Halloween 2016 Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 1 Town Square

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Halloween in our pocket-size Springfields!  Yes that magical time of the year when our towns turn dark, our water becomes mucky and there are monsters everywhere to battle.  Just like October in every other suburban town in America, no?

The Halloween Event is in full swing on our devices and it’s full of creepy decorations, buildings and characters…all designed to get us into the Halloween spirit!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the First Act you’re tasked with collecting Film Strips (ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg) to unlock each prize!

The First Act 1 Prize is awarded at 3,450 ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg is the Town Square, because even creepy towns need somewhere for mobs to gather with their pitchforks and torches.


So let’s take a closer look at this first prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 3,450 ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg you’ll automatically be awarded the Town Square and you’ll see this message popup:


And you’ll have the option to place it in your Springfield immediately or store it in your inventory for later.  Remember if you store it you’ll have to go back into your inventory to retrieve it.


The Town Square does not come with a questline (other than the initial one telling you to unlock it).  Nothing to help you earn more ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg…just unlock the prize and move on.

Here are some quick facts about the Town Square:

townsquare_transimageSize: 8×8
Build Time: Instant
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +200
What Does it Do?: Always animated, waterfall runs and flames flicker. Also, this prize awards a bonus %.  2.25% when placed.  Not bad for a free prize…

After you’ve unlocked it as a prize, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase more in the store for donuts.


They’re 50 donuts apiece for more.  Should you buy them?  In short.  No.

How many town squares does 1 town need?  It’s right there in the title…Town SQUARE..not Town Squares.  Don’t waste your donuts on more of these.  Save them for better things….

And a couple of you are commenting that you’re having issues getting the Town Square to line up with the Cobblestones you can purchase for donuts.  Often it’ll look like this, if you try to line up after placing the Town Square:


The solution on this is pretty simple.  Simply place the cobblestones down first where you want them…


And then go back and place the Town Square on top, lining it up with the placed stones:


Then go back and delete any unwanted tiles..


And boom…Cobblestone paths off of the Town Square


Nice and simple.  (you can also do this without having to delete squares, that’s just how I did it..)

And there you have it, the details behind the Town Square, the first Halloween prize!

What’s Next?

Bell Tower- Awarded at 8,750ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg.  This will be the next prize we breakdown in the prize guide post.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the first Act 1 prize!

What do you think of the Town Square? Safe to assume you’ve all unlocked it by now? Where have you placed it?  Did you purchase the cobblestone tiles to go along with it? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

30 responses to “Halloween 2016 Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 1 Town Square

  1. I like the new square!!! And did pay the 40 donuts ( freemium player )

    It is beautiful!!! Love it!!!

    And i just make a square and put the cobelstone right on top.

    Nice nice!!!

  2. I’m pretty sure I just moved the town square one of the grid blocks at a time to get it to match up.

  3. May be worth noting also, the Cobblestone road can be placed across water, but no bridge structure appears, just cuts through the water as if the water ends on both sides of the road.

  4. Sorry if you posted this b4, but how do we get Count Burns? When I got the castle he popped up and said something, but that was it. Is he coming later? Thanks!

  5. Hey. My loading screen is all Halloween but my town isn’t giving me the new update for Halloween. I’m really bummed. I’m level 60.

  6. Do you know yet if any of the other items have a hidden % associated with them? I did not realize that the spooky walls from THOH 2015 had a % attached to them or some of the Christmas decorations or the Thanksgiving ugly thing until you posted about items that had the % attached to them. I grabbed them out of storage right away after I read your post and watched my total bonus from conformity and decorations jump right up! I’m hoping for some more! 🙂

  7. OMG – I’m so glad I read this! I had no idea the town square came with a bonus percentage and had put it in storage, because I didn’t need it, design-wise, right now. Gonna go grab it out of inventory right now!! (No idea where I’ll put it though….)

  8. Hey Alissa – a little off topic but now my Little Lisa Recycling plant is paying out 450 blueprints every 4 hours. You think EA meant to have it pay out film?

  9. Still wish the cobbles were pavement instead of roads. I won’t pay donuts for groundcover that I can’t place stuff on. I’ve had to do my best to hide this “square” in a corner of my Renaissance faire enclosure, just because it has a bonus. Disappointing prize overall.

  10. I knew I was being dense. Thanks!

  11. also, they work like actual roads, which is awesome!!!

  12. I like the look of the “squares” we’ve been receiving as part of events (tap ball field, wild west town square, last year’s spooky campfire), but I’ve stored most of them because they don’t have a cash payout. This one is definitely staying out. I bought the cobblestones to match and have no regrets there either.

  13. I know the initial cobblestones cost donuts but do the subsequent ones also cost donuts too or a they free to place wherever you would like them, like the roads and dirt?

    • Once you pay the donuts for it, it unlocks the ability to permanently place as many as you want…whenever you want. So the donuts basically unlock the ability to turn them into regular road/dirt/river tiles. 40 donuts for unlimited tiles.

  14. These cobblestone tiles will remain after the event? Thanks!

  15. Wow! I really appreciate the Pro-Tip for how to align the Town Square with the Cobblestone paths. I hadn’t tried it myself yet (My new items are sort of piled in a “corner” until I can find some redecorating time), but I’ve read about the inability to line up, and thought as much, based on the size. This is great to have a solution even before I begin. Woot! Thank you! 🙂

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