Vistors??!! Better Put On Pants… GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!

Hey there Pink Sprinklies!!!

Just before I took off for my “walkabout”, I launched a fun lil giveaway for our Readers here… because you know we just LOVE LOVE LOVE to spoil you guys anytime we can.

You can read about the details HERE for the Giveaway.

With the results in, the Randomizer done selecting, and those selected Readers all responded & verified… I can now announce the WINNERS!!! YAY!!! First though I wanted to go over the breakdown of the Giveaway as it really was fun and amusing. 🙂

Homer Holding Donut


Each day a random word(s) was added to a random post. They didn’t really make any sense, but were still fun. Here is the order of the word(s)…


Sunday Word


Monday Word


Tuesday Word


Wednesday Word


Thursday Word


Friday Word


Saturday Word



Alone they didn’t quite make sense, nor scrambled… but put together in the right order… well it gave me a laugh anyway.

Friday WordSaturday Word Sunday Word Monday Word Wednesday Word Thursday Word Tuesday Word

“I GOT 99 DONUTS ‘CUZ AN ADDICT ATE ONE”. Now just which Addict ate that Donut, I’ll never tell. (A fun play on the “I got 99 Problems…” line.)

In the Submission Form I had asked YOU to see if you could unscramble the message. Some of your versions made me giggle too. Here are the main Phrases I saw from your guesses…

I got one ‘cuz an addict ate 99 donuts

Cuz an addict ate 99 donuts I got one

I got one donut ‘cuz an addict ate 99.

Apparently there is a VERY hungry Addict eating all the Donuts. Lol.



Donut Giveaway Promo (4)

The Prizes itself were something unusual and different from what we did in the past. Here were your thoughts on them.

Leggings: 50.3% Wanted
T-Shirt: 49.7% Wanted

Seems it was pretty much Half and Half on what items you all were interested in… which leads me to …



Due to it seemed pretty dead even that those participating wanted BOTH Leggings and T-shirts (and we are always generous here at the Addicts) I made the decision to have FOUR FINAL WINNERS!! WOOHOO!!! 

Here they are (noted by their “Addicts” names)…

Donut Giveaway Promo (2)BLACK DONUT LEGGINGS: The Full Nelson


Donut Giveaway Promo (3)PINK DONUT LEGGINGS: Laurie


Donut Giveaway Promo (1)ADDICTS TSHIRT (2 Winners): lilxicanita & CrimsonMauler

(I have already been in contact with the Winners during the verification process)



I just wanted to give a big thank you to all of those who participated. I had hoped this would be a fun Giveaway and from your feedback in the Submission Form, it looks like it was just that. YAY!

For those that are still wanting a way to get an Addicts T-Shirt, there are things in the mix… but still working out some kinks. Keep an eye on the site and there will be an announcement for it when all is finalized. 🙂

Thanks again for being such awesome Readers here at the Addicts. Keep your eyes peeled as you never know when we will drop another one.

Did you have fun searching for the words? Did the Phrase make you giggle? Did you participate? Let us know.


13 responses to “Vistors??!! Better Put On Pants… GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!

  1. Congrats to the winners! I was part of the ” I got one ‘cuz an addict ate 99 donuts” group . 😀

  2. Loved the contest!

  3. Congrats to the winner, I bought a pair of Amazon!

  4. After loosing my level 59 game to the up grade that took me forever and 300. Later. I’ve decided this is A most laudering game. Since my game was stolen in iOS upgrade! Contacting better business bureau!

  5. Congrats to the lucky winners, sadly us guys in the UK could only look back and watch 😢😢.
    Thanks to Bunny and the crew for the competition. Hopefully we can get a chance to win something in the future xx 😍😍

  6. Thanks for the contest, Bunny! I didn’t win, but fun was had and it’s always exciting for the possibility of winning something for free–especially cool t-shirts and comfy pants Simpsons related. You’re the best!

  7. Congrats to the winners! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    And glad to see you back, Bunny! Where ya been? We missed you around here.

  8. One day I’ll get an addicts shirt… Even if I must PAY FOR IT *dun dun DUNNNN* All joking aside, congrats to the winners and I’ll be waiting for more contests!

  9. Congrats, winners!

  10. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to win the pink donut leggings!! This just made my weekend…. 🙂

  11. Congrats winners!
    Great fun addicts. Thanks for the contest. I enjoyed unscrambling the message.

  12. Mmm, donut pants

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