TSTO Anonymous: Dear EA, “Super” Social Catharsis Edition

Welcome back to another meeting of TSTO Anonymous. For once, I’m actually holding a meeting within a month of the last one (Jonesing for the Next Event). While I can’t promise this will frequently be the case, I think of the Sunday Open Threads as fill-in meetings when I can’t think of topics or life/game stuff is too busy to hold one. Jebus knows you Addicts like to congregate there and chat about all sorts of stuff. Anyhoo… it’s time to fire up the simulated coffee pot, prop the door open with a lucky red hat, and get this meeting started. Pull up a chair, grab a Wookiee cookie, and let’s get this show on the road.

TSTO Anonymous

Hi, I’m Joe “The Wookiee” Riot and I’m a TSTO Addict.

One of the things twelve step programs do in Anon programs is write letters to themselves or others to help with the recovery process. I know quite a few people who have worked or continue to work these programs and even once had an awkward conversation with an ex as she worked step nine. I imagine this process as beneficial and even once had a therapist suggest I write a letter regarding stuff I was figuring out. Considering the current event and a frustration I’m having, I thought it might be cathartic to write a letter to EA, our TSTO benefactor, regarding my chagrin. Considering I have a very realistic opinion about my own self importance as far as this game goes, I realize this is an exercise in just venting my feelings but who knows? Maybe they will see this and take action. If anyone has a small amount of power in the TSTOniverse, it’s all of us here. Not to brag, but we’re semi-successful and there is power in numbers.

Simpsons Angry Mob

Anyhoo… before we get started, I find it ironic that I wrote this post on Tuesday night, only to wake up on Wednesday to find what I had requested to be done already. Since I didn’t want to waste my efforts, I included the letter I wrote below in italics but feel free to skip it if you like.  There’s an idea for all of us below it.

Dear EA,

First off, let me say how thrilled I am with the Superheroes Sequel. I am a big comic book nerd and loved the first event in Feb 2015 and was super excited to see a return of all that goodness plus more. When someone says superhero, I’m usually on board for the next thing so this event is really right up my alley. Thankfully my alley is less orphany or more of the cheetos-littered variety. Issue 1 and 2 have been bueno for me. I think the gameplay has been pretty fair although honestly I use my fiancé as a barometer for whether an event is achievable or not. She got everything in Issue 1 and that makes me happy. Lord knows she struggled during the Wild West one and it’s a good thing she’s not a completist.

TSTO Anon 2

Anyhoo… thanks for all the good stuff and even for the stuff we didn’t get that I know could have been awesome. There’s always room for another event like this somewhere down the road and if Marvel and DC have taught us anything, there can always be more. Before I start a riot (see what I did there?) with thoughts for a new event like The Serpent and Poison Lenny and the Crimson Cockatoo (or even better, the Dependables), let me just say thanks for continuing to come up with new stuff for my favorite game. You must be doing something right to keep me playing a mobile game consistently since October 2012.

Labor Pains TSTO

I’ve played this game for a long time. Somewhere along the line I became addicted and although I still somehow don’t understand how it all happened, I find myself a contributor to a fairly poular blog about the game. I’ve spent enough money to not want to admit the amount to some of my friends and family. Arguably, it was part of my entertainment budget but when I play a game as regularly as I do, I want to be able to earn EVERYTHING. And there in lies the rub to quote someone old and British. What is the deal with the social prizes?

2016-06-15 13.13.13

I’m no mathematician or expert on statistics but this particular aspect seems highly unfair. Past social prizes were set up much better and for this event, it seems like you truly made it practically impossible to earn all the social prizes. I don’t care about the felons unless you actually make them permanent characters in my game. I don’t care about bandaids or sciencewater. If I wanted those, I’d buy them in my own town. What I care about is that fracking movie studio you teased as the last prize. Did you want to flood the site I work for with pissed off people wondering just like me why they won’t be able to earn it? I guess I write this because I’m just hoping calling attention to this might bring about some change.mona_protest_for_peace

As I write, I still counsel myself with some of the same things I’ve been known to say to other Addicts like “wait and see”, “just keep tapping”, and “there’s precedent for EA to change things”. I guess what I’m saying is I hope Issue 3 fixes the social aspect. If you really want people to visit neighbors, it needs to be worth it to do so. You had the right idea with Friendship Prizes but those seem to have gone the way of every character ever voiced by Phil Hartman. Like the Lyle Lanley tease during the monorail event or an occassional visit by Gil, the final prize seems to be just something to remember or look at and never actually hold. I say that tongue in check since I realize pixels are not very tangible but I do hold my device so I guess you get what I’m saying.

lylelanley_menuSantaGil Kneeling

I want to run off on a tangent about Lyle Lanley and Santa popping up only to disappear but I’ll restrain myself.  This letter is long enough as it is. I know getting Lyle in the game probably won’t ever happen but please, please, please make it possible to earn all the social prizes for me and all my fellow Addicts who play regularly, as in ¾ of the event or so. I’m optimistic this will be the case but fully prepared to point out I said something early enough in the event to make a difference that didn’t do squat if I’m wrong. I love this game and hope for great things to continue. Heck, if you ever want ideas, just hit a fuzzball up. Jebus knows I know a thing or two about this game and the Best. Show. Ever.

In closing, thanks for the game but here’s hoping the social stuff can be fixed. I like to think we help offset the tech support aspect of the game with this silly, little blog. You’ll make a lot of tapaholics happy with just this simple fix. I know I might be alone, but I’d even be willing to spend a small amount of donuts, like 30 or so, to have the option for more neighbor battles. I’d prefer a free route obviously but I’m realistic that this is a money making business. Thanks for your time and thanks for the game. You know where to reach me but if you don’t… our e-mail for the blog is TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.

The Wookiee (ripping arms out of sockets since 1977)


Phew… writing that letter felt good even if it ended up being an exercise in futility since I can’t claim that my writing process effected the world in any way, shape, or form. I find the coincidence to be delightful and mildly frustrating but the point is the catharsis of what I did and an idea for all of us here. This is where the Addicts meeting comes into play. I truly think it’s not absurd to imagine someone from EA or FOX or Gracie being aware of sites like ours. I got my chance to say something and it’s no different for you. If there’s something you’ve been wanting or think needs fixed, write your own cathartic letter in the comments. It can be about this event, past events, or just the game in general. If that’s not your bag, just commiserate or sound off with your opinion. The only guideline to it is to stay polite, kind, and professional, otherwise we won’t post it. Sort of like a venting post for all my favorite Addicts. Who knows if what you have to say could spark something with those in control of the game. I know I’m interested in your thoughts on this event, the game, or whatever. Hopefully, we can make some sort of difference. If not, at least we have each other.

Angry Mob Chasing Homer Simpson

I still want Lyle, Santa, and Gil permanently in the game, even if they’re just NPCs. I have no doubt you all want something and can be eloquent in your request. Even if we change nothing, I guess I could quote Theodore Roosevelt and point out “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

I guess I’ll just end my thoughts one of my favorite anonymous quotes about friends and family which I think of as FRAMILY. “We may not have it all together but together we have it all.” Take care, happy vibes sent your way, and much love from the walking carpet. We finish this meeting as usual with the TSTO Anonymous Serenity Prayer.

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

TTFN… Wookiee out!


96 responses to “TSTO Anonymous: Dear EA, “Super” Social Catharsis Edition

  1. EA I would like to see
    1)the social prizes available for people who are tapping without an EA log in, or without the need for friends other than the other springfield
    2) BRING BACK THE MONORAIL!!! and dont charge donuts for it, It annoyed me no end that as i did not complete the event before it changed due to my kindle store, i can no longer make any pieces of track ;(
    3) I too would like to see krustyland part of the Springfield,
    4) ability to have cars, bikes, trucks, vans ect driving around the roads

    oh and i echo the previous idea of a day/night mode (would it be like the Truman Show !???!)

    I would like to thank EA for one thing and that is for making more donuts available to a freemium player😉 yay I finally have frinks lab even though its taken 6 months of hoarding them lol!


  2. Allow boats and water items, docks etc on all water tiles

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  3. Dear EA –

    First, let me say that you must be doing a lot right for me to be this addicted to a game for this long! And some of your recent changes have especially made it possible to keep playing…if you hadn’t added the Unemployment Office, for example, I don’t know that I could have continued to manually send 130ish characters on tasks…I probably would have given up and moved on to something else. (This was reinforced recently when I had to manually send everyone on tasks because of one of those yellow-task things that just about every task had, which prevented me from bein able to use the Unemployment Office…OMG – it took *forever* to send everyone on tasks!)

    Here are some things I really wish for…

    – Please, please, please, let us place roads/pavement/dirt/etc. starting at any square! I HATE the way we’re restricted on that…it often makes me have to waste so much land or not be able to put something where I want it. Of course roads would have to line up with each other if we want them to work, but that still shouldn’t be a problem…

    – I want the Unemployment Office to offer all of the exiting time options. If only a few characters have, say, 2-hour tasks, then it will just send those characters on it (the same way that, for example, when I use the UO to send characters on 12-hour tasks, Stampy and Mr. Teeny get left behind to take care of manually or by selecting the 8-hour option in the UO). I would especially like to have the 2-hour option, but there’s no reason that they all couldn’t be included.

    – As others have said, once you fulfill the number for a yellow-task thing, the remaining characters should be sendable on other timed tasks via the UO. Or, if the yellow task is, say, 4 hours long and I choose 4-hour tasks from the UO, then just send all of the ones with the yellow task on that yellow task…that would be fine! I do want the ability to send everyone on the same task from time to time…it can be fun watching practically the whole town pouring out of one building after tapping a sky-high stack of thumbs! 🙂

    – Currently, buildings can only face East and South, making it harder to have realistic neighborhoods and limiting design. I wish we could orient them in any direction (all though I realize that would require creating a “back” for all of the buildings, which might be too much work for you). Of my suggestions here, this is probably the lowest priority for me, but I thought it was work mentioning.

    – Finally, it would be SO helpful if you could adapt a 23-hour day, like FarmVille has, at very least for neighbor stuff. (22 hours might be even better.) “Timeslip” is a real problem in this game (at least for anyone who isn’t 100% focused on this game at all time)!

    If you’re actually reading this, EA, I hope you’ll consider at least one or two of these ideas….it would really be great to see them come to fruition! 🙂

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  4. Dear EA,

    I think you are doing a fantastic job. I only started playing this year but this has already become my favorite game and my most used app. I enjoy everything about it. Only things i would like to suggest:

    1) Longer questlines. Most of the time i reach the end of my current quest and am waiting for the dialogue to continue only to go “That’s it??” The endings are so abrupt it never actually feels youve reached an ending or a resolution to that particular storyline.

    2) Larger scale items. The scale is so off when you put items like cars next to buildings. Ive noticed that as time goes on the buildings in particular are getting smaller and smaller and while i get that space is an issue it looks totally unrealistic

    3) Repeat using characters in new questlines. Most of my poor citizens only get attention when they first arrive in Springfield and after their questline is resolved they are forgotten =( please give them more storylines. The great thing bout this game is that unlike the show you are free to focus on non-Simpson characters more. Heck i wouldnt even mind if the app was called Springfield: Tapped Out. Using more Springfielders rather than just the Simpson family makes the game more dynamic.

    Thats all i really had in my mind for now. Other than that i’d LOVE more Squidport, Heights and Krustyland items. They kind of fell to the wayside for me after I finished the quests.

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    • I agree with you about the sometimes abrupt endings (though I don’t necessarily want longer questlines, unless they can use higher-level characters, instead of always needing the core ones) and I also would like to see more use of the non-core characters (something I worried they wouldn’t be able to do anymore when they did away with new levels, since people need to be able to participate in events, even when they’re only lower or mid-level players). But I totally disagree with you about larger-scale items…if anything, I don’t like how huge a lot of the buildings have been getting. Better to make the cars and such a tad sneaker than to give us more out-of-scale monstrosities. (I’d happily give you my Reneducation Center for free!)


    • Endings always seem abrupt. The best abrupt ending is the one that never ends, like Akira forever ignoring racism by pruning bonsai plants. EA can make all the abrupt endings if they all end in items or extra donuts (like, was it, Database?). Otherwise, yes, please.

      Using our higher level chars would be awesome. I think it should work like with some of the buildings, where a higher level building will be used otherwise they’ll use the KEM.


  5. My wants are mostly similar to others already mentioned with a few others odds and sods.

    1. As said before, when enough yellow tasks are done, the top loading of this to other characters disappears, or at bare minimum, this does not affect you sending people on unemployment task list.

    2. Sending all characters on longest indoor/ outdoor task they have. This or dual indoor and outdoor task options for all task lengths.

    3. 8 hour tasks for Sophie Krustowski, Sherri and Terri (sans Bart) and all other unemployment ‘discrepancies’.

    4. If there is a yellow task that loads of folk can do an option to ‘send all’ to the task. (Especially useful when earning certain event currencies etc)

    5. Muddy roads and grass/mud land to better fit in with Cletus’ farm, Moes’s house, Crazy cat lady’s house etc etc.

    6. Springfield Heights part 3.

    7. Inventory system to be able to be sorted much more specifically. Previous event, search function, can be placed on beach, can be placed on Squidport, and other options.

    8. Krustyland to appear above the Springfield Heights and each new major event to have a related ride or store for it.

    9. Each new major event to have a monorail station for it available.

    10. Re-release Father Sean and Boobarella (I think the only two characters I am missing)

    11. Continue to release as many characters per major event as they have for superheroes part 2.

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    • 12. The ability to ‘confine’ characters to certain areas. E.g. Cletus to a redneck area, the Wild West folk to the Wild West area, Nessie and Chip to the casino, the funzos to a Xmas area etc etc.

      13. Being blue to better line up fences, without h-the rotate and/or gap issue.

      14. Day and night/ sun and rain modes. Sun blocker from WSMB can achieve the former.

      15. A few more aspirational buildings, such as largest toilet.

      16. More interaction with certain buildings and or decorations.

      17. A new mini game per major event that sticks around. (Like the tortoise tapping/ where’s Maggie etc)

      18. Continue adding a strip of land per event.

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      • 19. Re-release of Kumiko and Mr Costington too.

        20. A clear list of who are playable characters and who are NPCs. And for this to be made clear when buying too!

        21. A definite indication of everything you need to know when buying too (bonus multiplier etc)

        22. A countdown to the next event so you know if/ when you can re-design your town.

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  6. Great post. I agree with most of the improvements here and would be delighted to see them happen. Especially the yellow-task-disappears-once-numbers-are-met one. For me though, being delightfully selfish, my most-coveted in-game improvement would be proving 2-hour and 10-hour options at the Unemployment Office. I have the Big Theatre and the Stonecutter Daycare with many skins so have a lot of characters with 2-hour tasks. I may start a very specific movement calling for these things (possibly with a 6-hour option asked for, for completeness).

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  7. Ha, I’ve been playing since August 2012!


  8. BraveElfgirl1994

    Im surprised Bartman hasnt been made available yet to those who dont have him, considering he is featured on the main splash screen.


  9. Dear EA,
    Thank you for the Best Game Ever. It’s fab.
    There are a few things I would like if you feel like really outdoing yourselves.
    1) Like Jack Anon I would really like it if when there was a task to send 5 Springfielders to do a task and you’ve sent them the yellow bar would come off everyone else.
    2) I’d like the ability to choose the task AND the time it takes. So for example my favourite is Bart and Stampy together but I rarely see it because mainly I use 1,4 or 8 hour jobs to fit round real life commitments. If I could select the task and time that would be great.
    3) I’ve also seen suggested on this wonderful site a day/night mode. Now I think that has some great possibilities.
    4) Lastly to embrace the winner of the excellent TSTO Addicts most desired character and make it so.
    Thank you.


  10. Josephine Kick@$$

    Great letter Wookiee!
    I love so many of the changes EA has made. There are a few things I’d still like changed/tweaked a little, so I guess I’ll take tot’s advice.
    #1. See #4 on Jack Anonymous post.
    #2. Allow a quantity to be entered when selling items from inventory.
    #3. Please PLEASE (pretty), change the coding so that NPC’s cannot travel on dirt roads. I really love the look of the dirt roads, but am annoyed I cannot use them. I paid too much for the street cleaner to have it ALWAYS migrate to dirt from paved. I stored Nessie, & even though I have no dirt roads, probably won’t pull her back out. 😕
    #4. More land for SH.
    #5. Fences, borders, etc., fix the rotation/gap/corners… I know I can’t be the only one this bothers. (Especially the Lovely Fence, Biohazard Wall, Bramble Hedge)
    #6. Stop making us guess what the bonus is (or isn’t), for crafted/earned prizes.
    #7. Give us the ability to find out how many items we have in our game (out of storage).
    #8. KL… please do something at least once a month to interest me in making changes there. Anything… it’s been so long.

    I’m sure I could think of more, but those are really the only things I’d like to see at this point. Not having these done won’t stop my addiction 😂 (but I might have more time to beg for donut money😘)

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    • Yes – I wish all fences took up only the space they’re visibly on, instead of needing “shadow space.” That would fix the corner problem, I think.


  11. Might be off topic but I noticed today the Insanity mode mini game is awarding Springfield Heights pills again.

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    • That’s odd… I’m still getting cash. My pharmaceutical building is already overstuffed with pills….I wonder whether that makes a difference (like, if it isn’t full, you’ll get pills, but, if it is, you won’t).


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