Addicts Housekeeping Notes: Osaka Post Updates, Airplane Timer & Cleatus

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick post about a couple of changes we made/issues we’re seeing from you guys in the comments….

First on the Osaka Flu


I’ve updated the post to correct my mistake about the payouts when you level up..Now that I’ve had this (leveling up) happen to me, and leveled up, I can tell you that when you level up you’ll add an additional Osaka Virus to your town.  So you can end up with a total of 5 Osaka Viruses roaming your town…

Now on the Plane Ticket Timer..


Many of you are noting that your Timer isn’t working.  You leave the game and it doesn’t continue to count down from the 20m mark.  Instead it restarts at 20m when you go back into your game.

Of course you should contact EA with any bugs you’re experiencing in your game, you can contact them here.

But an Addicts Reader has posted a solution that’s worked for them (I also put this at the top of the Norbert post):

On kindle hard close kindle. Start again. Open tsto. Keep game open until first 20 min cycle completes. Stay in your Springfield. Keep it active . Do not visit krusty land. Do not visit neighbors. This fixed it permanently for me. Only have a Kindle to check it on though.

Although they state this works for Kindles, try it on other devices as well if you’re having a problem.  See if that helps.  If not, contact EA.

And finally on missing Cleatus…


A few of you are reporting you’ve stored him initially and he’s disappeared. I would remind you to check your entire inventory for him (not just the character section), as there are times when new characters (and items) aren’t categorized yet.

If you’ve checked your entire inventory and you still can’t find him than contact EA, you can contact them here.

And that’s it my friends.  A few notes about issues we’re seeing!

I’ll be back in a bit with some more pressing Should I Buy posts…including the returning items that are leaving our games shortly…


129 responses to “Addicts Housekeeping Notes: Osaka Post Updates, Airplane Timer & Cleatus

  1. Its not so much a timer issue as it is a location one. Today it says peaceful music in North America. Woodstock, right? But that one wont pop up to select, and i can only pick two locations instead of the normal five. What the heck am i to do? I have selected them, but times ticking down and i still need the last prize. Please help.

  2. Corissa Holowenko

    Sorry it says ‘Plane ticket issues’. I cannot even get past ‘connect with server’ screen. Ive even changed carrier…tablets…reset the modem…uninstalled then reinstall. Nada. I would really like to finish this segment. Ive got 1 character to go…the Samba school instructer. . Any ideas I haven’t tried.

  3. I’m having issues with the timer again, now if the game shuts off in any way the timer starts back at 20 mins. Any one else seeing this issue, and is there another fix?

  4. Has anyone else seen their Osaka Flu world infection percentage go over 100%? Mine’s been over 100% for a few days. It’s currently at 103.41% with an Infection Severity of 237.

  5. My issue is I my game logs me out and updates every single day. So I’m constantly having to type in my age, login and wait 10 minutes for it to update

    • That happens to me when my iPhone storage gets full. If you are within 1GB of the capacity of your device try making space to see if this fixes it.

  6. I’m up to 4 Osaka Viruses roaming my town 😷

    Cleatus has some funny Tasks (put Cleatus to work, earn that $ and XP) 🤑

    I still think 20 minutes for Plane Tickets to be released is wrong (c’mon EA! make it 5 minutes already!) 👎

  7. I searched back a few pages in responses but didn’t see either of my issues mentioned. So it says to visit your friends to spread the Osaka flu but I see no way of spreading it. Do I just not have it or is there really no task to do to spread the flu except simply visiting and collecting for the airport task? I was expecting to have to click on neighbor’s tourists or something to infect them with the flu. Also, all my neighbors’ progress tracks are set to zero across the board. I know at least some of my neighbors are playing as they’re visiting my town. Why are their stats all at zero? This helps me to figure out who’s playing and who’s towns I choose to visit first because I know those will reciprocate. Any ideas? Anyone else having these issues? Thanks!

    • Oh and I’ve been playing constantly because of the airport ticket collecting so I’m constantly logged into my game and playing. I bring this up because leveling up Osaka flu is taking forever. Which is another reason why I’m wondering what I’m missing in relation to the Osaka flu.

    • With the stats thing I can’t help, but with the flu.. It really is enough that you visit your friends and do the daily actions, and collect the pins when they visit you. At least for me, if not for you, you should contact EA. This might help you understand how the osaka flu works:

      • Oh yeah, since the prize for this thing seems to be only those flu clouds floating back and forth in your town, I think that you shouldn’t be too worried. Of course it’s cool, but you’re not missing out on any huge prizes. Hope this helped you..

  8. Good morning Alissa ♡

    Any advice on what to do if the destination isn’t showing up on the list of flights?

    I’m on box seven and haven’t had the correct China area show up all morning despite refreshing the flyers by placing one on task. 🙁

    Thanks in advance x

    • Hey Brooders…I would say one of 2 things. Either it’s a visual glitch and the task will be credited when it’s completed (even if you don’t see it) or try the usual EA advice (uninstall/reinstall).

      • It finally reset after the first four hours. So I am one luggage bag behind now.

        I’m not too worried since it did eventually reset but just a heads up for others.

        Oh and how stoopit am I? I contacted EA this morning for my missing SKY CREDITS BUILDING! !!

        Lol…its not a building. ..silly me 😀

        • That’s a strange one for sure…

          EA Customer Service is all over the place these days, so I wouldn’t be to hard on yourself for the wrong info lol

        • Hi Brooders. What I’ve noticed is that until I actually send someone on a flight, if I send a flier off on another task I just get a new flier to the same destination. I actually have to send someone on a flight (even if it’s not the “correct” destination) to get a new destination.


  9. When sending characters to earn plane tickets, they’re all earning flat rate. My premium guys aren’t earning at a premium amount even though the premium character that the game wants me to get is being sold as earning the higher level. Anyone any ideas how I can fix this? I have quite a few premium characters and would like them to earn more.

    • I think that’s just the way they coded it this time.

      What I do is I use the premium character in the group as the task character to reset the flyer list.

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