Rommelwood Academy Coming to an End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a friendly reminder that the Rommelwood Academy mini event is set to leave our games tomorrow morning.  So finish up that prize track.  Make sure you grab everything you’re looking at from the stores (including Gil’s Hellfish deal), because come tomorrow afternoon it’ll be gone.

Remember, once the timer runs out you’ll no longer be able to purchase the items or complete the prize track.  You won’t be able to delay the timer on this one, since it was part of an in-game update not an app store update.  So be sure to get everything you want and finish the prize track (Left, Right, Left questline) BEFORE tomorrow morning, otherwise you’ll miss out.

Need a reminder about what was included in the store for this event?  Check out the rundown post here.  In addition to the rundown post, the Hellfish will also leave tomorrow 

So what’s next?  Well if EA continues to follow their pattern of updates, we should expect to see a major (app store update required) event this week at some point.  OR they could be totally unpredictable to do another episode tie-in for Sunday’s new episode of the show.  In reality, no one (except EA) knows what’s going to happen next and when it’ll happen.  So for now let’s all just sit back, relax and wait to see what happens…

Oh and don’t forget to finish up those Rommelwood designs and submit them for our Springfield Showoff tomorrow

What were your thoughts on the Rommelwood mini event?  Ready for what’s next? What do you think we’ll see next? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

66 responses to “Rommelwood Academy Coming to an End…

  1. I’m still “serving detention” with the kind for this event, even though it has ended. How do I make it stop?

  2. If anyone is interested: I got the “Rommelwood ended” message this morning, but the last task I was working on in my B-game is still there – I am going to finish it to confirm if I still get the prize or not.

    • I suppose you will get the prize. There was no takedown update, but hEAy, it is EA!

    • Update: I had one game at the next to last part, and upon finishing that, I still got the Eliminator, but the next part to unlock Lisa’s job there didn’t start any more, Cadet Lisa has no 12h Job in that game.

      Another game was on the last part, and I still got awarded the animated job. After placing the Eliminator, the next Quest for Lisa to Conquer the Eliminator triggered as well, even after the end of the event.

      It looks like you can still finish whatever part you are working on when the event ends, but nothing after that.

  3. I thought the event was very good. I like the eliminator task, Leopoldo is terrific, the Rommelwood base looks good. I would like an extra barracks to round out the place, but I’m not going to spend donuts on it, so I just put in some bomb shelters and training dummies. I’m excited for the next thing!

  4. Random thought – event/mini event based on Bonfire of thr Manatees would be really cool.. Homers country cousin and his farm, Caleb Thorn and manatees, Marge in swimsuit outfit, Homer having water task on that swanc ride, burns and smithers washing manatee task etc

    • Poor dumb country mouse … can’t even count…

      I agree, it woukd be hilarious to see Homer have a competition against his record producer country cousin and not even be aware he lost to and rube.

  5. I really enjoyed this mini event! The animations are great, the story line was funny, and the prizes are well designed. It’s a good episode, I went back and watched it last night. Lisa is her typical determined self, but we get to see her vulnerable side. And we get to see Bart do the right thing and be a good big brother. Also pleased to pick up Leopold with this event, with dialogue from a different episode: “Things are going to be verr-ry, verr-ry different… [with your new principal, Ned Flanders! 🙂 ]”

  6. Still can’t decide if I want more barracks. I’m thinking 3 might look good together

  7. Got the tank, 40 donuts, not enough donuts for gil deal, hope it comes round again

  8. Not buying shellfish stuff! Cheap way of not. Doing hellfish event! Nope nada no thank you

  9. Not too sure where to post this but I have lost the info on what levels the faces n the mountains are attained, any chance that some one can help. I have Homer and Lisa and am at level 200, waiting for next one.

    Thank you in anticipation


  10. I find I enjoy the mini events more and more. While the destination Springfield event was one of the better recent major events, it started to drag on towards the end, like they usually do. And even though I finished this event a while ago, I’m not itching for whatever comes next. I’m always ready, though. 🙂

  11. Im surprised Cadet Lisa can hang on to that rope for a whopping 12 hrs on the Eliminator. Can you imagine how exhausting that would be!
    I love that Keep out sign, makes me wanna stick it on my front lawn haha 😂

    • Her leg muscles must be like tanks…

    • You made me wonder what I would get, if I could have something from the game in real life 🤔. The mind boggles. I think I would have one of the French criminals pop their head around the door whenever I need a break or am stressed and say, “take a little wine?”. That line always cracks me up in the game for some reason 😂

    • I did it once while crossing a river during a military exercise. Needlessly to say, I didn’t making it without making a BIG splash into the water 🌊

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I want a sign for my front door that says “ammo is expensive, don’t expect a warning shot” 😂

  12. I suppose There will an EALP 🙂

  13. I am so ready for another big event.

  14. I wish the Eliminator was more rewarding given it’s a 12hr quest. Chain fence and the bunker and training dummy are reletivly cheap prizes.

    • But they are FREE.

    • Agreed.
      Let us say that you are awarded a prize that you could purchase for $900. Bleh.
      Sell it. You will earn $300. Most Premium characters only earn ~$600 on a 12 hour task. So, $300 PLUS the amount Cadet Lisa herself earns is a decent ROI (return on investment)
      PLUS, you still have the opportunity to be awarded the Fabulous, Humongous GRAND prize.

      • alex - aabcampos2

        This is true only if you have a small “% cash bonus”

        the bonus dont affect the money you earn selling the item.
        And you dont get XP for selling the item.

        So its best to use a Lisa premium skin 12hrs task or a even a normal skin if you have a big “% bonus”

      • I know you were just trying to illustrate a point, but, for anyone who doesn’t already know this, you only get 25% of the original price of the item when you sell it back, so it would be $225, not $300. And Alex makes a good point about the bonus multiplier, too.

        So far, even selling back wouldn’t offer me much, since, other than the initial training dummy that everyone gets, I’ve only ever gotten barbed wire fences from the eliminator so far. 🙁

        • Leave it to someone kinder, more intelligent, better informed with greater game experience than I to gently correct my misinformation and clarify the situation.
          No one ever accused me of being taciturn.
          BTW, I usually receive barbed wire, but also have received the bomb shelter.
          But Hope springs eternal.

          • I feel like Sheldon Cooper…I can’t tell whether that was sarcasm. 🙁

            Apologies if I overstepped…or should I say thank you for the kind words? Whichever it is, I mean it sincerely! 🙂

          • ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!
            My incredibly arid sense of humor thanking you for correcting the holes in my proclamations was sincere – even though warped and misguided in its format.
            We are all in this together, and I am more Sheldon than you, for it is I who unintentionally offended you. MY apologies for that.
            What the haystack do I know?

            BTW, this morning I received another Stabbing Dummy.

            • No worries….you didn’t offend me at all!

              And guess what Lisa brought me yesterday morning, after abother long night on The Eliminator? That’s right – my first mini-nuke! She did in a little over a week what that @$&#$ rocket hasn’t been able to do since it entered the game! I love Lisa!!! 😀

              Of course, this morning, she was back to barbed wire fences…. 😛

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I agree, throw us a bone or shorten the task… pretty please EA 😃

    • I’d like to know what I could get, last time I got a missile which boosted my multiplier. Lisa is staying hung upside down if that happens often

  15. Finished for quite some time in my A-game, and I DID stay strong on not buying that Hellfish-deal. Only one more day…
    In my other games I got at least up to Cadet Lisa, and the Eliminator plus task is not really worth spending more time on. I am all set for the next thing!

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