Lingering Winter Event Bugs

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a couple of notes about issues happening in the game that we’ve been seeing over and over in the comments over the last week or so.  I meant to get this done last week, but work just got crazy so here it is now for those of you who haven’t already asked in the comments…

So main two things (and i’m sure more) are going around in the game right now…Martin’s Ice Castle Task and the XP bar getting stuck an an open box.  Here’s a quick look at how to address each issue…

Addict Tech Support

Martin’s Ice Castle Task…

So a bunch of you have been seeing this in your task book since the Ice Castle hit our games during the Winter Event.

Whether you’ve purchased the castle or not the task is just stuck in your book, with no way to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of this questline (unless you have the ice castle and can clear it all).  So we’re all just waiting on the Winter Removal App update (which will remove the snow from Springfield) to hopefully remove this task from the task book.

So basically, you can’t make it go away on your own (unless you can run the quest), so you’ll have to wait for an update from EA, and hopefully that will remove it.

XP Bar Stuck

So Friday a bunch of you commented that your XP bar looked like this..


Thanks Mikey for the image

The box at the end was open, and the bonus round just won’t trigger.

Here’s the deal.  If this happens to you either head to a neighbor’s Springfield and back or to Krustyland and back and that should re-sync your game and have the bonus round reappear.

And that’s it.  Two quick details for common bugs we’re seeing y’all talk about in the comments.  Hopefully this clears it up for a bunch of you, and puts your tapping minds at ease.

What’s your take on these two issues?  Have you experienced them? Any other bugs? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

92 responses to “Lingering Winter Event Bugs

  1. i’m not sure where else to post that Martin has been stuck in “Tell A Scary Story” for over a week now… I didn’t realize we still had access to those tasks, and just for s&g&science, i sent Martin to tell a scary zombie story for 4 hours to eternity.
    is there a place to send feedback to EA? i usually just search the forums for issues everyone else has…

    this one i’m not seeing. 🙁

    • right after the Pride event, there was a random task to send Bart to tell a scary story. during this update, my Martin issue was resolved. just following up in case it happens to anyone else 🙂

  2. I’m not sure where to comment on this issue, because there is not a more recent post.
    Maggie no longer makes her sucking noise when I play the Where’s Maggie mini game. This has been going on for at least several months now.
    I do hear all the other noises (from flags, fountains, trees, hot tubs, etc.) but not Maggie. I can be staring straight at her (after finding her on top of a building) and still not hear anything. I’ve even tried moving her off screen slightly (no sound) and coming back to her (still no sound). Re-syncing he game doesn’t help. Reinstalling doesn’t either. No response from EA either. I’m not sure what I can do. I have a very hard time finding her anymore as a result of this missing sound and am losing out on tons of donuts. Do you have any suggestions? Thx!

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      It’s been this way for me forever, I gave up lol. If I can’t find her by the time the timer gets down to 25 seconds, I close the game, reopen, then after playing for a minute or so, try again. Good luck 😊

    • mine did this for a while and still does on occasion, but i logged out of the game, reset my device and logged back in and the sound usually comes back for me.

  3. Not sure where to post this –
    Is it just me or has:
    1. The locate person icon doesn’t work any more
    2. My pile of gold has srunk
    3. My collect income “radius” has srunk

  4. Norbert’s quests skipped the globe ones put me straight onto endangered plane and now won’t finish that one just repeats 6/7… Is this happening to anyone else?

    Also can’t stay in edit mode longer than 3 seconds to move buildings before it automatically leaves edit mode so can’t move things properly… Frustrating lol

    • We have this problem too norbets quest and the edit mode. Please let us know if you find a way to fix it. Thank you

    • This just started happening in my game as well. So incredibly frustrating as I have been “remodeling” for the last couple of days.

    • i also have the exact same issues, anyone have any ideas on how to fix this

    • Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Sadly, didn’t work. 😟

    • Yes. Both happening to me as well. Extremely frustrating. No globe, and the game does a constant refresh every four seconds or so.

    • my unable to stay in edit mode problem have resolved its self with the coming of act 3

    • Norbert’s quest is glitching all over! I called them as I was in the final quest for Norbert’s plane and golden train and the game suddenly glitched and took it away and there’s no longer a plane at all to collect ,back to pins and luggage even though I completed all the luggage pieces. It’s apparently a worldwide issue according to customer service.

  5. I know this isn’t the right thread, but my prizes in the round the world event are stuck. I have collected more pins than I need to unlock the I TV building. It is stuck. The donuts to buy this prize now reads -10. HELP!!!

  6. I don’t know if this is the right thread but has anyone else experienced an issue where you keep getting logged out at the title screen and keep having to wait for a massive update every time? It’s started happening on a daily basis now and is just putting me off playing entirely since I sometimes have to wait around 10-15 minutes for the update to finish!

  7. Hi
    I don’t know if this is the right thread but ever since changing to an iPhone 5s scrolling through my town is not smooth
    sort of drags though most of town but some sections scroll smoothly
    Doesn’t seem to be a lagging issue
    Anyone else have this problem ?

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I have a 5S that I occasionally use (mostly use tablet), but I’ve never had any problems with it. The only thing I can suggest is maybe check your available storage.

  8. Well the snows gone but the Martins Ice Castle task is still there. And the monster still hasn’t come back to the tower in the water… The monster I can live without but that task is annoying!

  9. This is going to sound weird but I have been plugging away to get Paris texan and at my marketing agency I can now only send 2 characters on task the lawyer & the real estate person( blonde). The rest disappeared from the menu. All the rest of the building to accumulate items haven’t changrd. At this rate I will never get the last item. Ugh

  10. Paris Texan???

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