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With a bit of downtime happening for all of us, I thought it might be time for another edition of Simpsons News. Season 28 is rapidly approaching (seriously… less than two months!) and that generally brings a rush of news our way. It also helps that Comic Con just happened which always brings stuff straight from the showrunners mouths. Despite the fact that I know all of you readers have access to the ultraweb, I figured I’d conglomerate some fun news in one place with links and videos. Without further words, let’s get to it.

Wookiee Simpsons News

As a big fan of geek culture, San Diego Comic Con International is one of those events every year that I completely look forward to. Every year we get lots of geek news and to add a big ol’ cherry to the top of my happiness sundae, every year brings us a Simpsons panel. Check out what this Entertainment Weekly article had to say about the panel.

Here’s a couple clips from the panel. The first one is the intro they created for it.

Also a fun James Bond parody about the 600th episode.

Then there’s some info about guest stars and THOH XXVII.

And lastly, some stuff from the Q&A.

One of the things that doesn’t surprise me is the mention of there being a Pokemon Go episode. The show often parodies culture so why not? I just hope they make fun of it appropriately. Rolling Stone did a good article about the episode.

And here’s the clip they were discussing if you don’t feel like reading.

This is actually just a rehash of a clip from “To Cur, With Love” (S24:E8) when Homer became addicted to VillageVille but still fun. As far as the THOH XXVII stuff goes, I enjoyed this article from USA Today.

Since we’re talking Season 28 which starts September 25th, 2016, what do you think about the title for the first episode, “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus,” an episode showing flashbacks from Monty’s childhood? Any opinions about Adventure Time being a crossover? All I can say is MATHMATICAL!

Adventure Time Mathematical

This isn’t a complete stretch since one of the groups of doppelgangers from Treehouse of Horror XXV was the family dressed up like this awesome show.

Adventure Time Simpsons

While this site is not a place for talk about politics, The Simpsons has never been shy about revealing their own political leanings. August 1st brought us the writers’ feelings about the current United States Presidential Race. This article from BBC News summarizes it.

or you could watch the video clip if you want to. Fair warning… this is left-leaning and not an endorsement by the site but I do think it’s hilarious and pokes fun at both candidates… one more than the other.

I mainly included this because I knew by leading you to other videos on the Animation Domination YouTube page, inevitably this clip would aslo be viewed. Please note that any political comments left about this or the presidential race will be moderated and most likely deleted. Politics is just one of those things best left out like religion, sex, death, and eating Thai food. Definitely avoid how left-leaning people die eating Thai food while right-leaning religious people have sex.

Anyhoo… other news is Apple making a deal to include the Best. Show. Ever. on their TVs.

Also a really fun article about 9 ideas for how The Simpsons could end. My vote is for #9 but #5 appeals to the dreamer in me and #1 is a fan favorite for a reason.

Have you ever heard the theory that Moe Szyslak has always known that Bart was pranking him? I actually hadn’t since I avoid reddits at all costs but this article popped up on my newsfeed and I thought it was worth a read.

I think that’s enough news for one post. What do you think of all of it? Sound off with your thoughts and just remember what I said about the potentially inflammatory subject. I’m off to live my life like a yellow fuzzy hurricane of joy and happiness. Vote Chewbacca/Solo for 2016… Let the Wookiee win!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

29 responses to “Simpsons News: Comic Con 2016 and MORE

  1. 4kidsandacatdog

    I love eating Thai food.

    (Is that too far?)

  2. Just watched Adventure Time for the first time. I was glad the episode was only 15 minutes long.

    I can’t figure out who the target audience is, either…

    • It is a bit of an acquired taste. haven’t watched for a few seasons, but I remember the first few were fun to watch with my early teen-aged kids.

      • I picked Season 1, Episode 9 to watch, because I figured it was better to watch something from the first season, but far enough in that they had a chance to fine tune it. And, yeah – I could see very early teens, or even tweens, being the target demographic.

  3. Great post! I loved the Bond parody and I am excited about the Adventure Time episode.

  4. I’m actually looking forward to its ending, it could be a great final send off and I really hope the number 1 theory comes true and the show becomes a time loop.

    When it does finally go I’ll watch it’s last episode which will be the first episode I’ve seen since the Futurama crossover and probably will be the last episode I ever watch past the 14th season minus a rare few like the crossover and Lego one.

    It’s so sad that Edna’s voice actor won’t be in any future series finale episode so I really hope the show ends soon so we can say goodbye to everyone and not have it just end before of a main voice actors death.

  5. Thanks for linking the clips 🙂 I’m with bender. Bring back futurama (again)! 😉 i would be okay with another simpsons crossover… I can still hear fry saying ‘stabbady stabbady’ lol

  6. Brilliant post wookiee! ☆☆☆☆☆

  7. Took me a while to get threw it all. Some of those animated bits I have already seen but cool of you giving others the chance to see them.

    One ending concept that I didn’t see mentioned is the “It’s just a cartoon, ending” where the last few cells (probably the family hugging or something) and the real production staff, Matt G, Writers, Voice actors closing up shop. -though not incredably unique since I’ve seen this done in a (I’m not going to spoil which one) Claymation movie, and a live action Crime/mystery (scifi?) series. Truth be told, not a very popular choice but since this is the longest running sitcom the behind the scene folks deserve a special bow (the verb not the noun, well maybe they deserve one of those too).

  8. I know thia ia tsto page but I waa wondering if anyone knows what happened to the family guy one. There have been no updates or replies for a couple of days now :/

    • That page is completely Bunny’s realm. No clue what goes on there.

    • Bunny has been unwell for a while now and, although I thought she was on an upswing, perhaps she’s had a bit of a setback and has been unable to moderate for a couple of days. This is just pure conjecture, but I’d say just hang in there and wait a bit….in the score of what address been going through, the site is really not that important. (Although I sympathize with how you must be feeling…. I’d be pretty twitchy if this site were essentially down for a couple of days, lol!)

      • Not sure what’s going on there…as Wookiee said it’s bunny’s relm over there. If she doesn’t ask me to step in I don’t.
        As far as her health. Let’s put this to bed now. She’s significantly better than she was. She’s not terminally ill. A virus attacked her immune system and made her super weak for a while. She’s SIGNIFICANTLY better than she was. At this point her absence can only be chalked up to her being busy with life and her family. This is all ok though. We all have real world priorities that pull us away from time to time. 😀

        • Good to hear! 🙂

          I didn’t think I implied in any way that she was terminally ill or anything, but it’s great to hear how well she’s doing now. And, yes – life should take priority sometimes (as I had said). In fact, I’m stepping away for a few hours to take my husband out for sushi buffet for his (almost) birthday right now! 🙂

    • Thank you for the info. I was homestly kist worried about Bunny and know Alissa posts on here and just wanted to see if Bunny was ok. I completely underatand her needing to take a break. Just worried was all.

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  10. I love these Simpsons news compilations, Wookiee! <3

    Some of my thoughts as I read this post and viewed videos and the articles you linked to…

    Allison Janney!!!! I'm a big fan of hers. Can't wait to find out what kind of character she plays (maybe it's part of the Masters of Sex thing?)

    I'm definitely gonna need to check out Adventure Time and Robot Chicken… I've never seen either of those and wasn't to make sure I get the jokes when they do those crossovers.

    Loved the scene with Crazy Cat Lady in the Bond parody!

    Didn't we already have an episode about Burns' childhood – the one about Bobo??

    OMG! I'm a lefty (politically) and I eat Thai food…thanks for the warning! 😉

    The theory about Moe and the prank calls is just plain stupid. Didn't deserve a whole article by whomever wrote that article (and whichever site published it….I wasn't really paying attention to that).

    About the Whatculture article about the possible endings…it was really annoying about how they harped on the idea that the show hadn't been good for about 15 years, blah, blah, blah. I'm so sick of hearing that and, in my opinion, it's just not true! Sure there have been some clunker episodes and, yes, I still think that Season 4, as a whole, was probably the best season, but I think they continue to have some wonderful jokes, clever sight gags, and interesting (and often touching) story lines. And it's interesting how so many of those people who think that the current episodes suck, still watch them faithfully! (Although, to be fair, I do still frequently watch SNL, even though that show really does generally suck. But I often fast-forward through the bad skits, and I'm willing to bet that those recent-Simpsons-episodes naysayers don't do that when they're watching an episode of The Simpsons.)

    At any rate, thanks for posting these tidbits for us, Wook! 🙂

    • You’re welcome. I agree that the show is still good. One of those cases about posting news pieces but not necessarily completely agreeing with everything. We did have a Bob episode and there’s been other bits of Burns back story throughout episodes… I’m still interested in hearing more. Adventure Time is a really funny show to me and was introduced by my beautiful daughter. We’ve enjoyed it together and even dressed up as characters from it one Halloween.

    • Deshawn Niggerino

      I agree that season four was probably the best, but also most new episodes aren’t that great and I have a theory as to why. Most of them focus on lisa and Marge, where as back then Bart and Homer were more focused on so the episodes were more goofy and funny!

  11. Good idea leaving politics alone. I have learned over the years to laugh at most of the jabs at the right on the Simpsons. Sometimes I think it’s almost more making fun at how the left thinks about different things. Such as the episode where homer buys a gun. So over the top it makes more fun of how some anti gun people think gun owners really are.

  12. I like how the Comic-Con introduction video uses the Homer Live resources as its basis (even Bender’s cameo!), and the animation of Homer makes use of the freedom not allowed by the constraints of Adobe Character Animator’s live animation feature.

    The theories about the show ending reminds me of Homer’s opening remarks in Homer Live:

    “Hello! I’ve gathered you here because I have an important announcement: This is the last episode of The Simpsons. It’s been a great run– Just kidding! The Simpsons will never end! Now I’ve told you two lies.”

  13. I’d love to go to Comic-Con just once in my lifetime. Have any of my fellow tappers been?

  14. broken link

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