Should I Spend Donuts On the Italian Villa (& Francesca), Big Digi Ben, The Flag Bundle, Tropical Island or Hot Springs?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Pack your bags and prepare for an invasive screening at the airport because it’s travel time in Springfield! And while our towns are embracing their ever expanding airports, our donut bank is shrinking because there are LOADS of items from travels past to spend those sprinkles on!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should the Italian Villa (& Francesca), Big Digi-Ben, the Flag Bundle, Tropical Island or Hot Springs to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your Springfield…

italianvilla_menu francesca_train_a_goat_front_walk Big_Digi-Ben ico_stor_single_atw_flagbundle Tropical Island hotsprings_menu

italianvilla_menu francesca_train_a_goat_front_walk

Leaves February 7th…

Building and Character: Italian Villa & Francesca Terwilliger
Cost: 150 donuts
Previous Post: Should I Buy the Italian Villa
My Opinion On It Now: I own this combo & have since it first came out.  I’m a fan of it.  I like the design of the Villa and Francesca has some fun tasks.  It is a bit pricey for a one-off character/building combo…BUT i’m a fan.  Opinion today remains the same as it did on the original Should I Buy post.


Leaves Stores February 7th…

Decoration: Big Digi Ben
Donut Cost: 115 Donuts.
Should I Buy Posts: Big Digi Ben
My Opinion On them Now:  I wasn’t a huge fan of this when it first came out & i’m still not a big fan of this today.  It is cool that it tells time in your game, BUT it’s way over priced.  I said pass then & I still say pass today.


Leaves Stores when the event ends…

Bundle: World Flag Bundle
Donut Cost: 50 Donuts
Should I Buy Posts: Flag Bundle
Bonus %: Earns a 7.5% bonus when they’re all out in your down at once.
My Opinion On them Now:  If you’re someone that likes to increase your bonus % this is a great buy.  Huge bonus for a great price.  As long as you have someowhere to put each flag..Buy.

Tropical Island

Leaves Stores February 9th

Decoration: Tropical Island
Donut Cost: 50 Donuts
Previous Post: Tropical Island
My Opinion On It Now:  Meh.  It’s an island for your water (that was free back in 2014).  Not a huge fan of this one, I’d pass.


Leaves Stores February 9th

Decoration: Hot Springs
Donut Cost: 45 Donuts
Should I Buy Post: Hot Springs
My Opinion On It Now:  Meh.  This was a pass originally, not it’s a take it or leave it.  Bonus % is ok, but it’s just a body of water.  How many do you really need for Springfield?

And there you have it my friends, the breakdown on the returning premium items to hit our stores.What are your thoughts on the returning items?  Do you own any of them already?  Will you be purchasing them this year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

50 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Italian Villa (& Francesca), Big Digi Ben, The Flag Bundle, Tropical Island or Hot Springs?

  1. This got posted accidentally on the old SIB post, reposting here for better odds that someone sees it;

    I bought the flag bundle a couple of days ago and dumped them from inventory all in front of a building so I could leisurely decide where they should go. Selected the British flag today and dragged it to the Britannia casino. Weirdly, while dragging I couldn’t see it, but clicked to set it and it was still invisible. Tried with another flag, saw that as soon as it was selected the flag portion (not the pole) turned invisible and decided not to sacrifice any more flags. The British flag is still counted as in my town, according to the bonus counter. But what happened to it and how do I get it back and how do I move the rest?!? Has this happened to anybody else?

  2. I don’t see it for purchase in my store 🙁

  3. I’m saving my Donuts (for now) 😋

    I have earned everything from prior Events, except Digi Big Ben (looks cool, but I’d only pay 40 Donuts for it) 😗

  4. I have a question. I’m already at the current Max Level i.e. Level 939. My Town bonus is already 300% plus

    The World Flag Bundle is a great ROI (Return On Investment), but I want to know if there is any point in me further increasing my Town %??

    I mean, I’m already maxed out level-wise & I already have a HUGE amount of cash …… Is there any extra advantage I can get, by further increasing my town bonus %??

    Please advise. Thanks

  5. I bought Digi Big Ben and am delighted with the purchase. There were other items on my shopping list ahead of him on previous occasions and while the competition was fierce this time (au revoir Le Krusty Burger), the ability to tell the time is amazing. If I’m not at my desk, my phone is my only timepiece so this is a big help – and methinks it might be infinitely more useful than the teleporters in terms of enhancing the in-game experience through technology (suffice it to say said teleporters have not been worth the sprinkles for me).

  6. Has anyone but a list of buildings – flag combinations?
    For example: Scotland – Willie Shark, Switerzland – Any building involved with chocolate or banking, Brazil – Any place selling Beef, Ireland – the pub, etc.

  7. If we already own the flags but purchase another set, do we also get the bonus XP %?

    • I bought a second set and I got the same bonus percentage as the first one.

      • Thanks! I went ahead and purchased a second set of flags (after having the previous some time back). I did receive the bonus XP % too.

        I notice that I can possibly buy another set of flags. I might even spend the donuts to get another set. I place my flags on the boardwalk (and both types of my Squidport tiles are maxed out — so I have lots of space). They look great! Another 50 donuts for 7.75% XP? It is very enticing!

  8. Big Digi Ben is cool imo anyway , I actually seen it in a neighbours town, And thought how cool it looked!! The time is a cool also!

  9. All this stuff I already own from previous events, and I mostly agree. Love the Italian Villa and put it in the middle of a lake. Reminds me a little of the north italian lakes. The clock tower and hot springs are a bit underwhelming, while the flags make a great decoration for Springfield International Airport. Love the tropical island, though, maybe because it was one of the first things you could put in the ocean (not counting squidport tiles and boats). Maybe because I worked hard for it during an event. With all the “clutter” in my ocean now, I am not sure I would buy it today, maybe it is one of those “you had to be there” things.

  10. Hi, is there / will there be a “should I buy Americatown & Sailor Kumiko”? Thank you

  11. I’ve seen DigiBen in a neighbor’s town (hi carie) and I really like it. Will have to see if the donuts regenerate quickly enough to pull the trigger…

  12. I would buy it for 100 donuts, i’m going to pass this time.

  13. Does anyone know whether the aqueduct comes with a % bonus?

  14. Springfield without a spring? Very weird in my opinion.

  15. What about Pont du Gard? Any bonus %?

  16. Will there be a SIB for the Pont du Gard?

  17. Sour. I got Kumiko which I DID NOT want but somehow got charged donuts for. The building isn’t there, just Sailor Moon version of a character I didn’t want and EA tells me they can’t help me. Extremely angry right now.

  18. Hi I am a freemium, is there any freemium player that want to buy or bought the digi Ben and which are your opinions after bought it?

  19. Yaaaaaay! Big Ben the digiben. ..returns to dong ding the time 🙂

    Instantly purchased ☆

    Flags! Flaaaaaaags. .. yup get them ♡

    • DigiBen was an instabuy for me too!
      I didn’t buy it the first time it came out and felt a pang of regret every time I saw it in a neighbours town …. so pleased it came back ☺

  20. Is there going to be a should I buy for Le Krusty Burger?

  21. I picked up Francesca and another set of flags. I think she is my last Terwilliger (Got Gino on Black Friday).
    Now I need to get them all to the opera at the same time.

  22. Too late for me. I bought all of it. No regrets however

  23. I’ve had Francesca since her first release too. The Terwilligers were the only set where I just had to have them all. I only wish her stomping grapes task was visual. They can make a goat appear out of nowhere, but not a tub of grapes? Oh well, now there’s Bart for that haha. And don’t get me started on Abe’s chess partner! But yeah, her building makes a nice vineyard up in Springfield Heights.

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