Should I Spend Donuts On the Spring Relaxation Bundle (and other Returning Content)?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The spies are invading Springfield!  Yes, the Secret Agent update has hit our games.  We’ve got hacking, drones, dossiers and a shrinking donut bank account because there are LOADS of returning items in our stores just tempting us with those sprinkles!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

So I’ve had lots of questions in the comments about the Spring Relax Bundle.  I was going to wait until Monday to do a post on it, because another item is returning to the stores tomorrow (supposedly), but since y’all have a bunch of questions I’ll do it now and add some info about tomorrow’s (supposed) returning content, Nighthawk Diner and Rex Banner….


Bundle: Spring Relax Bundle
Contains: Otto & the School Bus & the Greenhouse
Donut Cost:
120 Donuts
Earns: Greenhouse and School Bus earn $300, 30xp/12hrs each
Previous Post: 
Should I Buy Otto (school bus (because back then I did 2 SIBS for every combo..I was crazy I know)), Should I Buy the Greenhouse (just includes the greenhouse, NOT the nature bundle)
My Opinion On it Now: So, Otto alone is 120 donuts.  So this isn’t a discount deal as much as it is a BOGO deal.  Buy Otto get the Greenhouse Free.  I like the Greenhouse (worth 80 donuts on it’s own), and I own both in my town.  If you’ve been looking into getting Otto grab this bundle.  Otherwise pass.
Leaves Stores April 27th

Why Can’t I See This Deal: Many of you saw this popup:

But then had no access to the deal.  This is because you likely have either Otto or the Greenhouse already.  If you have Otto and/or the Greenhouse this offer WILL NOT appear for you.

Building: Nighthawk Diner
Character: Rex Baner 
Donut Cost:
In the past this combo was 90 donuts
Earns: $500/45xp every 24hrs
Previous Post:
Should I Buy
My Opinion On it Now:
Any time you can get a character/building (or decoration with a bonus %) combo for under 100 donuts you should grab it.  Rex is one of my favorite characters, with a fantastic task to interrogate Flanders.  If you can swing him, get it.
Remember, Rex is supposed to hit stores TOMORROW, April 22nd, and is slated to Leave Stores April 29th


And that’s it my friends, the quick Should I Buy recaps for latest returning items..

What are your thoughts on the Relax Bundle or Rex Banner?  Will you be adding them to you Springfield?  Do you already own them? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Spring Relaxation Bundle (and other Returning Content)?

  1. Does the Greenhouse have any sort of payout or bonus %?

  2. These offers are tailor made for noobs to purchase – the rest who have everything? Move along, EA doesn’t care anymore …. 😐

  3. I am disappointed that I couldn’t get that greenhouse because I already have Otto. Sigh.

    • Me too. I have nearly bought the Greenhouse on the last couple of occasions when it was available separately, but there was always something more interesting for my Freemium Donuts. Even more irritatingly, this time, I had just bought Otto a couple of months ago, as I was fed up that Uter didn’t have a 4-hour task!

  4. Rex also does intelligence reports! I’ve been wanting him for awhile. He might be able to pay for himself by contributing to bonuts 🙂

  5. Can anyone answer me a question about Rex Baner? Does he have only one 8 hour quest (the one with Ned) or did EA give him a standalone at some point? Thinking about this from an unemployment office perspective.

    • Yea, it was problem, like now with Leopold (need Chalmers to 4h), but they gave him 8h “Interrogate Suspects” or something like that (don’t remember so sorry if I’m wrong 😉 ).

    • I know he has a 24 indoor task, to eat at the Nighthawk Diner, also a 12 hour Kwikemart stakeout.

    • He has a standalone at Moe’s: Lecture Boozers.

    • Thanks everyone. I did end up purchasing him based on your comments and his standalone does solve the unemployment office problem I was originally concerned about.

  6. Side note- I just got a mystery box via the daily tasks. I was so excited I paused to enjoy the moment and inside was…a khav khalash stand! Words can’t express my disappointment! 😂 I didn’t know you could get tiny things like that which are easily purchasable with in-game cash! What a let down! 😩😂

  7. I would buy this if I could find it. it’s not available in my game yet? I’ve seen this in friends towns and it’s very pretty and would love to add one to my SF.

    • Okay nvm just read it’s not available if I have Otto already. which is stupid imo. break it up Ea please, so we can all have access to individual items.

  8. I have the greenhouse but not Otto
    But now i can’t have him.

  9. What about the shaboom pink bomb restraunt? Is there a SIB it already?

  10. I, like a few of you have Otto and are not offered the bundle. My question to you all that have it is, if you are offered the Greenhouse for purchase what do you feel is a reasobale price as it is effectively given to you for free with the Otto deal. I have a feeling no matter what price is put on it (if it was offere singly) there will be people complaining that they need to spend ‘X’ amount on it. So appart from EA being extreamly generous and giving it to everyone that has Otto already (and thus setting a dangerous presidency for future items/bundles/situations like this) what is a fair solution? I don’t feel there is that would satisfy the masses.


    • I would consider a token of 20 or 30 donuts to be fair.

    • All of you complaining it’s unfair and it should be given to you or you get it for 20 or thirty doughnuts…. get over it….. nEAver gonna happen the friends of yours that have it purchased both Otto and the greenhouse separately
      Otto is always available for purchase
      The greenhouse was made available last year with a bunch of addition things to give you a 7% xp bonus for 100 doughnuts which everyone who has it myself included thought was a good deal

      • I’m not complaining about it at all. It just seems a circumstance that will get people worked up for missing out. I honestly don’t care either way as I get that it’s just a ‘silly little game ‘ (to qoute the lovely Bunny) and its got no real effect on my life. As you see at the end of my post I put it up for discussion, a place for others, like you, to express your view on it. Like all the posts that TSTO put up. Ultimately at the end of the day it’s EA’s decision and wheather we like their decisions or not it’s out choice if we play this ‘life ruiningly fun’ game.
        And in my view, what does it matter, really.

        • All I said was that I would consider about 30 donuts to be fair. I never said I would expect such fairness. I don’t know where I would even put the greenhouse anyway, so I probably won’t buy it if it’s ever offered outside of a bundle.

  11. Stoked for Rex Banner.

  12. I have Otto but would like to get the Greenhouse. Hopefully, EA will offer the Greenhouse after this event.

  13. Will certainly get the Nighthawk Diner when it becomes available.

  14. I don’t own Otto or the greenhouses so this was an instant buy for me. I’m glad I always wait for a deal or bundle before spending my precious doughnuts 😆

  15. I was intently looking forward to buying the greenhouse but EA let me down. :'( I didn’t have enough donuts the last time it was offered and sorely regretted it.

  16. I have been waiting forever to get that greenhouse. I always envied it when I would visit friends towns and Otto was on my list to purchase next so I was beyond happy when I saw this combo. I snapped it up right away. The only building I have ever wanted more is the Retro Lard Lads and Lard Lad Boy combo for 100 donuts. I had 99 donuts. I was not happy. My question is does anyone have any idea if they are going to offer Retro Lard Lads again? I desperately need it.

  17. I already had Otto but this is a really decent deal.

  18. I wanted the Greenhouse badly. EA will see it as a full re-release of the item, and probably forget about it for the next two years, but most of us will not be allowed to purchase it. The same thing happened with Freedom the falcon last year. I wasn’t even playing when that first came out, and I feel like I was punished for buying the Gil deal when it came out.

  19. Nooo, I really wanted to get my hands on the Greenhouse… such a bummer! 😒

    Well, at least I’ll be saving my donuts for the Nighthawk Diner ✌️

  20. Was act two easier than act one , act one seamed to take forever ? Finished act two a few days ago

    • Yeah!! Me to, everything on hold till act 3, on my second round of donuts and have nearly completed heights with the spare time, loving it!!!

  21. I’m so bummed, I’ve been waiting for this greenhouse to come back forever. I would buy it in a second, and I don’t understand why they have it set up so anyone who has Otto can’t get it. How does that benefit EA to lose sales? At least all the people who have the greenhouse can get Otto after the event and aren’t just out of luck

    • I think it’s a matter of perspective. Look at it this way: you’ve already spent your donuts on Otto by himself. Thus, it’s not actually a lost sale, to EA, even though it’s a missed opportunity to you. The players who can take advantage of this have not yet purchased Otto, (for whatever reason) and are therefore offered a bundle to try to convince them to part with their hard earned (or purchased) donuts.

      • It’s a lost sale because I would have bought donuts for the greenhouse if they offered it by itself

  22. I really wanted Otto.. Was happy to see a bundle.
    I own the greenhouse already, so I had the offer then with the lock on it before it went away.

    I get the part about not getting the offer because we already have one piece of the bundle, but it seems like a jerk move to have a pop-up gleefully announcing you can get this, only to not be able to.
    (One line of code and those that can’t get it wouldn’t even see a popup)

    • I -still- have the locked image in my store! 😣 I have the Springfield Greenhouse already; I can’t imagine paying 80 donuts for it, so I’m wondering if I bought it with some kind of bundle? Or did I win/craft it?

      At least I know now that I didn’t really miss out on an Otto “deal”, since the bundle is the same as his regular price.

      Currently trying to decided if I should get either the Abandoned Store or Stoner’s Pot Palace. Normally I don’t buy things without a bonus multiplier, but I really like the look of both stores. Hrm.

      Maybe just save for Rex Banner tomorrow…

  23. I’ve had something interesting happen in my Springfield. When Otto and Nelson walk near each other they pull out guitars and start playing, like a guitar battle. Odd thing is I didn’t have these characters on a quest. The animation was automatic, 1-2 mins later they stopped and continued walking around until I sent them on a task. Anybody experience this?

    • I’m about to purchase the bundle and will let you know if I see this. That sounds cool. I love the little surprises you get in this game.

    • I saw this once. Wondered about it and forgot it until u posted. Like an Easter egg I guess.

  24. Otto is a must have in any Springfield.

  25. So many people seem to either own Otto or own the Greenhouse, but not both…hopefully EA will break the package tomorrow and make them available separately. Been waiting for the Greenhouse for a long time…it’d finally here, and I can’t buy it😩.

  26. Instantly got Spring Relax Bundle when I saw it – was wanting to get Otto, and the free greenhouse was enough incentive to do so.

  27. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    I’ve been waiting for The Nighthawk Diner- previously I didn’t have the donuts. I’d read rumors, and I’ve been hope hope hoping.
    Yes, I’m salivating because I’ve forever coveted Edward Hopper’s painting – well, at least since I first saw a photo of it circa 1960ish -The Nighthawks. I once had the opportunity to attend a museum with his work exhibited. I bought an inexpensive poster of he painting- although i I didn’t get it framed and it fell into disrepair.

    I’m 😊 excited. In case you haven’t yet figured that out

  28. So yeah, i don’t have Otto. He is of course an awesome and classic side character – but… I am not really a big fan of the greenhouse. I’ve seen it in neighbor’s towns. It’s okay, but imo not worth the theoretical 80 donuts, not even close. So, with reluctance, I’ll probably pass and maybe wait for Otto to return as a better deal.

    Now let’s see, if and in what form Rex Baner returns.

    • Rex Banner has imdeed returned for 90 donuts, instant purchase. He also has a task for 60 event currency at the spy center. Don’t regret skipping Otto for Rex.

      Also the Kaboom-Cafe is in the store, 70 donuts. It is the only premium stand-alone building of the event i am interested in. I plan to get it, once all infos about it are available. Might reconsider, if there are severe cons.

    • Otto is not a side character.

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