Feral Monsters Evolve Again!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As some of you have noticed…your Feral Monsters (aka Rats) have evolved yet again this morning. All that RedBull must have made them hungry because they’ve plumped up..and now they’re HANGRY for more…

charactersets_feralbeast03Clearing these winged creatures requires FOUR taps.  Quadruple the taps also means, quadruple the currency!  These Plumped Up Flying Ferals will earn you 10ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg each time you tap them…so 40 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg each when you clear them.

Pretty sweet right?

Note the new Feral Monsters always fly…they don’t crawl around on the ground. 


The smaller Winged Monsters are still around as well…


Remember this guys take 2 taps to clear and earn 10ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg each tap.

So winged earns 20ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg when cleared
Giant Winged, earn 40ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg when cleared.

Oh and the original Feral Monsters…well what’s the old saying?  Evolve or die?  Yea…they’re not around anymore…


So all Feral Monsters now require multiple taps…

Happy Monster Clearing!

Thoughts on the new monsters?  Enjoying the ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg boost?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

55 responses to “Feral Monsters Evolve Again!

  1. they look like flying cows to me

  2. On a pessimistic front this means that it will take more currencies to unlock future prizes. End of day I think any gains would be neutralized – increase the spawns earnings rate increase the bar for prizes. But overall a good effort by EA to make the event manageable for us all.

  3. Does the new evolve change their spawn rate?

    • It appears that way. I don’t really see anything in the files to adjust to..but based on comments many players are saying they appear to spawn at a slower rate.

  4. I liked the first freaks the best, fast and spouting green fire!

  5. I have gotten all 3 types. Not many one rappers but I have had 2 today.

  6. I have to say I haven’t complained about the advertisement on this blog to this point but they have recently evolved to where if my finger even comes close to the Ad even without touching it, the ad goes full screen and starts playing. I understand the need to pay for the site but it’s really getting annoying.
    It’s hard to scroll through a whole post without having to stop a video.

    • That’s not on our end. I’ve complained to wordpress about them before…they say it’s related to adware on your device. They don’t solicit those type of ads for the sites.

      • I believe you. The ads are really long on the screen so you can’t scroll past them without touching them. Some of them pop up as soon as they appear on the screen. I’m on an iPhone 6. If anyone knows how I can get rid of them please tell me. It’s making the blog almost unusable. It makes me almost miss the auto rap girl.

  7. There not half been gorging on this year’s candy haven’t they!

  8. My observation: The rats started out small and wicked fast… which actually made them easier to nab, because they’d always rush straight into my clutches, as long as I just hung out right next to the Mag Office. Then they added the medium rats, which walk slower and fly sometimes, but are generally still pretty quick about making an appearance at the Mag Office… so still pretty easy to clear. Then the ratio of medium to small rats started to shift to where there were fewer and fewer small rats, until I didn’t see any at all for a day or two. Then they introduced these latest *big* rats… which are slower still than the medium rats, making me want to scroll around my town a bit to find them all more quickly.

    Suddenly, I’m starting to feel a sense of foreshadowing… is the “final form” going to be a huge lumbering rat-beast which *refuses* to come to me, because it’s wings can only just barely lift it off of the ground, thus forcing me to go searching for it every four hours? And will I need to tap that one beast like eighty times, to finally knock it out?


  9. Mine don’t hide I just wait by my tower for a few min and they all come runnin/flying up and stack in a big pile.

  10. I hope we can buy one after the event, they are SO cute!!

    • Lol – something tells me those monsters would be offended if they knew you were calling them “cute”!

  11. When I first saw these new monsters flying around town, my first thought was: “They look pregnant.” Did anyone else think the same thing?

  12. I just noticed these flying beasts, very wizard of oz flying monkeys!
    On the other hand I’m also enjoying bonuts after unlocking Death!

    • My only complaint with the bonuts round – $150,000 for a second choice? What happened to $50,000? I didn’t notice the amount had jumped until my third round of bonuts…talk about sticker shock!

      • Maybe because we can keep tapping buildings for rent? I love events where I can tap money but not take away from neighbor visits

  13. I have found that I think that all the ferro monsters gravitate to the haunted Halloween area of Springfield. I just wait and tap there.

    • Lucky you. Due to the way I’ve stacked my building the beasties get “stuck” and I have to go search for them in edit mode and maybe, on a good session, I can find 15 or 20. I wish there was one of those permanent “Do It” buttons to find them like they had for the Robots or use now for the Daily Tasks. It’s frustrating. Basically I only tap the few that spawn in the open. It’s just not worth the effort.

      • Same here, I put my huge house farms into storage once I realised the monsters were getting stuck. I realised after a few days in act 1 and I was well and truly behind. There are still certain areas they get stuck, but I know which ones and I just check there every time I play, normally I find monsters in 4 or 5 of the 10 hiding places.

        Check things like the mountain area too, hide the buildings in the edit mode and there are normally a few kicking around (well in my game anyway)

  14. I like the concept of evolving monsters and the fact that they give more event currency is fantastic, only problem is the spawn rate seems to have dropped considerably – at least in my game. Anyone else noticed this?

  15. I read in a post that 40 can be in your town with a “bank” of 40, meaning 80 should spawn after 4 hours, correct? However, I only ever see 40 total, whether after 4 hours, or 8 hours after waking up (yes I wait for more to spawn, but no luck). Can someone please clarify? It’s bad enough I had to completely redesign my town on the fly due to 90% of them getting stuck in buildings/decorations, lol. I want to make I’m not missing out. Please, and thanks!

    • I’ve also noticed the spawn rate reduction, and I think it’s because they did some creative accounting, herein, in order to make the progression more entertaining; it seems to me that the spawn rate must essentially refer to the *taps* it takes to knock them all out. That is to say, a combination of 20 of the medium rats (20×2 =40) with 10 of the large rats (10×4=40) would account for all 80 taps that you were originally getting with 80 of the small rats. That’s just a guess, though…

  16. I like how the little feral monsters are evolving and not just some totally different “thing” to tap. I wonder if by the end of act three they will be two headed, eagle taloned, alligator mouthed creatures. lol

  17. They are just sooo ugly! I loved the first ones. Gorging on bonuts at the moment. Mmmmmmmh! Bo-nuts!

  18. I’m loving the look of these monsters and the extra event currency is a welcome surprise.

  19. Lol i noticed the beast when i was clearing my town this morning, each hit also counts towards the daily tasks of killing 60 monsters.. same with the two hitters.

  20. If you don’t tap all of the required taps (say it is hidden behind a building) will it eventually move to an unhidden location or do you have to go back and find it?

  21. Here’s one. About five days ago I was Able to purchase the ‘forest cave’. When I did the game only toke 312 or so obols from my cache and I did not get the FC or the 315 MAG.(it was not in my inventory or anywhere else in the game), I then notified EA through E-mail on there help page. After two days no response. On the third day I prompted a phone call from ea. They called back in a timely manner and said that he had to pass this problem on to a higher department. Two days later they send me an e-mail wanting me to send them screen shots of my apple iTunes account showing the transactions for TSTO and wanted to know the exact time and day all this happened. Like I was trying to steel the FC. I don’t get it. Ready to nuke my town and find a new game. Don’t need the hassle.

    • Someone should really explain to the makers of their own game how the forest cave isn’t a donut or “purchaseable” item…. I get so angry when faced with that garbage. Even first level support should KNOW the game.

  22. I knew I wasn’t seeing things when I played earlier! I thought it was 3 taps not 4, maybe I need a red bull too!

  23. Only thing that I know is I need to create base stats for these Pokémon. lol

  24. more currency is fine by me!

    On another note, I noticed a weird bug where Ray Patterson (but not other characters like Homer) can’t do his 60-min task at the Kwik-E-Mart when I have last year’s “Kill-E-Mart” skin on. If I change the skin, his task comes back. Anyone else notice this?

    • Yes – and he will not go to other KEM’s either if you have duplicates.

    • Yep. Just buy another Kwik-E-Mart and place it near your junkyard so he doesn’t have far to walk. The duplicates can’t use the skin, and this will bring it back if you want to change your original’s skin.

  25. ……and I NEVER EVER want to meet the EA developer/designer who came uo with these😂…..💜X

  26. Except I have to find them hiding somewhere behind my 5,000 structures. I wish they’d stick to the roads. I’m getting tired of selecting move items, hide houses, find, back out, tap, repeat.

    • If you can, keep the screen on the construction yard for a few minutes, in my game at least, eventually they seem to gravitate to there. (Could be because I have the cobblestone road surrounding it also though, idk)

    • Mine tend to head towards the mag building when they spawn then cluster together outside if you wait long enough. Is this not happening for you?

  27. These critters sre even creepier than before😩. Now I have to tap with a string of garlic around my neck for protection😳……💜X

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