Alert: SH 4x Currency Ended Early (FIXED)

Update 2:15pm ET: Of course all things update in the game when I’m out of the office…lol.  Looks like EA has released a server side patch that has corrected the 4x Heights Rewards.  They’re now back..and leave on the 4th.  So use it while you can!
You’ll see the dialogue restart once you go back into Springfield…and that’ll retrigger the 4x rewards.  Thank you to everyone who reported this..and thank you to EA for resolving it before lunchtime in California…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Morning guys..just a quick post until I get into work…always fun waking up to 200 comments overnight lol. Y’all had me thinking an update hit while I was asleep.

Anyway it looks like the 4x earning currency at SH ended prematurely.   There were all kinds of alerts and notifications that it would end on the 4th…today is the 3rd..and it ended this morning.

Not sure what’s up but I’ll dig a little further when I get into work.  For now know it’s not just you…and hopefully EA will correct this ASAP.

Update: Just got into work and it appears it’s not every player that’s impacted.  As my game is still currently paying out 4x on my SH buildings. (note: some are commenting their buildings are paying 4x but the mini games are not…so double check your buildings.  If it’s showing 8 for premium and 4 for freemium it’s still at 4x)
My best advice is to contact EA and let them know your game is impacted, since it’s not impacting everyone.  They’ll have to determine what area is impacted by this…remember you can contact them via the get help button in the game.  It’s located in the top right corner when you open up your store…

Another Update: What’s interesting is the files indicate it ends October 3rd at 7:00 GMT.  Which seems to have happened for many…except the popups all showed October 4th.  So EA’s got an issue somewhere.  Not to mention it hasn’t ended for everyone.  So really…I dunno what the heck is going on.  But EA’s gotta get this sorted…you can’t say one thing in game and then change it completely.  Not cool.  For those trying to remember, here’s the in-game popup (and in case EA’s reading this):


Here’s the other notification (which by the way still popped up for me in my game about 5 minutes ago…)



217 responses to “Alert: SH 4x Currency Ended Early (FIXED)

  1. Sadly, it went down this morning again. Moreover, the characters who were working on SH tasks last night (with the 4x bonus) did not receive any bonus when I tapped on them this morning. The worst part is that I had spent $200,000 at the Googloplex before bed just to earn the 4x bonus and it only gave me the regular amount.

    I am glad that I was able to get to billionaire status; however, I am disappointed that this was bumbled. I lost quite a bit of bonus yesterday when it was down and the bonus this morning.

    I was hoping to get to the top ranked position among my friends in terms of Springfield Heights Real Estate Value. Alas! I am about $20M short — and I would have had it this morning if the powers that be hadn’t dropped the ball with this.


  2. So it’s done 🙁
    I wasn’t able to get everything but did a good bit more

  3. Whew!!! Was able to finish up my SH. Upgraded everything to max except for a few Excl.Resorts because the $$$ bump isn’t worth it. Even added all the 200 resource items. (Polo field and those ships.)
    If anyone is still working on this, concentrate on your Modern Mansion, Business Center, and Valet Parking. They give the best $$$ bump.

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