Osaka Flu: Are You Infected?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Since the event started the Osaka Flu has been spreading through our towns faster than germs on a public drinking fountain.

So fast that over 104% of the world is infected.


I guess that means we’ve covered Earth and we’re working on Mars now….

So I figured let’s test this out, and see if any of the Addicts readers have yet to be infected by the Osaka Flu.  Because in theory if the virus has spread to every Tapper on Earth (and some on Mars) than every Addict should have it.  So…

And as a quick reminder from this post to get the details on how Osaka works and spreads.

And remember, to level up you need to clear pins from neighbor visits to your Springfield.  So in order to level up you need neighbors to visit your Springfield.  You can add neighbors via our Add Friends thread here.

What are your thoughts on the 104%  infection spread rate?  Has Osaka invaded your Springfield? What level are you on? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

121 responses to “Osaka Flu: Are You Infected?

  1. I have not been able to play the osaka flu component of this update – a glitch or something I’m addicted and play daily for last several years, so I’m wondering what if any prizes I might have missed now that it’s almost done?

  2. Chloe Langdon

    Add me please guys! Daily player 🙂

  3. 1000? Bit of a leap from 300 in order to reach level 5 of Osama flu. No danger will I reach that….

  4. You can add me: ‘helloopio’. Im level 112 and play daily. 🙂

  5. You can add me. ‘helloopio’ I’m level 112 and play daily. 🙂

  6. I try to visit friends often, but work and life (to afford the phone to play the game and such) takes a good deal of time out of my day.

    I try to visit some folks today, and some others tomorrow, and usually try hard to visit those that visited me back .. (quid pro quo)

    During non-event things like this… I can’t honestly say I visit neighbors, unless they seem lower levels and need help getting the friend-point prizes and then I try to get to em now and then when I have the time.

  7. lol. I came back to revisit this thread when I checked and saw I have 118.5% of the world affected..
    Thought, “How can that be?”

    Yet, I’m still at 916/1000 to level 5. ?!
    Over 100% of the world affected isn’t enough to be at max level?! lol

  8. I only have a lvl 1 osaka flu.

  9. i am at level 5 111.59% i was lucky and got the flu on the 2nd day and visit my friends every day. I got rid of the ones that do not visit me, ever…the rest have all been infected

  10. Looking for new friends still to help complete the Osaka flu please add me @batmancastro89 I’m a daily player and visit all my friends even those who don’t visit me add my friend who is new to tsto @chinoloko1585

  11. Long-time Tapper 🖖

    At Level 5 (thank you Neighboreenos) 👍

    I think this is (almost) on par with the Community Prize – very sorry all Noobs missed out on this – and EA should bring it back (wanna encourage tapping? then reward Tappers properly, please) 😊

    “Shake this disease” (Depeche Mode)

  12. I think it is all about marketing and how EA can figure out how we are all interconnected….so in my opinion all it is is an experiment to “see” the TSTO web network.Marketing and networkablity experiment put through as a way to see the extent of interaction and relationship between players.

  13. I didn’t catch the bug til about the 3rd or 4th day in. On Thurs 16th I maxed out (Level 5 – 106.99%). It seemed to crawl along at a snail’s pace but thanks to some wonderful neighbours I managed to drag myself over the line. I’d like to say a massive thank you to the kindhearted half of my neighbour quotient who have visited me daily/almost daily. I visit all 70 of my neighbours, yet barely half are reciprocating. So I have 35ish who are playing yet just take. So a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO (not their full TSTO handle, but hopefully enough to let you know) Adam, Bribb, Capt_A, Chocolate H, Danku, Dejok, Dreaming, Jake1, Katana75, Jfish, JSJack, Laritz, Leekc, LeKitty, Livilla, Lulio0, Matitta, Meghannk, Nzapp, Pulce, SandraS, Shariff, Soapsud, Suepy, Tommybear, Uri9, Victoriaba, Weey, Wizz, Wulf, Zarci. To the selfish other half: watch out for the post event cull. I’d much rather 30/35 super neighbours than 70, half of whom suck…..💜X

    • You’re luckier than I am. I’v had 5 friends forever and 3 no longer play. I added my name to the friends thread and added about 50 from there and I’m lucky to get 20 total house hits a day. So about 7 people? I play on and off all day and tap at all my neighbours the moment I can.

      I’ve noticed some neighbours can be tapped 3 or more times a day and have all 5 daily challenge items at the end of one day. How does that work? Do they cheat by winding forward their devices clock to the wrong date? So confusing.

      I’m not sure I’ll ever reach level 5 as you need 1000 to make it, so if there is a prize at the end I hope they give us another way for the rest of us unlucky buggers to get it.

      Happy playing.

      You can add me if you like – squallogal623 I promise to tap daily 🙂

    • Would have been fun to have the duc get a permanent flu related task after maxing out on this flu bit, or something small like that seemed to be pretty much a ‘meh’ moment when I finally maxed it out

  14. I’m at 108.36% infected – Lvl 5, infection severity 1000

  15. I’ve hit 105% already, will there be any rewards given at the end of this event?

  16. I have a full infection rate at my town. And, bonus (*sarcasm*) I seem to have come down with the actual flu this week. But I’m feeling better today.

  17. Level 4 (615/1,000), 107% infected. I wonder how high it’ll go when I hit 1,000.

  18. The world map has nothing to do with your personal level. I’m only at 30/100 and it says 107% infected. I never expect to reach level 2. This whole flu thing was pointless; like an add on that wasn’t thought out but still not removed.

  19. I achieved level 5 of infection severity in the first week when it wasn’t even at 50% infection rate.

    Right now I’m at 107.66% infection rate.

    • And I’ve forgot to add that my giant thumb from the skies has flu since today as well.

      • And also I’ve forgot to add that I’m in the south hemisphere, this is a summer flu. So it must have been transmitted by tapping, for sure.

  20. Not sure how this Oskasa flu thing works but I’ve still got 3/1000 on level one no matter how many times I’ve tapped that little virus in my town or in others… it never changes

    • Erin, tapping on the virus cloud does nothing. What you need is a lot of neighbors and then have those neighbors visit you. After they visit and tap on your buildings they will leave a floating fan over your house, and then by tapping that house and collecting the fan is how you get more ratings.

  21. I’m at 107.53% on Level 5. How are some people over 100% and still on Level 4?

    • Because it would seem the world infection rate (somehow over 100% & still climbing) is separate from your, um, personal neighborhood’s severity.

      I guess the whole world could be suffering from a virus, but some areas (neighborhoods, in TSTO Land) are hit harder than others. Sort of like how sometimes everyone in your house catches the same cold, and other times only one or two people get sick & the others are fine.

      What it all means/why it’s part of the Event is another thing entirely, which no one seems to have an answer for yet…

  22. 107.51% of the world is infected

    Remember :……

    Coughs & sneezes,
    spread diseases !


  23. Update, After maxing level aka 1000, your percentile continues to grow! Just a bit of trivial info lol

  24. Im lvl 111.
    But i dont understand how to spred the flue. I visit friends towns but nothing i can do exept tap there houses.
    How doeas it work. I see som tourist running around my town with the cloude. I klick them but nothing happends.

    • Your friends need to be visiting YOU as well. When you clear the evidence of their visit (in Destination Springfield, Act 2, it’s Japanese fans over the houses; in Act 1 it was French pins, & when there’s no Event going on, it’s the handshake icon), it increases YOUR Infection Severity by 1 (which is separate from the World Infection Rate).

      Basically, you need more Neighbours/Friends to visit YOUR Springfield on a regular (preferably daily!) basis. If you need more, check out this post ( ); add your name to the comments, and also start adding names of others who’ve posted there to your own friend list.

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