Where Did THAT Come From – Cut-Glass Cathedral

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?


Woo hoo! A new mini-event is upon us and boy howdy is it fun so far. It’s all about Homer celebrating all religions in an attempt to rest every day. Pretty cool in my humble opinion. This batch of new stuff brings lots of items and that’s where I come in. I know everyone doesn’t have the same knowledge of the Best. Show. Ever. so it’s time to dive into the TV series and find this new item. This post takes a look at Hamburger Heaven, the 6th goody that can be earned by tapa-tapa-tapping and earning karmic pennies. Of all the items that arrived with this event (excluding Rabbi K), this is my favorite bar none. It might be how close I love to the Crystal Cathedral (the real church this is parodying) but probably more for the sight gag that is involved with it. A lot of the items from this event are one-shots from single episodes. I’m not complaining since it makes my origin duties that much easier but this item is another one.

“Natural Born Kissers” (S9:E25)

Marge and Homer reignite the flames of their passion after getting stuck in a barn in the rain and as a result, star rocking the casbah provided it’s in public with the chance of getting caught. Only problem is they get caught “visiting” the windmill at Sir Putt-a-lott’s where Bart was conceived and end up being chased around Springfield as “naked as the day God made them.”


During their getaway, Homer ends up hanging from a hot air balloon and encounters none other than the Cut-Glass Cathedral.


Because I love this gag so much, I had to show it by itself. Even better is the Billy Graham character switching from having his congregation “look out upon His wondrous creation” to “quickly gaze down at God’s fabulous parquet floor.” A few of us have wanted this ever since EA gave us a hot air balloon.


Squeak, squeak. Squeak, squeak. Kills me every time. And that’s it… the new cathedral that came as a prize of the Homer the Heretic mini-event. It’s actually called the Crystal Cathedral in the episode but I’m guessing EA didn’t want to pay money to the church formerly headed by Billy Graham that now is just as beautiful but called something else. What do you think of it? Ever been to the real thing?


It’s truly a beautiful church and now we have a version for our games. Here’s hoping for some hot air balloon task goodness. Sound off in the comments and I hope this event is treating you great.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Hi Wookiee,
    As others have pointed out, the Crystal Cathedral was built by the late Robert Schuller (a minister ordained by the Reformed Church in America) not Billy Graham. It’s a slight difference, but worth noting. The episode “Natural Born Kissers” clearly shows Rev. Schuller in his trademark RCA robes, something no Southern Baptist would probably wish to be caught dead in. 🙂

    Unlike Billy Graham, Rev. Schuller was famous for a watered down, feel good, power-of-positive-thinking “Christianity” as well as and spending millions to build and maintain a ridiculously expensive pile of religious bling. If Schuller had read his Bible closer, perhaps he might have noticed the first chapter of the book of James where it says, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

  2. Oh, silly Simpsons – you never get fully naked for an outdoor quickie! 😂

    I like all the houses of worship we’ve received recently! I initially thought about putting them all in the same area, but I wouldn’t want to cause any potential strife with my Springfielders (Springfieldians?)! 😜

  3. One of my new favourite buildings at the moment❤! Working on a cathedral area and will make sure it has a Hot Air Balloon next to it (shame the H.A.B doesn’t come with an animated task for Homer).
    Thanks for the recap Wookie

  4. I used to love going to the Glory of Easter and the Glory of Christmas there every year. I was sad when they stopped preforming. It’s so cool to have something in my town that I live down the street from.

    • I saw Glory of Christmas there and also discovered I’m allergic to camels. Good times.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Bless you Wookiee😂

        I absolutely love this building! Beautiful as the Synagogue 😊😊 It’s nice to have one with more options other than the usual square, bulky box, the thin profile is great. 👍👍 EA

  5. Crystal cathedral Ian real it’s a church in like garden grove I think. I went there as a child and it’s a money grubbing church. Robert shuller died. Best Simpsons episode ever

  6. I was amused by the external set of organ pipes when I got it in the game, now I’m puzzled to learn that something like that actually exists. Do they hold open-air organ recitals often?

  7. And that’s why mine is right next to my hot air balloon 😁


    (And you can’t see it because it’s about a block away, but I also put it as close to my mini golf course as I could manage.)

  8. We get a lot of out of town guests and most of them want to drive up the 5 to go to Disneyland. Many times as we approached Garden Grove Ca I would bring up Robert Schuller and the Crystal Cathedral. More times then not our friends or family would know what I was talking about and we would go there before seeing Mickey. It was/is amazing, even the bathrooms! I hear that the building, especially the interior, is currently being renovated to accommodate the Roman Catholic liturgy and is due to re-open in 2017. I’m not the most religious person but the times I saw Robert Schuller on TV I liked him and felt he was genuine, kind of like Mr. Rogers. So Wookiee, where do you live? Ever been to Cafe Tu Tu Tango?

    • I have if you mean the spot at the Block (yes I know it has a new name but still call it that). Just walked right by it the other night when me and my lovely went to see La La Land at the AMC.

  9. Amazing interior of the real cathedral

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