Secret Agent Dossiers: Wall Street Prize Track Tasks 1-9

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well this morning Wall Street has taken over Springfield, I guess the writers didn’t see the massive boom in the stock market that made a lot of 401ks very “plump” this week,  as a new series of Dossiers have unlocked this morning!  9 days of Dossiers lead to an all new mystery prize.

A quick reminder of what happens in the Situation Room can be found here, but let’s get into the new details for the Wall Street Dossiers.  Including each days task and what prize you’re working towards!

So when you log into your Springfield this morning AND you’ve cleared tasks at the HQ you’ll see this message popup:

If you’re not seeing that message popup or the Situation Room change over…clear tasks at the HQ.  If you have no tasks to clear there send someone on a task there and when it’s finished clear it.  In two games it didn’t popup for me UNTIL I cleared the tasks at the HQ.

So what are the tasks for the next 9 Dossiers:

Dossier # Task Character Needed
1 Give Enemies Paper Cuts Skinner
Hide Codes in Burgers Krusty
2 Work Hard to Fit In Marge
Coerce Drunken Confessions Moe
Study CCTV Footage Apu
3 Borrow Enemy Information Marge
Swallow Secret and Not Secret Info Homer
4 Act Gentrifie to Infiltrate Apu
Eavesdrop on the Schoolyard Skinner
5 Whittle Coded Secrets Cletus
Fake His Way Into a Celebrity Function Krusty
Bully His Way Into a Function Moe
6 Whistle While Sneaking Homer
Smash Important Enemy Stuff Moe
7 Shoplift Enemy Information Apu
Use Hair Dyes As Invisible Ink Marge
Sleep With One Eye Open Cletus
8 Be So Boring Nobody Notices Him Skinner
Swipe Important Documents Moe
Use Dirt as Camouflage Cletus
9 Crack a 1 Digit Code Homer
Fall Down Get Back Up Krusty

Complete 9 Dossiers and you’ll unlock the Mystery Prize…

So what is it?

Yakuza…what appears to be…a Playable Character for Springfield… at least from the images in the files.

Once we’ve hit day 9 we’ll have a full post up explaining the prize and details (similar to what we did with the Screamapillar , G.H.O.S.T, and Grindhouse Assassin)

Oh and if you haven’t completed the first, second or third set of Dossiers (the EPA, G.H.O.S.T. or C.I.A. track) you can still complete those now.  BUT you’ll have to complete those before you can move onto the Wall Street prize track…

And yup, the Situation Room continues to payout 1,000 Intel when you complete Each Day’s task…

So that’s it my friends, the details for the next 9 Dossiers in the Wall Street prize track!

What are your thoughts on the Wall Street enemy?  A fan of this part of the event? Happy with the character?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

23 responses to “Secret Agent Dossiers: Wall Street Prize Track Tasks 1-9

  1. So I woke up late today because I decided to sleep in. Nice little surprise: after clearing last night’s tasks and the drone scan I got Stradivarius Kane, with 8 days and 19 hours left on the clock. 😁 I already finished the crafting track yesterday, so all that’s left for me to do is completing the SAD track. Rather than going for bonuts I’ll switch to a 24-hour cycle. I was logging in five or six times a day the past month, it was getting ridiculous and a bit alarming to be honest… 🤔 I should get a life outside of TSTO.

  2. Wow, I’m surprised the Yakuza Boss is a playable character. That means he has tasks right? I wonder why, since he stood still in his minor appearance in the episode. Makes more sense he would be an NPC. Not that I’m complaining though! He’s awesome.

  3. I came to make some comment like……….

    Craptacular NPCs from those dossiers, playing as little as I do, the dossiers are the only prize track I’ve been able to complete.

    But the little guy from the yakusa is worthwhile.
    I’m trying to remember the episode, was it about borrowing money or was it the investorettes/fleet-a-pita episode?


  4. It’s 2:30 a.m. and I am hopelessly addicted to this game. Just wanted to thank you all for all your wonderful efforts keeping us updated on this great game.

  5. Meet the Yakuza, they’ll kill you 5 times before you hit the ground.

    Love it that he’s a playable character, always happy to add more asians in my town(I’m an asian myself). Lol.

  6. howlinwolfman1

    Just jumped back in after missing almost all of act two. I just got the guy with the robot arm, and now it’s telling me to wait for more dossiers on April 18th… Any ideas on how to get the next prizes?

  7. Playable character! Yazuka guy from classic episode! Thank you EA <3

    • Great character ‘But Maaarge that little guy hasn’t done anything yet…you know when he does it’s gonna be Awesome’ 😁
      Can’t wait to play with this new character!

  8. “But, Marge, that little guy hasn’t done anything yet. Look at him. He’s going to do something and you know it’s going to be good!” One of my all time favorite lines, can’t wait to get this character.

  9. Forgiveness please….

  10. I really hope it’s a Playable Character – 2 NPC’s back to back was nonsense ….

  11. Went through most of the CIA dossiers before act 3… seems like this extra set of dossiers came along just in time. More event currency!

  12. Marge: Get inside Homer!

    Homer: But Marge the little chinese guy is standing there and hasn’t done anything yet and you know it’ll be good.
    (Homer enters the house shuts the door Yakuza Boss smashes through the window)

    Yakuza Boss: Forgiveness Please.

  13. Thanks Alissa, and I am happy similar to Josephine 🙂
    I am still greiving my dear Gogo NPC status, and not sure why she and G.H.O.S.T. were relegated to NPC status and this one was not.
    Anyway, overall I am pleased with the event and have enjoyed the fun spy theme, and stuff that came with it.

    I am still hoping out a thin hope that Marge and Homer will get the sharp spy outfits shown in one of the previews for this event.
    Either way, an enjoyable distraction and romp, with some quite neat stuff.

    Thanks again to you fo all your hard work and a great weekend to you, and all.

  14. Finally a reward worth the effort then.

  15. Josephine Kick@$$

    A playable character? 💃👯🕺💃👯🕺 (🎶 everybody dance now 🎶 😂) Thank you Alissa! I was all rEady to get bummed out, so you just made my day! 😀😀😀

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