The First COG Addicts Post Ever…Whoddathunkit?

So…out of the blue yesterday, Alissa texts me with a “Look what I found…check your email.” These can either be fun and great news, or can be horrible “dear God…don’t look!” kinds of things. She was vague…saying it had something to do with my past. Again…at this age, that can be good (Wow! I found an old royalty check you didn’t know you had coming!), or (WOW! I can’t believe there is a picture of you doing THIS online!!!!).

As it turns out, it was neither. It was actually a copy of the first article I ever wrote for Addicts. As in…WAY before the “unpleasantness” (also known as Whacking Day), and way, way, way before the Monorail every showed up in our towns.

It was a hoot, and reminded me just how ridiculously simple this “Silly ‘Lil Game”(not copyrighted by Bunny) used to be…and that there were STILL people who whined about the downtime in the game.
 Here’s what she sent…

For anyone who has been playing the game since at least last year’s Halloween Quest like I have (as in Oct 2012), we have found ourselves faced with the same challenge of kids stuck in the backseat, waiting for hours to get to Disneyland, or in the case of some of the less-than-stellar updates, School Clothes shopping (fun…but hardly worth the wait…like the hollow, random additions of a couple of the restaurants, and the flower shop, after the Valentine’s quest was done, rendering them useless). But I digress…

And now, even when EA seems to be on the road to releasing an update every two weeks (sure…I’ll believe it when I see it…) those of us who have run the course of completing level 34 AND have completed KrustyLand, find ourselves in TAPPED OUT mode…looking for some reason to do more than send everyone into 24-hour mode, in endless loops and promises of excitement “just around the corner!”

Certainly…the TAPPED OUT syndrome of having no REASON to tap, is exacerbated (look it up kids…and yes…it rhymes with that other “bated” word) if you are a house farmer, who is intent on farming for cash, then XP, and then donuts in an endless quest to speed up life as we know it, and reap the next reward! I won’t get into the reasons I abhor house farming again…but that would certainly be one of them…Speeding up the game so you can WAIT. Nice. But, I digress…again.

Instead, here are a few suggestions of what I do when I am TAPPED OUT…and waiting for the next update. SEND US YOURS…

1. Play the game in REAL time… don’t rush it with donuts, or house farm. Remember the old saying, “It’s not the destination, it’s enjoying the journey!” (made up by some parent driving a mini-van full of kids to grandma’s house in Wisconsin).

2. Create New areas of gardens, side retail expansions, or special story lines involving the re-shuffling of houses, accessories, or decorations. OR AUTOGRAPH YOUR WORK! I have created a small garden center area to go along with the almost useless flower shop. I have also Autographed my town, with my real initials. (CrankyOldGuy took too many shrubs).

3. Try creating one of the fantasic 3-D effects that are springing up all over the TSTO Landscape (and don’t require 3D glasses).

4. Use the Nuclear Option (probably not the best name given the current unrest in the Middle East) CLEAR YOUR TOWN, YOUR SQUIDPORT, or your KRUSTYLAND and Start all over again!

In short, be CREATIVE…stop relying on EA to entertain you all of the time…it’s a FREE GAME (OK…even I don’t believe that) CREATE YOUR OWN FUN!! What’s wrong with you kids today?

Keep on Tappin’!
Cranky Old Guy

Uhm…like…WOW! I can’t believe I was digressing clear back then…and this was WAAAAAAY back then in TSTO time(TSTO Time is like Dog Years (x7), but to the 9th power).  Level 34??? Sheesh! That was back when there WERE level updates…and downtime…and being bored with EA. It was also when there were still server outages that could last a day or two or three (OK…so for some people, that hasn’t changed).

What is more amazing than Alissa holding on to this, is that I held on to the graphics that went with it! I TOTALLY laughed my butt off (notice I didn’t say “literally”) when I saw the “extensiveness” of my landscaping and building.  What was “My HUGE Springfield” back in those days, is now what I affectionately call “Old Springfield” or “Original Springfield” when I call at all…which I don’t often, because “Old Springfield” still has rotary phones. But, I digress.

Here is the basic Outline of my OLD Town… (click to enlarge)…see if you can spot the “peeing man” from the aerial view. It’s STILL in my town today…but harder to find with the monorail near it.

And just so you know things change for the better…here are my initials as they appear today…monorail passing by, and fountains spurting in excitement (which still has nothing to do with exacerbating).

It was great to read this…realizing that I used to write short, mostly silly posts, with a cranky attitude, and that I purloined (look it up, even thought it doesn’t rhyme with exacerbate) Grandpa’s image as my own. I didn’t actually create my own “cartoon Cranky” until months later…and didn’t get the lovely, much more realistic “Former-CrankyOldGuy/Patric” version until I came BACK to Addicts.

Now I write LONG, mostly silly posts, with far more attention to detail, and a much more specific knowledge of what REALLY makes me Cranky about the game (not nearly as much, once they gave me the monorail!).

I stopped doing screen grabs of my town years ago…because it is simply too damn big!  It would take hours if not days to grab…bit by bit…and piece together with Photoshop. And frankly, at my age, every minute counts!  You only get so much “tappin’ time” in this world, and now that I am back on friendly terms with my “New/Old Home,”  I would rather spend the time doing other things than whining about how lousy EA is…(and frankly, no matter what anyone says, the game is MUCH better than it used to be). rEAlly!   (Sorry…couldn’t resist after one of the whiners said how much they hated it when I capped the EA in the middle of words. They said it would be EAsier to read  if I didn’t do it…rEAlly???).

Oh well…looking back at beginnings is only fun if everything turns out well in the end. There are loads of little bits of my life I would prefer to expunge from the old “gray matter hard drive.”  But, starting my relationship with Alissa, almost FOUR YEARS ago…isn’t one of them.

Thanks for the memories, kid! I love that you saved it.

24 responses to “The First COG Addicts Post Ever…Whoddathunkit?

  1. i am looking for a break from the events so i can nuke the town and rebuild

  2. I started tapping in early 2013. Didn’t pkay much in 2016 though (because old phone and too many updates)… I miss downtime a lot (who would have thought back then)…

  3. I started tapping in early 2013. Didn’t pkay much in 2016 though (because old phone and too many updates)… I miss downtime a lot (who would have thought back then). :/

  4. I didn’t start tapping until 2015.dread to think how far behind I must be still…

  5. Miss the slower pace of the game, before it went “famiyguy” event heavy…

    • I’d like something in between…I like regular events…I just wish they were shorter.

      • Hopefully EA is listening…shorter events would be a terrific improvement…by week 4, most players are “over it” and there are still 2+ weeks left of slogging…😬…Please, make it stop😵…

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    You seem like you rEAlly havent changed too much. 🙄 Maybe a bit less infatuated with Ms. Jenny Talia in your writing. 😂👅✌

  7. Thank You for the post… I’m one of those that enjoy setting up my town… I wish I was brave enough to blast my town just so I can work on it again….~chuckling~

    • I’ve come close. But, I spent so…much…time…on all of the little landscaping details (which is why I am way over 9200 items)

  8. I’ve never spent real money on donuts and I still enjoy this game. It’s not a grind. It’s fun. Which is the real point of the game. Ummm it’s a game. So treat it as such. You may have to log in often. But show EA you are dedicated. They can try to make me spend donuts.. but I won’t. Earn them sprinkles. Honestly if there ever was a game I’d spend money on it’s this one. But it still tap tap tap tap so I don’t have tooo. I enjoy the challenge. That’s what makes it a game. So have fun fellow tappers as I do every day. Show them you can play and tap and have fun…. which is why we are here in the first place. Namaste. Lol. 😬

  9. I Really missed out on those Cranky Ol Days, as I didn’t get a tablet & find TSTO ’till late Jan of this year (2017). From what I’ve read I think I’m better off being a late starter, I missed out on server issues and EA not releasing much new content. As it stands now I have yet to even purchase all available land, and I’m still enjoying slowly building up my Krustyland & Springfield Heights. I am loving expanding my monorail track every week too!

    • You “get it!” The only real advantage to longtime players is a great deal of what is “Returning Premium” now, was Free to us back in the day.

  10. There is not enough downtime these days. I certainly could do with 3 or 4 weeks off from events and mini-events. Maybe then I could fully focus on getting 1 billion for heights. Won’t happen though. 🙁

    • Well….I know this is sacrilegious, but it IS OK to skip an event once in a while. I played pretty lightly this past summer on our 30- day cross country trip- and hardly missed anything “I wanted.”

  11. What you have to say is very interesting. ^^ Sadly I missed all of that drama be cause I started tapping in late November 2013. Oo.

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