Valentine’s Day Round 2 (Gil’s Back & More!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The planes are flying in the air over Springfield but so is love, as Valentine’s Day makes its way into our pocket-sized towns!

Overnight you may have noticed some new (and old) Valentine’s Day items make their way into our TSTO stores, so let’s take a look at today’s “goodies”…


So jumping off of last week’s Date Night Mystery Box, EA has released some new items into our games, as well as brought back some old items.  First, on the new side…

When you launch your game today you’ll notice some dialogue from Apu and Marge:

Apu: Ah, Valentine’s Day.  My favorite American holiday of the year.
Marge: Ooh, I’ve never met a romatic Kwik-E-Mart manager.
Apu: And you haven’t now.  I just enjoy overcharging husbands trying to buy last-minute boxes of chocolate for their wives. I’m doing so well I’ve completely run out of candy.
Gil: Perhaps I can be of assistance?

And naturally you’ll find Gil waving his arms like he just don’t care…

Gil Kneeling

When you tap on him you’ll see….

Gil: Ol’ Gil has connections in the candy industry. I worked in the sugar factory production line, keeping that candy coming, right alongside a young lady called Betty.
Cletus: Sugar factory? You must mean my cousin, Dia-Betty!
Gil: Is she still a delicate filly, slender as a railing?
Cletus: Well, she’s eaten a few railings.

And this will launch the new Gil Deal…

dia-betty gil deal

For 225 Donuts you can get Dia-Betty, the Sugar Factory & 650 Sky Credits…

If you refuse the deal, you’ll see:

Cletus: Guess we’ll be missing Dia-Betty this Valentine’s Day.  And she’s not easy to miss!
Gil: Another disappointment!  But I found a candy heart in a storm drain, so at least I’ll be eating dinner.

And if you accept the deal, you’ll see:

Cletus: Dia-Betty, the sugar factory where you used to work is back.
Dia-Betty: Do they still have an opening?
Cletus: Not one you can fit through
Dia-Betty: Well, I’m a gal who always looks for the silver lining.  ‘Cause it reminds me of the foil wrapped around candy bars.

Now before I get into some more details…I just want to quickly remind everyone…IF you refuse the deal, you’ll be able to go back into your store to find it later.  Remember you sometimes have to scroll left and/or right in your stores to find the right icon you’re looking for.  Remember, those store screens do move left/right to reveal more.  They’re not stationary…

You’ll find the deal:

Bring up your store menu and scroll to the left:


And you’ll find the deal right next to the Date Night Mystery Box (if you have it):


Now some quick info about the deal:

tsto_motherloving_sugar_co Dia-Betty and the Motherloving Sugar Factory- 225 Donuts, 15×4 in size.  Dia-Betty comes with a questline and a full set of tasks.  And yes, I will be doing a Should I Buy post for her..

And here are some more items included with today’s Valentine’s additions…

ico_stor_single_atw_hungrychocolatebundleHungry Hun, Uter & the Chocolate Chapel Bundle- Or just Chocolate Chapel if you already have Hungry Hun & Uter 160 Donuts for the bundle, with a 40 donut rebate. Net 120 Donuts for the bundle.  If you’re just offered the Chapel it’s 40 Donuts. (Should I Buy for Hungry Hun & Uter.  Yes, there will be a Should I Buy on the Chapel)

valentinestree_menuValentine’s Tree- $760

cherubtopiary_menuCherub Topiary- $3,500

sheshelounge_menuShe-She Lounge- 60 Donuts Should I Buy

powerplant00_valentines_menuValentine’s Cooling Towers- 25 Donuts Should I Buy

ico_stor_single_bundleofloveBundle of Love- 50 Donuts (pink items from Valentine’s day past)

200px-Tapped_Out_I_Choo-Choo-Choose_You_TrainI Choo Choo Choose You Train- 50 Donuts 2.25% Bonus

sirlovesalotSir Loves A Lot- 20 Donuts

200px-Tapped_Out_Valentine's_PondValentine’s Pond- 30 Donuts 0.75% Bouns

ico_vday_valentinesballoons_mdValentine’s Balloons- 5 Donuts

cozyhammock_menuCozy Hammock- 40 Donuts 2% Bonus

ico_vday_cherubbirdbath_mdCherub Bird Bath- 10 Donuts

I’m not going to do a new should I Buy post for the returning items.  Most are decorations, if you like them buy them.  Otherwise pass.  If it has a bonus % that % is listed in this post.

And that’s it for today’s Round 2 of Valentine’s day!

What are your thoughts on today’s content?  Will you be getting Dia-Betty or passing?  Any returning items you’re excited to see?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


75 responses to “Valentine’s Day Round 2 (Gil’s Back & More!)

  1. Eu comprei a dia-betty, mas ela têm poucas tarefas, comprei as decorações também
    Me adicionem AAvermelho

  2. I don’t usually pass on a deal when a character is sold on a rebate.
    Today is no different, hallo Üter! Only now my donut total sits at 64, having also spent 300 a few days ago getting Brandine, Becky and Laura Powers.
    Who’d have thought it’d be valentine’s that offers possibly the best deals in some time.

  3. I am assuming Di – A – Betty has visual tasks?
    I’m on the quest where she’s watching Ned kids so I hope for that price there will be quest s that unlock and that are hilarious. Maybe one where she sings to the whales while eating sweets. FYI ea says you don’t have to buy a whale.

  4. one random shoe

    has anyone else had the problem that gil’s dia-betty deal won’t load up in the store?

  5. I’m buying anything and everything! OK, maybe not all of the decorations but all the buildings and characters. Happy with everything so far but a little miffed that Le Krusty Burger isn’t paying out premium.
    Also, beware if you’re running everyone on 4hr cycles and trying to rush a few before the flights are ready. Most of these new folk seem to have quest-lines that are full of 4hr tasks. Plan carefully if you don’t want to wait and don’t want to spend donuts.

  6. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Dia Betty is too expensive for my taste, but,
    I don’t seem to be able to find her anymore.

  7. I brought her, usually don’t jump the gun until Should I Buy posts come up, but I really liked the look of her. The Sugar Factory is quite a slim building, and Betty isn’t voiced. At the moment i’m going thru the Quest but she hasn’t got any outdoor tasks – yet.
    If anything I wish they’d made her just ever so much fatter – really accentuate it. But she looks cool woddling around the town… haha.

  8. I just accidentally bought the cooling towers! I opened the menu & somehow must have pressed it. Why isn’t there a button to confirm purchases? They look ok but I was saving up donuts for the event, I’m so frustrated now!

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Quite frustrating.
      “Been there. Done that” myself on previous occasions.
      Rats! Double rats!
      Go into your settings and turn on your CONFIRM DONUT spending.

    • There is, but you can toggle the confirmation on and off. Open the buy menu, then tap the little gear in the top right corner.

      • Thanks so much, just found it 🙂
        Making sure this never happens again!

        • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

          Be forewarned- sometimes it will turn off all by itself.especially when new events/ updates occur.

          • I’ve never had it turn off by itself — but I have found it disturbingly easy to accidentally turn it off, since there is a prominent check box to *encourage* you to turn it back off, in every single donut spend confirmation dialog. One stray tap, and you’re right back where you started; at a minimum, that check box should really be a button to redirect you into the settings screen, to eliminate accidental reactivations.

    • If you go to the store menu there’s a wheel button next to the video icon, click on it and you’ll see a confirm donut box. I had the same thing happen to me

    • There is a setting button to confirm donut purchases try have a look

    • Uhh there is a setting for confirm donut spend, you sure you don’t have it turned off by accident?

    • Want to add to this, I have had on several occasions when EA sends an update, it also changes my confirm donut spend from on to off. Very frustrating to want to look at an item to see the size and find you just bought it, then go to the settings and see that the latest update changed your settings. Heads up to a major frustration.

  9. On a side note, I got around to crafting a French Fountain.

    Nice touch with the little frog jumping in it…

  10. Gil is back with another overpriced whale of a deal with another whale.

    Had there ever been a good Gil deal in the history of TSTO ?

  11. Wow – so none of the items in Bundle of Love has a bonus percentage? That might have tipped me over into getting them, but, with so much else I want to buy, and lots more to come in this event, I’m assuming, I’ll probably end up passing on that.

    So, since I already have Iter, and am not interested in the Gil Deal, looks like I’ll stick with getting more Valentine’s Day boxes and, maybe, the She-She lounge.

    It’ll be amazing if anyone has any donuts left to send by the time we get to Brazil!

    • I had over 1500 donuts saved up before the event started. I am now below 1000 and plan to spend many more. I wanted to keep at least 500 but that may not happen. BUT, I now have Francesca Terwilliger, Laura Powers, Brandine, and Becky.

  12. I didn’t want to dip my donuts below a certain number, but Uter and his two buildings with a rebate? Sold. Plus I need all the German things.

  13. So stoked about the She-She lounge. I’ve been seeing it in a bunch of neighbors Springfields ever since I started playing and always wanted it. Such a nice surprise that it’s available again.

  14. megasharknadosaur

    Bought the hungry Hun and chocolate chapel, but did not get any chapel. Only the Hun and uter char.

    • megasharknadosaur

      Never mind, it was in my storage box :p

    • The chapel is stored in a different section of your inventory. Hungry Hun is in the characters section while you’ll find the chapel in buildings (I think). I had to go back in the inventory to find mine.

    • Megasharknadosaur I thought the same thing, but if you go back and check your inventory the Chocolate Chapel will be there. It doesn’t place at the same time as the Hungry Hun.

  15. So damn sad we didn’t get Mindy. I’ve missed her for four years now.

  16. Will there be a WDTCF on her? I can’t be sure I remember her.

  17. A building and a character for 225 donuts?(the sky credits you can already get for free with 2 flyers)
    Are you kidding?
    I think Gil has finally moved to a different reality…a reeeeaaalllly expensive one that is not that nice of a neighborhood.

    • Sorry, got my pins and credits confused…you would have to wait 1 1/2 hours to make that many credits tapping tourists…actually less time than the flyers….

  18. I’ve been waiting for a while to get Uter on a deal so I jumped on it this morning… Only I’m pretty sure I didn’t get 40 donuts back.. The popup message came up saying here’s 40 but I don’t see them 🙁 I’ve already put a ticket in about it.. And just waiting to hear back, I’m just curious if this happened to anyone else?

    • Quick update… The missing 40 donuts have appeared in my game. I guess I had to wait for a fresh batch to be baked. Still no update from EA tho..

      • Sometimes it’s just a sync problem. If you go to Krustyland or the alternate Springfield, you’ll force a sync and sometimes that corrects weird behavior. Or just do a hard quit and relaunch.

  19. Passed on dia-betty. Still trying debating on Uter bundle. 120 is a great deal. But I just bought 3 boxes (Powers house and Krazy Kraut. also got the buffet which I didn’t want). Choices choices.

  20. My addict friends, help me make a choice that will, and i mean it, my town forever – should i spend donuts on Chatau OR She She Lounge OR Date Night bundle (4 items – Powers house, up up buffet, Howards flowers and aztec)?!

    • Has to be between the Chateau and the 4 pack…The Chateau is a great item with a really fun task for Bart, the 4 pack is a better bargain. I am all about the return on investment, but in this case…I would go with the Chateau…I just love it that much….

    • See, I would probably do the Date Night Bundle…if you get the Powers house it’s such a good ROI. Aztec gives the four hour task for the teen, which is great to have. And Up, Up Buffet is such a great building. I do love the chateau, though, and am also considering the lounge in my freemium game. I try to save my donuts for characters tho 😃 What did you decide??

  21. That price is ridiculous…

  22. Savin mine for Mr. Sparkle.

  23. Saving my donuts for speculated content later on. Sorry, Betty.

  24. So Dia-Betty would be the woman referred to in the teaser… and not Sarah Wiggum? A little disappointed there…

  25. is dia-betty voiced?

    • I do not see audio files for her, so that typically tells me no. (i can’t turn my sound on at the moment, I’m at work)

      • I brought her, she’s not voiced unfortunately. Just going thru the quest now, so far she has no outdoor tasks. I’m hoping that’ll change by the end of her quest journey *crosses fingers*

  26. What, no roses at Cletus’s farm this year?

  27. Every time those really old Valentines’ decorations are back – the Train, the Pond & the Hammock especially – I am glad I am a hoarder. They were free, and without a bonus % way back when, and you could get heaps and heaps of them without really trying. I still have quite a few in storage, because there are only so many choo-choo-trains/hammocks/ponds you can fit into your town. Plus, it reminds me not to pass on free stuff you can get in new events, because next year they just might get turned into premium items.

  28. Oh a tub load of lard o’ fun. No complaints here besides I started the event with over 1,00 doughnuts and dipped to 36 with this. How much more this event?

  29. Dia-Betty! 😀

    Dis is mah ree-ward….. hilk hilk hikl 😉

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