Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E11 The Crepes of Wrath

Bonjour and Happy Bastille Day to all of our French readers!  Enjoy this installment of Throwback Thursday with Totbox!- Alissa 

Bonjour The Simpsons Tapé Des Toxicomanes,

Moi French is a petite (how you say?) “not bien”, so I’m going to do the rest of the post en Anglais (I mean… “in English”). Time travelers are known to make a pit-stop in France because all the rich history and so here I am taking a “YES” (that’s the English form for “Oui” right?).

Though, you may have seen this episode already (or this post, if you are rereading it) join me anyway in a little Déjà Vu.

“The Crepes of Wrath”

Bart has been enlisted in the student exchange program to France and all he wants to do is WhINE :p

image (8)

April 15th 1990, the eleventh episode of The Simpsons.


There are also characters and items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:

Some previously requested Characters: (Albanian Exchange student) Adil, (Frenchmen) Cesar and Ugolin (the skinny one) with Chateau Maison.

Possible Buildings and decorations: Airplanes and airports, the Eiffel Tower. The Chateau Masion which could have a FAÇADE of the castle image Skinner showed to Homer (I don’t really care but just wanted to sneak in our commonly used Tapped Out French word).

image (45)

Possible NPCs: Maurice (the donkey), French Policeman, and Froggie (a frog Bart had in the beginning of the episode).

Possible Events: Vive La France Event (that is a No Brainer EA) with grapes and wine and a little anti-freeze. Foreign Spy Sabotage Event with cameras (didn’t I mention spy cameras in the last post?). Toilet Event since Bart flushed the cherry bomb in this episode (I wonder if we can link any other Foreign Locations that had Frogs and Toilets too? it’s almost like a Cliché now) ;p and lastly a long shot, connecting the Turnip Bart was eating with the turnip’s eaten by the people of Shelbyville in “Lemon Of Troy” but since that is Season 6 it may be 5 years until I get to that Post :p

image (46)

Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: Hazard-Suit Homer (the same reason I didn’t mention Homer’s work tie and badge in an earlier episode posts because I think people are tired of dull Homer skins). Background Buildings like Bon Dormir, La Rotisserie, Patisserie, Café, Communist Base And characters like the American spy boy, Adil’s family, Swat people, communists, school kids (that I haven’t mentioned before).

some Highlights:

image (47)

Some other things to think about:

Though Homer fell in multiple episodes before this, this is the first Multi-D’oh!-Fall. Agnes Skinner was a much kinder mother in this episode and called Seymour “Spanky” which I guess she stopped doing. Adil did the Mr. Burns’ move (teepeed fingers and an “Excellent”). Since this is a French themed episode there are two things that popped into my mind when revisiting this: The Saturday Night Live sketch “French Class” with Alec Baldwin as the teacher (1993) and a Disney film (1991) so maybe Bart’s quote (in picture below) was inspiration to it.

image (48)

Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Parlez-vous Français? Ever been to France (or have it in your blood)? Ever do any toilet pranks? Ever been an international spy? Ever fall down the stairs (I know I have :p )? Can you imagine a world without language barriers? Sound off in the comments et avoir un bon voyage vers votre espace/temps actuel 🙂 Au Revoir 🙂


24 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E11 The Crepes of Wrath

  1. Always hated this episode as a kid. It always made me so sad seeing how they basically abuse Bart lol

  2. There are comments I wait to hear: if anyone saw the Myth Busters’ Cherrybomb toilet test, if anyone noticed the Maggie in-game mode of transportation, if anyone can name the Disney movie I’m hinting at, and if you can spot one of the SNL actors I thought someone would remark on… The “French Class” sketch is one of my all-time favorite SNL sketches.

    • Let’s see… I wrote about the Mythbusters episode. Definitely noticed Maggie flying with a balloon and the movie is a Beauty. As for the SNL sketch… I don’t disremember it but will have to check it out. Great post as usual… Tot-ally terrific and barring the unforeseen events (why did it have to be in Nice where all the news I see makes it look like the terror attack was pleasant… ugh), very timely and entertaining. Keep up the great work.

  3. Russian Tigger

    Lovely thought to get this up for Bastille Day, but sadly the events in Nice mean I can’t read this now, but I will revisit the post one day Tot.

    My thoughts to all those who lost a loved one or who was injured. I’ve spent Bastille Day in France a few times, always a beautiful carnival atmosphere with children and family at the heart of things. To think evil could strike France once more breaks my heart.


  4. As usual, one of the best episodes was in the early seasons

  5. My sympathy thoughts and prayers for France

  6. I would love to see Cesar and Ugolin in the game but that’s just because I’m sharing the same country as these goofs I guess. Don’t worry, I am usually more ashamed at the real France than its depiction in this episode which was hilarious.

  7. Merci Alissa pour tous les francophones et francophiles! This is a sad day for France, and for the world at large. Our democratic values are under threat. Not even the Simpsons could bring a smile in my heart today. My thoughts are with all of these wo perished and their families. Yesterday we celebrated Bastille day in Australia. The whole French revolution was to establish the democracy and the well known Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité. The world is turning into a sad place.

  8. This is a sad sad day and my heart goes out too all our friends in France.
    Certainly puts games like this into perspective .

  9. One of my favourite episodes and you chose soon great items that I want to see! So much that I wrote a mini-event loosely based around it and French episodes! I know I posted this on a previous post but I was weeks after the post hit so nobody saw it 🙁 Hope you like it Totbox!

    The Language of Love Pt 1

    Lisa: Bonne fête nationale
    Homer: What?!
    Lisa: Bonne fête du 14 juillet
    Homer: In American please!
    Lisa: Don’t you mean English!
    Homer: No! I want American! I live in America not Britain
    Marge: Lisa is saying Happy Bastille Day in French aren’t you sweety?
    Lisa: Noooooooooooo
    Lisa: Bastille Day is an Anglophones term which the French dont use!
    Marge: What Lisa is trying to imply is that there is a French Festival in Springfield with many items in store

    System Message: There literally are many items in store! Go check them out!

    Bart: But why is an American town celebrating a French celebration?
    Homer: Shut up Bart! Just make it work for this one update!
    Task: Make Bart moan 6s
    Make Springfielders get ready (×5) 6s

    The Language of Love Pt 2

    Bart: I will just put up an American Flag instead of the French One
    Nelson: *pulls down Bart’s pants*
    System Message: Not again!
    Task: Make Bart moon the American Flag 60s animated task
    Make Springfielders start a mob (×10) 60s

    The Language of Love Pt 3

    Marge: We must flee! Travel to France
    Bart: Sounds familiar
    Marge: Shut up you!
    Lisa: We can then gather souvenirs to bring back to Springfield and make them happy!
    Task: Place the Springfield Airport
    FREE – 6s build
    Make Simpsons take the plane (×6) 60s

    Marge: We have arrived!
    Bart: Wow! It takes 60s to go from America to France now does it?
    Homer: When did it take 24hrs to build a house or 6s if you’re lucky? Game logic Bart! Game logic!
    Mysterious Shadow: Welcome to France
    Bart: Oh, No!

    System: Why is Bart scared? Look at the prize track and in the store!

    When the user has looked in the store and seen the crook bundle:

    Bart: Please don’t buy them! Please!

    Then the prizes will appear!


    – First Prize: Château Maison
    *System message when unlocked: Buy Cesar and Ugolin in store now to see Bart cry!*

    – Second Prize: Animation unlocked for Bart at the barn! Really cool animation of a grape press appearing at the barn and Bart with rolled up shorts stomping on them

    – Third Prize: French puppies NPC! It is loads of puppies but they walk around together and act as one character (like Sherri and Terri) – When tapped they stand on two paws and yap
    From “From Courier with Love”

    – Fourth Prize – French costumes for the whole family – as seen in “from courier with love”

    – Fifth prize – Jacques

    When they have finished the mini-event a system message says:

    ‘How creepy it is that you guys find pleasure out of a cartoon boy showing his butt to a flag! Never mind! Have it permanently’

    And the ‘moon the American flag’ animated task is unlocked for Bart and changed to a 4hr task

    – French Flag $50,000
    – Returning: Charcoal Britiqque 60 donuts
    – Ned Flanders parents bundle 100 donuts
    – César and Ugolin bundle – 110 donuts
    – Eiffel Tower – 100 donuts
    (limited time – ONLY on Bastille Day!)
    – Offer on Belle and her mansion: 120 donuts

    There you have it! You like it?

  10. Roland Bishop

    “Ungreatful swine , we give you food we give you shelter and this is how you repay us” and when you work like a man we will feed you like one ” two of my favorite lines from thet episode LOL

  11. Merci Alissa for squeezing Episode 10 in this week in order to get this episode on this day.

    I hope all our French readers enjoyed the post and for a moment took their mind off the tragedy that took place. My heart goes out to those effected. My family tree has some roots in that beautiful country. Unsure what else to say so I’ll end with an unfunny joke:

    “Yes” is “Oui” that sounds like We
    “We” is “Nous” that sounds like New
    “New” is “Nouveau” that sounds like New-vu which isn’t even a word!! :p (told you it wasn’t funny) 😛

  12. Hands down one of my favorite early episodes. Everything with Bart in France is just awesome. Love when he realize he can speak French! 😀

  13. Eek. I assume this post was scheduled. My sincerest condolences to all in France tonight. A heartbreak as hatred and violence, yet again, strikes our world. Friends of ours from Canada were there on vacation with their two daughters, but thankfully were safely away from the path of the driver. Ironically, my friend had just posted a beautiful picture of the fireworks (she’s a photographer). Prayers tonight for the whole world. These things need to stop.

  14. Thank you , but this 14 Juillet was a very bad day for us .

    “Moi French is a petite (how you say?) “not bien”” We said : ” Mon français n’est pas très bon”

  15. I loved Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”. Absolutely amazing book.

  16. julie (jsander321)

    Vive la France!

  17. Hey, I know where there’s a beach!

  18. One of my favourite episodes. I was still in my early years of elementary school when it first aired. Since kindergarten, my parents had sent me to a French school, which I continued to attend up to University. Before this episode, I would only speak and hear French at school. I really remember hearing the French and being so impressed as a young boy that I could actually understand what it meant and that my other friends and family had to read subtitles to make out what was going on.

    Another great post Totbox! Merci beaucoup!

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