From the Mouths of Addicts: Kwik-e-Mart Farming for Free Donuts!

Note from Alissa: So one of the popular requested items on my “what would you like to see on this site during the downtime” post was more details about Donut/XP Farming.  What it is, how it’s done…and what the heck Kwik-E-Mart Farming is.  And of course everyone’s favorite site contributor…Safi…stepped up and offered to write up the post!
Safi reached out to me and we discussed writing up the post.  And in true Safi fashion he stepped in with loads of details, charts, tables and figures!  Full disclosure, this post may be a little daunting for newer tappers or casual Tappers.  There are some great tips in here for those looking to earn free donuts.  Just remember to take your time figuring it all out and go at your own pace 🙂
And now here’s Safi….

“Hi Everybody!” (Hi Dr Nick Safi!)

With the recent release of Level 60 and the end of all levels, the games concept of leveling up has shifted slightly. Once you complete Level 60, you’ll be able to continue to level up to Level 61 and beyond. There’s just no questline, character, or building associated with those levels (Homerlayas excluded).

Initially, you can level up from Level 61 to Level 100 each time you fill up an XP bar of 40k XP. You receive 1 donut for each time you level up, for a total of 40 donuts.

You can then continue to level up from Level 100 to Level 939 each time you fill up an XP bar of 500k XP. You receive 1 donut for each time you level up, for a total of 839 more donuts.

Beyond Level 939, your Level does not go any higher. However, each time you fill up an XP bar of 1 million XP, you have the opportunity to choose one of three boxes for a chance at 1, 2, or 3 free donuts.

TSTO Bonus level up

So there is potential for premium and freemium players alike to score thousands of free donuts as a result of leveling up by continuously filling their XP bar.

Let’s take a closer look at the details and strategies that go into XP Farming…

So how do you fill up your XP bar quickly and efficiently?

There are two great ways to earn XP: Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming (Quickly) and Kwik-e-Mart farming (Efficiently).

Both methods obviously will work better the higher your XP bonus is, and work best with the XP Collider turned on as you get 5 times more XP when the XP Collider is active.

XP_ColliderA) Quickly

Well when it comes to filling it up quickly, farming Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Delivery Trucks has been used for a couple years. Wookiee wrote a wonderful post on the subject over two years ago:

This method requires a pretty decent in-game cash fund that you can blow through to purchase and sell as many Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Trucks in a short period of time.

bloodmobile rattrap

Each Bloodmobile cost $132,000 and earns 13,200 XP baseline (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider). Likewise, each Rat Trap Delivery Truck costs $150,000 and earns 15,000 XP baseline (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider).

The pros of this method include:

  • You only spend 5 donuts to activate your collider for one day
  • You only need to spend a short concentrated amount of time to farm XP (don’t have to be a regular tapper)
  • You don’t need too much land to farm
  • You earn a lot of donuts in one day

The cons of this method include:

  • You need a large amount of in-game cash in order to maximize your donuts
  • You deplete yourself of your in-game cash

B) Efficiently

Many of you may have noticed a lot of comments recently regarding the term “KEM (Kwik-e-Mart) farming”. Most noticeably brought up by Tapebelt and then discussed heavily by the 6 S’s (Sillyboy, Sparkinsac, SwissWavey, Sandrashill, Simp7fan, and myself Safi), MAB the Great, and Josephine Kick@$$ from June 10th to June 15th on another post by Wookiee:

The pros of this method include:

  • You don’t need a large amount of in-game cash in order to use this method
  • Arguably the biggest benefit is that you don’t deplete your in-game cash
  • You earn more XP per in-game cash invested than farming with Bloodmobiles or Rat Trap Delivery Trucks
  • You continue to earn free donuts on a daily basis

The cons of this method include:

  • You need to invest a lot more time as this is a long-term strategy (works best with addict tappers who check in multiple times each day)
  • You continuously spend 25 donuts to keep your collider on for stretches of ten days
  • You need some land to farm your Kwik-e-Marts

Now everyone generally has one Kwik-e-Mart in their Springfield, which brought Apu into their game when purchased for $220 during the tutorial levels. This original KEM can no longer be sold.


Subsequent KEM have dynamic pricing – in that the price increases for each additional KEM you purchase from $220 for the 2nd to $12,400 for the 25th KEM; and than remains constant at $14,400 for every KEM beyond the 25th.


The resale value of KEM is the same as all other items, 25% of the purchase price. So if you spend $100,000 on KEM farming, you’ll get $25,000 when you sell them all back.

After completing it’s build in 4 hours, each KEM generates 2,000 XP (not including your XP multiplier or the 5x for activating your XP Collider). This ratio of in-game cash to XP is far superior to the 10:1 ratio of Bloodmobiles ($132,000 for 13,200 XP) and Rat Trap Delivery Trucks ($150,000 for 15,000 XP).

With your XP Collider activated, you can earn a lot of donuts depending on how many KEM you farm and what your XP bonus percentage is. The table and graph below show how many donuts you can earn based on how many KEM you farm and what your XP bonus percentage is when you are between Level 100 and 938, with an XP bar of 500,000.

Click Table to view larger

(Note from Alissa: These tables are SUPER detailed…this is the best way to “display” them.  Click on them to make them larger, and see all the details….)



The table and chart look nearly identical at Level 939. However, as the XP requirements have doubled from 500,000 to 1,000,000 XP, the amount of donuts earned is halved. Below is the table for donuts earned at Level 939.

Click Table to view larger


Now the biggest difference with KEM farming versus Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming is that you don’t lose any money if you farm the ideal number of KEM. But how do you know what the ideal number of KEM to farm is?

The ideal number is one that maximizes XP whilst minimizing change in income.

In order to not lose money whilst maximizing XP, the amount of income you earn in four hours should equal the amount of income you spend on KEM. Your income whilst farming will come from two main places: 75% will be generated by your characters and buildings while 25% will come from selling the KEM you farm. To illustrate how many KEM to purchase, I will use my own situation as an example.

In order to calculate how much income I earn in four hours, one morning I woke up cleared all character tasks and building incomes. I then sent all my characters on a four hour task. At this point, my in-game cash was $1,240,920. I then returned four hours later, cleared all character tasks and building incomes. My income was now $1,393,900. So my four hour income is $152,980.

So let’s say every four hours my characters and buildings earn $152,980. This will account for 75% of my income whilst KEM farming, as the other 25% will come from selling the KEM you farm. So we take this $152,980 and multiply it by 4/3 to account for the other 25%. $152,980 x 4/3 = $203,973. So $203,973 is how much money I should spend to farm the ideal number of KEM for me.

Now that I know my four hour income and ideal number of KEM to farm, I can turn on my XP collider and start KEM farming.

For $203,870 I can purchase 32 KEM for farming (if I only have one in my town at baseline). So 32 is the ideal number of KEM I should farm. So lets say I spend $203,870 farming 32 KEM. While those 32 KEM undergo their four hour build, I send all my characters on a four hour task. When I come back four hours later, my characters and buildings will again earn $152,980. And when I sell those 32 KEM, I’ll earn $50,968 (25% of $203,870). So my four hour total income is $152,980 + $50,968 = $203,948, while my expense on 32 KEM is $203,870.

In summary, after a four hour round of KEM farming, I had no significant change of in-game cash (gained a measly $78), but at the same time gained some major XP from 32 KEM (a base XP of 64,000 or 320,000 with the XP collider turned on, not including any bonus percentage). Now I’ll continue doing this every four hours, amassing large amounts of XP, yet not losing any in-game cash.

Depending on your ideal number of KEM and your XP bonus percentage, you can be earning multiple donuts every four hours. At 25 donuts to activate the XP collider for 10 days, even if you only have the time to earn three donuts a day farming KEM, you will have a net profit of donuts every ten days, without losing any in-game cash.

Well, I hope this comes as good news for some of you and something to look forward to for others.  I know not everyone has a huge bankroll of in-game cash, and have been looking for alternatives to Bloodmobile/Rat Trap Delivery Truck farming. What are your thoughts about KEM farming? Have you already been using the technique? What is the ideal number of KEM you can farm? What is your bonus XP percentage? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.


395 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Kwik-e-Mart Farming for Free Donuts!

  1. Okay so today is my first day KEM farmer. I place 50 building and earn 11 Donuts does that sound right. Does it matter that i am at level 189? I just place another 50 building to see how many sprinkles i will earn in 4 hrs.

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    • Well it depends on your bonus percentage. I earn 24 donuts with 48 KEM farmed. But more importantly for me, I don’t lose any money farming 48 KEM. During the 4 hours my 48 KEMs were being built, my characters and building earned enough money to offset the cost of those KEM. How much money did you have when you started purchasing 50 KEMs? And how much money do you have now? If you lost a significant amount of money, you won’t be able to maintain a 50 KEM farm. You might be better off only farming half of that, do 25 KEM farms every 4 hours, earn half the donuts, but not lose any money. As you improve your bonus percentage and get more characters and buildings for income, you can start increasing the amount of KEMs you farm.

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  2. Okay so I’m just starting with KEM farming and I’m wondering what happens if you don’t use the XP collider? And I’m not sure I get the mystery box thing ether… Hoping to be able to get enough doughnuts so that I can actually buy what I want!


    • Firing up the XP Collider gives you five times the amount of XP,so fire it up to get the most out of your KEM farming. I have switched on mine for 10 days at the cost 25 donuts. I am considering to keep the XP Collider running indefinitely.


      • Once you get your bonus % rising, your normal game play should get you the 25 donuts in 10 days to keep the collided running, in addition to what you make farming. It may not seem like it at first, but mystery boxes are the most cost effective way to boost your %.

        To see their effect, I recommend banking 50 donuts or more, then buying one ‘cycle’–stopping 2 items AFTER winning 10 donuts. What you’ll find is that for a cost of 40 donuts or less, you’ll get a minimum of 3 items totaling 4% bonus, one lard lad, and a bunch of stuff you can sell. That beats any item you can buy outright, bang for buck.


  3. Dear Safi, and friends on this amazin’ TSTOAddicts community

    recently I give it up counting after 816 MystBoxKemFarming%Boost

    2496 Donuts spent,
    318% won…
    the number always stays between
    7,44 and 7,85 per %won

    May I search for tech-rehab now?

    No I’ll continue tapping between 3:55H
    for 15min for Yeeeeaarsss…

    4lvinos from Brazil.

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  4. So I’ve been doing KEM farming for awhile now thanks to this article and I am max level but after the latest update (end of the Homerpalooza event and the start of the county fair mini event) my KEM cost much more for some reason. When I buy new KEMs for farming the first one I buy (second KEM including the non-sellable one) costs $1500 instead of the normal $220. The game seems to be acting as if I am buying my 13th KEM and increases in price starting from there. Is this a change that EA made in the last update and is happening to everyone or is it just me??


  5. MaidenOfTorments

    Is the mystery box better than getting a 2% bonus from the vault for 40 donuts with a 10 donut rebate? That ends up being 15 donuts for 1%. Every now and then, I’ll see the jet engine bike in the vault, which ends up being a 2% bonus for 20 donuts, or 10 donuts for 1%.

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  6. Wow, this is still an incredible work, Safi – the article as well as some comments (thanks, Charles!)

    I’ve recently worked on a little “problem” for level 939: the bonuts roulette and whether to pay or not (and build KEM instead).

    OK, there are 3 main strategies:

    Strategy A: accept yer fate.
    Average money spent: none
    Average donuts earned: 2
    Worst case: none (except 1 donut only…)

    Strategy B: have at least 2 donuts
    Simply pay only when you get one donut, 2 or 3 are OK.
    Average money spent: 16,667$ (939+) / 50,000$ (Maggie/Bonuts)
    Average donuts earned: 2.5 (half a donut more)
    Worst case: 1 donut, you have to pay

    Strategy C: always have 3 (three! :-D) donuts
    Tap until you get three. You deserve them!
    Average money spent: 50,000$ (939+) / 150,000$ (Maggie/Bonuts)
    Average donuts earned: 3 (one donut more)
    Worst case: 100,000$ (939+) / 300,000$ (Maggie/Bonuts)

    But what pays out in the end?

    Example: Maggie/Bonuts
    Occurs every 3 days (Maggie) and at least once a day in the bonuts phase during an event.
    150,000$ is a lot of stuff, 300,000$ even more.
    I calculate from a long term view, so you should have a money reserve for some bad luck
    streaks. Only average values are to be considered.

    Strategy B: average cost 50,000$.
    For 50.000$ you’ll get 4.63 KEMs.
    In case these 4.63 KEMs shall yield 0.5 donuts (the raise you get if you pay otherwise) you need a conform-o-meter bonus of 309,4% (+ 153% Springfield Heights and accelerator on).
    So if your bonus is better than this 310% don’t pay, farm instead.

    CONCLUSIONS (without further math ;-))

    Maggie/Bonuts (150,000$ a try)
    Strategy B (at least 2, +.5): bonus 310%, less: pay, more: farm
    Strategy C (always 3, +1): bonus 190%, less: pay, more: farm

    Level 939+ (50,000$ a try)
    Strategy B (at least 2, +.5): bonus 1,030%, less: pay, more: farm
    Strategy C (always 3, +1): bonus 670%, less: pay, more: farm

    So I with c-o-m bonus 322,65% will leave the expensive bonuts alone (strategy A :-P) but pay for every level-up, at worst 100,000$.
    This implies I have a soft money cushion (> 500k) and an appropriate income for 2-3 level-ups each 4h round. And I build fewer KEM, investing the money more effective in strategy C.

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    • +++ ERROR +++ ERROR +++
      The bonuses wer calculated against strategy C – but we want to know when strategy A (pay nothing at all) becomes more effective. Not expensive C.
      😣 Doh!

      Strategy A gives you 2 donuts in average.
      Strategy B gives you a raise of 0.5 donuts, C a whole one, 1.
      We want to know which bonus we need when each pay(n)ful strategy becomes obsolete, when we simply tap wether 1, 2 or 3.

      C: cost $50,000 gives 4.63 KEM, needs 287% bonus to get 1/2 donut from those KEM without paying anything.
      B: cost $150,000 gives 13.89 KEM, needs 107% bonus to get 1 donut.

      LEVEL 939+
      B: cost $16,667 gives 1.54 KEM, needs 1,367% bonus to get 1/2 donut
      C: cost $50,000 gives 4.63 KEM, needs 827% bonus to get 1 donut

      The KEMs were calculated by the net price 10,800$.
      The boni include full SH (153%) and XP accelerator on.
      XP needed for 1 donut is 500.000 (1.000.000 for level-up, 2 donuts average outcome).

      If you have more bonus don’t pay (which comes easy for bonuts and Maggie), if your conform-o-meter is lower try increasing your donut output by using money 😉

      Sorry for making this post even longer… 😬


      • Yet another one… the considerations before are about switching strategies from pay to no pay (B,C to A).

        Maggie/bonuts: for switching from strategy C to B (1/3 expenses, 2.5 donuts instead of 3) you need only 35% c-o-m + 153% Heights + XP accelerator.
        The 13.89 KEMs will then produce the donut at 1,000,000/2.5 xp per donut.

        Regular leveling from 939 on requires 611% bonus (+ Heights with accelerator).
        Bonus 611% and 1,367% sigh! go A, don’t pay 😀


        • addendum

          Typo in the last line for using angle brackets:
          611% less strategy C, more strategy B
          1,367% more strategy A – no money at all.



          above is a shareable link to a spreadsheet to help you determine whether or not to go for extra donuts.

          Thoughts: (1) The best option is to KEM farm the few enough to generate your donuts need (2) If you need over 25 per period, then the question is a matter of time. If you need them right away, then is buying bloodmobiles better? I.e., is the possibility of money saved by not buying extras at $14,000 worth the cost of having to buy bloodmobiles when you need them. (3) If you generating donuts to increase your percentage (Mystery Boxes), does the future money generated outweigh any possible savings (probably yes). I.e., maximizing your percentage brings more rewards then any savings of not trying to maximize your donuts.


  7. Just wondering, should one get a 100% bonus XP rate before starting KEM farming?


    • That’s not required. You always can KEM farm at any percentage.

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    • No, you should start as soon as possible. Even doing just 6 to 12 at a time will speed you along.

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    • Thanks guys! Just got to lvl 102 from 71 in under 12 hrs! What’s the best way to improve my % bonus xp rate?


      • Purchasing Mystery Boxes.

        On average, you’ll go up 1% for every 6 to 9 donuts you spend.

        You’ll have hundreds of news vans, I&S billboards, and Lard Lads.

        Next best item is the Jet Engine Bike that yields 1% for every 15 donuts spent.

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        • That’s a fact. I just went a little over 5000%. I have tons & tons of that stuff.


          • I wouldn’t want my bonus multiplier to be THAT high, because I’d have to spend too much time gong through bonus box rounds and, at a certain point, there’s not much more to spend donuts on. And it certainly wouldn’t be worth to me it if it meant having huge visible swaths of vans and billboards taking up precious land area and looking ugly. (I have hundreds of them hidden behind buildings and such, but I ran out of hiding places at a certain point and now will only buy mystery boxes if I have new hiding places for the resulting vans and billboards.)

            My multiplier is somewhere between 1,400 and 1,500, and, at this point, I’m not super focused on increasing it, although my ultimate goal is to reach 2,000 at some point.

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      • Max out (5) on beach hideaways /first/ and fully upgrade them. (20% each for 40 donuts)


  8. An update on the “proof” that KEM farming is good anytime. 63 days, lvl 7 to 212. A pdf.

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    • Not to be braging. Ik leveled up from level 60 to the maximum of 939 in 4 hours. You do need some 10 million of gamecash and a runnin XP Collider.


      • I did that with my “A” game before I realized it was a waste of cash. The point of the pdf is to show a beginner’s path and the advantage of KEM farming. At lvl 7 I was still in tutorial mode. As you can see I have earned less than 7 million at this point.


        • It came with over 600 FREE donuts 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
          My Homer still is drooling when he thinks of those very first donuts:
          “DROOOOOLLLLL! First free donuts!” 🤣🤣🤣


          • That’s what I thought. Then I realized had I just used the money to KEM farm slowly, I would have gotten way more donuts. By buying mystery boxes, I could have increased my % quicker giving a better return on the money.


    • Another update, 107 days, level 7 to 414. Finished most of the quests. Currently buying 24 KEMs, earning 2 donuts per 4 hours period. Assuming you visit 3 times a day, that would be 60 donuts in 10 days, enough to “pay” for the XP collider to be constantly on and buy Mystery Boxes to increase your bonus.
      PDF of the the spreadsheet.


  9. I get the kem farming idea, how do I generate more cash? I’m perpetually low, and I’m at 91.

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    • Set all characters to 4 hour jobs at The Unemployment Office, then collect all their earnings and all your buildings. Do this 3 times daily. Spend donuts only on items that increase your conformity bonus. After your bonus is at a sufficient level, say over 1000% money won’t be a problem. I’m currently at exactly 3500% and the only way I can spend more money than I make is to build TONS of Rat Trap delivery trucks. Even there, I’ve only gone through 300 million in many months. Ive gone up probably 8000 levels since 939. At some point (maybe 5000%) it will be all but imposssible to run out of money.


    • Are you at level 91 or 91 dollars? Playing the events earn you characters and buildings and bonus items. Below is a link of my progress to test KEM farming from the start. It is a pdf of a spread sheet with snap shots. I sometimes visited more frequently than every 4 hours. I switch between games and spend 5 to 10 minutes every couple of hours to gather rent, etc.


    • hassenpfeffer

      House farming helps, particularly when you have leftover event currency and nothing better to spend it on. I have several farms of 50-100 units from events like Halloween, where the same houses came back for a few years in a row.

      Also, I would avoid spending donuts on anything other than the XP collider and things that directly raise your bonus %; there are enough items that boost the categories which can be bought for in-game money, that I wouldn’t easy donuts on those.

      If you find yourself tempted by a character from time to time, I recommend ones from events like Halloween, as they are predictably re-used from year to year, increasing the bang for your donut buck, as well as (hopefully) getting you a few more houses for your farms.

      I hope you find this helpful.


  10. The tipi bar is only 95.000 $ and gives 45.000 xp points 225.000 with the colider😜😜.
    I farm 12.000.000 a week and i earn up to 80 donuts a week. 390,10 % extra xp


  11. Ever since the update with the “Vault” I have not found access to the XP collider. I have enough conformity bonus (3430%+) that I can level up once per every 2 Rat Trap trucks I build. I have 1.2 billion in cash should its no big deal to just build a whole
    bunch and collect for XP. How is everyone dealing with the loss of the XP collider? How does that affect Kwiky Mart farming?


    • I still have collider. Just recharged it to 38 days


      • You answered my second question, can you pre-purchase more than 10 days worth at one time? If you have 38 days remaining, that would seem to be a yes. I cannot find the Collider anywhere in the store. Do you still have it as a separate sub-menu or has it moved? What level are you? I am at 939 plus several thousand level ups beyond that. I have 1.2 billion in cash and over 3400% conformity bonus. I wonder if EA removed the option for players that advanced.


    • Maybe your bonus % is too high 😜 Mine is at 1005% and the XP Collider is still working.


    • Not sure what you mean – did you have the collider and lose it? Did you not have the collider and now you don’t see it available. My collider hasn’t gone anywhere -it’s still in my game….



    To test if it makes sense to KEM farm early on, I started a new game. Here is a snapshot of the first 12 days. Actually it started a little early in a non email game, but it was still in tutorial mode when I picked it up. I started 1/2 through the dinosaur part of the Time-Travel event, so sometimes the characters were sent to earn shovels and other times to do quests. Anyways it consists of snapshots of status through the game, please ignore misspellings, abbreviations and other errors.

    So far, even it is a little as farming 4 KEMs it makes sense to farm.


    • Assuming there are no outside factors (like a cash shortage), the minimum number of KEMs to farm should be enough that your next one costs $14,400. Any fewer than that, and you are just throwing money (and donuts) away because these are the cheapest KEMs you will ever get. If you’re just getting started and don’t have enough cash for that yet, by all means, do what you can, but stop at $14,400… until you have enough to keep the farm rolling.


      • The minimum number to farm is amount needed to generate 25 donuts in 10 days. Otherwise it is the number needed to generate enough donuts needed to buy what your want (premium items or mystery boxes to increase your %).


  13. Maybe a stupid question but I’ve just started KEM Farming and every time I level up I only get 1 donut I don’t get the option to win 3, like i do whrn i find maggir! I’m level 118, has it changed!?



    Here is the mystery box sequence:

    BS: Bomb Shelter
    LL: Lard Lad Donuts
    CO: Chalmers’ 1979 _ONDA
    KK: Khlav Kalash Stand
    MP: Minnow Pond
    BB: Itchy & Scratchy Billboard
    NV: Channel 6 New Van
    10: 10 Donuts
    30: 30 Donuts
    (n) repeats n times

    BS KK BB 10 BS LL BB CO MP LL BB CO MP NV 30 CO KK NV 30 BS KK NV 10 (2)

    I hope this helps you find where you are.
    Net 44, 58, and 88 donuts.

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    • Thanks for putting this… I’ve gotten to where I initially know where I am within a sequence, but I hadn’t figured out the sequence of sequences yet.


    • I just bought 6 mystery boxes in a row and I had a complete different sequence:

      NV LL BS MP CO 30

      So there might be an additional randomness…


      • Early on you can get Tire Fire, Lemon Tree, Squeaky Teen, Blue Hair Lawyer, maybe more. I had been focusing on the basics 2-2 or 3-3 billboards followed by vans with extra stuff for net 44(6%), 58(9%), and 88(9%) donuts. It would be interesting to know if other people have different patterns. Thanks.


        • Now I was curious and bought more mystery boxes.
          So my all together sequence is so far (recording started by yesterday)

          NV LL BS MP CO 30
          BB NV KK MP BS 10
          BB NV LL KK BS CO 10
          BB NV KK MP BS 30

          Blue hair lawyer and all the other stuff I already own.


          • Your sequence is much more profitable. A billboard (1%) followed by a new van (2%)!!. What is your level and current %?


        • Can’t reply to your last comment so I’m answering here.
          My level is 123 and my % is 500 including the hidden bonus.
          I’m completely new to that bonus thing and I just started experimenting with it.

          I really wonder how people can increase their % level up to 2000% in a reasonable amount of time…

          What is your level and %, how much time you needed to get there?


          • My A game is at 2528.25%. I started keeping track on 12/9/16 when I had 483.40% with 365 donuts. On 4/18/17 I hit 2016.30%, with a stash of 1775 donuts.


        • If 10 – 15 donuts for just 1% is a good deal
          one has to spend more than 6,000 donuts to reach the goal of 1000%. I can’t see the payoff yet and it seems to me a long way to earn so many donuts. I think I better stop buying mystery boxes or items just for the rise of % till I made the math…


          • The billboard gives you 1% and the news van gives you 2%. In my sequence the highest cost is 88 donuts for 9%, which is under 10 donuts per 1% (the best other deal was the boat at 10 donuts), but you also get a couple of Lard Lads and other items you can sell. The other sequences are 6.45 and 7.34 donuts per 1%.


          • I have 123 Lard Lads in storage at this point and wish to high heaven I could sell them, even if it were just for one donut apiece (heck, who am I kidding…I’d even sell them for cash!). I know I could put them out and have them earning cash, but I don’t like to have any kind of building “farms,” other than my KEM farms, which mostly look like plots of soil, like a real farm, and don’t disrupt my town’s aesthetics that much. (Plus, they’re core to my current playing strategy.)


          • I agree mostly. When new land comes available I fill it with LL or houses in inventory until I decide what to do with it. But even if you don’t use the other items, mystery boxes give you the best deals for percentage.


          • sandrashill

            Oh, absolutely! I’ve been advocating mystery boxes to lots of folks here, as you may have noticed, and it’s been my chief way of increasing my multiplier for a while now. 🙂


          • hassenpfeffer

            Re: Mystery box sequence… What happens when you ‘take a break’? (Not buying one immediately after another) Does the sequence pick up where it left off, or does it start at some random point after a period of inactivity?


          • Interesting question. I assume delays do not matter. Whenever I start again, either through a free mystery box from as a daily task bonus just buying, I have always started with the BS (Bomb Shelter).


          • I think it just picks up where you left off, but I’m not 100%% positive. (I’m probably somewhere on the 90%s, though…)


          • sandrashill

            I should add…how do you think in ended up with 123 “extra” Lard Lads, lol! 😀


    • Can you please clarify this sequence a little further?

      Does the overall paragraph worth of sequence repeat after itself, or do you start in a random sequence and then stay in that small loop forever? I just did 12 mystery boxes to conclude I was in the last sequence listed (which cost me about 40 donuts). I also don’t understand the net values at the bottom of the post because you listed more than 3 individual sequences. Sorry if it’s obvious, I’m just not seeing it haha.



      • This has been my experience. Basically there are 3 “costs” for percentages, based on 2/2 (6%) or 3/3 (9%) billboards/vans and Lard Lads received and whether you get 30 donuts or 10 after the second NV. I decided to end the sequences with the NV/ donuts because that is the most valuable combination, i.e. if you had 12 more donuts you would want to spend them now. I decided to do this to help those who don’t need LLs and came across the bottom sequence andmight feel discourage. BS KK BB CO MP LL BB CO MP LL BB CO MP (26 donuts per percentage).


    • Hello guys

      I wanna fully understand the math
      on XP per KEM landed.

      Every KEM landed I get 49.700XP

      I have inicial boost of 391,35%
      5x boost goes to 1956,75%

      Everywhere I see that KEM Landed it’s 2000XP…


      2000( 1 + 5x% ) = 49700
      I don’t get it, a inicial boost of 477%

      I going craaaaazy

      considering that it’s not the real equation
      and the real giving data is:
      2000XP is the initial KEM landed
      My real boost it’s 391,35%

      It happen a “Phantom” boost on my 939LV

      2000( 391,35%(p) + 1956,76(p) ) = 49.700

      phantom boost = p = (49700/3921327)
      p ≈ 0,0126743

      currently I get ≈ 11,5 donuts per 4h/cycles


      • KEM is 2000XP. With no bonuse 5x – 10,000XP. A 100% would be (2000*(1+100%)= 4000XP *5 = 20,000. You have 391.35% so that would be 4.9135 * 2000 * 5 = 49,135. 49,700-49,135 = 565. 565/5 = 113. This is your hidden XP bonus (from Springfield Heights, etc).

        Liked by 1 person

  15. OK, here are my 2 ¢… KEM farming for three weeks, XP-Multiplier now the 6th day (have been a little anxious to spend donuts on this thingummy) – me and my pal Excel have done some math.

    I’ve read Dan’s comment carefully. Currently the spy event is running and many characters are busy doing spy jobs so my income is lowered. I have piled up 7 million $ wich I spent in purple houses – not the best start for the 25th house is 216k $ … nevermind 😀

    I noted the cash every 4 hours to get a clue of my average income.
    Excel told me with keeping 50k $ aside for further investment the current number of KEMs is 22. This makes 1-2 donuts each turn, not taking into account the XP from the characters and other buildings.

    I invest in a house farm. Possible houses are:
    Purple (3h)
    Gulp’n’Blow (4h)
    Pink (6h)
    Blue (8h)
    White (12h)
    Orange (16h)

    Each house has increasing costs, I suppose the amount will be constant after house no. 25.
    Assuming you are 3 times online each 4 hrs. you’ll get the income of the intervals ≤4h three times, ≤8h two times and >8h once a day. If lucky the white house’s twice a day.

    Now let Excel calculate the income per house type x how often you get it and divide the price by this total. You have an index of wich building has the least costs per income. Note the changed price after you’ve built it 😉

    Each time I have 500k $ (buffer) + enough for the cheapest building per expected income I build it. Next time it will be another type of building.

    Why 500k $ in reserve? When the price run is finished I want to have at least 2 bonuts per round. This means I have to invest with a chance of 1/3 (1 donut only) 150k $. In average 50k $ per turn.
    Wanting the maximum of 3 donuts means you have to invest 300k $ in worst case, average cost 150k $ (case 1 or 2 donuts appear at a chance of 2/3, thus average 100k $; worst case at a chance of 2/3 x 1/2, average another 50k $).

    Now I will tap and watch how this strategy pays out … some mystery boxes would be fine but I bought Adil today …


    • Have you check out my google spreedsheet:

      Depending on your bonus, you may be better off KEM farming, buying Mystery Boxes and increasing you bonus. (Buy 10 days of XP at a time).


      • Great work, Charles! Must go afk now but added the sheet to my GDrive 🙂

        My Excel sheet looks like this:

        (Don’t mind the german labels, as you can see I’m at the beginning of the journey… just bought my weekly mystery box with 30 donuts in it :D)

        I will work through yours when I’m back at home 😉


      • Charles,

        I liked your input on bonus %. I have been working on getting my bonus % up. I have been KEM farming, buying characters, and buying mystery boxes. It has taken awhile but right now my bonus % is 774. I checked, every KEM gives me a little over 100,000 xp. I’m accumulating a lot of lard lads but I figure it’s extra income.
        I uploaded your spreadsheet on my iPhone to Dropbox, but it won’t let me edit it.


        • If you click on it, it should open in Google Docs: Sheets. If you don’t have a google account, it is very easy to set one up. And it is free. Then you should be able to make a copy and play with the copy. It is very similar to excel. At your bonus level you should be able to generate enough donuts to increase your % by 9% every day.


          • I have a gmail account. I thought excel was supposed to work with Dropbox, but I will look at Sheets.
            I bought more mystery boxes. I’m at 780% now. 👍🏻


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