Where Did THAT Come From – Brother Faith

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?


Woo hoo! A new mini-event is upon us and boy howdy is it fun so far. It’s all about Homer celebrating all religions in an attempt to rest every day. Pretty cool in my humble opinion. This batch of new stuff brings lots of items and that’s where I come in. I know everyone doesn’t have the same knowledge of the Best. Show. Ever. so it’s time to dive into the TV series and find this new item. This post takes a look at Brother Faith, a premium character for 110 donuts.

“Faith Off” (S11:E11)

Homer is excited to go to Springfield University’s Homecoming festivities and is reunited with his nerd friends (Benjamin, Doug, and Gary) from the time he took one course at the school. Turns out the whole thing was a ruse to get money though aka a fundraiser. Homer vows to prank the dean to get back at him for the trickery but ends up pranked himself by some other frat boys with a bucket super-glued to his noggin. Poor Homer… a victim of traumedy.


Not all is lost though. Courtesy of Homer driving, even though he can’t see so well, the family ends up at a fair where there’s a revival going on. Brother Faith’s Revival to be specific. He’s got a laser show and even arrives on a cloud.


Brother Faith can do some awesome rapping sermonizing (take that Father Sean) and is a faith healer. He even gets the bucket which was jammed on Homer’s head to come off. Woo hoo!


Well, he uses Bart as his instrument of healing. Bart HAS the POWER! As a result, Bart now thinks he has the power to heal also. He bonds with Brother Faith who once was a hellion too. Now he’s just a revival preacher who’s just happy when his rattlesnakes don’t bite him.


Bart starts his own revival style preaching at school and brings everything he likes about Brother Faith’s lasers and lights and miracles to the First Church of Springfield. Well, he just mentions the fun of it when he’s in church but he does plan his own revival meeting in the fumigation tent from a house in the neighborhood. He’s Brother Bart.


Problem is he’s revealed as a fake when Milhouse thinks Bart has healed his astigmatism and ends up hit by a truck he mistook for a dog. Homer needs Bart to do some miracling later when he accidentally injures Springfield University’s star kicker Luchenko with his Homecoming parade float. It all comes down to the game winning field goal (Go USC!) and just like the Rose Bowl, it’s good! Bart may not have saved the day with faith healing but it all ends well. The End.

So there you go. The origin of Brother Faith. His van is an original idea but I could see a revival preacher having a cool ride and I’m always down for a new vehicle in the game. Any guy who travels around with a fair would need somewhere to store his tent, rattlesnakes, and lasers, right? I think I’d have like the fumigation tent more but oh well. What do you think of the new character? Did you buy him? Remember this episode? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments and here’s to hoping none of us need healers any time soon.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

11 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Brother Faith

  1. Celebrating all religions at once would be quite complex… For multiple reasons… Mostly about what you can and can’t eat (Apples and pears are safe in all religions I think).

  2. In Chinese Mythology, the Monkey King rides the cloud too.

  3. I would really, really, really love to see a Springfield University event. The buildings, the characters, the pranks…, it could be glorious.

  4. I’m assuming the bucket was metal, in which case medical x-rays wouldn’t have penetrated it.

  5. I just noticed that Satyr Willie has a task that says “Toss Cabers,” however, the requirement for the task only reads “*(null).” Does that mean that this task will never see the light of day?

  6. Heat makes metal expand…….now who’s talking mumbo jumbo?

  7. His strut is hilarious.

  8. I remember this episode, very funny.

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