Gil’s Asylum Deal: Should You Buy And Other Things To Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Everyone’s favorite down on his luck salesman is back in Springfield!  Yes, that’s right Old Gil has returned to our towns and this time he’s got an insane deal!

Yes, during this Superheroes Sequel Gil is pushing an insane asylum…because hey Felons need to go somewhere right?

This deal hit our games overnight, sorry I was busy snoozing…so let’s take a look at what happened while I was sleeping…


So when you first logged into your pocket sized Springfields this morning you may have noticed Gil waving his arms around (like he just don’t care) trying to get your attention. (me, me…ooo call on me!) ..kinda like this:

Gil Kneeling

Either he’s trying to get your attention, or he’s moonlighting as a football ref.

Anyway….when you finally decide to tap on Old Gil he’ll give you his latest pitch for something you really don’t need, kinda like those people that call your house trying to get you to switch to “more affordable” energy…even though in the end you’ll pay 10x what you currently pay.

So now that I’ve gone completely off the rails…back to what Gil’s latest sales pitch…

Gil: Superheroes, today I have something that I am sure you will AB-SO-LU-TELY love!
Pie Man: A boatload of donuts on sale? (way to look out for us Addicts Pie Man)
Fallout Boy: A superhero’s utility belt?
Gil: No sorry, I was told not to do the first one ever again and the second would cost more to manufacture than I’m worth.
Pie Man: I hear ya.
Fallout Boy: …
Gil: I have something much much better! What about the Springfield Home for the Criminally Different?!
Fallout Boy: The what? That doesn’t sound like something we’d love to have in Springfield.
Gil: It’s a lunatic asylum, and it’s EXACTLY what superheroes are looking for… Did I mention that in the last ten months escapes are up 150% and that 75% of staff members end up as residents and visa versa?  How can you possibly beat that?

2016-06-22 09.55.13

And if you refuse the deal…

Gil: Can’t blame you for not wanting to add some zip-zam-zoom to your gloomy life. Probably afraid of the dark corners and the constant sounds of screaming…

And if you accept…

Gil: Good doing business with you, pally. Everyone needs friends and you and these loonies are gonna end up fast ones.

And here’s everyone’s favorite…the Should I Buy portion of this post….


Building: Springfield Asylum
Donut Price: 200 Donuts
Size: 5×16
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +20

Leaves Stores on June 29th….

-Comes with a questline, 1 part
-Animated when in use, lights flicker
-Spawns 1 group of “super” felons to battle every 4hrs.  These “super” felons have a lifeline of 5 hearts.
-Milhouse will have a 2hr task there after the questline is over

-INSANELY Expensive

Final Thought:
Freemium or Premium:
Don’t waste your donuts on this one.  It’s absurdly priced for what it is/does.  You don’t need extra Felons in your town, you’ll unlock all of the prizes without this.  (especially since the 3 groups that spawn from the Alley are more than enough for many of you with the heroes you have.)
Save your donuts, save your time…save your sanity.  Avoid this one.

I know there are some of you who will buy this anyway…Ryan…but for the rest of you.  Save your donuts.  Don’t give into Gil.  He’ll be ok if you skip this one….

Of course in the end we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do, the final decision is up to you.  But I can tell you this is not in my Springfield, nor will it be in the near future.  Whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our stores on June 29th….

Here’s a look at the short questline that comes with it….

A Lovely Lunatic Lunch
Milhouse Starts

Bart: Dare you to go in the asylum Milhouse!
Milhouse: I double dare you to go into it!
Bart: I’d triple dare you but I’m unsure of numbers after that so let’s just draw straws.
Milhouse: Okay. Aww the short straw?! Alright, call the police if I’m not out in 5 minutes.
Make Milhouse Enter the Asylum- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp
Milhouse: Bart! You’d never believe what I saw in the asylum!
Bart: You were in there for 4 hours!
Milhouse: I know! The patients were so entertaining.  We played escape games from these white jackets and something called loboto-me!

And that’s it my friends, the full rundown, and Should You Buy, for the Asylum….

What are your thoughts on the asylum?  Will you be skipping it?  Or do you do you have donuts burning a hole in your pocket?  If you purchased, where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you.

118 responses to “Gil’s Asylum Deal: Should You Buy And Other Things To Know

  1. Contacted EA…. There was nothing they could do. Reinstalled STO and everything. “EA help” said that the studio was aware of the issue and all that. If there was something they could do they would. Doubt it will appear again before June 29th.

    I pretty much cried. You thought Maggie cried when you didn’t but donates? Well EA never seen a grown man cry after buying a Boat Load of donuts and not able to use them.

    So I guess I will have to wait 2 years for it to appear again.
    At least I got lucky and got Duff Gardens. That’s buggy too… A icon just hovers over duff gardens and cant not be tapped on.

  2. I bought the asylum but it doesn’t seem to work, i can’t tap it and it doesn’t spot felon or am I not looking in the right place?

    • After 4 hours, the same icon as Orphan Alley should appear to give you an extra felon fight. If it’s truly not working, only thing to do is contact EA.

  3. Kind and Wise Alissa,

    Is it worth contacting EA? I’ve already done it for the Gil – Duff Gardens deal and the re-release and they just don’t seem to care. I feel I am wasting everyone’s time contacting EA.

    Your work and advice are appreciated. If you say it’s worth it to contact them, I will again.

    Yours in Seizing the East Coast,

  4. It’s disappeared for me, any idea how to get it back?

  5. Yet again, my Gil deal disappeared.  Granted, I didn’t want it.  But I sure did want Duff Gardens… and it NEVER came back for me.  Every time I see a gnome in someone’s town, I can hear it taunting me – “Duff Beer for Me, Duff Beer for you.”  I WANT A DUFF!  I WANT ONE TOO!  I am betting that I am not alone.  I am sure if I bring it to EA’s attention, it will be fixed or re-released for all the people out there who are not having this problem.

  6. But… but… it’s so pretty!

  7. Total rip off that’s for sure. Doesn’t even pay a percentage towards jobs or character pay. As a matter of fact a bunch of premium items that I bought for donuts no longer has any percentage whatsoever towards my game. It’s been removed. Disappointed that’s for sure. Will no longer be buying donuts.

  8. So am I the only one here who was crazy enough to buy this?

    • I got one and I’m satisfied. Maybe not as fancy but I still think it fits in my town way more than the tailgate party, the mars area or the bandit hideout.

  9. My first (and probably only) question about a premium insane asylum: Does it come with Leon Kompowsky? No? Then I will be keeping my remaining sprinklies for a more rainy day.

  10. Why do they keep making these things so expensive? I really like this and would love to add it, but no way I’m going to spend 200 Ds.

  11. Josephine Kick@$$

    I thought the cost was outrageous too, I’m happy you did this, I was worried I was missing something important. Sorry Gil, no sale 😂 (Maybe that’s why it’s an insane asylum 😜)

  12. Word on the street is that we’ll be getting a factory for a certain product, the decline of which is directly correlated to the rise in gang activity. Sadly, word isn’t that we’ll be getting its owner and inventor along with it. ☹

  13. Jumped at getting this because I didn’t want to risk this deal disappearing if I say no. Although this Gil deal had a timer at the bottom, but still. But I’m kinda disappointed its only one building. It looks GREAT, will def find a place for it in my town, but for 200 donuts it should be a proper package deal rather than just a building with 1 item payout.

  14. EA must think we’re a bunch of fools to spend hard earned doughnuts on this building. 200 doughnuts? Really EA?!

  15. I wasn’t going to get it anyway, but the Deal has already disappeared from my store about 8 hours after it was presented to me. It was there about an hour ago…

  16. I buy most things and I’m skipping this one. Too expensive, too generic, not worth it in my opinion.

  17. I’m busy saving up for characters so I’ll pass. Thanks for the info tho. 🙂

  18. 200 donuts *droooools* oh 200 donuts! Why buy a building with 200 donuts?! I would do anything for … DONUTS! 200 of those sprinkled angels on earth processed with heavenly sugar and packaged in a box of pure delight! Donuts … Is there anything they can’t do?

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