Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E9 Life on the Fast Lane

Enjoy this week’s installment of Throwback Thursday with Totbox!- Alissa 

Well hello loyal readers, 😉

Can I offer you some (dramatic pause) pointless factoids to get you in the mood (for a quick post)? I must warn you, it’s going to come either way (And did I mention quickly? and somewhat abruptly?). Bowling balls have been traced back all the way to ancient Egypt 3200 BC. and adultery well, that was much further back in time. Temptation in general, that was even earlier. Luckily there are examples of people whom can resist such allures. Now get your balls out, your head in the game and your mind out of the gutter.

“Life on the Fast Lane”

Marge goes Bowling, is she and Homer going to Split?

image (6)

It was Marge’s 34th birthday when this episode first aired on March 18th 1990, it was also the 9th episode of The Simpsons.


Lenny (actual Proof of him being truly him), Helen Lovejoy and Shorty’s Restaurant, Barney’s Bowlarama (physically, but mentioned before), The Singing Sirloin, Spinster City Apartments (interior), and the cemetery (outside the Tracey Ullman Show).

There are also characters and items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:

Some previously requested Characters:  Jacques Brunswick (since he is voiced by Al Brooks he is not likely to be voiced), and Charlie (the Power plant worker).

Possible Buildings: Fiesta Terrace (Jacques’ apartment), I also might like the Costume Shop that Marge drove by (with Skeletons holding hands).

Possible Skins: Fantasy suit Jacques and Fantasy (pink hair) Marge

image (21)

Possible NPC: maybe (green) “Homer” bowling ball that rolls around

Possible Events: Ballroom (or other) Dancing Event, Bowling (Pin Pal or Tap Ball part 2) Event, Valentines Day or maybe even a Birthday event.

Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: Singing Sirloin staff and attendees, Bowling alley clerk and other bowlers, Happy couples and other pedestrians and Mall people (including the oldies and Mall Cop).

some Highlights:

image (22)

Some other things to think about:

Brunch was popularized in the U.S.A. back in the 1930’s so how is it possible that Marge doesn’t know what it is (in her defense Jacques does have an accent and she could thought he was implying something other than the traditional Brunch)? This episode did a mild parody of (1982 film) “An Officer And A Gentleman”.

Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment?  Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Ever get something you truly didn’t want and was in reality a gift to the giver (Connie Chung Calendar)? Ever have breakfast in bed? Are you a good bowler or do you need lessons? Can you imagine a world without temptation (I can’t)? Sound off in the comments and have a beautiful journey back to your current time space/time 🙂    Faithfully Yours, Totbox 😉


10 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E9 Life on the Fast Lane

  1. I really want Jacques in the game! I wrote out how I would write a French Mini-Event recently and it included him as a prize:

    I had an idea for a Bastille Day/French themed mini-event so I decides to write it out fully as if it was real in our games! Hope you like it!

    It would be a mini-event:

    The Language of Love Pt 1

    Lisa: Bonne fête nationale
    Homer: What?!
    Lisa: Bonne fête du 14 juillet
    Homer: In American please!
    Lisa: Don’t you mean English!
    Homer: No! I want American! I live in America not Britain
    Marge: Lisa is saying Happy Bastille Day in French aren’t you sweety?
    Lisa: Noooooooooooo
    Lisa: Bastille Day is an Anglophones term which the French dont use!
    Marge: What Lisa is trying to imply is that there is a French Festival in Springfield with many items in store 

    System Message: There literally are many items in store! Go check them out!

    Bart: But why is an American town celebrating a French celebration?
    Homer: Shut up Bart! Just make it work for this one update!
    Task: Make Bart moan 6s
    Make Springfielders get ready (×5) 6s

    The Language of Love Pt 2

    Bart: I will just put up an American Flag instead of the French One
    Nelson: *pulls down Bart’s pants*
    System Message: Not again!
    Task: Make Bart moon the American Flag 60s animated task
    Make Springfielders start a mob (×10) 60s

    The Language of Love Pt 3

    Marge: We must flee! Travel to France
    Bart: Sounds familiar
    Marge: Shut up you!
    Lisa: We can then gather souvenirs to bring back to Springfield and make them happy!
    Task: Place the Springfield Airport
    FREE – 6s build
    Make Simpsons take the plane (×6) 60s

    Marge: We have arrived!
    Bart: Wow! It takes 60s to go from America to France now does it?
    Homer: When did it take 24hrs to build a house or 6s if you’re lucky? Game logic Bart! Game logic!
    Mysterious Shadow: Welcome to France
    Bart: Oh, No!

    System: Why is Bart scared? Look at the prize track and in the store!

    When the user has looked in the store and seen the crook bundle:

    Bart: Please don’t buy them! Please!

    Then the prizes will appear!


    – First Prize: Château Maison
    *System message when unlocked: Buy Cesar and Ugolin in store now to see Bart cry!*

    – Second Prize: Animation unlocked for Bart at the barn! Really cool animation of a grape press appearing at the barn and Bart with rolled up shorts stomping on them

    – Third Prize: French puppies NPC! It is loads of puppies but they walk around together and act as one character (like Sherri and Terri) – When tapped they stand on two paws and yap
    From “From Courier with Love”

    – Fourth Prize – French costumes for the whole family – as seen in “from courier with love”

    – Fifth prize – Jacques

    When they have finished the mini-event a system message says:

    ‘How creepy it is that you guys find pleasure out of a cartoon boy showing his butt to a flag! Never mind! Have it permanently’

    And the ‘moon the American flag’ animated task is unlocked for Bart and changed to a 4hr task

    – French Flag $50,000
    – Returning: Charcoal Britiqque 60 donuts
    – Ned Flanders parents bundle 100 donuts
    – César and Ugolin bundle – 110 donuts
    – Eiffel Tower – 100 donuts
    – Offer on Belle and her mansion: 120 donuts (limited time – ONLY on Bastille Day!)

    There you have it! You like it? Would love some feedback 😂

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    Pink hair Marge, yes. NPC rolling Homer head bowling balls, no lol. Great post, thanks totbox 😊

  3. FYI
    5:25 PDT / 8:25 EDT
    in App Store update, 88 MB.

  4. How “is it possible” that I still find things that need editing even after dozens of proof reading. “Luckily” Alissa can fix them 🙂

    But right under “Some other things to think about” category I meant to say “how is it possible that” Marge doesn’t know what it is? Not “how is is posable Marge” … That missing “that” and double “is” is horrible and Posable Vs. Possible (shaking my head), I hope my readers are more forgiving than myself ;p

    • Would it drive you crazy if we refused to edit it?

      • Considering that I am crazy, how crazy would you want me? :p

        I actually have a lengthy email reminder about the mistake pending but I wanted to see if it was fixed before I sent out the email :p (if that answers your question)

        Thank You Wookiee or Alissa, whomever fixed it 🙂

  5. “It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of canteloupe at the end. You don’t get completely what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal.”

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