so I have that “secret” XP as well. I do believe I will keep that collider going! THANK YOU!!!

  16. Thanks Alissa! 🙂

  17. I didn’t do any corn planting and I am in the process of finishing part 4. I have had the ability to plant peppers on the farm since the end of part two. So what am I missing in regards to planting corn?

    • If you planted corn before you finished part two, the game would have auto completed the corn and you would have gotten the XP boost for it. Since you’re after that point, it’s too late. Not a huge loss though so I wouldn’t let it bother you.

  18. Warning came too late for me. Plus, how are you supposed to know if you’re in Part 2 -(which, I learned too late I was not). So ‘ll be dealing with 89 days until corn matures.

    • My goodness. What am I doing? Obsessing. It’s a game, not earth shattering. 🙂

    • You can always store the farm. That’ll kick out the corn. Then you can re-place it and start growing other crops (like the peppers needed for this event!). (Although I must say that if you do keep the corn,,eventually you will forget about it, and when it harvests, you’ll be all, “OMG! Corn! And lots of XP and cash!” At least, that’s how I was hahahaha)

    • It says what part you’re on right on the event screen (the one you see if you click in the pepper icon).

  19. I was already doing this, as I saw someone mention it in a previous post. It just finished, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Thanks for sharing to help us all advance in.our games!

  20. I apologize if this was asked somewhere else (unfortunately, if it was, I couldn’t find it), but how exactly does Devil Flanders help with getting peppers? I have him in two of my three games. I had him from long ago in one of my games and just got him today in another. For the one I just got him in there is a quest line dealing with peppers (although haven’t earned any yet). For the game I already had him in, there is no quest line and no way to earn peppers (that I’ve found anyway). Any input would be much help appreciated.

  21. Turned on the collider, planter corn, ended part 2, corn finished but didn’t get the x5 for the XP, only got the 9000XP that came with the task. A bit disappointed. I guess the little update the loophole for more XP

  22. How do people play and enjoy this game without TSTOaddicts? I would never have known this, and it worked like a charm. Sincerely,Thank You!

    • I 100 percent agree with you! I play another game with no Alissa, Bunny and Wookiee, and it’s so frustrating! How much does this cost? What’s the best character to use in this scene? I DON’T KNOW!!! 😉

  23. Thanks for the tip. That cleared level 61 in one go.

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