Addicts Housekeeping: Norbert’s Tasks How do I get the Globe?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in really quick this evening with some info about Norbert’s task and the Globe.

A bunch of you are commenting that the game is telling you to get the Globe but you don’t know how.  You’re seeing this task:


And you can’t figure it out how to get and place the globe…so naturally you’re worried something might be wrong with your game…

Fortunately, the answer is right inside the game once you’ve finished the 7th day of Norbert’s tasks…

Here’s some dialogue that pops up when you’ve completed the last task before getting to the “globe task:


While it may be confusing, because it says “finish today’s tasks”…it just means you have 1 more day of doing all three of Norbert’s tasks and then you’ll unlock the Globe. (i.e. you’ll unlock it tomorrow (“day 8”))




64 responses to “Addicts Housekeeping: Norbert’s Tasks How do I get the Globe?

  1. Is it too late to get the globe? On the 8th day, my game gave me the Black Leather Plane instead lol


  2. I had done the last task and just had Mr burns tell me I had to do an extra day. next thing I knew the task was gone. beyond angry. big mess up EA


  3. Jewelsparkles2013

    EA really made this vague. I just got a tiny pop up box saying to finish all of Norbert’s Adventure Tasks before the end of the Act to get the prize. Meanwhile, there is no countdown timer at the bottom. I am beyond annoyed because I was one task away from getting the globe. 😦


  4. Jewelsparkles2013

    I am super annoyed. I was at the very last task yesterday to get the globe and when I checked today, the globe is now gone. Totally ridiculous. I am so mad.


  5. My Norbert adventure task was reset from 5 out of 7 to 1 out of 7 after logging into my ea account please help!


  6. I had a glitch today with my Norbert tasks.
    The first two tasks I had no problem but when the third one came up it was the “battle terra-cotta warriors” one which should be China. Problem is I already had Rosco flying to China.
    When he completed his flight it didn’t register as completing the task. Now I have no open flights waiting travelers. So I’m stuck.


  7. I enjoyed earning the Globe over the weekend 😀

    This has not been a difficult Event – now I’m earning Bonuts 👍

    My ONLY complaint is the 20 minute wait for a Plane Ticket (make it 5 – 10 minutes, EA) 👎

    I’m not even going to bother with Valentine’s 2017 (yawn, lazy EA, just lazy) 😫

    Overall? This is a fun start to 2017 (Airport, Buildings / Decor themed to a Country) and I may end up moving existing Buildings to their respective (ie Bistro – France, Asian Restaurant – Japan, etc) Ethnic Zones 😀


  8. Here is a picture of the globe, the only place I liked it was next to Up, Up and Buffet…it’s kinda big and the brown color makes it hard to fit in my town…I’m sure someone will come up with a more creative place for it….


  9. Wow, I didn’t think of this at first but when I placed it, it suddenly reminded me of the globe statue that used to sit in the Plaza between the towers. It was one of the only items that wasn’t completely destroyed in the attacks. It’s all mangled and twisted now and has burn marks all over it. They moved it to Battery Park (just a few blocks south of the original trade centers). There’s a flaming fountain to memorialize the firefighters, police and citizens who perished in the attacks.
    So not sure if it should hide it or put it in my park with a campfire in front of it. Suppose that way I could have Chalmers sit and weep in rememberance.
    Sorry to be a downer, good morning y’all


    • Lol another name change? Keeping me on my toes


      • Actually a retired moniker. MAB remembers every Sunday.
        Winston (Smith) is after the protagonist of Orwell’s 1984 that sees behind Big Brother’s lie. Moloch is an ancient god who demanded child sacrifices for greed. In Alan Ginsberg’s poem “Howl” it is used for a metaphor for the skyscrapers and the lights glowing in the windows at night like the evil eye of unrelented capitalism staring down at those beneath them as objects of contemp.
        Depends on my mood, for months I was in a dark place so Moloch. Now I’m seeing light so back to Winston.
        If I have multiple personalities I can have multiple aliases. Like Viki from One Life to Live.

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        • Well I’m glad the light is coming back for you. I do miss our enlightened email conversations. And, can I still call you Ryan? 😉


          • Email anytime just be warned I’m hyper-political right now. I didn’t watch the superbowl but I was like a superbowl fan at the Sanders/Cruz debate last night.
            Call me Ryan, call me noodles, call me s*#t for brains. I don’t care just call me.
            .Great, now Blondie’s stuck in my head.

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          • Isn’t everyone in the US hyper-political right now? Can’t turn on the TV (or Facebook) without someone making a political spectacle out of something…

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          • It’s not just us. The New World Order created by Reagan/Thatcher/Gorbechov is collapsing. Anyone who had anything to do with it is in turmoil. France is rioting, Germany has a strong alt-right movement of their own against immigration. Greece had people rioting in the streets over Obama’s visit. The structure of what was our history for the last 37 years is being torn apart. Brexit. Some people are treating the world as their own Springfield and they think they are the almighty Skyfinger


          • Please, PLEASE, no politics in tstoaddicts!!!!!!!!


        • I hope that’s not taken as political, it’s unilateral,universal I tells ya


  10. I feel bad for those now having problems with the tickets and flights. For me it is FINALLY working correctly (as far as I can tell). For the first time I am able to send more than 3 flights at a time and I can send flyers after the third suitcase. This has been glitchy for sure.


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