Winter Removal Update and New Content (Incoming)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Winter Removal update is currently pending in the files.  We’re just waiting on it to hit both iOS and Android stores (oh Kindle too!).  As of typing this…4:30pm ET…it is NOT LIVE.  But it’s sitting on the servers so it’s only a matter of time before it hits your app store. Currently live on Android and iOS, you will likely have to search your store for Tapped Out.  Update did not appear in my update list.


So why am I writing about something that’s pending?  Because it’s 4:30 here and nearly time for me to go pick up the Tiny Addict and head home.  It’s very likely that the update will hit the stores before I get home and get her settled for the night.  So consider this post your “heads up” that the snow should be removed today and Springfield will return to normal.

Is there anything with the removal update?  Yes.  It appears that there is a phase 2 for The Great Phatsby tie-in that should be hitting with the removal.

Confirmed: Phatsby Gil Deal AND changes to SH, new characters can earn SH currency (and increased storage).  I’ll cover it all when I get home.

I’ll cover the details for everything later tonight after the Tiny Addict is in bed.

For now consider this post your place to talk about the removal and the new content…once it hits.

I’ll be back later tonight with more details!  Thanks guys!



101 responses to “Winter Removal Update and New Content (Incoming)

  1. Thank You Ebron & Dr Tyler for your design suggestions. I’ll get around to tinkering with my fairy glade & enchanted circle concept – would have been so much easier if the mushies had been redcap toadstools! Flowers may provide some contrast. I didn’t buy the Spirit Tree as it seemed overly large & not a Rowan – which all pagan Spirit Trees should be!


  2. I don’t quite get removing winter already…
    It’s the middle of January

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  3. Princess Martin task is still here in my game :/


  4. Thanks for the update Alissa
    Yeah, time to buy more land in Springfield Heights 😜


  5. I’m not going to touch the first two tease possibilities but there is plenty, if fact the first can certainly cause the world wide romp (viva la France) and also work with the military education maybe (YVAN EHT NOIJ) but this Vanentines I still would like a “little” dancing and some Tappa-tappa-tappa.

    But way people think Sarah Wiggum is a/the Gluttonous Gal (that feels like wishful thinking,I’m not getting my hopes up)? My first thought was Dia-Bettie Splucker.

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  6. I updated 11am Aust ESDS time this morning – a few mins before that time there was no update; & then there it was on my old ipad!

    I’m happy to see the snow disappear in one way – It’s Summer here in Australia – But the enchanted fairy circle I made with a big mushroom set in the middle & little ones circling it looks horrid on the very green grass! The mushrooms are such a pukey green & yellow without the snow! My fairy glade just looks so wrong & clashes with the grass in a way that makes it look much less than enchanting! It looked so lovely with the Winter snow!

    It appears the mushrooms can only go on dirt other than the grass, but the dirt won’t go in a circle, which spoils the effect I was wanting. Any design ideas anyone?
    As a shout out to EA – Could we buy snow tiles that stay white all year please! (Like the ice blocks I’ve used for fences around some features – I’ve had them for ages & they look great in certain placements) Pretty please EA?

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