Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Issue 1, Prize 3 the Alien

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Up and Atom!  Looks like we’ve got ourselves a Super Sequel on our hands!  But remember…the Sequel isn’t always better than the original.  Superheroes 2 has found its way into our pocket sized Springfields!  This super event hit our devices and it’s full of super inspired decorations, buildings & characters!

This Event is broken up into 3 Issues, with each Issue containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Issue.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the First Issue you’re tasked with collecting Brass Knuckles (ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lg) to unlock each prize!

The third Issue 1 prize awarded at 19,000 ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lg is the Alien, because every Superhero adventure needs an LGM at some point…

2016-06-14 21.03.58

So let’s take a closer look at this third prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…


Once you’ve collected 19,000 ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lg you’ll automatically be awarded the alien and you’ll see this message popup:

2016-06-14 21.04.14

And you’ll have the option to store or place it in your Springfield immediately, remember if you store it you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it later.


And that’s really it to this little guy.  No questline (other than telling you to tap him, that will popup).  And nothing extra to help you earn more ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lg.  Just win the prize and that’s it.

Here are some quick facts about the Alien:


Size: 4×4
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
What Does it Do?: Animated when tapped…the Alien comes out and wants to fight…

2016-06-14 21.04.24

And there you have it the details behind the Alien.  Not much too it, but like I said Superheroes need an LGM to battle 😉

What’s Next?

unlock_snake_cyborg Cybord Snake Awarded at 33,400 ico_cur_superheroes2_brassknuckles_lg.  This will be the next prize we cover in a rundown post.  (Technically the first aid kit is the next prize, but we’ve talked about band-aids a lot so we’re not doing a post about them)

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the Third Issue 1 prize!

What do you think of the Alien? Were you quick to unlock it? Thoughts on Issue 1?  Thinking the sequel is better than the original?  Or still like the original better?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

39 responses to “Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Issue 1, Prize 3 the Alien

  1. I hate this event, the battle system is bogus and boring. You will always get hurt no matter what you do and you have to heal fighters 100% in order for them to be taken into the next fight. I’m on track for the prizes but I just don’t like this event. And because all of yhe updates I had to delete/reinstall my game every other day, ever since the space issues from the last event it seems like EA doesn’t know what they are doing anymore. Now I’m afraid every time the game starts that there is another game Breaking update. And I have contacted EA about it, or well I have tried that, but I have been stuck in the waiting room for the chat for hours, why can’t I just email them like before? Sure, it sometimes took a day or two for them to answer but answer they always did.

    And battling your neighbours doesn’t really do anything for them or you. It’s just a waste of the healing water, the stuff I need in my own village to keep fighting bad guys. The community prizes, I want the final one but don’t care about the others. -_-‘
    Sorry about the rant, but EA makes it really hard for me to enjoy this event.

  2. I got the Bartman outfit for Bart the last time the superheroes came out. But I noticed on the preview for Act 2 that there’s going to be a Stretch Dude outfit instead. Would this be a separate fighter or would i have wasted my stones on upgrading my Bartman’s fighting ability?

  3. i got cyborg snake before the alien

  4. There’s now a Gil deal. 200 doughnuts for asylum.

  5. How do I tell EA about a glitch i’ve lost games I’ve one and I’ve had to retreat when I’ve taken out all fellons

  6. He’s in that “makes you smile” camp. Like the twonicorn the barfs up rainbows. Lol

    All your ideas on where to put him sound so great! I put him near the desert graveyard, surrounded by rocks near the western town. You never know what you might find out there in the desert….. lol

  7. What does LGM stand for? Large Ground Mole???

  8. Weirdly, even thought I got the alien days ago, I just this morning got the quest to tap him.

    Also, I noticed the tapping turtles game now awards cash instead of pills (although you can still get the bonus prizes e.g. sugar cane field).

    • Yeah, I noticed both of those too

      I never saw anything about the sugar field

      • You don’t always get the sugar cane field. You just sometimes get a random bonus prize when you play the turtle tapping game like a pumpkin patch, Stonecutter’s wall, etc.

    • Thank you…I was wondering if others were getting cash from insanity mode now, too! May I ask how many oils you have stored up? I have 247, and I was wondering whether they switch you over to money when you get to a certain number of pills (or a certain number over your current maximum)…

      • I don’t have 200 pills atm and still getting money instead

        • Hmmm… So maybe they just made the change across the board. Is anyone still getting pills from insanity mode now?

          Since I had already amassed a good store of pills before the change came, I kind of like the change, because it rewards a pretty substantial amount of XP along with the cash!

          • Pill end date was June 22nd. It was on the Insanity game post. 😉

            • Oh, that’s right…I completely forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder!

              Glad I switched over to doing some Springfield Heights grinding for a few days last week, so I was able to overfill my pill stock. 🙂

      • I have 313 pills, but the cauldron has switched to cash for me. I wish it was another SH currency instead.

  9. I love the little footstep sounds he makes. Sound like Stewie. I think
    It’s my favorite decoration! ❤️❤️

  10. I finished this first stage completely today. All prizes acquired. Zero donuts used.

    Are playing cards going to be needed for the next stage, or should I just stop collecting them? Will we still be having hero fights? If so I guess I can stock up on band-aids.

  11. I like it as a prize but wouldn’t probably spend any donuts on it. I have an alien area from items from the THOH 2014 (I think) event (the one where you could win the queen who drools out honey) so it works out well there. I like that its small enough that I could fit it in pretty easily. I think it’s cute and always have to tap it whenever I’m on the hunt for criminals in that area.

  12. I placed it near my space center. You do have to tap him to end one of the quests.

  13. Hey Addicts. Did you know a Gil Deal landed this morning? At least in the UK anyway. I’m only mentioning as you’ve posted new articles since and I see no mention of it in recent comments.

    Is this a time difference thing perhaps?

    • Yes. The article that goes up at 6:30am on the east coast is preset the night before. I don’t actually wake up at 5:30 and write a post to get posted at 6:30 😉 Gil hit around 4am here, which is why there’s no post at this time. I was sleeping 🙂

      Once I’ve evaluated it I’ll have a full post with the details of the deal and a should I Buy included, which is what I typically try to do when these Gil deals hit in the wee hours of the morning.

  14. I didn’t know where to post this. Yesterday, I was given a quest to build Soilant Red and am not working through what I think- after noticing you haven’t done a post about it- is the Act 2 quest line which was released to me by mistake. It wouldn’t bother me but my Orphan Alley won’t spawn felons for another 49 days due to a bug. I contacted EA. They didn’t say I shouldn’t have the Soilant Red even though I told them and said it was a visual glitch. However it is not visual and I’m not getting felon groups. I should still get Old King Coal just by tapping criminals but it’s still really frustrating. Any ideas?

    Your Imaginary Friend,

    Ray Magini

  15. It took me AGES to tap the alien in the right place for it to come out! I thought it didn’t do anything, or that you had to catchy it out of its hole, like whack-a-mole!!

  16. It is completely useless but it makes me smile every time I tap it so it is a nice prize IMO. It’s hard to find somewhere to place it where it doesn’t seem out of place though.

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