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Addicts Housekeeping: “Better Put On Pants” Shirts Sale Extended!

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know the latest Addicts shirt sale has been extended through July 5th!  I know several of you mentioned you’d like to get the shirt, but you had to wait until you got paid (which was after the shirt offer disappeared) so good news….we extended it!

The “Better Wear Pants…” shirts will be available until July 5th!  So get yours before they’re gone (for real this time)!

As a reminder, you can purchase the shirt here!  And all sales benefit this site directly!

Thanks to everyone who has already purchased and thanks in advance to all those who will be grabbing them before the 5th!

Vistors??!! Better Put On Pants… GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!!

Hey there Pink Sprinklies!!!

Just before I took off for my “walkabout”, I launched a fun lil giveaway for our Readers here… because you know we just LOVE LOVE LOVE to spoil you guys anytime we can.

You can read about the details HERE for the Giveaway.

With the results in, the Randomizer done selecting, and those selected Readers all responded & verified… I can now announce the WINNERS!!! YAY!!! First though I wanted to go over the breakdown of the Giveaway as it really was fun and amusing. 🙂

Homer Holding Donut Continue reading

Vistors??!! Better Put On Pants… GIVEAWAY SUBMISSION FORM!

Note from Alissa: Hey Guys, this submission Form is all Bunny.  And she’s on vacation this week, as in an actual vacation with swimming pools and palm trees.  I don’t get the results on this one, so if you’ve got a problem with your submission I won’t be able to make any adjustments or check on it for you.  I just paid for the prizes…she’s running the contest.  (Spoken like a true parent…i just write the checks i don’t know what they actually spend it on lol)  So if you have a problem make a note in the comments or email TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com and I’ll make sure she looks at the form when she gets back. 

Hey there Sweet Pink Sprinklies!!!

Donut Giveaway Promo (5)

Over the last week, we dropped some Yummy Pictures into a random post each day with a specific Word(s) on them. All jumbled up, they may not have made any sense… but once Unscrambled… well… 🙂

Below is the Giveaway Submission Form for the Visitors?! Better Put On Pants Giveaway. Pay attention and make sure you fill out ALL the important information in the Form. Especially a VALID Email address as it is how we will get in touch with the Winner(s).


Just in case you can’t see the Form, here is the direct link.


SUBMISSION FORM WILL BE CLOSED AUGUST 27th, 2016 at 11:59PM Eastern, so get in your entry before then! 

For more information and all the details on the Giveaway, go to the Giveaway post HERE. 

Did you have fun finding the words over the last week? Did you fill out the Submission Form to enter? Excited for the Giveaway PRIZES??!! Let us know.


Vistors??!! Better Put On Pants… GIVEAWAY!!

Hey there Pink Sprinklies!!!

It has been a while since I have been around the TSTO site. For that I am truly sorry. Life happened, I had to step away, but thank you for your support!. 🙂

Many times while I was away, my thoughts were of YOU ALL!! How much I missed yah terribly! The amazing community that has gathered around our silly lil blog and supported us now for 3 years!! Thinking of you all of course triggers other thoughts… what can we do to say “THANK YOU! All us Addicts have kind, caring, and generous hearts. We love to spoil YOU!! Know what this means???


Homer Holding Donut

Knowing my silly personality, and impossibility to take things seriously, I came up with an idea. I ran it by Alissa and she did her usual “I am shaking my head at you through the phone right now”, but I thought this would be PERFECT!! Joe just laughed at me as usual, silly Fuzzball. So… here goes nothing!! Wish me luck!! Continue reading