Showoff Announcement: Rommelwood Academy

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time…calling all Springfield Military School designs!  We’re getting ready to do the next Springfield Showoff featuring what you’ve done with all of the Rommelwood Academy mini event stuff!  So prep those towns…because we want to see what you’ve done with your Springfield!

The Next Showoff will feature your Rommelwood Academy stuff so show us what you’ve got!  Send in your areas of Military designs (including Rommelwood Academy and barracks, Hellfish monument, nuclear warheads and shelters or any other military inspired areas you’d like to show us) from your Springfield and we’ll be putting up the Showoff Post, featuring your designs, on TUESDAY March 28th 2017. (Note that it’s a weekday instead of the weekend.  I wanted to make sure y’all have the weekend to work on your designs, so we’re doing this on Tuesday instead of Saturday)

So grab some screenshots of your town, or finish up those designs…just make sure to send your submissions in by about 8pm ET Monday March 27th. Can’t wait to see what YOU have come up with.

You can send your designs in two ways…either post a link to the image in the comments on this post or you can email them to us at  We won’t be pulling images from anywhere else, so please if you want to be featured either submit in the comments below or email your images to us.

Note: PLEASE try to limit your submissions to only 1-2 of your favorite screenshots.  We like to try and let everyone showoff their town but it becomes difficult when some of you are sending in 7-10 images.  Pick your favorite areas and send them in (or if you stitch photos together, that works too).  We’ll try our best to get EVERYONE in, but please understand that sometimes we miss a photo or two.  If we miss you one week, we’ll try really hard to make sure we get you in the next week.  You’re always welcome to showoff your town, at any time, on our Flickr page.  We know a lot of you have awesome towns that you want to show off, but please try to stick with this week’s theme.  Remember, this isn’t a contest.  There’s nothing to win.  It’s just a fun way to showoff your town and get some design inspiration from your fellow Addicts.  🙂   

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images  in the Comments below or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

23 responses to “Showoff Announcement: Rommelwood Academy


    Tanks and army uniforms made me too excited and got abit carried away

  2. Hi mods, I finished my Rommelwood, please include it in the post!

    Thank you would much!

  3. Had to move it over to the far side of town…ran out of room where I originally placed it…that’s ok, now all the ordinance testing will drive the Upper Class characters nuts!😄😼😄


    A simple grouping, built in a scratch area, waiting for its definite place. The surrounding road ist to make sure the academy fits in the 4×4 street grid.

  5. My simple design, just need the obstacles to finish the design but can’t afford them

  6. I didn’t plan anything too fancy, just a plain and simple design to share with you all! 😉

    • I like the body outline (the camp Commandant?) and Camp Sensible is a fun addition. The Hellfish statue has me re-thinking the package…maybe…

  7. First time sharer… Is there any way to share pictures in the comments if you don’t have a Flickr or imgur account (other than via email)?

    • Dropbox

    • Chrissy…Imgur is super easy to use, you don’t have to join…here is a link to the upload page:
      (Make a bookmark or favorite while you are there)
      Start a post…then open a second window and go to the upload page, using your bookmark. After you upload a picture from your files, highlight (select all) the http address at the top of the page , copy it (copy), then go back to your post in the other window and paste (paste) it into a new line. After moderation, your picture should be posted…easy peasy…

  8. My camp, just fits on to one screen shot!

  9. Nothing too fancy

  10. It always takes me forever to put everything just right, so it probably won’t be enough time anyway. I am still tinkering around with the Brazil stuff, that still looks off. Now Rommelwood, not a clue yet what to do. But maybe I can steal an idea or two from the Show-off 😉

  11. I got a nuke….I FINALLY GOT A NUKE!!!!! 🤗😂🍾🎉🍾

    • good idea using Willie’s generator as part of the training parcours. So far, I didn’t have any idea how to use it, it is just sitting by his shack for now. Maybe I do need a Rommelwood campus…

  12. Oh, a weekday Showoff, with the whole weekend to work on the design. I wonder if this will result in even more entries.

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