Housekeeping Note: Norbert’s Tasks Quick Change

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’m working on a post all about Norbert, but it likely won’t be up until later tonight.  (later than usual) My apologies… it ended up being a crazy day at work.  In the meantime I can confirm…

YES, the Airplane ticket spawn rate has changed.  It’s now 20 minutes, instead of 2 minutes.  Those seeing various times, it’s because the timer is running in your town already (so you’ll see 8m, 6m, 12m etc).  (shout out to LPN for showing me what I was completely missing…)

And YES, the “multi traveler” glitch is still working.  As of now.  Although with this long of a wait time it’s not really worth running…

I’ll be back later tonight with a rundown on Norbet.



107 responses to “Housekeeping Note: Norbert’s Tasks Quick Change

  1. It seems that the glitch has been “fixed”. Sadly. Especially over the weekend I was able to login hourly. Good while it lasted.


  2. What is the multi traveller glitch?


    • If you have five people to send… send all but one of them. Whichever character is left (ex. Death in my game), send them on a task (I chose the 60 min one). When you go back to the airport, you’ll have five new people to send to various countries. You just keep repeating this to send a ton of folks.


      • But I thought you can only send a max of three people at a time since the tickets are full at 3. How can you send five (or four)? (Since I don’t like having to monitor the game constantly for the 20-minute ticket earning, I send three, then send a bunch of people, including one of the eligible travelers I didn’t send, on a 60-minute task. Then I come back in an hour when I have three new tickets and repeat.)


  3. Timescale of events is basically stacked against Aussie (& other Southern Hemisphere) players; Then 20 mins between resets in the middle of the night? That was 50 mins to send 3 flyers in each of my 2 games! No thanks EA! Didn’t help my insomnia 1 iota!
    I’ve spent a lot of money on my 2 towns & with EA Games overall & was enjoying this update until the 20 min wait that resets if you leave your game! My old ipad’s battery can’t take much more of this! Is EA going to compensate for battery burn out? I think not!

    Sorry EA – You turned an enjoyable event into a hard grind & ruined all the fun!


  4. My reset is 6 minutes. Not sure why there is so many issues with this.


  5. I have this issue too – airport not generating tickets, resetting when app closed and when countdown timer reaches zero, nothing happens. Irritating and I have emailed EA


  6. I got a problem with the tickets every time I exit the game completely the timer resets and I have to wait the full twenty minutes for it get 1 ticket which completely wasts my phones batery what should I do?


  7. I wasn’t even trying to send more than five in flights, and it’s been randomly tossing in more. I’d have four filled, waited for another ticket to send the full five, go back when I got the ticket, and boom: I have more flights, even though I didn’t employ the glitch.

    The annoying part is that seems to bump the reset from about 5 minutes up to 15-20.

    EA should have left this alone until they fixed the glitch, not change the timer and cause more problems.

    I’m still liking this event more than others we’ve recently endured…but it’s also reminding me that EA would rather drop lousy code on us at a moment’s notice than fully test it, just to stop some of us from getting ahead due to said glitch.


  8. Same problem as many. My tickets won’t reset anymore. Wait 20 minutes and nothing happens. Really hard to play the game and enjoy it if the game won’t let me.


  9. Having the same/similar issue. Ticket counter resets to 20min every time I open the app. I’ve generated no tickets in the past 12 hours and no one can fly unless I pay donuts…thanks EA. Can’t complete Norbert’s tasks and can’t keep upgrading my airport without people flying. This needs to be fixed asap…don’t care about time intervals, just need people flying to complete the tasks!!! #frustrated


  10. The timer going up to twenty minutes annoys me to no end. So pointless.


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