Around the World 101: Norbert’s Daily Tasks Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We broke down the details behind Norbert’s tasks during Act 1 (which you can find here) but some of you have requested a list for each day’s task with the location to send the character.  This way you can better use your plane tickets each day or you can prevent creating an issue with flights not popping up for you.

As we did for Act 2, we’re breaking down each of the tasks for each day for Act 3…


Answers for each day are in bold.

Date Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
Feb 24 Remember “The Maine” in North America
Maine, USA
Search Propeller-Houses for Clogs in Western Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Search for a Better Cinemetic Tomorrow in North Africa
Casablanca, Morocco
Feb 25 Look for Syriously Ancient Steel in West Asia
Damascus, Syria
Find Dracula’s Steaks in Eastern Europe
Transylvania, Romania
Hang in the Gardens in Western Asia
Babylon, Iraq
Feb 26 Find Brittany’s Croissanantes in Western Europe
Nantes, France
Regret Your Night in Southeast Asia
Bangkok, Thailand
“Check” Out Eastern Europe
Prague, Czech Republic
Feb 27 Find Silicon in a Valley in North America
San Francisco, USA
Ford a Fjord in Northern Europe
Oslo, Norway
Read a Good Book in West Asia
Byblos, Lebanon
Feb 28 Eat a Big Apple in North America
New York, USA
Make a Pilgrimage for Prayer Mats in Western Asia
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Find Hats along the Canals in Central America
Panama City, Panama
March 1 Find Mansave Amounts of Musa’s Gold in West Africa
Timbuktu, Mali
Find Silicon in a Valley in North America
San Francisco, USA
Make Hop Scotch a Drinking Game in Northern Europe
Edinburgh, Scotland
March 2 Kiss a Stone in Northern Europe
Cork, Ireland
See Stars and Stripes in West Africa
Monrovia, Liberia
Find a Rose off the Coast of East Asia
Tokyo, Japan
March 3 Get Bombay Potatoes from South Asia
Mumbai, India
Have a Round Table Discussion in Northern Europe
Winchester, England
Find a Saint on the Rich Coast in Central America
San José, Costa Rica
March 4 Enjoy a Peace of Music in North America
Woodstock, USA
Drink Fancy Fortified Wines in Southern Europe
Lisbon, Portugal
Where Tigers Are Exiled to in Northern Eurasia
Siberia, Russia
March 5 Help an African Prince Transfer Money in West Africa
Lagos, Nigeria
Home of Clocks and Pocket Knives in Western Europe
Geneva, Switzerland
Kiss a Stone in Northern Europe
Cork, Ireland
March 6 Hunt for Dragons and Whales in Northern Europe
Cardiff, Wales
Quest for Quetzals in Central America
Nueva Guatemala, Guatemala
Be Petrafied of a River in West Asia
Amman, Jordan

Act 3 runs until March 7th at 0800GMT, so there are no planned tasks for March 7th….

What are your thoughts on the daily tasks?  Which clue is your favorite? Are you enjoying Norbert’s tasks? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

47 responses to “Around the World 101: Norbert’s Daily Tasks Act 3

  1. I completed the 3rd task showing Norbert’s red plane after midnight, but it didn’t give it to me, and just started me on new tasks & now it shows luggage again? I have emailed EA, but wondering if you have any info or suggestions while I wait for a reply.

  2. Ahh! I still had a few lost luggage prizes to get for act 3 and now they’ve just disappeared and i’m getting sky credits instead! I really wanted the third terminal. Is this happening to anyone else? 😞

  3. All my characters are available for tasking but the clue Big Apple in New York isn’t assigned to anyone :(((((

    Any help please? Thanks

  4. Cupcake Managerie

    It would be really cool if they made it like the monorail event where you got weekly events to send Springfielders on trips and that would give you items for your airport, and every week, the last tier would give you a free land piece. I’m really missing getting those free land pieces from the first two acts. Also, with the expansion of the ocean, I’m surprised they haven’t increased the cap for making boardwalk pieces. I have to rely on my submarine to MAYBE give me one because I can’t buy them anymore.

  5. all of a sudden I can only send two at atime for my airport tasks….the daily task is for ten! what has happened?

  6. In act 3 for one of Norberts prizes for flights I received the 3rd white plane. After placing it on my tarmac I am no longer getting soccer pins on my buildings from when my neighbors visit my Springfield. I still get the sky credit but not the pin. I have tried all the normal glitch refixes such as visit Krustyland, put the plane in storage, cleared casche, uninstalled/reinstalled and nothing helped. I called ea tech support and was basically told they can do nothing and that I had to get a moderator here to help me. This is now happening to my son and it is getting frustrating, please help we don’t want to miss out on the premium prizes!!!!

  7. I’ve commented my problem in another post, but was wondering if anyone else was having problems with Airport Tasks since Act 3 started. I’ve seen that Chewi1980 was having the same issue I was. I was able to send three characters out, but this has dropped to two and now to one (and the one character isn’t even going to the right location that Norbert needs).

    I have characters free to do the airport task, but the game won’t let me sub them in for some reason. Anyone else have this issue?

    • When you hit one or two, send one of those on a task, and then you magically get many more characters to send

      • That’s an issue. The game only gives me access to one character for the task. Any characters that are free are not able to access the airport tasks.

        Fortunately, it corrected itself after the daily reset. Unfortunately, I’m now two days behind in Norbert’s task. And of course, the servers are down for a bit today (Feb 28).

  8. I’m not having problems figuring out the right destinations for the clues, but I don’t think I’m gonna’ reach 1000 for the virus part to reach level 5 in time. I’m barely to 700/1000 and noticed a drop in neighbors visiting my Springfield. I’ve also seen a drop in the number of neighbors I can visit that have buildings I can tap. Out of 56 neighbors (including Other Springfield), I’m down to 25 that are playing this event/have buildings to tap.

  9. Is there any other method that you get tickets, other than waiting 20 minutes for a new one to be generated?

    I’ve noticed on several occasions when I don’t have any tickets left but only and minute or two until the next one is generated, so I’ll go and look for tourists in my town and when I go back to the airport, I suddenly have a ticket already available plus few seconds until the oneI was waiting for is ready.

    Is it a lucky glitch or have I missed something?

  10. This is different. I’ve already got 8 characters working on Norbert’s task and there are at least three others lined up waiting for tickets.

    Plus, the virus count… I’m no longer looking to reach 400. The scale now goes up to 1000.

  11. Where can we find Norbert’s Prizes for Act 3? I’ve been looking around and I just can find the ones for Act 1. Are they the same? I kind of remember there’s were a slight variation from act 1 to act 2 on the ‘lost luggage’ but not pretty sure. Thanks!

  12. Oh dear I take it people are still having problems if they need this info ?

    • Depends what you mean by “problems.” I don’t need this post to solve the clues…I just like to know what’s coming up, so I can sometimes start the next destination before the previous one is done, shortening the time to complete all three. Also, because I’ve seen people post that the game will only let you have one flight out to a given country at a time, I’m also trying to avoid sending someone to, say, Maine, when I know there’s a task coming up for Washington D.C..

      • For me l’m the opposite, I don’t want to know what’s coming up next. It’s all part of the fun playing each day as it comes.

        • I’m usually that way, too…for example, I’d never read ahead on the walkthrough dialog. But when it comes to something that involves strategizing, then I sometimes feel differently.

  13. I can’t believe there were answers all this time…I’ve been frantically googling countries to see what continent they are in! Geography is definitely not my strong point!

  14. Now how am I supposed to get Ned Flanders to hide from sin when he is busy for the next four hours searching propeller houses for clogs in Prague? Make up your mind EA. I hate it when they do this to me.

    • Send Ned to hide from sin. Someone else will fill the task, unless you have sent Ned to Europe already to find clogs.

  15. For the first very first task, Maine USA isn’t showing up for me and so I can’t complete the first task. It’s very frustrating, does anyone have the same issue.

    • ThatOneWeirdTapper

      I don’t have this issue, but did in act two, and sending all the characters on the flight list on other tasks resets your list, and it should then appear. 😊

    • Yep, i have the same problem with the maine task. It has passed 24 hours now of sending people every hour or so and still no maine…

    • Do you have characters flying to anywhere else in the U.S.? Apparently, you can only get one destination per country (so, when the other plane lands, hopefully you’ll get the destination you’re looking for).

  16. I’m not crazy about how the tickets and flights work (5 potential flights, but only a bank of 3 tickets, and having to log in every hour to maximize tickets is kind of a pain), but I love the creativity of the “clues” and I enjoy figuring out which destination is the correct one. It reminds me of the Stonecutter riddles, and I hope this means EA will start doing more of this rather than “send X,Y, and Z to generate currency” tasks.

    • Technically we’re exploiting the game by logging in each hour. They really want you to use your 5 tickets and come back in 4 hours. I never understood why they gave us 3 instead of 5 tickets to start with though

  17. Thank you Alissa! I’m actually worried that even though I have finished flight tasks and been able to get some bonus, I might not be able to get the golden train. As I was getting ready to do a round of bonus, yesterday was a weird day in terms when I could check the game. Needless to say, when act 3 hit, I still had 1 more round from the previous it’s 2 pm where I am at, and I just was able to send out the first mission of the day, Main. So, by my math…second flight goes out at 6 and last one goes out at 10 pm not returning until 2 am.. …I’m going to be 2 flights behind…and this worries me…

  18. Odd that San Francisco is included twice.

  19. My bonus % just went up 3% with a little update. 🙂

    • Mine went up 2.5%. Anyone have a thought of what it is?

      • Crazy Plane and the Spruce Moose each got a 2.5% boost today with the latest mini-patch

        • Went through my Inventory and found the following bonus % I didn’t have out: Apu’s Apocalypse Jeep, Satan’s Anvil, Fancy Igloo, Grampa Snowman, Lisa Snowman, Margie Snowman. I wish TSTO had a category for bonus % items, and also let me know if % would be reduced when putting item into Inventory.

      • I believe the Crazy Plane and the Spruce Moose got bonuses attached to them.

        • Oh, crap…if that’s true, I have no idea where I’m gonna be able to put that crazy plane behemoth that’s been stuffed in my inventory!

  20. Thanks, Alissa – these Norbert Daily Task posts are so helpful! 🙂

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