Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday: Season 1 TLC

Hello Couch Potato(es) and Folks over at EA,

You may have seen one or two or thirteen of (my) Totbox’s Throwback Posts and since all of Season 1 has been written, I figure it’s time to reveal my ulterior motive… I have written them for many reasons (to keep me mentally busy, to see what other reader’s thoughts are on those episodes, to pretend I’m an important fixture to the TSTO Addict community) :p BUT my main purpose As Usual was hopes to get a little attention from EA itself (after all they are the true puppet masters of my gaming destiny). So I figure maybe if I gather all of Season 1 posts and link them, to form an Ultimate reference to Season 1 and the possibilities available, maybe they’ll take a peak and give me… I mean Us, some of those characters and things we have been wishing for.

I would like to call this “Hey EA, sEAson 1, COME ON!!!!!!” but I can’t neglect the readers here at TSTOA with a few more of my silly observation between Season 1 before diving into Season 2, After all did you see each post I made regarding Season 1? What if someone missed one? What if someone didn’t read any? 😮

Since I have a little OCD how about a little TLC (tender loving care) for my throwback posts? You can still access them by going to Behind The Game and selecting ThrowbackThursday but when you do you see the newest one and need to scroll down to read the older one. So I figure I’d make this “Season 1 TLC” (Throwbacks Listed Chronologically).

I hope your eyes are ready because here comes the first Totbox’s Throwback Season (1) Binge Read (which was another alternative title to this post) 😛

“Season 1”

School, Work, Home, what else is there? Hmm.. Holidays, Emotions, War, Nature, Crimes, Parties and MORE!!

image (10)

Outside of the Tracey Ullman Show this was the beginning of it all. The characters, the geography, the history, the entertainment, the miscellaneous, the science and nature, the sports and leisure (put it all together and you complete your pie. Mmm… Pie). :p

The Simpsons Tapped Out may be a game, Trivia Pursuit may be a game, but do you know what isn’t a game (need a Clue?) LIFE!… Wait.. Never mind..

I am Happy that Tapped Out isn’t in order by Seasons because then it would be too predictable, so Jump around EA but don’t forget some of these great episodes.

image (56)

“THANK YOU EA, for all the content over the years and a special THANK YOU for bringing MAGGIE and RAPHEAL (the wise guy, even if he isn’t a season one character) into the game, I look forward to future updates (including a FUTURE event), but out of everything missing from this season (1) I would have to say WE STILL NEED WENDELLRICHARD AND LEWISLARRY AND SAM (The Barflies), BLEEDING GUMS MURPHEYITCHY AND SCRATCHY, AND JEBEDIAH SPRINGFIELD! Thanks in advance EA, great game so far.” 😉

Don’t get me wrong I want the other characters I mentioned but not as much as the ones listed above :p

The links below are obviously to all thirteen posts (which contains Event ideas, and so much more) 🙂


Now at this point I was going to mention the opening sequence and a few differences between it and that of season 2’s (or beyond for that matter) BUT I found it tedious and boring (I actually wrote it, rewrote it, deleted it, rewrote it again but finally came to a new approach). I’ll like to see if anyone rewatches a Season one episode (that actually has the semi-traditional opening credits) and see how many differences you can spot in the opening credits. I’m just really looking for 4 (school color, Plant worker when whistle blows, Bart’s skateboard hijinks, and how many characters you see as they do the quick panning to the Simpson house). I must warn you some of that is a trick question/hint.

Well I hope you have the time to Binge Read those posts and Binge Watch Season 1, and Binge Think about these next set of questions:

Do you remember all those episodes of Season 1? What was your favorite episode (of that season)? Did you Binge Read or just skip some episodes? Any of the Possibilities that you still Really do/don’t like? Do you have the box set?  Can you imagine a world without me pleading with EA? Sound off in the comments and have a quick journey back to your current space/time since we really didn’t go anywhere (unless you Binged). :p

Due to popular demand (Robobot’s request) I will take on Season 2… Stay Tuned :p

12 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday: Season 1 TLC

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    Your post made me think of something… one of my all time favorite things about the Simpsons that grabbed me from the start was the couch gag. Wouldn’t it be totally cool if we had the ability to do a task surrounding the gag with a reward each time we did it? I know, some of you are thinking it’s a crazy idea, but look what we have that we didn’t have 4 years ago? 😊😊😊😊

  2. Hi
    I long time fan of the Simpsons (since I was 8) remember when they first season first air on telly. It kinda what made me become a freelance animator. I love these posts you it shows me your passion for the show. People laugh at me when they see my bookshelf full of Simpsons stuff with every season what come out on dvd. So I enjoy reading your post and rewatch some eps you mention. Keep up great work mate as I enjoy reading it along with were did it come from.

  3. SailorAlphaCentauri

    I didn’t have to binge read; I read them all as they were published. But it was fun going through episodes that aired when I was a kid. I need to watch them again.

  4. Heh, I found a subtle off-model moment in Some Enchanted Evening.

    According to the “Simpsons No-No’s” style guide, there shouldn’t be a line separating the top and bottom rows of teeth:

    However, during Homer’s phone call to the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Baby-sitting Service in “Some Enchanted Evening”, Homer is drawn both with and without both rows of his teeth separated:

  5. There still lots stuff from tapped out that they can put in from season 1 also my to favourite season from Simpsons are season 22,1,20.

    Also I know when tapped update coming between tomorrow and next week

  6. I want an Itchy and Scratchy Land 😀

    (See no mention of monkeys, pirates or zombies) …oops!

  7. I also have this Dvd set and all in all up to season 3!

  8. I hope this make things easier for EA, and Wookiee if he wants to do a WAWW Post on season 1 😉 or Safi wants to do a season 1 character/building/skin/event idea bracket ;p

    I also am going to use this post as a link to my name when I comment.

  9. Favourite episode of Season 1: “Crepes of Wrath”
    Favourite scene of Season 1: The battle planning and battle from “Bart the General”
    Favourite word of Season 1: Kwijibo from “Bart the Genius”

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