From the Mouths of Addicts: Kwik-e-Mart Farming for Free Donuts!

Note from Alissa: So one of the popular requested items on my “what would you like to see on this site during the downtime” post was more details about Donut/XP Farming.  What it is, how it’s done…and what the heck Kwik-E-Mart Farming is.  And of course everyone’s favorite site contributor…Safi…stepped up and offered to write up the post!
Safi reached out to me and we discussed writing up the post.  And in true Safi fashion he stepped in with loads of details, charts, tables and figures!  Full disclosure, this post may be a little daunting for newer tappers or casual Tappers.  There are some great tips in here for those looking to earn free donuts.  Just remember to take your time figuring it all out and go at your own pace 🙂
And now here’s Safi….

“Hi Everybody!” (Hi Dr Nick Safi!)

With the recent release of Level 60 and the end of all levels, the games concept of leveling up has shifted slightly. Once you complete Level 60, you’ll be able to continue to level up to Level 61 and beyond. There’s just no questline, character, or building associated with those levels (Homerlayas excluded).

Initially, you can level up from Level 61 to Level 100 each time you fill up an XP bar of 40k XP. You receive 1 donut for each time you level up, for a total of 40 donuts.

You can then continue to level up from Level 100 to Level 939 each time you fill up an XP bar of 500k XP. You receive 1 donut for each time you level up, for a total of 839 more donuts.

Beyond Level 939, your Level does not go any higher. However, each time you fill up an XP bar of 1 million XP, you have the opportunity to choose one of three boxes for a chance at 1, 2, or 3 free donuts.

TSTO Bonus level up

So there is potential for premium and freemium players alike to score thousands of free donuts as a result of leveling up by continuously filling their XP bar.

Let’s take a closer look at the details and strategies that go into XP Farming…

So how do you fill up your XP bar quickly and efficiently?

There are two great ways to earn XP: Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming (Quickly) and Kwik-e-Mart farming (Efficiently).

Both methods obviously will work better the higher your XP bonus is, and work best with the XP Collider turned on as you get 5 times more XP when the XP Collider is active.

XP_ColliderA) Quickly

Well when it comes to filling it up quickly, farming Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Delivery Trucks has been used for a couple years. Wookiee wrote a wonderful post on the subject over two years ago:

This method requires a pretty decent in-game cash fund that you can blow through to purchase and sell as many Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Trucks in a short period of time.

bloodmobile rattrap

Each Bloodmobile cost $132,000 and earns 13,200 XP baseline (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider). Likewise, each Rat Trap Delivery Truck costs $150,000 and earns 15,000 XP baseline (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider).

The pros of this method include:

  • You only spend 5 donuts to activate your collider for one day
  • You only need to spend a short concentrated amount of time to farm XP (don’t have to be a regular tapper)
  • You don’t need too much land to farm
  • You earn a lot of donuts in one day

The cons of this method include:

  • You need a large amount of in-game cash in order to maximize your donuts
  • You deplete yourself of your in-game cash

B) Efficiently

Many of you may have noticed a lot of comments recently regarding the term “KEM (Kwik-e-Mart) farming”. Most noticeably brought up by Tapebelt and then discussed heavily by the 6 S’s (Sillyboy, Sparkinsac, SwissWavey, Sandrashill, Simp7fan, and myself Safi), MAB the Great, and Josephine Kick@$$ from June 10th to June 15th on another post by Wookiee:

The pros of this method include:

  • You don’t need a large amount of in-game cash in order to use this method
  • Arguably the biggest benefit is that you don’t deplete your in-game cash
  • You earn more XP per in-game cash invested than farming with Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Delivery Trucks
  • You continue to earn free donuts on a daily basis

The cons of this method include:

  • You need to invest a lot more time as this is a long-term strategy (works best with addict tappers who check in multiple times each day)
  • You continuously spend 25 donuts to keep your collider on for stretches of ten days
  • You need some land to farm your Kwik-e-Marts

Now everyone generally has one Kwik-e-Mart in their Springfield, which brought Apu into their game when purchased for $220 during the tutorial levels. This original KEM can no longer be sold.


Subsequent KEM have dynamic pricing – in that the price increases for each additional KEM you purchase from $220 for the 2nd to $12,400 for the 25th KEM; and than remains constant at $14,400 for every KEM beyond the 25th.


The resale value of KEM is the same as all other items, 25% of the purchase price. So if you spend $100,000 on KEM farming, you’ll get $25,000 when you sell them all back.

After completing it’s build in 4 hours, each KEM generates 2,000 XP (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider). This ratio of in-game cash to XP is far superior to the 10:1 ratio of Bloodmobiles ($132,000 for 13,200 XP) and Rat Trap Delivery Trucks ($150,000 for 15,000 XP).

With your XP Collider activated, you can earn a lot of donuts depending on how many KEM you farm and what your XP bonus percentage is. The table and graph below show how many donuts you can earn based on how many KEM you farm and what your XP bonus percentage is when you are between Level 100 and 938, with an XP bar of 500,000.

Click Table to view larger

(Note from Alissa: These tables are SUPER detailed…this is the best way to “display” them.  Click on them to make them larger, and see all the details….)



The table and chart look nearly identical at Level 939. However, as the XP requirements have doubled from 500,000 to 1,000,000 XP, the amount of donuts earned is halved. Below is the table for donuts earned at Level 939.

Click Table to view larger


Now the biggest difference with KEM farming versus Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming is that you don’t lose any money if you farm the ideal number of KEM. But how do you know what the ideal number of KEM to farm is?

The ideal number is one that maximizes XP whilst minimizing change in income.

In order to not lose money whilst maximizing XP, the amount of income you earn in four hours should equal the amount of income you spend on KEM. Your income whilst farming will come from two main places: 75% will be generated by your characters and buildings while 25% will come from selling the KEM you farm. To illustrate how many KEM to purchase, I will use my own situation as an example.

In order to calculate how much income I earn in four hours, one morning I woke up cleared all character tasks and building incomes. I then sent all my characters on a four hour task. At this point, my in-game cash was $1,240,920. I then returned four hours later, cleared all character tasks and building incomes. My income was now $1,393,900. So my four hour income is $152,980.

So let’s say every four hours my characters and buildings earn $152,980. This will account for 75% of my income whilst KEM farming, as the other 25% will come from selling the KEM you farm. So we take this $152,980 and multiply it by 4/3 to account for the other 25%. $152,980 x 4/3 = $203,973. So $203,973 is how much money I should spend to farm the ideal number of KEM for me.

Now that I know my four hour income and ideal number of KEM to farm, I can turn on my XP collider and start KEM farming.

For $203,870 I can purchase 32 KEM for farming (if I only have one in my town at baseline). So 32 is the ideal number of KEM I should farm. So lets say I spend $203,870 farming 32 KEM. While those 32 KEM undergo their four hour build, I send all my characters on a four hour task. When I come back four hours later, my characters and buildings will again earn $152,980. And when I sell those 32 KEM, I’ll earn $50,968 (25% of $203,870). So my four hour total income is $152,980 + $50,968 = $203,948, while my expense on 32 KEM is $203,870.

In summary, after a four hour round of KEM farming, I had no significant change of in-game cash (gained a measly $78), but at the same time gained some major XP from 32 KEM (a base XP of 64,000 or 320,000 with the XP collider turned on, not including any bonus percentage). Now I’ll continue doing this every four hours, amassing large amounts of XP, yet not losing any in-game cash.

Depending on your ideal number of KEM and your XP bonus percentage, you can be earning multiple donuts every four hours. At 25 donuts to activate the XP collider for 10 days, even if you only have the time to earn three donuts a day farming KEM, you will have a net profit of donuts every ten days, without losing any in-game cash.

Well, I hope this comes as good news for some of you and something to look forward to for others.  I know not everyone has a huge bankroll of in-game cash, and have been looking for alternatives to Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming. What are your thoughts about KEM farming? Have you already been using the technique? What is the ideal number of KEM you can farm? What is your bonus XP percentage? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.


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  1. I had about 80 donuts there so I decided to buy some mystery boxes and it turned out really well. I ended up with 4 news vans and 2 billboards and increased my bonus by 10%. I’m now convinced thst mystery boxes are definitely the way to go.

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  2. Christopher Allan

    Do I need to have all my SH buildings out of storage to get my hidden bonus? Thanks anyone who can answer.


      • Christopher Allan

        Thanks. I took them all out. It looks hideous! It made me realise I had buildings that needed levelling up in storage too so now I’m only 50 mil away from Billionaire Heaven!

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        • hassenpfeffer

          As you get more land, you can move them to an outside edge or corner, out of sight and out of mind. I keep mine on the rightmost edge of town, blocked from view (mostly).

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    • Yes you do as buildings give bonus xp on jobs which help you if you want to level up quickly put down quicky markets as many as you can then wait 4 hours them colect then sell them and and keep doing this every 4 hours


  3. Any advice for a newer, enthusiastic tapper (checking in 20x a day or more while re-watching 3-4 Simpsons episodes daily—so fun!) who is under level 100 (42 at the time of writing this) who wants to try to earn most of the donut cost if not all for a limited-time item she REALLY wants? I’m especially geeking out over the Westminster Abbey (175 donuts) with ghosts that help with heists. I’ve sadly already seen other limited-time items I would’ve loved come and go because I just don’t have enough income to generate yet. I don’t mind initiallly supporting the devs: over the past month, I bought items that yield bonuses and were good investments, and just plain fun to me. So the devs already gotten some deserved $ out of me, but I cannot spend more. My strategy thus far has been to use the initial Springfield Heights missions to get more land so I could generate more income as I acquired more buildings and characters. I used free land tokens from heists on the most expensive land plots. Thanks to this awesome site, I have lots of non-vandalizing friends to visit and who sometimes visit me. Now I’m wondering if I should try to KEM farm with my measly approx $50,000 daily income—hardly enough to buy an unlocked storyline building once a day. I’m wondering how to choose what to keep doing to generate income and a level-up donut, to unlock more, while trying to figure out how to get 175 donuts before my most-wanted, limited-time item disappears in 9 days. I really appreciate this entire site and the addicts! I grew up watching this show since it started and still do. Wish I would’ve found this game sooner. Feel free to add me if you want to see what I’ve done so far. ID: nancyreagan86


    • If you really are checking in 20x a day and don’t mind grinding, buy brown houses. It will take a lot of effort (depending on your IRS level) but your earn cash fast. Buy as much XP collier as you can afford (best is 10 days for 25 donuts). Re-invest the extra donuts in 6 donuts Mystery Boxes. Build a KEM farm of at least 8 – the more the better, collider or not. Buy the beach hideway (5 @ 40 donuts each, plus SH items will earn your 100% bonus when fully upgraded).

      I don’t think you will make your 9 day goal, but sometimes they bring back items at the end of the event and you might make that goal. Good luck.


      • I followed that route a lang time ago. It works like charm, but it takes a lot of time. I’m glad I did.


      • Thanks! Great, specific advice! Since it has taken me a while to save up 25 donuts, I wasn’t sure if it should spend them on the XP collider for 10 days or not. I went ahead and fired it up! Already another level up. Will follow your other suggestions, too. I appreciate it.


  4. Can someone figure out where I have gone wrong? For the blood mobile and Rat Trap Truck I get 1091565XP and 1376780XP. Divide by 5 for the collider gives 218313 and 275356. I have bonus level of 2916.04. So divide the above by 30 gets 7277.1 and 9178.5. Which is not the base XP of 13,200 and 15,000.


    • By comparison: On a KEM, I get 316905 XP. Divide by 5 for Collider = 63381. Divide by 2000 KEM base = 31.6905 (2916.04% bonus +1+hidden).


    • *** Warning to those whose who buy Rat Trap Trucks and Blood Mobiles ***
      I checked out the EA forum and it appears that this is a known bug. When you should get 2 levels ups sometimes you get only one. I should get over 2 million XP on RTT but am getting only 1 million+. Of course this effects whether one should spend the $50K for an extra donuts. It also means I will have to find a lower XP value item.


      • It doesn’t always give enough levels up. But I usually place about 50 rat trap at a time and then collect donuts 10 minutes or so. If there are a few missing level ups, no big deal. Once your bonus is above %4000 the biggest issue is the amount of time it takes to collect. Money becomes irrelevant as you can easily make $25,000,000 daily just doing 4 hour jobs and building collections. It would be nice if you could collect 10 levels worth of donuts at once, but you have to sit through process and just grind away. I get between 2-3 levels per single Rat Trap places, depending on where the XP meter is at the time.


      • And if you loose your connection with the EA servers, you will lose all the XP from the RTDTsand BMs but two. Happened to me several times 🤬


  5. Update. I been working on a test game to figure out the value of KEM farming (conclusion: good anytime, even without the XP collider) and how long it takes to get generate enough donuts to get all the premium items offered.

    It is now day 286 after starting my game. I have a bonus level of 2350.52%. That is enough to generate 3 donuts for every 4 KEMs. In this current mini-event I was able to buy all the event items including mystery boxes. In the previous event I bought all the Mystery Box items. Yesterday I bought all the land tiles under $400,000 (useful to put all the Lard Lads on it) and all the sea tiles under $100,000. I have $11M in cash. (This is enough to build the next farm and buy 3 donuts per round). My IRS level is at 9 (max) – cuts down on “grinding”.

    I have up my KEM farm to 304. I have a brown house farm around 1000, which can generate around $150,000 per 5 minutes.
    While writing this and watching the games my farm matured. I am now at 2384.52% with 7.8M cash and 6 donuts.


    • Update: Day 302 from starting a new game. Just completed buying all the cash tiles (land and sea) and all available premium items (characters, buildings, and at least one of every item).

      Conclusion: through the use of KEM farming and Mystery Boxes (6 donuts) you can put your self in a position to catch up with long term players in less than a year.

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  6. Does anybody know a better way of working out how many KEM I should farm instead of adding up the cost for each additional KEM? I’ve been doing 200 + 260 etc. It’s long, tedious, and prone to errors.
    My ideal spending is 154,949 so I should be farming 30 KEM (I think). It would be a real help if somebody knew a more efficient method of working out my ideal number of KEM to farm!


    • I have the first 24 KEMs cost 57578 after selling. The additonal cost is n*14400*0.75. So for 154,949, that is 154,949-57578 = 102,371/10,800 = 9.47. or 24+9 =33 KEMs. If you use your donuts to buy 6 donuts Mystery Boxes your income will increase and thus you can farm more.


    • What I did at that particular stage (wanting to farm as much as I could without running low on cash), was to simply decide on a “minimum cash reserve”; as long as I had an excess, I would keep farming if I had room, rather than worrying about the math. The income I had coming in at that stage was enough to cover the cheap KEMs, so I wasn’t really losing efficiency by farming extra.


  7. How to get the most donuts for your money

    OK, this is not an easy matter. Impatient readers may switch to the ‘results’ section below.
    This is an issue I want to share before my companion Excel sheet is finally closed. Most of the math is left out, only the basics mentioned. Nerd alert! 😉
    First let us see which ways there are to farm:

    Bloodmobile (BM) vs. Rat Trap Delivery Truck (RTD)

    BM and RTD have the same XP/Price ratio, 10%. 13,200XP/132,000$ (BM) or 15,000XP/150,000$ (RTD).
    So it doesn’t matter which of these you choose to farm. Both return the same XP (or donuts) for the money spent.
    Since you’ll get more XP per unit from RTD, I recommend using them. Less tapping 😉

    Rat Trap Delivery Truck (RTD) vs. Kwik-E-Mart (KEM)

    A KEM yields 2,000XP for 14,400$. This is 13.9%. Thus KEM farming produces more donuts per money than RTD (or BM).
    But you have to wait 4 hours, have to build 7.5 times more units than with RTD, which put out their XP immediately.

    On strategies and some definitions

    Especially low-level players and players in development will do KEM farming as a long-term strategy. They will have minimal (24 cheapest KEM) or limited size farms, which provide a stable plus of cash for e.g. buying land tiles.

    A catch-all strategy comes in favour when you need lots of donuts for a Gil deal or an interesting Mystery Box. Build as much KEM as you can (limited only by money or available space) each 4 hours. I’ve done this on vacation while twice a day online via hotel’s WLAN. Very effective.

    For guerrilla (or, more peaceful, ‘casual’) farmers, which don’t farm at all except they really need some donuts, RTD farming will be the best. Since they don’t spend tons of money continuously on their KEM farm they should have gazillions of in-game cash for their needs.

    The following considerations are interesting for catch-alls and guerrillas. A limited size farmer (provided there is some free land for extra KEMs) should also read this, especially when she is farming on the edge of her economy.

    When I talk about units, KEM or RDT are meant. If you like add BM 😉
    The price of each unit is the net price after you’ve sold it (or its predecessor). Generally you get ¼ = 25% back. So you pay net 10,800$ for a KEM and 112,500$ for a RTD.
    A KEM means the 25th or more KEM. The first 24 are cheaper but I think you’ll build them anyway. The following calculations are for extra KEMs only, whether or not and how much.
    The bonus includes the hidden bonus from S-H (153% max). When calculating the XP result, don’t forget to add the 100% you get anyway. So if your C-O-M shows 296% and you have every S-H building in town (+ 153%) one KEM yields 2,000XP * (296% + 153% + 100%) = 10,980XP
    It’s assumed that your XP-Accelerator is on (10,980XP * 5 = 54,900XP now from the example above).

    Level 939: How to deal with the Bonuts-Box

    New bonus level. One donut, meh! 50,000$ for another try is more than tempting…
    The question is: should I invest 50,000$ or build more farming units instead?
    Let’s see what basic strategies there are:

    A: Let it happen. Take what is offered to you. Don’t moan, don’t complain.
    Minimal donuts: 1
    Average donuts: 2
    Additional costs per level: none

    B: Another try (only) if one donut.
    Minimal donuts: 2
    Average donuts: 2.5
    Additional costs per level: 50,000$/3 = 16,667$

    C: Always go for three.
    Minimal donuts: 3
    Average donuts: 3
    Additional costs per level: 50,000$

    Strategy C is always the best for low bonuses, as we will see later.

    Each unit yields the same XP regardless of the bonuts strategy chosen.
    When we switch from C to B, 3 donuts to 2.5 donuts per level, we need 3/2.5 = 1.2 times the units we used before to get the same number of donuts.
    When your farm consists of 30 KEM (C) you’ll need 36 KEM (B) now to get the same number of donuts.
    Switching further to A means 2.5/2 = 1.25 KEM: 36 KEM (B) to 45 KEM (A).

    The refined question is: should I build the additional units as shown above for the cheaper strategy or pay more for each level as shown further above?
    The answer depends on your bonus.
    The higher your bonus, the more often you’ll get a new level and have to pay 50,000$.
    To get a clue we calculate the money we have to spend for a new level (and later on then the money per donut).

    Each unit yields XP = XP(unit) * (bonus + 100%) * 5 (see KEM example last section).
    A new level needs N = 1,000,000/XP units.
    The total costs are Price(level) = Price(unit) * N.

    So far for the bonus-dependent part.

    Now let’s compare the strategies.
    Strategy B for example yields 2.5 donuts with 16,667$ extra per level.
    The costs per donut are (16,667$ + Price(level)) / 2.5.
    Strategy C is (50,000$ + Price(level)) / 3.
    Strategy C seems to be far more expensive than B…

    Example with KEM, bonus 449% (296 +153 from the example before).
    XP = 2,000 * (449% + 100%) * 5 = 54,900 XP per KEM
    N = 1,000,000/XP = 18.21 KEM per level
    Price(level) = 10,800$ * N = 196,721.31$ per level

    Donut(B) = (16,667$ + 196,721$) / 2.5 = 85,355.2$ per Donut. OK.
    Donut(C) = (50,000$ + 196,721$) / 3 = 82,240.4$ per Donut. Hey, that’s cheaper!
    Surprised? 😀
    The effect of Price(level) being a rather large number, where it makes a bigger difference between dividing by 2.5 or 3, decreases with higher bonuses. The higher the bonus, the fewer units to build for a new level, the lower the Price(level).

    The results (without, or nearly no further math but further thinking)

    KEM farmers with a bonus lower or equal 620% should use strategy C (go for 3 donuts each bonus level).
    KEM farmers whose bonus is greater or equal 620% and lower or equal 1,520% should consider strategy B (only if one donut appears give it another try for 50,000$). They’ll need 1.2 times the KEM they’ve used before (using C) for the same amount of donuts.
    KEM farmers being lucky at greater or equal 1,520% should consider strategy A (do nothing). They’ll need 1.25 times the KEMs they’ve used with strategy B or 1.5 times the KEMs they’ve used with C to harvest the accustomed number of donuts.

    RTD (and BM) farmers should use strategy C below 900% bonus, then B ‘til 2,150% and A above.
    Always and ever, ‘cause money saved = donuts more 😉
    Since RTD has no fixed farm size buy and sell ‘em ‘til you get enough donuts.

    Of course limited and minimal KEM farmers with a well-balanced economy will tend to use strategy C (always faithful three), like I do (or soon will have done) with my 72 KEM farm.
    When I really, really need some more I switch to RTD and strategy B (me being at ~1,860% bonus).

    But the annoying delay between tap-a-box and get-me button consumes lifetime. I’m not able to harvest my Springfield in less than 5 minutes any more *sigh* (Yes, I’m soooo pitiful :-D)

    ~5 KEM = 1 level, avg. 2 slow bonuts taps for 3 donuts with strategy C.
    I will wait until my bonus reaches the 2,123% goal (+ 27% hidden, I put most of these ugly S-H-buildings in storage) and 5,000 donuts in reserve and then switch to A.
    1/3 less donuts for quicker harvesting. Still enough in for me, and RTD is always an option if I need some more. Maybe I even close my KEM farm then because:

    ~5 KEM to place, after 4h these 5 KEM to finish, 1 bonuts tap for one level = 2 donuts (A) and much tapping.
    Versus 1 RTD to buy, 1.5 bonuts tap for 3 donuts, and only when I want it. (I get ~1.5 level per RTD, ergo 3 donuts.) Quick and dirty, and TSTO will be a casual game again 🙂

    OK, I’m convinced now to quit KEM farming asap.
    7.5 KEMs yield the same XP as 1 RTD.
    81,000$ (7.5 KEM) vs. 112,500$ (1 RTD). Seems to be acceptable for me.

    Of course this describes my current situation after 1 year of thorough KEM farming.
    There were times when money was an issue and never enough donuts for too much to spend them on.
    I used this bonus thresholds for an optimized strategy and farm size, always on the edge between more land, more houses, more farm, more donuts.
    Using C now while A would be appropriate is a luxury I can afford. Now.
    I started in April 2017 with 63% C-O-M bonus, reached 1,000% bonus befor e Christmas and will be over 2,000% with 5,000 donuts this month (March 2018). Now it’s time to end this journey, put the XP-Accelerator to a rest and… relax 😀


    • Very nice. One thing to consider once you reach the high bonus level. What is the cost of waiting? If I have 24 donuts I can increase my bonus at least 1% to 7% (depending on where I am in the cycle). I have a 1000 brown house farm. That earns my $6000 per 5 min. Adding 7% adds $420 per round. If I collect 3 times, that is $1260. (in four hours I could collect 48 times). Now I add a 100 Lard Lad Farm ($135 *100*.07) – $945. Add (.07 * $75 * 21) Purple House income of $110… etc, etc. So depending on the number of characters and buildings you have, it might be worth just to increase your income. And you also increase your XP. Thus, basically as long as your extra cash over your minimum threshold, go ahead and purchase those donuts.


    • Does your XP go over 2M? Have you notice losing a level up?


      • I recently bought the last expensive buildings (Sit’n’Rotate etc.). The bonuts box appeared multiple times, while I didn’t count and had no clue how much XP I really got, albeit much much more than 2M. RTD yield less than 2M, max. 2 level ups.

        I don’t suppose I miss a level-up but I’m not sure, now you ask (Darling, did you put out the iron before we left home for our 12-week world travel?)


        • I have noticed when I buy rat trap trucks and blood mobiles that if it crosses the XP boundary more than once that I do rarely get the additional box for donuts. I haven’t tested lower items yet. This makes me want to go for 3 donuts when I get one. If it was working correctly I would just take whatever I get. (It cost me $33,000 per level up).


  8. Can someone please give me the link (URL) to the post that says at what bonus% (or xp per KEM) that I should stop paying $50,000 for bonuts? Currently my style is to only pay $50,000 if I get 1 donut. Otherwise I accept the 2 or 3 donuts that I’m originally given.

    My brain is fried after work today, and I’m struggling to remember the math.


    • So currently you either:
      a) Get 3 donuts
      b) Get 2 donuts
      c) Get 1 donut and spend $50,000 to get 3 donuts
      d) Get 1 donut and spend $50,000 to get 2 donuts
      So if you average those 4 outcomes, you spend $25,000 and get 2.5 donuts.
      That means each donut costs you $10,000 using your current technique.

      Question is how many KEM does it take you to get a bonut box.

      If you go with the technique that you’ll not spend any money at all, you will either get:
      a) 3 donuts
      b) 2 donuts
      c) 1 donut
      So if you average those 3 outcomes, you spend $0 extra and get 2 donuts.

      So if you can get a bonut box in under $20,000 (one box in under 17 KEM, or two boxes in under 21 KEM, or three boxes in under 23 KEM, or four boxes in under 25 KEM, and then goes up by roughly one box per KEM), it is better to not spend any money on going for a second option.

      So if you have a farm of 24 KEM, it would cost you $75,770 to build. At an average of 2 donuts per box, four boxes would get you more donuts (approx. 8) without clicking a second box.
      So if you have a farm of 36 KEM, it would cost you $248,570 to build. At an average of 2 donuts per box, 13 boxes would get you more donuts (approx. 26) without clicking a second box.
      So if you have a farm of 48 KEM, it would cost you $435,770 to build. At an average of 2 donuts per box, 22 boxes would get you more donuts (approx. 44) without clicking a second box.


      • Now if you also spend to go from 1 to 2 to 3, you either:
        a) Get 3 donuts
        b) Get 2 donuts
        c) Get 1 donut and spend $50,000 to get 3 donuts
        d) Get 1 donut and spend $100,000 to go to 2 donuts and then get 3 donuts
        So if you average those 4 outcomes, you spend $37,500 and get 2.75 donuts.
        That means each donut costs you $13,636 using your current technique.

        Question is how many KEM does it take you to get a bonut box.

        If you go with the technique that you’ll not spend any money at all, you will either get:
        a) 3 donuts
        b) 2 donuts
        c) 1 donut
        So if you average those 3 outcomes, you spend $0 extra and get 2 donuts.

        So if you can get a bonut box in under $27,272 (one box in under 19 KEM, or two boxes in under 23 KEM, or three boxes in under 25 KEM, or four boxes in under 27 KEM, and then goes up by roughly one box per KEM), it is better to not spend any money on going for a second option.

        So if you have a farm of 24 KEM, it would cost you $75,770 to build. At an average of 2 donuts per box, three boxes would get you more donuts (approx. 6) without clicking a second box.
        So if you have a farm of 36 KEM, it would cost you $248,570 to build. At an average of 2 donuts per box, 10 boxes would get you more donuts (approx. 20) without clicking a second box.
        So if you have a farm of 48 KEM, it would cost you $435,770 to build. At an average of 2 donuts per box, 16 boxes would get you more donuts (approx. 32) without clicking a second box.


    • KEM farmers with a bonus lower or equal 620% should use strategy C (go for 3 donuts each bonus level).
      KEM farmers whose bonus is greater or equal 620% and lower or equal 1,520% should consider strategy B (only if one donut appears give it another try for 50,000$). They’ll need 1.2 times the KEM they’ve used before (using C) for the same amount of donuts.
      KEM farmers being lucky at greater or equal 1,520% should consider strategy A (do nothing). They’ll need 1.25 times the KEMs they’ve used with strategy B or 1.5 times the KEMs they’ve used with C to harvest the accustomed number of donuts.

      RTD (and BM) farmers should use strategy C below 900% bonus, then B ‘til 2,150% and A above.
      Always and ever, ‘cause money saved = donuts more 😉
      Since RTD has no fixed farm size buy and sell ‘em ‘til you get enough donuts.

      (bonus including C-O-M and hidden bonus from S-H)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I always go for the 3 donuts. I have 700 million in game cash and nothing to do with it besides turning it into bonuts.
        It is time to get back Cecil Terwilliger with his idiotic expensive projects.
        And…. buying land/sea with game cash 💰 💰 💰

        Liked by 1 person

        • See post above… I’ll quit KEM and deliver rat traps instead. Too much money… can’t believe I say this, 4 months ago I scraped together the black rim under my fingernails for land tiles 😀


      • Orthorix,

        I just read all above this and I am at that 620% mark and was wondering about this recently. I would need to reread some of the reasoning from those who spelled it out to really get the math but I get the gist of the scenarios and I thank you for spelling out where hard core players should focus.

        I have stopped rerolling the 150k bonut boxes (Maggie and Event Bonuts) because they cost way too much. I am wanting to up my game but be efficient about it. I’ve got the KEM bug because I have been finally able to obtain full character releases from events after 5 years!

        I want growth(cash) and income(donuts) (financial mutual fund term) but right now I’m just getting income(donuts). I have a few expensive land tiles left I want to finish and also the 3rd Cecil prize up at the 80M mark (I’m 11M in). I am not able to generate growth(cash) because my KEM plot is just a little too big. I recently locked a strip of land for future KEM’s since open land is slowly eroding for me(I like to do extravagant designs after events). My KEM plot is also a manageable size for me (remembering Patric and MY time is important).


  9. Once you’ve reached level 939 and purchased everything you possibly can (for cash) what is left to spend it on except donut farming? Even the ability to pay for extra land seems to have been taken away and replaced with “free” land tokens, so what is the of accumulating massive amounts of cash?


  10. For anyone that didn’t catch it yet, the Jet Engine Bike is back. 6 days, 13 hours remaining. 30 donut cost, 10 donut discount, 2.00% $ and XP bonus.


    • Is that in your Vault? The Jet Engine Bikes are part of the Vault now. But everyone gets different items in the Vault every week. So just because it’s in your Vault, doesn’t mean there are a lot of people with it in there this week. They may have had it last week or maybe will get it next week.


  11. Just hit level 939, what’s the strategy for the donut boxes. I’m thinking it’s worth having another go if I get one donut in the first box.


    • Yep. It is only 50k to try. Instead if 150k like where’s Maggie?


    • I have been keeping track of the cost per donut (initial price plus going for extra donuts) and am currently averaging about $40K per.

      So if you get one and pay $50K get 3 it only costs $25K per. If half the time you get 2 and the get third for $50K, (.5 * 2 * 50)+(.5 *2*100) = 150/4 = 37.5K per additional donut.

      If you get 2 the first time (.5 * 1 *50) + (.5 *1 *100) =150/2 = $75K per additional donut.

      So if money is an issue don’t go for the extra if you get 2 the first time. If you money to burn, go until get 3.

      If you are a KEM farmer and buy mystery boxes, and don’t have cash to burn, you are better off investing the money in the next round of farming. If you want a premium item may be beneficial for you to spend the money.


      • Thanks guys. Going to take your advice I do farm and end up with a little extra cash so I’ll have one extra try if I get one donut first time. Just leveled up twice got one donut both times paid the 50k and got three both times 😁


  12. I attempted KEM farming for the first time and wow is it effective. I still have 12 hours left on my 24 hour generator and I jumped from level 52 to level 102. My bonus percentage, including hidden bonus buildings is 160.25 and I don’t even have all the hidden bonus % from Springfield heights buildings yet. I spent about 1 Million on KEM farms and didn’t do the math (I very highly recommend you do the math and stick with it). I have made 58 donuts already. It’s worth noting though that when you get to level 101 your xp bar raises significantly and you cannot get away with having low bonus % anymore. Just a little insight from a rookie KEM farmer of what to expect your first time farming and if you farm recklessly.

    That leads me to some questions.

    What is better, having Louie and legs do a 1 hour task separately or together when the xp collider is on?

    Also im looking to get into the upper level of KEM farming/rat trap farming quickly and I thought spending all my donuts on the engine bike in the vault should boost up my bonus % significantly, or just spend them all on burns mystery box instead? I’ve heard after getting all unique items (I have them), the donut for % rate is still better than engine bike.

    I also need to get my money up to I can buy all the land territory and I can stay on the game for long periods of time so I was thinking filling my town with brown houses and just constantly tapping them and adding more with the money earned and buying up more land and repeating.

    What is the best approach to get me to the upper levels of money and bonus % quickly, knowing that I can spend plenty of time playing the game each day?


    • Mystery Boxes (6 donuts) average out about 8 donuts per %. Plus you get items you can sell back and Lard Lads you can place to earn cash. It depends on the cost of the next house. Brown Houses top off at 17,300 and will become the best value. Also depends on your IRS level.

      Below is a link to a copy of my progress on my Test game (2nd tab) in Google Sheets. You can see the actions I have taken to get up my bonus. Top most recent , bottom – start of game.

      On the third tab (buy Next) is my calculations on what house to buy next.


      • Hi thank you for answering my questions but I have a difficult time reading your chart so all I got was that burns mystery box buying is a good choice to spend your donuts for bonus % and to just sell off the non percentage items and build all the lard lads because they’re good with generating income.

        Is it better to send Louie and legs on a task together or separately when xp generator on?

        As far as the buildings for money I intend to be on tsto often daily so tapping those 5 minute buildings is no big deal and I’ll of course upgrade my IRS building to max to make my life easier I want to be able to afford whatever I want when an event rolls through.


        • I would worry about characters, won’t make much a difference.

          On the spreadsheet
          You enter your current percent here
          Percentage >>680

          And the cost of next item here
          Orange House 136000
          White House 142000
          Blue House 165000
          Pink House 166000
          Gulp and Blow 146000
          Purple House 137000
          Krusty 37440
          Brown House 17300
          This section shows how much you can earn depending oh how often you visit.
          24 8 6 5 4 2 1
          1440 480 360 300 240 120 60 15 5

          $1,950 $2,925 $2,925 $2,925 $2,925 $2,925 $2,925 $2,925 $2,925
          $1,560 $3,120 $3,120 $3,120 $3,120 $3,120 $3,120 $3,120 $3,120
          $1,248 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744
          $936 $2,808 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744 $3,744
          $780 $2,340 $3,120 $3,744 $4,680 $4,680 $4,680 $4,680 $4,680
          $585 $1,755 $2,340 $2,808 $3,510 $4,680 $4,680 $4,680 $4,680
          $117 $351 $468 $562 $702 $1,404 $2,808 $11,232 $11,232
          $47 $140 $187 $225 $281 $562 $1,123 $4,493 $13,478
          The next section estimate how long it will take to return your invest.
          Below is visit 6 hours with extra clicks. The last line shows if I bought the brown house and visited 4 times per day (6 hours) and click 3 times (6+2) I will pay for the house in 27 days.

          6+2 6+1 6


          27 40 80
          31 46 92

          27 40 44


        • Just (look at Louie’s and/or Legs’ task list and compare the XP they get for each kind of task (solo or joint), keeping in mind that the XP you see listed for a joint task is for both characters together (so divide by the number of characters involved to do the comparison). Whether you’re running the collider or not makes no difference in the comparison, since solo and joint tasks are both multiplied by the same 5x multiplier the collider provides for all building and task income.


  13. Alejandro Rubio

    I have a question about KEM farming. As mentioned above, the fastest method are the bloodmobile and the rat traps truck. This costs a lot more in game cash though.

    But what if we collect as much cash as possible, then build a lot of KEMs (instead of bloodmobiles) and when they are ready to pop, we start collider for a day? Then afterwards we can sell all the KEMs and buy more and farm it for just 1 day.

    Downside to this would be that you kind of need a new Springfield to build all the KEMs hahaha


    • Alejandro Rubio

      For 1 million you can build 7 rat traps trucks (1,050,000) and earn 105,000 XP or 91 KEMs (1,040,570) and earn 182,000 XP. Pretty sure you would need like 3 plots of land for the KEMs but there is quite a difference in final XP.


    • The reasons people buy 10 days for 25 donuts: you collect XP from rent and characters and some games (if you have a high enough bonus – that pays for 25 donuts easily); you save cash on you first 24 KEMs (the first one being only $220), repeat that 3 or 4 times a day for 10 days – that is a lot of cash saved.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alejandro Rubio

        I do understand this. My idea wasn’t a replacement for the long run KEM farming, but for the short term bloodmobiles or rat traps. Even paying full price for the KEMs returns more XP per $. It will indeed take longer to build and collect, but i see a big XP difference there (around 75% more?)


    • As has been said before, that’s not a bad idea in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long to reach the point where your normal tapping, over a period of 10 days with the collided, will produce more than enough extra bonuts to pay for the collided. At that point, it’s more cost effective to just leave it on all the time.


  14. Thank you! Just started KEM farming and I have recouped the 25 donuts XP Collider investment in 24 hours. Onwards and upwards!


  15. Does the xp collider increase apply to base xp earned or base xp + bonus percentage?


  16. Can’t the two methods be combined? I farm 16 KEM every 4 hours without xp collider, but I earn more $ than those KEM cost. I save up my earnings and then farm as many KEM as I can with collider on (requires lots and lots of land). This way I farm cheap KEM (up to 3000) while saving xp collider donuts for farming the expensive ($14400) KEM


    • That is exactly what I did to get started, cheap KEMs without the collider while I banked money, then brief spurts of mega-farming with it. As a short term strategy, it works well, but it doesn’t take long to get enough bonus% that your normal tapping (non-farming) with the collider will provide more than the 25 donuts needed for the collider every 10 days. At that point, it makes sense to keep it charged up all the time.


    • When you have the collider constantly on you get the XP benefit from characters and rent (and other activities). Many have found it is just easier and more beneficial to just have the collider on constantly, buying 10 days for 25 donuts. On one of my games I level up twice (6) donuts just collecting rents and from characters. So even if I visit only once a day that is 60 donuts for the 10 day period. Once you get your bonus up to a certain level you will just leave the collider on.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Thank you!!!!
    As always, TSTO’ers are AWESOME!!
    (And a huge thank you to my neighbors for not dumping me, I couldn’t visit because I was with my son in the hospital)

    I just love love love this site 😃❤️😃❤️😃


  18. I am very interested in KEM/collider farming for donuts but I have ZERO tech skills and reading those charts (while simply amazing!!!) is very hard for me.
    Has anyone posted a ‘farming for dummies’ version so I can ‘farm’ too?
    Thank you!!!


  19. Necromancer Nightmare

    Does selling the KEMs give experience? I admit I’m lost on the concept of why you sell the KEM. Since buying them seems to increase their cost for next purchases wouldn’t you just buy them once and leave them out? Or is the sale necessary for the farming?


    • The selling of the KEMs is absolutely necessary! You buy the next batch of KEMs to earn XP and then it is rinse and repeat.


    • Yes. Essentially, you are exchanging money for XP, and buying KEMs are the most cost-effective medium we have found for doing that.

      Later, when your bonus % reaches an obscene level like mine has, money will no longer be an issue and you can use other items that are more time-efficient, but cost more.


      • Once you sell the ones you just bought (keeping the original one), the price-per-KEM reverts, and starts over again at the lower price before escalating again as you buy. So it saves money, and land – you’d fill up all your land pretty darn quick!


  20. Does anyone know if it´s better to own/buy Brown Houses VS KEM stores?? If one is a frequent player, meaning you log on periodically throughout the day.


    • KEM is for XP. For KEM farming, you need to sell all (but one) KEM to get the best value ($220 for the first vs $14,400).

      For generating cash Brown houses are valuable if you visit a lot. A 10-15 minute visit can generate 3 collections. If you visit every 4 hours they can return more than others houses depending on the price of the next house (brown houses top out at $17,300).

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  21. I started a new “B” town for the heck of it. Only on level 9 or so right now. Is the XP Collider available at a certain level? Or do I have to wait around for it to be offered again at some point? Thanks!


  22. Happy New Year Neighboreenos!!

    I will show you some data about
    MystyBox farming

    4695 MystyBox
    1889 %
    291 LardLad

    resuming in:

    7,9 🍩/% won (7,84~8,0)
    3,178 🍩/MystyBox (3,00~3,42)
    51,271 🍩/LLD between (42~62)

    4lvinos from Brazil

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  23. Does the elite yacht club and ocean suite have hidden xp?


  24. I need some help please…
    I took out of my storage all the springfield heights buildings that provides xp, I fully upgraded all(5) the beach hideaway, besides that I have 133.75% and I am at level 187.
    It takes me 13 kem to level up. And with the cash that I can generate I can buy about 26 kem every 4 hours. Therefore, I make 2 donuts every 4 hours. It seems pretty low…
    Should it be higher than 2 donuts every 4 hours ??…?


  25. Looks like they raised the base price of KeM. Bummer.


  26. This has got to be one of the geeky-est TSTO articles I have read – and I bloody love it!!!
    Will be saving this to my faves and reading up properly later on x
    THANK YOU!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Is it not better to buy some other building along with kem, once the price of kem gets closer to 10k? Like Brown houses?


    • You buy KEM for the XP generated from building them. Then you sell them for 25% and then buy again. With brown houses, etc you buy them for cash and XP they generate over time.


    • Not really. There seems to be a correlation between what you get when building and what you get from tapping; that is, the crappier the reward for TAPPING a building once it’s built, the better the payout for building it in the first place, and vice-versa. KEMs seem to have the best build cost to initial XP ratio that I’ve seen, although it’s been a while since I checked brown houses specifically.


    • buying other buildings it’s waste of time
      Mistery Box gives LardLad …

      improving $per4h cycle


  28. Below is my step by step progress which I believe proves the benefits of KEM farming, at least below level 939.

    In 156 days went from level 7 to 939, 2.75% bonus to 246% bonus. Played the events while doing regular level up tasks. Completing all not involving premium characters or items, including Krustyland. Just short of completing Friendship level 20.

    google drive link to pdf file: lvl 7 to 939 156 days.pdf


  29. Thank you so much Safi. I have accumulated over 1000 donuts with this and they are increasing every 4 hours. I tend to go overboard with this new found power and have a lot less cash than before. However, I have been playing this since the beginning so I have lots of cash to spend.

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