Last Call For Homer’s Chiliad

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick reminder that Homer’s Chiliad ends tomorrow (June 15th) at 0800 GMT (4am EDT).  Which means today, Tuesday June 14th, is your last day to finish earning those prizes and purchase any premium items you’ve been eyeing.

Let’s take a look at what’s leaving and what we can (Spoiler Alert) expect to happen next….

insanity mode

First up, all of the prizes will be gone tomorrow.  So if you haven’t finished earning them, get on it already.  😉

After today you’ll no longer be able to unlock the following prizes:

Insanity_CauldronInsanity Cauldron- First prize, requires collecting 20 Insanity Peppers.  Insanity Mode comes with this prize.  You won’t unlock it until you’ve completed the questline.  But it awards currency, and launches a new game.  More on this below.

Insanity_PeppersGrow Insanity Peppers- Second Prize, requires collecting 40 Insanity Peppers.  This will unlock the ability to grow Peppers at Cletus’.  Grows 6 Peppers every 3hrs.

A_Little_Bit_of_LennyA Little Bit of Lenny- Third Prize, Requires collecting 60 Insanity Peppers.  Cook-off stand for Lenny

 Tapped_Out_Backwater_BreweryBackwater Brewery- Fourth Prize, Requires collecting 70 Insanity Peppers.  (Decoration)

Hellfire_Pepper_CactusHellfire Pepper Cactus- Fifth Prize, Requires collecting 90 Insanity Peppers.

King_Chili_TentKing Chili Tent- Sixth and Final Prize, Requires Collecting 100 Insanity Peppers.

Also leaving tomorrow are the following premium items:

Pro-Shop Space_CoyotePro-Shop and Space Coyote- 120 Donuts. Should I Buy

Ajax Steel Mill RoscoeAjax Steel Mill and Roscoe- 150 donuts with a 50 donut rebate, so net of 100 Donuts.  Roscoe returns from the Pride Event of 2015.  I’m kinda glad because I forgot to buy him last year…pregnancy brain.  Should I Buy  This is a great buy.  Premium character/building combo for 100 donuts…you can’t beat that price.  Pick it up if you haven’t already…

Five_Alarm_Chili ned_devilflanders_menuFive Alarm Chili and Devil Flanders- 120 Donuts.  (Or the stand alone for 75 donuts if you have Devil Flanders) (No should I buy specifically on this…it’s basically a glorified decoration…if you like it, get it.  Otherwise pass 🙂 )

Hellfire_Pepper_CactusHellfire Pepper Cacti-15 donuts each and award a .50% bonus.

So all that stuff is leaving, what’s staying?

Insanity_CauldronThe Insanity Cauldron mini game.  That will stick around after the Chiliad Event is over.  You’ll still be able to tap those turtles every 8hrs…for more details on the mini game check out this post.

Insanity_Peppers Growing Insanity Peppers at Cletus’ Farm.  You’ll still be able to grow the Insanity Peppers at the farm…although they will no longer yield you peppers. (In fact they won’t yield peppers after you’ve unlocked the final prize)  The purpose to the Peppers now is the same purpose of any other crop at the farm.  Grow it for cash and XP.
The peppers at the farm will earn you $200, 20xp/3hrs…and they’ll cost you $40 to grow.

So what’s next? **Semi SPOILER AHEAD**

We’re always waiting on the next big thing, aren’t we?  That’s why we’re Addicts after all 😉

Well, as has been well documented…there is something coming.  Something EA’s been planning…

superhero facebook taser

My guess is this will most likely hit us tomorrow (Wednesday)…so be ready. Continue to play TSTO as you normally would, but don’t send any major characters on 24hr tasks…and be ready to download an update from the App Store in the afternoon.

Of course this could hit on Thursday and throw us all for a loop 😉 

And that’s it my friends!  Get ready for Homer’s Chiliad to end…and be ready for what’s coming next in the world of TSTO!

What were your thoughts on Homer’s Chiliad?  Did you think it was a little too long, or just the right amount of time?  Are you ready for what’s next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

76 responses to “Last Call For Homer’s Chiliad

  1. It was supposed to end already. I thought I didn’t have time to finish so I gave up, but it’s still there. I could have still done it. Not quite enough time for me. I would have liked one more day.

  2. Christopher?

  3. J.

  4. I hope nothing major hits right away. Maybe a mini pride event but can’t concentrate on the game or anything else right now.

  5. I got extra cactus to decorate a desert area around my old town.

  6. If there’s one thing that will stink once Homer’s Chiliad is gone from our small town of Springfield in our pockets is that the Insanity Mode will no longer give out pills for SH, which stinks in my opinion because you need a lot to fully upgrade the Business Center. I just hope Insanity Mode doesn’t pay out useless currency in the long run.

    As for the premium stuff, it looks like I won’t be able to get Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe since I went with Pro-Shop and Space Coyote. I bought it because I liked the buildup from the episode during Homer’s Hallucination, plus, it does look great to place it in SH. Besides, unless we get some event related to this or if it gets picked up for Gil’s Promotional Deals, I have a feeling that we’re NEVER gonna see the Pro-Shop, ever. As for Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe, maybe, I hope. Then again, only downside to both of these items is that they take way to much space to fit in your town, especially if you have a crowded, road-less, tightly packed Springfield.

    Well, time to get started on the next event, let’s see how this goes!

  7. Did anyone get more than one Hellfire Pepper Cactus???

  8. I would not mind a little more downtime between events to clean up my Springfield and take a small breather. Seems I am in the minority though 🙂

  9. The Insanity Cauldron mini game. That will stick around after the Chiliad Event is over. I was hoping this going away after the 15th quite pointless game.

  10. Keith1Roon991

    Hopefully UK get it to

  11. I think I’m going crazy… Two hours ago I got what looked like a major update (over 1000MB to download when I started the game) – I put the tablet aside to let it load, and when I checked the next time, the connection was lost (the “retry”-screen)… Anyone else?

  12. I love how the events are very rapid and there isn’t much downtime between them. Although this might be a lot for new players to cope with, it keeps higher levelled players like us interested in the game. I also love the structure of the main event for 6 weeks, and a mini event for 2 weeks – the perfect time for a redesign!

  13. Are we gonna get more land with the update ?

  14. I’m so glad they’re bringing back superheroes! I missed a lot of the stuff from the first time round as I couldn’t play much for that update. Hopefully they’ll bring everything back even if it’s for donuts

  15. Possible Spoiler: When do you think the event will come?
    I know you aren’t EA but looking at events, past experience and chance when do YOU think it will hit? We won’t quote you I just want to get excited 🙂 Lol

  16. I loved the length of this round, it was a little long for the addicts I’m sure but it was nice to have no pressure to rush for a change, and to get caught up on other quests (yes, some people havent been playing for years and have normal level up quests to complete as well). Not saying they should regularly have a lengthy mini event like this often, but here and there it is nice, especially since the first two rounds of the Western required a bit more micromanagement to complete than some events, got a little burnt out fron that event.

  17. Kudos for quoting GMT. I’m in Australia (GMT +10) and have to Google what EDT is and PDT (or PST or whatever it is) every time you quote a time. Well done. On a minor note, your Tues is my Wednesday, but at least your trying 🙂

    • Yes, but for most of the world my Wednesday at 0800 GMT is still Wednesday 😉

      And I always quote GMT lol. I do both times.

      • What I find funny is when Brits don’t understand GMT and moan that you’re an hour out. Yes, I’m British too but at least I’m aware of BST 😉

      • Is this a change from before?

        My only issue with sticking with EDT/PDT is that middle letter is sometimes an S, and what if it’s Daylight Savings… I think the US should get rid of daylight savings…because it’s confusing.

        • I just use ET, since I figure most people know what time of the year it is and I’m never sure whether the time bracket were in for this half of the year is Standard Time or Daylight Time. (I could probably figure it out, if I thought about it, but I really feel like going to that effort, when ET serves the purpose just fine for everyday conversation.)

        • There is daylight saving time all over Europe. Most people like that.

    • Im in Australia (GMT +10) too 🙂
      It’s Wednesday for me today too. 🙂

  18. I like a break between events. Gives me time to rearrange things and continue working toward Billionaire’s club in Springfield Heights. Back to back LONG events wear me out. They are like the radio I recently bought at a garage sale with a broken volume knob. I just can’t turn it down.

    • I think they just want to show they mean business putting out events now that there is no more levels. There will probably be a break after this upcoming one.

    • Yes I’ve been working towards that too but I haven’t even unlocked the Ziff mansion yet. (I’m at 450 million)

      I really feel like Paris Texan should be a super character that earns 200% more on jobs even though she’s not a premium character. She’s just such a difficult character to unlock, you have to be a really dedicated player.

  19. I hadn’t yet picked up Roscoe and wasn’t planning on it because of the superhero event, but in light of recent events I think I’m going too. As for the Space Coyote I haven’t been able to make up my mind… probably means I could live without right? Lol
    As for growing the insanity peppers, I do it simply because I was tired of constantly growing GMO potatoes or Silvertounge and I like the look of the peppers.

    • I love Roscoe and his visual tasks are terrific. I have never regretted purchasing him for a second. With the rebate deal, you really can’t go wrong.

      • And Smithers’ task too. I have him on it almost permanently, it’s hilarious and it’s premium. Win win 😂

    • I pretty much only grow triffids (for the big XP yield), but, if I don’t have time, I’ll go with as many rounds of tomacco as I can, since it didn’t take many rounds to earn more than I could with silvertongue or potatoes.

  20. Time to plan where to put new event buildings. I will probably need to buy a couple more patches of land.

  21. barleecreations (canid88)

    Don’t get me wrong I am not being picky or anything…..but wouldn’t Five Alarm Chilli be considered a building and not a decoration seeing as it pays out money like a building? I just don’t want anyone who is on the fence to think it doesn’t do anything at all.

  22. I don’t know why anyone would farm chili peppers after finishing the event…the return (at least in terms of XP) is the same as Tomacco, but it takes six times as long to grow!

  23. Superheroes again? Yea My first special event repeat!

  24. If the future event is coming soon, I’d better contact EA and get my Springfield Heights fixed (can’t send anyone to collect things there). I think that’s what made it impossible for me to do act 2 & 3 of the Wild West event.

  25. If you tap the Hellfire Pepper Cactus, it will move back and forth making Animal noises.

  26. For me it was way too long, I finished over a week ago. However my wife got all the prizes last night and my son is still trying. So I would say good length.

    • MannyCa1avera

      I’m in the same boat and, considering what’s next, the wait for this event to end has been kiilling me. I have a friend who started late and will probably still get everything so I’m happy for him. But the waaaiiittt……

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