Around the World 101: Norbert’s Tasks Act 1

If you’re having a problem with the tickets collecting when you’re out of the game, or in general.  Contact EA.

And for those on Kindle here’s a fix from Ydouneedtoknow for the timer restarting:
On kindle hard close kindle. Start again. Open tsto. Keep game open until first 20 min cycle completes. Stay in your Springfield. Keep it active . Do not visit krusty land. Do not visit neighbors. This fixed it permanently for me. Only have a Kindle to check it on though.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Around the World event hit our pocket-sized Springfields the other day and it’s already causing a world of confusion! What’s the deal with the flights? How long do I have to wait? How do I add more runway pieces? I want a bigger airport!

Well don’t sweat it, we’re here (as always) to break it all down for you step by step, piece by piece until the Osaka Flu slowly takes over Addicts HQ! So let’s get to work breaking it all down….


So after you’ve completed Around the World Part 3 Milhouse’s Uncle Norbert will come flying across your Screen in Springfield…

And he’ll bring you his Adventure tasks on his quest to find the Golden Train..


Basically complete Norbert’s Adventure tasks throughout the entire event to unlock the Golden Train.

Along the way you’ll earn a bunch of bonus event currency (up to 1500 bonus event currency/day) and send a few Springfielders on flights around the world!

A few basics…

What Time Do My Tasks Reset Each Day?

Norbert’s tasks reset at 0800 GMT each day (3am Eastern time US).

How Do I Complete the Task? Where Do I Find the Task?

In the adventure section of your event hub, icon looks like this ico_mhub_aroundtheworld_visitorstasks you’ll find your daily clues.  Each day a clue will appear in Yellow.  You’ll get three clues/day…one at a time.


This clue is Find a Huge Horse from West Asia.

To complete the clue go to your Airport (or hit Do it) and select the character that’s making a trip to a location that best resembles this clue:


This picture was taken when the event first launched, you’re given a batch of free tickets initially (which is why the count is high), to run the first set of flights. 

In this case the answer (A huge horse from West Asia) is sending Booberlla to Troy, Turkey.  Sending her on that flight (4hr task) will complete that part of the daily task for Norbert.

Should I Send The Other Characters On Tasks as Well?

Yes. As Patric broke down in the Math post you absolutely should send as many characters as you can on flights to earn as much event currency as you can every 4hrs.

What’s the Deal with the Plane Tickets? How Do I Get More? What’s the Max? How Often Do they Appear?

So to send a character on a flight you’ll need 1 plane ticket per character to travel to that location.  ico_cur_aroundtheworld_planeticket_lg

To earn plane tickets you really don’t have to do anything. Your game will automatically accumulate them for you.

You’ll earn 1 plane ticket every 20 minutes (this was changed from 2 minutes today (2/2/17)), with a max of 3 allowed at once.

Once you send a character on a trip, and use one of those 3, your game will automatically start working towards accumulating another ticket.

What’s the Deal with Norbert’s Task in my Task Bar?  The Mysterious Globe.

This is a task where at the end you’ll earn a globe


Complete 7 full daily tasks (3/day..) to earn the Globe.  And there are more prizes to come!

What Happens When I Complete All Three Tasks? What’s the Lost Luggage?

After you’ve completed all three of Norbert’s Adventure Tasks, you’ll unlock a chance to open the Lost Luggage Mystery Box.  Here is where you can earn more Airport parts, runway tiles and even free land!


More more on the Lost Luggage Mystery Box check out this video I did on it…

And that my friends concludes the info about Norbert’s Adventure tasks!

What are your thoughts on the tasks?  Like the Lost Luggage Mystery Box? What have you won from it so far? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

203 responses to “Around the World 101: Norbert’s Tasks Act 1

  1. Hey anyone, i can still generate plane tickets to a max of 3 but i cant work out what i can use them for. I can still send people on trips and im pretty confused at this stage. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    • It’s just another task option for characters, especially if you have a character that doesn’t have a standalone 4-hour task already.

  2. I didn’t get Norbert and I played all the way through. What the hell?! I swear I’m missing so much from my game.

  3. I just blew up my springfield to do it over again and I can’t seem to find the airport strip… where would I find it in the inventory?

  4. I am wondering if there is a way to get extra runway tiles as my wife and I have seen Springfields with really long runways or two long runways with a few turns. I know there isn’t anything in the store and I have gotten all the straight pieces as well as the turns from lost luggage but in no way have as many pieces as we’ve seen in some Springfields.

    I’m leaning towards those towns being hacked towns.

    Would be nice if after the event, it is either a tile that can be purchased and then used (cobblestones) or just a regular piece (streets and concrete).

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    Is it possible to get the train yet?

  6. I am not getting the soccer balls from when my neighbors visit my Springfield. I get them from the roamers and flight tasks but not from the buildings. I tried the old standby of going to Krustyland to try and reset it but it didn’t work this time. Anyone else having this problem, I did report it to EAgames.

  7. Since midnight last night (Pacific time zone) I have not gotten the flight to go to Qufu, China from the airport to complete the first daily task. Is anyone else having the same problem? I’ve tried force quitting the game and also deleted and reinstalled but same problem.

  8. I keep completing missions on the airport and it tell me that I have a free luggage but never received it what can I do

  9. JoannaRosemary13

    I wasn’t able to play regularly in Act 1 as I was on holiday and without regular WiFi access. I am due to unlock Norbert’s plane today as I have been able to play regularly again. Is there any way I am still able to unlock the fact globe and also the golden train? Thanks for your help Addicts, you’re the best!

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