Secret Agents Act 1 Is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Act 1 of the Secret Agent Event Ends TOMORROW April 11th at 0800 GMT (4am ET).

Once Act 1 is over you will no longer be able to earn Act 1 Prizes for free.  So get everything you can before it’s all gone! (but remember keep earning intel if you haven’t unlocked all of the prizes because the closer you get to unlocking the next prize the lower the donut cost would be should you need to purchase it when Act 2 starts…)

Crafting will STILL be available in Act 2.  As will the Schematics you’ve accumulated.

For a rundown on everything that was included with Act 1 check out our rundown post here.

Be ready for Act 2 to start bright and early at 0800 GMT (4am ET) tomorrow morning  (April 11th)….

38 responses to “Secret Agents Act 1 Is Nearing the End…

  1. FYI, act one ended at 3am ET, 7am GMT

  2. I got Agent Bont and the Death Table with hours to spare and I was close to getting a round of bonuts. Now I am deciding where to put the Death Table.

  3. Thiago Ribeiro Silva

    Aww come on. I played everyday. I needed 200 more. If a hardcore f2p addict like me(maybe not because you all seem to have gotten it) did not make it, how could a casual player get the rewards? That’s a big middle finger in their faces. “Fun for casual and serious players”, my ass. I’m gonna pay the 5 donuts for the last reward. It’s not much, but I might stop playing soon. This was ridiculous. The only time I did not constantly check was in my sleep. I’m unemployed and not even studying. Really disappointed D:

    • I guess I’m just a casual player..? level 491, played multiple times daily for 3 years and never missed and event.. with 4 check ins per day on this one plus full friend visits I’m still 8k, 225 donuts to finish. Similar to last event but worse, the grind seems to be getting difficult as a mostly-F2P player

      • It wasnt hard at all. In fact i found this event easier then say the casino event and time travel event. If you do everything your suppose to do as in check in at the minimum 4-5 a day and do all the scan plus get daily challenge every now and then it shouldve been easily obtained. The math works out easily clearing the daily count. This is under the assumption your not a newbie and have at least the 7 free characters.

    • Thiago Ribeiro Silva

      Yeah… I quit. It was a fun game. Bye

  4. I got all the act 1 prizes plus 7 rounds of bonuts. Ready and waiting for act 2 to start good luck to all the people still tapping away.

  5. Just in time – Act 2 of this Event AND crafting for Bonuts (Monorail Track) starts Tuesday👌

  6. bonitajustice76

    I am going to get close, but I’m unlikely to get to 78600 to finish Act One. So, if I don’t get Bont, then he would be available in the waning hours of Act One for a hurry-up cost of a certain amount of donuts – let’s say, for purposes of this example: 40 donuts. Once Act Two starts, will the go-back-and-get-him price also be 40 donuts? Or does the donut price jump up (or drop down?) if I don’t grab him before the Act ends?

    I want to confirm that my goal should be to get as close as I can, and then take a breath without pressure so I can make my decision about whether to spend donuts on Bont! Thanks!

  7. What is a decent amount of in game cash to go KEM farming. I need about 40 more to buy scorpio. I should probably get there before the event ends without farming, but I’m doing it anyway and want to make the most of it.

  8. Thanks for the reminder on the time (🇬🇧) I was just trying to work it out 😊

  9. I’m on the round of bonuts, and I have a daily task to earn 1000 Cheap Intel.

    Question: will this convert to act 2 currency once the next act begins? If I complete the daily task, BUT DO NOT CLAIM IT, will it still convert to act 2 currency?

    Thank you!

    • It should. it’s happened in the past.

    • If it won’t help you getting a prize/a round of bonuts, then I would definitely leave it to act 2, cause it would have been wasted anyway. But I do believe it will convert to act 2 currency, as it did in the past (except act 3 of sci-fi event, which kind of made me angry back then…)

  10. Just got bont never had to work so hard on an event. Now relax and try for some bonuts. Have 15 hours to go

  11. I’m not gonna get Agent Bont guys.. Calculation seems like I have to fork over 150 donuts, and I have 57 right now.. Worth it to have him?Thought I had been such a good tapper, but it seems like I will fall short this time by like 8000 intels.

    • I’m in the same boat – 125 donuts needed and that’s all I have.

    • Personally I think he is worth about 30-40 donuts as a freemium character. Or about 60 donuts, if I expect him to turn into premium character as part of a returning item later down the road. Even more, if you think the table could get a bonus% as a returning item. 150 donuts feels like a lot in this context.

      One thing to consider imo, you need Scorpio if you want to see Bont use the laser-table after his questline (joint-task). So if you don’t have Scorpio, Bont is less fun and the table doesn’t get used. Oh, and Bont will (probably) help earning event currency for this event during the next acts, so that is a plus.

    • 150 seems like a lot…can’t see him ever costing that much in the store, but you never know. I wouldn’t go over 100 to get him before the event ends, but that’s just me….if you have an excess of pink sprinklies, go for it…

      • Sorry, reread your comment…obviously not an excess of donuts…if you only have 57, then 150 is waaaaay too steep…wait till he shows up again down the road.

    • You should wait until the last moment, whichever way you decide. Make sure you’re cancelling any daily tasks for doughnuts, as it seems to switch to 1000 intel as a reward. I know it’s tough saying no to the doughnutty goodness, but you’ll be kissing even more goodbye otherwise…

    • Like Alissa says, keep tapping. Every round of intel you get will drastically drop that price. It can go from hundreds to less than 10, depending how close you get. Don’t give up until that last minute before you plan to go to bed and know you can’t tap anymore.

    • This is the first time since i started that im so behind. Im at 74800 rt now. H

    • I missed two days, and now I’m short a few hundred. I’m bummed I’m not going to get the last one. I don’t want to pay for anything, but I’m so close. I feel you.

    • Thank you for all the advice guys, Bont ended up at 115 donuts and it was too much to pay 109 NOK to have a character. Back to the grind now to get Wayne Slater in act 2!

  12. Fair warning with the normal daily tasks. I think it was the last event where I held onto a task that would have given event currency, and it ended up turning into something else (think it was SH stuff, which didn’t make sense).

    It wouldn’t hurt to hang onto it if you wanted to take a chance…but if you’re not that far from bonuts, might not be worth the gamble.

  13. I’m guessing any surplus/cheap intel we’ve collected after getting the final Act 1 prize will not be used in Act 2? I know it’s been VERY helpful in getting bonuts in Act 1 (so, not useless by any means)…but wondered what the main currency will be in Act 2?

  14. Duffman has disappeared early!

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