Turbo Tappin’ Around the World: Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time to take off in Springfield! FINALLY an Airport has been added and the tourists are flocking to Springfield..it’s time to go Around the World in our pocket sized towns!

Act 3, the final Act of the Around the World Event hit our devices this morning and a new act, of course, means a new round of the questline to work our way through.  As was mentioned on the rundown post Act 3 runs until March 7th, and you’ll need Homer & Mayor Quimby to get things started.

Remember, the questline is there to guide you.  So when you get stuck on something, or haven’t unlocked something, just follow along with the questline and it’ll take you through everything you need to do to complete the second act.

So let’s take a look at the questline to see just what happens when Springfield goes Brazilian…



The Noise from Brazil Pt. 1
Auto start

Make Quimby Plan A Brazilian Tourist Destination- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Homer Plan to Eat a Brazilian Fruit Headdress- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Noise from Brazil Pt. 2
Flanders starts

Build the Barra- Free. 

The Noise from Brazil Pt. 3
Flanders starts

Make Ned Hide from Sin- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Noise from Brazil Pt. 4
Flanders starts

Make Ned Learn to Samba- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Noise from Brazil Pt. 5
Flanders starts

Make Ned Pray to Stop Doing the Samba- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Noise from Brazil Pt. 6
Flanders starts

Make Ned Try to Cure Samba Fever- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Noise from Brazil Pt. 7
Flanders starts

Make Ned Dance for the Ladies- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Ladies Watch Ned Dance- x3. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium

Who Wants to Be a Brazilianaire? Pt. 1
Apu starts

Make Springfielders Drink at Barra- x5. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium

Who Wants to Be a Brazilianaire? Pt. 2
Apu starts

Make Springfielders Drink in Despair at Barra- x5. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium

Who Wants to Be a Brazilianaire? Pt. 3
Apu starts

Make Springfielders Drink to the New Plan- x5. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium
Make Apu Ask “The Ethicist” at the Daily Fourth Gradian- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Who Wants to Be a Brazilianaire? Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Make Moe Write a Flowing Review of His Bar- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Who Wants to Be a Brazilianaire? Pt. 5
Apu starts

Make Fat Tony Loan Money- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Apu Buy Great Reviews- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Who Wants to Be a Brazilianaire? Pt. 6
Moe starts

Make Businessmen Default on Their Mob Loans- x3. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium
Make Fat Tony Break Some Knees- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Springfielders Party in the Barra- x3. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium
Make Lisa Write a Scathing Ethics Column- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Who Wants to Be a Brazilianaire? Pt. 7
Lisa starts

Make Springfielders Hide in the Barra in Terror- x10. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium


And that completes the Act 3 questline!  Loads of funny dialogue and plenty to keep you busy until the 7th!

What are your thoughts on the Act 3 questline?  Pretty straight forward?  Like how they wrapped up the story? Any prizes you’re looking forward to?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

79 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Around the World: Act 3

  1. What does Freemium mean?

  2. I might have missed it but is game down to just one flight even though you have tickets . Mine only shows one character each time available for flight, when use show list . Thanks

  3. Act 3 – Ned Flanders entertaining the ladies (lol), Business Owners borrowing Mafia $ for faux reviews – all quite clever but I wish EA had given Smithers something to do with Mr. Burns (a missed opportunity) 😋🇧🇷

  4. You need the coconut babaloo for the monkeys quest

  5. I am stuck at part 2 of who wants to be a Brazilian air…..keep sending townsfolk to drink in despair but none register as completing the task.

    Done the usual will now send them again…..I’m going to give them all a drink problem at this rate.

  6. Just got the monkeys, try to do their quest but I keep getting put into my inventory. What am I missing?

  7. On tapped out the brazil part 7 I can’t get need to dance for the ladies. It’s not letting me. PLEASE HELP

  8. The task to “Make Ladies Watch Ned Dance” includes all the adult women — plus Kang and Kodos. I snort-laughed at that. Too bad Smithers doesn’t get to watch (though Ned is clearly way too young for him).

  9. On the free land tokens, I feel like I may have misused these! I went for the most expensive tiles each time and due to the amount of land I still have to open up, I now have this odd dog-leg of opened land. In order to even out the rows I’m eventually going to have to pay for the next most expensive pieces. This annoys me because I dislike buying land; I prefer using my cash for the collider. Je regret!

  10. Am I the only one irked at how many decorative buildings there have been in this event? The patisserie in act 1, the shrine in act 2, the favela houses in act 3.

    Buildings should earn income, IMO.

    • I honestly don’t pay ay attention. I really don’t know which ones generate money and what doesn’t. I only care about how it looks

  11. I currently have 20 people on flights earing pins

  12. Anybody else hate tasks with “send Springfielders” which force you to manually send each character?

    • They did slightly improve this. If you click “Do it” or whatever it says, you usually get a list of everyone that you can send. Unless you’re referring to this process as being “manual” as well. Either way, it is irritating since the game doesn’t register when you’ve sent the required number of characters so the Unemployment Office becomes useless.

    • I love them, especially releasing them all.

  13. Honestly tbe only good act for decorations/ buildings was act 2 and how are you gonna give the eiffel tower in act one mount fuji in 2 amd not the huge statue of jesus in the 3rd…. i was really suprised but at the same time EA have not had 3 good acts in a couple years now

  14. Little surprised with the lack of decorations for brazil, but really enjoying this event. Just annoying that EA makes you wait for new land. Would prefer if they had it automatically generated once you opened the previous lot, allowing you use your in game cash more. Eh ho though!

    • Yup, this event right up there with stone cutters in my mind. Been glitchy, but fun. Not impossible (no need to set alarms for 4 hour intervals), no friggin wHELL (I will never recover from the hatred of that Easter event!), glitchy, but I’ve seen worse! and hilarious animations (I can’t stop giggling at the Brazilian tourist dude… I live in a beachfront apartment, in a place popular with tourists… I’m gonna imagine that animation every time I see another tourist in a “speedo” and have to try not laugh out loud!!) so yeah, all round great event 🙂

      Like your land suggestion btw mark!

  15. Non-related question: Anyone know how to upload a picture here into my question?

    • You need to upload your picture to either Flickr or Imgur. On Flickr just go to your picture and copy the url in the address bar and paste into your comment. On Imgur, I believe you use the direct link, copy and paste. I am not completely sure about Imgur. You might have to experiment with it. 🙂

  16. How do we get the lady with the feathers.

  17. Hi guys! Sorry to ask it here, because it’s not really relevant, but I need to know: how do I zoom out exactly? Since yesterday, it feels like I’m playing one centimeter away from my screen, and that makes town planning very difficult… :-/

    • Use two fingers (e.g. forefinger and thumb) to ‘pinch in’ and ‘pinch out’ (equates to ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’).

      If that doesn’t work, it may be an issue with your device. If so, what are you using?
      (iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Android tablet, Amazon Fire tablet, etc)

    • Drag two fingers towards each other on the screen. Like a pinching motion

  18. Yeah I wanted at least one more free land tile. Oh well.

  19. Lol, I’m sure the brazillian tourism board will love this act as much as they loved the episode (Blame It On Lisa)

  20. I have unlocked the painted houses, but cannot get them, and it is showing in the get now space -5 donuts…anyone else have this issue??

  21. Anyone else having a problem with friend visits? When I tap on buildings my friends have visited I’m not getting Pins, just sky miles… Is this a bug? TIA!


    • Me too. I want mah pins! Not getting them from clicking my own tapped on buildings.

    • You can only earn 90 Pins per day from friends (from either your Springfield, or theirs). You’ll notice that you’ll still earn pins from clearing tourists in your Springfield, though. Tomorrow you will be able to earn another 90 Pins from friends.

      • Not the visits TO friends, but the buildings in our own town that have been visited. I’ve only been getting Sky credits, too, no pins.

        • It has always been that way in this event.

        • This is normal. It has been sky credits only for clearing neighbour visits in your town for the entire event,

          • I was definitely getting sky credits AND pins for clearing neighbour visits in my town for the previous two acts. Now we’re on act 3 it’s just sky credits. Glad I’m not the only one, thought I was going mad! Eurgh so annoying!

        • See I’m almost certain I got pins from friend visits to me before.
          Makes me question my sanity!

          • We got pins and sky miles from neighbors’ visits to our towns UNTIL the Flu spread. Once a visiting neighbor infected our towns, we stopped getting pins and started getting points toward flu levels. Sky miles stayed the same. If you check your flu total in the event menu, you’ll see that it goes up after you clear neighbor visits.

            I don’t like it, either.

    • I never got pins for clearing my neighbor taps.

  22. Seriously EA please stop with the “make Springfielders do X” tasks. It’s super annoying when you have a 190 Springfielders.

    • GB…uhm…you do realize that when there is a 0/5 or any other similar number by the quest, you only need 5 of your choice to fulfill the task? The rest are just bonus bucks. I pick only those that I know won’t be used in an upcoming task. But 190? Sheesh. At least it looks cool when you finish the task, right?

      • Carmen (gameid5000)

        I suspect his issue is that when these ‘make springfielders do xxx’ tasks come up, you lose the ability to use the Unemployment Centre to send characters on other tasks en mass. So you either speed bomb all characters to the ‘make’ task, which for my 150 characters takes a bit, compared to using Centre, or you send the few needed to complete the task and forgo sending the rest on a task for that period (due to time it takes to go to each character and select task),losing income potential.

        • Yes that’s the issue. They need to change it so that once you send the minimum number of characters to satisfy the task, it goes away.

          • I’m pretty sure at one time, it did work the way you are suggesting BUT it was sadly a long time ago. I seem to remember an improvement which was subsequently lost. 😐

          • Thought that was what you meant & l have to agree, very annoying as you loose the ability to use the employment centre.

    • I went thru that exact problem last night, had to individually send each character on a 12 hour task (200 characters now) because the 4 hour task (Have Springfielders…..) was highlighted due to a quest. Finally sent them all on the 4hr task this morning, but took me 20 minutes last night to get them all into “overnight mode”…a serious pain. Might be better if the quests didn’t override the employment bureau…you can always keep up with the quest jobs without the override, they are always available in the jobs book on the side of the screen.
      EA, I’m sure the idea was to make it easier to complete the quests, but the override has made other parts of the game ten times harder. Maybe you could assign the 5 people needed to complete the task, and leave the override out of the picture completely? (Didn’t it use to be that way before?)

    • I think if you call up the task from the task bar, it will list all eligible Springfielders and you can keep tapping in one place until they’re all on their way on the task. It may take a minute if you have a hundred characters, but its better than tapping on each one individually.

    • Preach!

    • It’s annoying but good thing they made an easier way to do it on the task bar. You just click on the task icon and press start rather than clicking all the character and the tasks

  23. Not as thrilled with the Brazilian stuff. I don’t think I’ll even make a Brazilian area. But that’s ok, I’ll just craft more France and Japan stuff, they’re so enjoyable and beautiful! Can’t win them all!

    • The Brazilian stuff works in all sorts of places in your town…you don’t have to have a “Brazilian section.” Right? I used the soccer field as a backstop for the broken down section of the airport. Works great.

      • I agree…was worried that I didn’t still have enough room for a Brazilian section, then found that all of these items could go into my regular Springfield pretty easily. I made a small area on SH Beach for the hotel , the 2 restaurants, and a few houses…the rest is going to be part of Springfield’s “multi nationalization”.

        • I wish the painted houses could be placed on the sand if the beach. They would look nice there. I’m not sure they’ll be staying in my town otherwise.

  24. Add me: SPRINGFAILED (lvl 127)

    Cleaned up a ton of non-players – Im on 2-3x a day!

  25. Look, I have recently “cleaned house” as far as my neighboreenos go, and have accepted all requests. Yet, for some reason, all newbies are hitting my City Hall because I moved it next door to my airport, for obvious reasons. Please stop tagging that. I have a huge town and am constantly clearing throughout the day. I know it’s a pain, but I am very thoughtful when visiting my friends’ towns. Most of which I have had for years. Just trying to enjoy my game!! Thanks!! 🙂

    • Add me, jc. playing for years.

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      I think we all have to live with City Hall being selected (hence showing vandalized), since it shows up as a tap-able attraction on friend visits, as does Moe’s. I don’t think it is impacting our conform-o-meter, as I haven’t seen a drop in mine. Looks like a coding issue from EA, but not one worthy of a patch.

      • Make this a non-issue. Stock up on training walls and hide them behind buildings. This will keep your Righteousness rating maxed no matter what.

    • If you have your city hall (or any taggable buildings) next to your airport, you are basically encouraging ppl to tag you. Just keep all of them far away from each other till the event is over.

    • Since it bothers you, I say move City Hall away from the drop zone until after the event. Did you get your new neighbors from the no vandalism list? If so, they might not realize it is doing that.

    • Why would you move city hall right next to the airport (for obvious reasons?) if you don’t want it tagged? Seems counter intuitive…if it bothers you to have it tagged, couldn’t you move it away for the next 10 days and then put it back where it belongs? Not judging…just seems like an easy solution. I have one neighbor who has city hall all but obscured by a tall tap-able building, and I am super paranoid that I will hit it again. If you have lots of newbies visiting you, why not make it easier for them? It’s hard enough playing the game when you’re just starting…no need to make it more difficult, and then blame them for an easy mistake.

    • If you have them, use your Frink travel portals (forget what they are actually called!) I’ve moved one to the airport, and one next to City Hall.

  26. Boo-urns I say, Boo-urns! The painted houses are decorative, not income earning. There is no more free land tokens, even in the Lost Luggage, just airport stuff. After 2 stellar acts, this 3rd is a major disappointment.

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