Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday, err Today: S1 E10 Homer’s Night Out

WOOKIEE UPDATE: Charcoal Briquette went live to celebrate Bastille Day for 4,000 Trading Cards. We’ll have more details in an upcoming Issue 3 Crafting Post.

So I goofed last night and forget to run this (blame it on the craziness of Issue 3 hitting), as we’re planning on two Throwbacks this week (Tot has something special in store for Thursday).  So even though it’s not Thursday or Tuesday…enjoy this installment of Throwback with Tot!- Alissa 

*exotic dancing* oops, I better stop. *covering up*

Hey Body-shamers and debauchers,

As a time traveler I’ve had many opportunities to watch (how to put this?) “various entertainment venues” but I try not to and do you know why? Because I’m embarrassed by the human body? Because it’s a bit too naughty for my liking? NO!! because I am afraid to run into ancestors at those venues (and embarrassed by the human body)! The exotic dancing arts are still a little taboo, so regarding this post the best thing to do is to not rely on details and be as vague as a plume of feathers. Raise the curtain and let’s put the spotlight on Episode 10. (And please no flash photography)

“Homer’s Night Out”

Bart takes a picture that gets Homer a little Overexposed.

image (41)

March 25th 1990, the 10th episode starts with Homer worried about his weight gain (if he was a woman, this would happen on a more frequent basis). Bart get’s his mail-away spy camera and the rest is Simpsons’ History.


Carl, Princess Kashmir (Shawna Tifton) and Florence of Arabia building. Also worth noting, this is the first time Barney is not bleach blonde but dirty blonde (the color we are used to, but that will revert back to the bleach blonde for another episode).

There are also characters and items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:

Some previously requested Characters: (this is a stretch because I don’t recall him being requested) Gulliver Dark, the lounge singer (since he was voiced by Sam McMurray it is unlikely that he’d be voiced in the game). Interesting fact about the character “Gulliver Dark”, he was played by Sam McMurray on the Tracey Ullman Show, not as a cartoon character but as an actual live-action character (like the majority of skits on that show).

Possible Skins: Marge in Robe and hair rollers, Homer in his Tighty-Whities, Workout Marge (but since we have Muscle Marge, that’s unlikely), Princess Kashmir in Birdcage Angel outfit.

image (42)

Possible NPCs: I know a bunch of fellas might want some more scantily dressed entertainers but outside of that I figure the kid within the Kwik-E-Mart, who mocks Homers dancing (who “doobie-do-do”s to the tune of “The Streets of Cairo or the poor little country maid”) is a possibility but a Sideshow Bob-Cob Mutant kind of does it already (semi-similar dance, not the song). 😛

Possible Events: Photography event (more suited for a Paparazzi Homer event). Novelty Mail-Away gadget mini-event (X-ray glasses, etc.) with spy camera (take pictures of stuff, maybe like a scavenger hunt thing?).

image (43)

Possible Buildings: Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn (with Sapphire lounge), The rusty barnacle (though no exterior shot is available outside of “The Simpsons Arcade Game”), also buildings such as Girlesque, and Mud City.

Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: Barney’s apartment (since there isn’t much of an exterior shot to go on), Foxy Boxing (no exterior shot), shoe city. Also background people, stag party people, various club owners and visitors, Mr. Burns’ (twin) dates, and the Fe-Mailman (postal worker).

some Highlights:

image (44)

Some other things to think about:

Moe’s Tavern (I guess he didn’t like the burgundy color from last time) back to Blue interior with saloon doors (which were missing last time). Carl’s voice sounded like Lenny’s and Lenny’s voice sounded like Moe. The copy machine takes ten cent copies but it looks like it is being fed just a single penny. A couple of noted (black and white) photographers were mentioned in this episode that I never heard of, I looked them up and … One is rated PG perhaps but the other one is not (the darkroom kid obviously know’s both these photographers’ work to mention them).

Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment?  Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Have you ever mailed away for something odd? Ever get caught at a party or club by someone you know and didn’t expect? Are you happy with your body image? Sound off in the comments and have an exotic journey back to your current space/time 😉 (while I return to my dancing. But maybe I should weigh myself first)


19 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday, err Today: S1 E10 Homer’s Night Out

  1. I’m so pleased we can trade Charcoal Briquette as I was disappointed at the trading prizes this issue initially especially with recycled Zenith buildings from last year.

  2. Bart: Lady, where’s my Spy Camera?
    Mail Lady/Bart: Where’s my Spy Camera?
    Mail Lady: Every day for the last six months..
    Bart: Where is my Spy Camera, lady!?
    Mail Lady/Bart: Where’s my Spy Camera? Where’s my Spy Camera? Where’s my Spy Camera?
    Mail Lady: Here’s your stupid Spy Camera!!!
    Bart: Oh… thanks man!

  3. Does anyone think there’s a chance Kumiko might return???

    • Always a chance… as to when… no clue. EA could make a bunch of money by bringing her back so I’d say it’s a metter of when, not if.

      • I hope they do. I agree they would make a huge profit by re-releasing her. Let’s hope EA will listen a little better to their fans.

  4. I didn’t read the pop up box about Bastille Day. Is this character on available for 1 day?

  5. Curious about where people are going to place the France flag? I had it at The Gilded Truffle originally, but I think that’s actually an Italian restaurant? For now I placed it next to Orphan Alley so everyone can see that I have her lol. Her animation when she attacks is so freakin cool!!

  6. Thank You Wookiee, for the pop-up-Update (but I thought Bastille day was the 14th, Silly EA, they must be on a Foreign time zone).

    Also a special thank you for the confirmation on Princess Kashmir’s real name (/secret identity) :p

    • It released at 12 AM France time for the country who celebrates Bastille Day. A very nice touch IMHO. You’re very welcome friend. Glad to help.

  7. Saw Tot’s sense of urgency message in a post yesterday and now the “something special” tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, be sure (here come the T’s:) To Tune To Tot’s Terrific Throwback Thursday Tomorrow Thanks.

  8. Yes the French lady suddenly available 40 mins ago for me. Fiery animation in battle!

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