Main Event Contest: And the Winner Is…..

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

About a month ago we challenged you guys to design the next event in TSTO with our Main Event Contest and WOW did you guys respond!  We were COMPLETELY blown away by your submissions!  We then read each and every one of your entries over and over, trying hard to narrow it down to the finalists.  You guys had such AMAZING ideas and it was nearly impossible to narrow it down, but we finally picked 10 finalists.  Then we left it up to you guys, the AMAZING Addicts Community to vote for your favorite and pick the winner.

Well the votes have been cast and the totals are it…and all we can say is you guys had as hard of a time picking a winner as we did picking the finalists!  It was an insanely close battle!

So enough stalling from me…let’s get to the winners!!

3 donuts3 donuts3 donuts3 donuts

In 5th Place, and the winner of a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card….

Reader: hthomas96
Event Theme: Back to Campus Event
Featured Characters: Nerdlinger, Benjamin, Doug and Gary and more!
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In 4th Place, and the winner of a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card….

Reader: Craig L
Event Theme: Talent Show
Featured Characters: Bleeding Gums Murphy, Vicki Valentine and more!
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In 3rd Place, and the winner of a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card….

Reader: Thecrooked973
Event Theme: Homer the VIII
Featured Characters: Renessiance Simpsons Skins
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In 2nd Place, and the winner of a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card….

Reader: Tom W
Event Theme: Wizard Event
Featured Characters: Angelica Button, Harry Potter and More!
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And for our 1st Place Winner…and the winner of a $25 iTunes/Google Play/Kindle Gift Card…..

Reader: HappyTapper
Event Theme: Under the Dome (Simpsons Movie)
Featured Characters: Russ Cargill, Colin and more!
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This was a VERY close vote!  Just goes to show how talented you guys are….even the community had a hard time picking the winner!

Congratulations to ALL of our finalists!  And Congratulations to our winners!  We’ll be contacting the winners via email shortly, so be on the lookout for it!

What did YOU think of the winners?  Any entries that were your favorite?  What would you like to see in a future TSTO update?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

37 responses to “Main Event Contest: And the Winner Is…..

  1. So I PMed someone over at EA forum who has contact with EA, being a main moderator and admin person, and he said that EA are unlikely to allow submissions for ideas due to legal reasons about the person wanting credit even if EA happened to get the same idea 😁.
    Does it mean that EA might not do these events because they don’t know if we’d beg for a reward/credit?
    I wouldn’t want credit, I just enjoy writing ideas but it made me think 😁.
    Do you think there’s a chance that these ideas will enter the game at sone point? All amazing ideas and I really hope they do come into our games 👏😃

    • It means the person you talked to didn’t talk to anyone with knowledge about how things work.
      If this were the case countless ideas and events wookiee wrote about would never have happened, even though they did.

  2. Congratulations HappyTapper!! Your idea was very well thought out and nicely executed. Enjoy your donuts.

    I’m so honoured to come 4th in this contest amongst so many outstanding ideas. They were all superb. Thanks to everyone who voted and to the Addicts for holding the contest. I greatly enjoyed it all.

  3. Ever gonna do a contest for ideas on tapped out games but with other shows? (It follows the same formula as tsto). And it must be an event for your made up game.

  4. Congratulations to you all 🙂

  5. Congrats HappyTapper, I’m happy for you, well done, your hard work paid off.

    And same goes for everyone who took part, thanks for entertaining us.

  6. I bought donuts 300 60 and 12 didn’t receive any of them. Contacted ea through simpsons tapped out help. Quick to respond though. They told me what I needed to give them. I replied to the email and every time I email them through the email it sent from. It sayseems no reply.. I want my donuts. Does anyone know how to contact ea?

  7. Well done Sam 🏆


  8. Congrats guys!

  9. Congrats to HappyTapper. I’m glad I got into Top 10 nominations with my College event though I didn’t make it to Final 5.

  10. Congrats to Happy Tapper and all the winners.
    Great job!

  11. Congratulations to all the winners👍…lots of hard work here and it really shows…good job everybody!

  12. Congrat’s HappyTapper. Though your event did not surprise me at all.

    I wanted to read more about your event HappyTapper. To compare similarities but when I tap on – Click Here To Read More. I get taken to a page that say’s – File’s Can’t Be Previewed.

    • That’s odd it should work, the link just worked for me.

      I checked the one from Wika. While the idea of a Simpsons Movie event is the same, the details are vastly different.

    • I didn’t mean to copy anything. The idea of a Simpsons Movie idea definitely isn’t original as I’ve seen it appear many times on forums, blogs etc but I researched the movie many times, wrote my own content list then split that into prize line items, premium items etc, then worked on details (unlock screens, questline etc) so MY take on the idea is very different to what I’ve seen before.
      The way the wikia idea did the questline is very much ‘work to get the items’ but I spent ages trying to think of an idea to fit into why you need to unlock these items to fit the story which is why each act has it’s own theme.
      Act 1 prizes: Items to help Springfield escape from the dome
      Act 2 prizes: Items to help Springfielders enjoy love under the dome – get used to it.
      Act 3 prizes: Items to help Springfield clean up to persuade EPA to lift the dome.
      The theme of each act is explained in the dialogue for each act.
      My whole idea toke me AGES to complete and I’m glad it paid off.

      • Never accused you of copying. Was just curious if there were any similarities.

        And the link I’ve posted is the only place, until seeing your event idea, is the only place I’ve seen about a Simpson’s Movie Event.

      • You don’t have to defend yourself. You did an amazing job! We all worked hard on our event ideas.

      • Congrats and great job HappyTapper!!

        By selecting the Simpsons Movie to base your event on limited you to a finite number of concepts to design from and clearly others have posted how they would like to see that concept developed. While there were a few similarities in the link; I’m glad you stayed true to the movie as your basis. You took the game play in a different direction from others and followed up with the details tying it all back in.

        I don’t think naruto was suggesting your event wasn’t original. I took it as a question that between two good ideas how do they overlap. It’s interesting to think about, but useless if someone wanted to combine the two. Whoever develops the first autonomous driving car likely could not have developed the Ford Model T a century ago.

    • If you don’t have Dropbox (I don’t), look for the “download” drop down menu (button on the top right) and choose “download”. That worked for me…

  13. An event based on the movie would be great. I always wanted to see more stuff from this. Even though Spider Pig, the character I wanted the most from this film is already in the game, there are still stuff to put in (from the new simpsons living place mostly, the alaskan house and the old medicine lady. Having slapping trees with a visual task for Homer could be funny too

  14. Congrats to all finalists, you’re all so creative! It was a really hard choice. And an extra high five to Happy Tapper! 🎉🎈🎊🍩🍩🍩

  15. Bravo everyone ☆☆☆☆☆

  16. ThatOneWeirdTapper

    Congrats HappyTapper, and all the winners! 😀 I really do hope ea sees all these ideas, and incorporates them into the game, it would be awesome to live life under the dome in our towns, 😁 and would certainly love to see Angelica Button and defeat evil Lord Monty Mort and Slithers! 😀 😀 😀

  17. Thank you all for your vote! I am so excited that I made third place!!! Good job to the top five😁

  18. Congratulations Happy Tapper 😀 and well done to all the finalists 😀

  19. Congrats to HappyTapper and all the finalists! Everyone did a great job and this was a really fun contest 🙂

  20. Congratulations HappyTapper! Great idea. Also congratulations to all winners and entrants. There really was not a bad idea in the bunch. I personally would hope that EA read all of them and will be inspired by one or more. So much time and effort should not go to waste. All of you have a real talent and i hope you are at least considering to become game designers or consultants or…. well anyways kudos to all.

  21. OH MY GOSH! I won :D!
    Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. I had NO idea that my submission was popular and I never saw myself winning!
    Thank you so much to Alissa, Pat, Wookie and Bunny for setting this up and reading through EVERY submission even though you all have busy lives!
    The Top 10 submissions were all AMAZING and I thoroughly enjoyed every single one so EA better be rEAding this because the future of TSTO looks bright if this is the kind of content to come :D.
    Happy Tapping …

  22. Congrats HappyTapper and all the winners!!! May your donuts be sweet, but not caus diabetes.

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      If a golfer hits a “hole in one”, they have to buy a round of drinks to everyone present in the clubhouse.
      Now, we here don’t drink, per se, but we do consume donuts.

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