Wookiee’s Fuzzy Podcast Update – 6 episodes and counting

Hey hey friends! I hope everyone is doing well with the SciFi Event as it comes to a close. I have been one busy walking carpet with two jobs, writing here, full-time school, and the fun and excitement of the podcast I’ve been recording. I wrote a couple posts about said podcast and had initially planned on reminding folks weekly about the madness that is me rambling about life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff but realized I didn’t want to bombard the site with non-Simpsons stuff. I do have to shameless plug myself though sometimes, don’t I?

Laugh It Up Fuzzball Podcast Image

I figured since it’s been over a month, I’d just write something quick about the podcast. I’m at six episodes currently, one of them a two-part guest episode, and having a great time. If you like geek stuff, comics, Simpsons, Star Wars, sci-fi, and or rants about stuff, then this is the ramble for you. I think the show is finding its groove and I really am enjoying all the geekery. If this sort of thing sounds like your cup of tea, check it out at laughitupfuzzball.net. The show is available on iTunes, googleplay, and any other podcast app that can pull from one of those RSS sourches (like PodcastAddict). You can also listen directly on the site.

One of my goals for the show is responding to comments from listeners so if any of you have something you want on the show, hit me up here or on the podcast’s web page. I’d really like to see if the comments work over there… hint hint.  It’d also be super awesome if you wanted to rate the episodes on iTunes or GooglePlay as that’s how this sort of thing gets out there to more folks. Best part is it’s free and a great thing to listen to during the inevitable commutes that come with life. I know I switched to podcast listening almost a year ago and don’t regret it.

If you want to contact me about the show, best bet is on twitter (@wookieeriot), instagram (@wookieeriot), or on the facebook page for the show (www.facebook.com/laughitupfuzzballpodcast). I’m active on two of those, honestly don’t know much about instagram and just post funny Star Wars pics there, and would love to communicate with folks about geek life. You can also contact me here of course and thanks so much as always for all the fans of THIS site. Without you, we’d just be talking to ourselves and I just figured occassional reminders of the little things were up to was okay. The fact that over 100 people are currently subscribed and that a bunch of those folks are Addicts is truly humbling.

I’ll quit with the shameless plugs but as a bonus, Episode 6 of the show has me wrapping about the upcoming Season 28 of the Best. Show. Ever. There’s a whole Simpsons segment every week and this one was fun to research and talk about. I even talk about this silly little game but not as much as this site. Nothing comes close to Addicts. Well, thanks for all the fish and happy tapping friends. Tell your friends, listen, rate, and just thanks for your time. I hope to see some of you in the comments of this site or one of the other places.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Just posted a comment on your website, hope it works!

    As mentioned before, enjoying the podcasts, very easy to listen to, you don’t ramble too much 😉

  2. Is Evil Homer meant to be an NPC or am I experiencing my first glitch in ages? I’m hoping he’ll come to life when the event ends otherwise he’s going straight into storage. 🙁

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