Secret Agents Removal Is Live…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Currently live in your app store is the removal update for the Secret Agents Event…

At the moment I only see the removal update on Android, nothing on iOS yet currently available on iOS, but I did have to reboot my device to see it in the store.  Amazon I can’t check, but if you see it let me know.Reportedly live on Amazon as well.  And I don’t see a “what’s new” description just yet.  If one shows up later I’ll add it to this post

Note: You may have to actually search your App Store for “Tapped Out” to see the update.  It may not initially appear in the update list…if you still don’t see it try rebooting your device.

And here’s the app store teaser…

As of right now there’s nothing really “new” with this removal update.  It just removes the event from your game…including rolling back the Splash Screen to the regular screen.

There are a few changes with this update though, which I’ll cover below…

First up, for a limited-time you can purchase additional HQs for Springfield..

These do cost DONUTS…

I’m not going to do a SIB post for it, because in my opinion you shouldn’t purchase more HQ buildings.  Total waste of donuts.  Save them for something better.  But to each his/her own….

Available in stores until May 16th

The buildings that were awarded during the event, initially for free, now pay out cash and XP.  Also, should you want to, you should now be able to store these buildings. Here’s the breakdown:

HQ Building (regardless of the skin on it)- Now earns $260, 26xp/20hrs

 Hidden Research Facility- Now earns $260, 26xp/20hrs

 Surveillance Post (Drone Scan)- Now earns $260, 26xp/20hrs

Speaking of Drone Scan…

You can still play this mini game.  I’m digging to find out the new payouts but my first round awarded Rail Yard Trash and Springfield Heights Smart Phones (and XP)…

And that’s it for now my friends!

Until the next content update….

Thoughts on the Secret Agents Event?  Thoughts on the removal changes?  Happy the Drone Scan is sticking around?  What do you think will be next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

99 responses to “Secret Agents Removal Is Live…

  1. Randall Williams

    I cant remember how to turn off the multi tap u know it basically taps everything in the surrounding area I want to go back to single tap cause I have ppl in area next to each other and I want to keep them there …but now if I tap 1 it taps everything u kno? Add me axis2345339

  2. I love that I can still earn trash and phones even if I’m maxed out! What my question is, do you have anyway of controlling the direction the drone is going? There are times that I can see agent’s and I’m trying to tap them, but the drone goes the other direction and I can’t reach them. Sometimes it goes is the direction of the agent’s and the payout is good. And other times it seems to wonder in a direction where there is no agent’s. Is there a secret to control the direction of the drone in this mini game?

  3. Re: the Drone mini game… it awarded Rail Yard Trash and Springfield Heights Smart Phones (and XP)… and the good part I just noticed, unlike the Polyvac that awards trash and then doesn’t give anything but XP when you ‘max out’ on the 2000 trash, the Drone Scan will CONTINUE to give you ALL awards EVEN if you maxed out on the 2000 trash… so you can really max out for the Tuesday Monorail start for the week! 😉


  5. Agustino Arroyo

    Damn it, I just had a problem with my phone, and wont be getting one for some weeks.. just when the event ended.. and I was so excited to see what was coming,,

  6. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, but Milhouse has a new task at the Surveillance Post to “Spy on Other Kids”. I noticed it this morning when I was going to give everyone an hour long task.

  7. Was there a change in the balloon popping game in Krustyland with this update? I got 5 bonuts when I popped one of the balloons. Never got that before, only Krustyland tickets. Anyways, I also got 6 bonuts from daily challenges, another 10 for completing 15 challenges, 3 for Maggie’s minigame and 3 for leveling up. 27 bonuts in one day and I didn’t visit my neighbors yet! Today is a great day… 😄

    With bonut rounds and 24 hours of KEM-farming I was able to just about break even for this event — even though I spent 1100+ bonuts. Which is doubly great because it was the best event so far IMO! Still, I’m glad it’s over. I switched to a 24-hour tapping cycle; logging in five or six times a day was getting to be a bit much…

  8. foldingcorpse

    the HQ spy building is only 55 donuts so it’s still worth buying/spending donuts on TBH…But that’s just me tho

  9. My itchy hands caused me to buy three more HQs since EA recommended us to display all the skins. Took a while to jigsaw them so that they can be displayed without blockages

  10. Josephine Kick@$$

    Ugh on the smartphones… the only thing left to craft with them is fountains. They need to add something else to use them on, or allow us to buy one of the other items with them after we already have 200 fountains 🤣

    • I like your nickname! 😄 I agree, but I never really cared for SH in general. I was considering leveling up all of my buildings but I already have $1.2bln real-estate so there’s not much of a point. I’m using it for the land, and it’s nice that it’s separated by the mountain range. It keeps the rif-raf out…

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thank you Kaboozle, it’s a play on the episode where Bart wants to change his name to Joe Kickass when he turns 18 (I want to say s:5ep:5, but I could be wrong) 😊

  11. “collegiate”

    SPRINGFIELD UNIVERSITY! Woohoo! I KNEW we were going to get a Homer Goes To College event. Someone pointed out that they were trying to use the Gil Deals as an indicator as to what the next event will be (Hellfish bundle during Destination Springfield event ties in to Spies event) so I had great hope that getting the 3 nerds meant a college event was next! I am ready for this!

    • What would this add. We already have the Nerds and Spider Pig. OK you could add a college mascot outfit for Spider Pig. Yes, there is the Dean (do we already have him?). But what else is there to make an entire event worthwhile?

      • foldingcorpse

        I updated mine already…I don’t see the point of keeping the event active…esp after it’s done and everything is collected etc. well beside earning free donuts at the end of it lol

        • Oh, bonuts is definitely a good reason for me to delay updating until it’s necessary/a new event begins! 😂😁

          • foldingcorpse

            I always update my game,when I have everything done…most of the people I have as neighbors don’t even play anymore it seems lol

        • If you’re no longer interested, update. In my case, I wanted the free donuts (yay! got a bunch!), liked poofing the men in tan and seeing them disappear into the ground, and wanted to craft more walls. So I waited to update until I was forced.

      • The next event is more likely than not going to be a mini-event, in which case they don’t need THAT much in regards to new content. So, yeah, maybe the Dean, costume for Homer, the SU building, maybe some dorms? Some prizes in previous mini-event prize tracks have been the animated tasks for Homer’s new costume, so I could totally see a college mini event, even though The Nerds & Plopper are already released in the game. 😊

  12. I ended the event with 1 single donut left 😣

    Now to tie up all those tasks I’ve got built up

    • Me too! *lol* I had 46 donuts & decided to get the Cypress Creek Home at the last minute. 😄 I liked the idea of having a new, different-looking home in Springfield.

      I’ve never spent so many donuts in a single event before this one! So many great characters & items! ☺

  13. Has anyone noticed that when you finish a quest you get dounts feelike annoyed as I am at level 49 which means I have missed out on lots. I’very already got 4 fromantic Hermans questline and Dr Hibbert wife’s questline. Also I filled up my dump so I could get metal or glass or plastic in the drone scan but I’m now 400 trash over the limit because it still gives you trash 😥

  14. pinballinggrrl

    Between the prize track, the dossier track, the bonuts, the deals, and activating the collider, my Springfield’s population went up by 7! I really enjoyed this, though I was a bit miffed at the way the drone scan game worked (too much time spent in empty areas, taps not being recorded). But I got so much out of it I shouldn’t complain

  15. I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t updated yet and still have access to the intel collection bouns quest that gets you free donuts. With those of you who have updated already, do you think I should update or keep getting free donuts?

    • Go for the donuts

    • I went for bonuts as long as possible until the system updated my game for me.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I still haven’t updated, I want more fences 😊

    • As long as there is no new event, I don’t see the upside of updating. You can get more bonuts, you can still craft stuff if you want to. The game will force the update at some point, so you have to treat each visit as if it is the last.

      • You also can still buy some of the stuff from the store (not everything, the stuff from prior events vanished on time).

        So if you’re farming for donuts, you might possibly have enough time to get something you wanted but needed more donuts to buy. That’s worked for me sometimes. But if you’re crafting more stuff, you do have to craft whatever you can before leaving each time, since as you say it may be your last chance.

  16. Tony Da Tiger

    Still squeezing some last minute bonuts from whatever time is left. I thought it was a great event, Hank Scorpio was one of my favorite characters and it was awesome to add his arch-nemesis James Bont to my town. Lol

  17. I finished the prizes with three days to spare, have been enjoying the bonuts, and now can’t decide whether to update or hold out for at least another round of bonuts… Anything about the update that makes it worthwhile?

    • Not unless you really want to buy another HQ for 55 donuts. Keep going for bonuts, you crazy diamond. Shine on!

      • I’m glad I decided to wait–SIX donuts this morning. Three from completing a “tap men in tan” daily challenge and three from intel collection. 🙂

  18. I got every item and character for this event and I didn’t even have to spend that much money. I think I purchased one thing of 300 donuts. I’ve been playing for so long now and my % bonus is getting so high it’s becoming easier and easier for me to earn donuts. Eventually I probably won’t have to spend actual money for donuts at all, although I probably still will just to help keep the game going. I want to see this game go on forever.

  19. This was kinda dull but I picked up a lot of new characters. I finished phases 1 & 2 six days early and phase 3 seven days early. Lots and lots of bonuts. So I guess it all evens out.

  20. I really wanted all the skins of the HQ ut not paying good bonuts for it! I had so much blue print to spare. They could have given us the chance to have more for free. I will update as soon as I finish my last bonuts round, only 300 points away.

    • I bought planters etc with the blueprints at the end.. More crap in inventory, but free xp when placing them.
      Never turn down xp

  21. Anyone else have this issue, i havent removed the game so i can still collect game currency but i can no longer use it to get the final prize. Before i still had an extra few hours to get the last prize.

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