Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Character Week 4

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! It’s time for Week 4 voting of our Addicts Bracket Challenge!  
Once again….here’s Safi:

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. But what isn’t debatable is that there are plenty of characters in the rich history of The Simpsons universe still not in our little game. From Homer’s college mates to his look-a-likes, from Bart’s crushes to Lisa’s idols, from four-eyed friends to four-legged pets, there is plenty of ‘untapped’ potential (pun intended). But which character do we really want?

We present to you the TSTO Addicts: Most Desired Character Bracket Battle…..

Addicts Bracket Image 2

For all the rules on who was picked and why, and when/how voting works check out our week 1 post which can be viewed here.

Now without further ado, a recap of the results of our third week of eight conference quarter-final match-ups:

MENS CONFERENCE – Gil Gunderson (85.90%) def. Leopold (14.10%)

BOYS CONFERENCE – Jeremy Jailbird (62.60%) def. Colin (37.40%)

PETS CONFERENCE – Maurice (55.96%) def. Raymond Bird (44.04%)

COMBO CONFERENCE – Sam & Larry (72.94%) def. Meathook & Ramrod (27.06%)

DOPPLEGANGER CONFERENCE – Shelbyville Milhouse (64.27%) def. Cypress Creek Milhouse (35.73%)

ONE HIT WONDER CONFERENCE – Jacques (55.24%) def. Sgt. Seymour Skinner (44.76%)

GIRLS CONFERENCE – Britney Brockman (62.96%) def. Darcy (37.04%)

WOMENS CONFERENCE – Beatrice Simmons (56.03%) def. Gov. Mary Bailey (43.97%)

Here’s the updated full bracket:
Click to view larger

TSTOBracket Week04

First off, want to wish all my fellow Canucks a Happy Canada Day! And a happy Independence Day to all our neighbours to the south later in the week. We have eight great match-ups between the #4 and #5 seeds this week, including a couple incidents of Canadian content. Two of Bart’s favourite pets battle it out, as do two of his love interests. Four members of the Flanders compete this week as well.

Now onto the final set of eight Round 1 match-ups:
Click on any image to view larger…

TSTO Bracket Week04 1Mens


TSTO Bracket Week04 2Boys

TSTO Bracket Week04 3Pets

TSTO Bracket Week04 4Combos

TSTO Bracket Week04 5Dopple

TSTO Bracket Week04 6OneHit

TSTO Bracket Week04 7Girls

TSTO Bracket Week04 8Women

Reminder, voting is open until noon EDT Thursday July 7th.

Week 5 match-ups will be available for voting on Friday July 8th.

What are your thoughts about the results from last week? Any surprises or shockers in those results? What are your thoughts on this weeks eight match-ups? Of the eight match-ups above, which was the easiest decision and which was the hardest? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you.

46 responses to “Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Character Week 4

  1. I personally think they should do the following two events:
    •Perfect Leader Event with Perfect leader, his Henchmen, the barn, the UFO, outfits for homer and Lisa, the bubble trap, etc.
    •Blazinv Guy Event with Blazing Guy, Jack Lassen, Cupcake Cars, the human cage (as a decoration), etc.

  2. Other characters that need be added are Nikki Bluepants, Fit Tony, Dwight Diddlehopper, Arthur Fortune, Billy Bouyon Cube, Chazz Busby, Fat Bart, Señor Ding Dong, Safety Salamander Homer, Hitachi Lisa, Russ Cargill, Hoju, Stephen Hawking (he appears so many times I think he’s necessary), Hockey Lisa, and Menthol Moose. There are many, many others, but that’s just a few of them

  3. Linnéa Haugen

    Don’t know where better to comment this, but i would looove a squitport-ish event with the dolphins – from the episode where they take over the city. And then we can build something in the water along our citys 😀
    Long live tsto!

  4. I’ll mention this again in next week’s update, but I’ve always wanted Charlie to add to the power plant group, and adding Big Daddy would allow for a hilarious 3-character task with him running from Wiggum with Ralph on his shoulders (or even just him and Ralph.)

  5. Being a complete old-schooler, I’d never even heard of Julio until now.

    And why is Roy winning by such a tiny margin? You people make me sick! [/barrywhite]

  6. Wow! 😗 These choices are even tougher than last week as “many” of the characters I want in the game are up for votes this week, such as Julio, Mary, Lou, Laddie, Alice, Roy, Ned’s parents, Karl and John. It’s was so hard to choose between Lou and Laddie, so I chose Lou. It was also hard to choose between Karl and John (why can’t we have both?). I picked Karl over John. I also picked Canadian Ned (because we need Canadian characters). I also said who I wanted in the 4th to 6th and it is harder to think how they appear with the end of levels, hopefully EA still keep on adding friend points every few months. 😃

  7. While this is interesting, there is one character still in the Simpson house basement.
    Futurama characters.
    Futurama superhero characters.
    We now return you to your regularly scheduled poll.

  8. It’s a candy dish, Ned: Ninety dollars!

  9. I think Mary Spuckler is my favourite of all of Bart’s girlfirends. Her twang is so adorable, and she’s the only Spuckler that got to drink milk instead of white paint. How could I not pick her!

  10. Simpsons rule

    I wonder who will win

  11. 4kidsandacatdog

    Ahhhhhh! Putting John and Karl up against each other…so unfair!

  12. I still haven’t seen Becky from “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge.” She has a couple outfits (including the S&M music video scene). Just letting Marge shout “Usurper!” and “I’m not insane!” make her a winner.

    • I suspect she’s not in the brackets because she’s already been offered in the game. This past Valentines Day she was a Gil deal with Der Crazy Kraut restaurant.

    • Sideshow Raheem

      She was already added for Valentine’s Day 2016

  13. Gil will beat Mary Spuckler in the final

  14. So tough to pick between Bart’s love interests, I want them all! But… if I can only have one, it HAS to be Mary.

  15. Have we done Troy McClure? You might remembe him from such self-help videos as “Smoke Yourself Thin”, and “Get Confident, Stupid.” or from driver’s ed films as “Alice’s Adventures Through The Windshield Glass” and “The Decapitation of Larry Leadfoot.”

    • As per the rules/guidelines in Week 1, I left out Phil Hartman voiced characters like Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, and Lyle Lanley because:
      1) It’s unlikely we’ll get them in our game as they’ve been retired from The Simpsons following Hartmann’s tragic murder, and
      2) Obviously one of them would win

  16. I thought more people wanted Karl than that.

    • That was the toughest decision for me: I want Karl, but I want John even more.
      I would’ve picked Karl over pretty much anyone else.

  17. The most brutal decision yet for me, by far, was having to choose between Llewellyn Sinclair and Julio. 🙁

    In the end, I had to go with Llewellyn, because then we’d have all the ingredients for a production of “Streetcar!”! 🙂

  18. Hello? Mrs. Pommelhorse? I’d like to get down now.

    As much as I love that line, and you might be surprised by how often I’ve worked it into every day conversation, I had to pick Mrs. Glick.

  19. Some tough match-ups. The John v Karl one hurts. Either way, a classic character I love is getting voted out, even if they are one hit wonders.

  20. So glad to see Beatrice won her bracket. Lots of great characters this week. Julio, John, Mary, and Flanders parents are my favourites of the bunch. Did my patriotic duty and voted for Canadian Flanders. I also really want Lou to win. I loved that episode and I love that cow. It’d be nice if they offered Lou and Mary together, either as a combo or through some kind of farming event. And you know I want Alice because I would love a seniors event. So many possibilities. Thanks for another great post Safi! And happy Canada day to my fellow Canucks! 🍁🍁🍁

  21. Birch Barlow would also be awesome as a playable character!

  22. How evil you are to put Laddie and Lou up against one another! 😉 I hated to choose one over the other but I had to go with Lou. It would be awesome if EA released a Mary Spuckler/Lou combo. Moooo!

  23. Happy Canada Day!

    Been watching the Blue Jays vs Indians game for the last nearly 6 hours. Still tied 1-1, now going to the 17th inning. Hope Toronto wins their Canada Day game and end Cleveland’s 13 game winning streak.

    As for the bracket, interested to see if the Pets category has a fourth straight upset or not.

    • Whoever can watch the Jays game, should be watching it right now. Shortstop Ryan Goins just pitched an awesome 18th inning and got out of a bases loaded 1 out jam. Still 1-1, heading to the bottom of the 18th.


      Sorry, but this will likely be the only chance I have in my lifetime to gloat

      • What are you talking about? Didn’t you just have a 13 game win streak in 1954? LOL!

        Alright, alright. I can’t imagine how tough it is to be an Indians fan, so I’ll give it to you.

  24. Thank you so much for doing these Safi! Love them! I really wanted Alice Glick with this event because she could have came (or have been offered) with her Hot Flash skin along with the rest of the Dependables! 😢 Never mind!

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