Where Did THAT Come From – Evil Homer

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


By Hawking’s chair and wowza! The 2016 TSTO SciFi Event has just begun and already there’s so much to wow a fuzzball. Stephen Hawking, black holes, multidimensional visitors, and lots of sciencey futuristic stuff to figure out where to put in our games. I’m loving this like a nerd in a space rock candy store but I know a lot of this new stuff might have you wondering just where the heck it all comes from. Well no fears inter-quantum dimensional guys and gals, that’s where this walking carpet earns his bread and butter (seriously, that’s all I’m paid in lol). For this dimension of origin stories, we’ll be looking at Evil Homer.

I suppose when you’re looking for interdimensional travelers for a SciFi Event, it makes sense to look for doppelgangers of our favorite characters. Homer started off this whole mess so no surprise that one of them is an evil version of him. Technically, we got five different doppelgangers. I sort of wish they’d gone full nerd and enlisted the United Federation of Homer Through History.

United Federation of Homers Throughout History

The ones we got, with one exception, were all skins Homer from TSTO history. The one outlier is a skin that should look familiar to Simpsons fans familiar with the Guy Incognito episode “Fear of Flying” (S6:E11).

Guy Incognito Simpsons

I’m just stoked something I mentioned in a speculation post appeared (again). Maybe we now know that Guy’s appearance was actually caused by some sort of rift in the space-time continuum. I wish I could completely say that but I also have to point out a little scene from “Behind the Laughter” (S11:E22). Homer quits the show, spreads his creative wings, and returns to his “first love, the legitamate theater.” He performs in Rent II: Condo Fever! as Mr. Stingely.

Rent II Condo Fever Homer as Mr. Stingely in legitimate theater Simpsons

He literally chewed the scenery lol.

Homer Simpson literally chews the scenery

This does look a bit more like Evil Homer becasue of the cape and since this episode is non-canon, it could explain how this character crossed dimensions. Maybe the two intermixed like in one of those Kree genetic technology happenings but now I’m geeking out too much. It could always just be original and influenced by other things. I’d be remiss if i didn’t point out how Evil Homer looks like Snidely Whiplash and/or every caricature of a bad guy in a top hat and monocle. I played one once in an elementary school play lol.

Snidely Whiplash

Of course, there will always be only one Evil Homer for this fuzzball. You may remember this daydream from “Whacking Day” (S4:E20).

Evil Homer gif

You know you heard the “I am Evil Homer” song in your head. So there you go. My thoughts on the origins of the Evil Homer doppelganger. What do you think? Guy Incognito or Mr. Stingely or both? I’m hoping all of the doppelgangers find homes in our towns. Not holding my breath though. Sound off in the comments, smell ya later.

TTFN… Wookiee out!


26 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Evil Homer

  1. why is he waiting for something to do in the town census?

  2. When in the event do we get access to Evil Homer to keep as a full time addition to our towns? He is the only character I am missing & I do not recall seeing him become available (to purchase/earn etc). I’ve been playing every 4 hours like clockwork for the most part so I’m pretty sure I would have seen him.

    • After you’ve unlocked all 3 prizes you’ll get a task to send all the Multiverse Homer’s back to where they came from..(well really about 3 tasks to send them back…it takes awhile) And then another task with Homer. At this point you’ll unlock Evil Homer to keep in your Springfield. Except he’s an NPC. So no tasks for this guy…if you tap him he’ll have some animation and that’s about it.

  3. Robin Duff (yeah, that's right, Duff.)

    If I was threatened with bodily injury and forced to choose a favorite Simpsons episode, it would be Whacking Day.

  4. And now of course we need pictures of “evil” Wookiee in the elementary school play 😉

  5. The most important question for me is still: will all these doppelgangers remain in our towns and become full characters after the event? I suppose only time will tell.

    • If you look in the Character Collections you’ll see the Evil Homer will stay…BUT the others are already in Springfield (as skins for Homer). So we won’t get those.

  6. Seriously. ..that BigPhil01 gets everywhere. ..yes yes yes…We all know it’s you wearing a false moustache! 😀 😀 😀

  7. The beloved Monopoly mascot is also dressed like this.

  8. I am evil Ho-Mer!

  9. Great post Wookiee! But now I want an actual Evil Homer skin for homer…..maybe for halloween to go with Devil Flanders? Are you listening EA? *shakes maracas menacingly*

  10. This guy should be called dastardly homer

  11. The dude in the Planter’s peanut attire will always be Guy Incognito in my mind, and Homer in the red devil suit will always be Evil Homer.

    I AM EVIL HO-MER, I AM EVIL HO-MER!!!!(while dancing on Good Homer’s grave with cha chas)

  12. Yeah, if they’re gonna call him Evil Homer, they damn well should have given him a devil suit and maracas.

  13. EA Stop making up your own characters and Focus on the Show!!!
    (Sorry had to get that off my chest).

    Yes as soon as I saw the character’s name “Evil Homer” I thought straight away to the “I am Evil Homer” song and the devil costume that was also a Skin in the game The Simpsons Hit n’ Run. I want That skin in TSTO not this Guy/Stingely hybrid.

    Hopefully we will get a “Good Homer R.I.P. ” tombstone and an (real) Evil Homer skin combo in the game. (Funnier if we get a cameo dialogue from Peanut-butter Jelly-Time Brian Griffin – from a different show) but I’ll keep my expectations low on that.

    So many skins and doppelgänger ideas, I am disappointed in EA on this for now (maybe this EA “Evil Homer” will get skins for the real Evil Homer and Guy Incognito and Mr. Stingely ??)

  14. Very helpful post Wookie! Evil Homer looked so familiar and this post switched on that lightbulb moment.
    Love this posts as it reminds me of the reason I play, a great reminder of some great episodes!

  15. hands down EH from the event is from Behind the Laughter. so similar to this one :p thanks for this insights. sometimes i miss them and need to pass by here to check :p
    so many items in this event are hard to find (like the Hyperstadium that’s not actually shown in person, but just in a picture with Rockstar Maggie, which we can assume is in the stadium)

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