In-Game Update: Pin Pals (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well that didn’t take long, now did it?  We’ve got ourselves an in-game update on our hands!  An all new mini-event has found it’s way into our pocket-sized Springfields!

The Pin-Pals are back and better than ever!

More details as I work my way through (that’s way I get for attempting to work lol)..but for now know that you’ll need Burns, Homer, Moe & Apu free for a series of 6second tasks to launch the mini event.

Back with more in a bit…. (and I can’t help but wonder…bowling, will the “French Fop” come into play?)

Details below the fold…

First, because I know if I don’t put it here we’ll get a bunch of comments from people asking if we saw this, so everyone is aware…

He unlocks via the questline, see below

Also, the following skins are available.  If you already have Pin Pal Apu from Tap Ball he applies here…

Ok, now let’s get into the details…

As mentioned above, you’ll initially be triggered to complete a 6s task for Burns, followed by 6s tasks for Burns, Homer, Apu & Moe.  Once you’ve completed those two parts you’ll launch the event itself…

Take note that the Pin Pals Mini Event ENDS May 23rd…

So like all mini events, simply follow the main prize track questline to unlock all of the available prizes.  What are those prizes?

Pin Pals Bowling Alley- 8

Pin Pals Bowling Lane- 26

Pin Pals Claw Machine- 30

Pin Pal Homer (costume for Homer)- 36

Pin Pals Bowling Trophy- 40

As you can see the currency is…  bowling shoes!  The goals are low compared to some recent mini events, but that’s because you only earn 1 or 2  per task completed (3hrs).  1 for freemium characters and 2 for premium characters.

Now onto the stuff available in the stores…

Freemium (and returning) 

Laramie Vending Machine- $3,500


Pin Pals Bundle- 100 Donuts.  Skins for Mr. Burns and Moe.  They each earn 2 shoes each task

Nick’s Bowling Shop Bundle- 70 Donuts.  Includes two different Nick’s Bowling Shops and they act as “teleporters” to go across Springfield.

 Fiesta Terrace and Jacques- 150 Donuts. Fiesta Terrace earns a 4% bonus on all cash and XP as well as $175, 18xp/6hrs. Will NOT unlock in the store until you’ve completed Part 1 of the Pin Pals questline (basically not until you’ve unlocked the Pin Pals Bowling Alley)

Bowling Lane- 25 Donuts Once you’ve unlocked the first one during the questline more will appear for purchase.


Rolling Rock- 80 Donuts with a 30 Donut rebate, NET 50 donuts.

Alley McBalls- 50 donuts with a 25 donut rebate, NET 25 donuts.

The Gridiron- 40 donuts with a 20 donut rebate, NET 20 donuts

Barney’s Bowlarama (and Barney) -250 Donuts with a 90 donut rebate, NET 160 Donuts.

If I missed any returning ones please let me know.  According to the files Shorty’s may now be offered with a rebate, but I can’t verify this as I have it in my main games & my low level games are too low of a level to find out. 

I know y’all are looking for Jacques, he’s currently not available (at least as of Pin Pals Pt. 1) but he is part of this update.  It looks like he will be part of a premium building combo, at the moment it looks like 150 donuts, but EA could change their mind on that cost.

I’ll pay through the update later tonight as I write up the Turbo Tappin’ and let you know if he pops up for purchase later in the questline.

For now, that’s it my friends!  All of the details for the Pin Pals update.  A couple of new items, a bunch of returning discounted items and just under 2 weeks to complete it all.  Just enough time to keep you entertained in TSTO, but not over loaded with a major event.  So relax and have fun!

What are your thoughts on the Pin Pals mini event? Excited about the prizes?  Any premium content? Happy to have something to keep you tapping but not overloaded with TSTO?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

125 responses to “In-Game Update: Pin Pals (Updated and Complete)

  1. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    Thanks EA for keeping the events coming steadily. I started playing the game at the time they had the France, Japan and Brazil event. The events have been really great and I have an awesome Springfield (IMO) with a bunch of new characters, buildings, and crafted items. Bravo! I wanted to start this game years ago, but had no smartphone or tablet until recently. Thanks again

  2. I loved the new updated… but, I just do not have time (or room) for more city planning in my town right now!! 😭

  3. OrdinarilyBob

    Alissa, thank you for the write-up, great as usual! 🙂

    I bought the Fiesta Terrace and Jacques, of course. I’m considering the Nick Shops Bundle, and Shorty’s… I’m probably going to pass on the Pin Pal outfits, seems pricey and I have plenty of premium Burns costumes (though none for Moe yet).

    Had a real conflict on the Laramie Vending Machines. I’m seriously anti-smoking. Can’t stand the stuff. IRL, just being in the vicinity of cigarette smoke hampers my breathing. The smell turns my stomach. Revolting! In game, I hate running the Bouvier sisters and Krabappel smoking break tasks… Just thinking about smoking makes me sick, I hated the idea of selling cigarettes in my game… Ugh (shudder)


    But the OCD Completionist in me won out, and I purchased the item, rationalizing that it’s just pretend cigarettes…. I probably could have resisted if they were premium, but freemium money? I just had to buy.

    I feel dirty. HA!

  4. Tiffany Penney

    awww man i just paid cash for donuts to get Barney like a month ago… if only I had waited…

  5. Got the Pin Pals Building…put it across from the kid’s area and near Duff Brewery…plenty of customers 😁…

    Also just finished Fiesta Terrace…Jacques is currently hitting on Selma…he is such a dog! Didn’t notice Go-Go waiting at the bus stop…she will set him straight😀.

  6. I have been playing for almost 3 years (started during Clash of Clones) and the Laramie vending machine has been my single most coveted item in the entire game. I honestly didn’t think they’d ever bring it back, and def thought if they ever did that it would for sure be premium. I’m so excited right now. When I’m done, every building in town might have a cig machine in front of it.

    And this at the same time that Brandine gives birth 😁 I love this game

  7. Jacques! Meilleur. Jeu. Jamais. 😎🎉🎊……💜X

  8. I’m a little disappointed that Barney doesn’t appear to earn shoes… that seems like it should have been a slam dunk for this event.

    (Or maybe that’s the wrong sports analogy: how about “easy strike”? LOL)

  9. I got Jacques immediately. For me one of the most classic supporting roles! I even got an audio cassette with that episode back then. 😊

  10. Shorty’s instabuy, not having a 1-h job for Mrs. Lovejoy was a p.i.t.a.

  11. As expected another mini event. Not much hope for EA to change their by now rather repetitive event system. Oh well.

    Pin Pals is classic Simpsons, but that does not bring me to spend 100 donuts on two skins. Especially not for Burns, who is stuck in his money-costume all the time.

    I’m considering getting Jacques. He is a classic character. I like that the building comes with 4%-bonus. Personally I value these % with 15 donuts each – so for me the combo is 60 donuts for the 4% bonus(+building) and 90 donuts for Jacques, which makes this an okay deal. Waiting for a SIB though to see his tasks.

  12. Well, so much for working on the Rail Yard…seriously, when will we get at least a 2 week break from all these events? It’s getting ridiculous now.

    • Really? I guess maybe I play more often than you do, because, while I always prioritize characters on the events, I’m pretty sure that I’ve only missed maybe three or four bonut payouts from the railyard since I first got it — and I’ve missed none at all since they introduced the rail tunnels and lowered the payout requirements at the same time.

      (I sure do have a whooooooole lot of unused railroad pieces, though…)

  13. Any intel on the two tele-porter buildings? I have the 4 alien teleporters and use them all.the.time! Best donut purchase ever!
    Do the two building teleporters work the same? Any restrictions?

    • ERIC1755- I have them & can confirm they work just like the teleporters. They are instabuilds. They pay out cash too…..💜X

    • Unfortunately, the two buildings only connect with each other….I wish they were really add-ons to the teleporters, so I could use the buildings to go to any of the places that I have teleporters, too (and vice versa). But, at least they’re two-way connections, unlike the building (can’t remember the name off-hand) that only goes to Moe’s, but you can’t get to it from Moe’s (I think).

      I’ve really been hoping for more actual teleporters, since my town has continued to grow (and have more “focus points”) than it did when I bought my last couple.

      I love my teleporters! 😀

  14. Synchronicity: Yesterday I went bowling with my work colleagues for the first time in my life, and at the same time EA drops a bowling-themed mini event.
    And in case anyone is interested: I improved my game from 43 points in the first round to 64 in my second – which both netted me last place. 🙂

  15. Wow, I’d so pick up Jacques…but right yesterday I accidentally hit the speed up button in the work office right after I sent my Springfielders to their 4hr task (“agree on donut spent” wasn’t ticked anymore *-,-). Now there went ~380 donuts down the drain, which was half the donuts I had over…hopefully EA is nice to me.

    • Ouch – I hope they refund!

    • I did that before, though not on a work office task. I guess you don’t know you can activate a setting where the game asks you to confirm spending XX donuts before the transactions goes through?

      Go to the store (hammer/saw icon), then hit the gear icon (to the right of “the store” label). In the new window, just toggle “on” the confirm donut spend.

      • I actually activated this button. But as always after an update the setting is changed by the game. And unfortunately, there is no gesture of goodwill by EA. *sigh* Just my luck…

  16. Barney’s Bowlarama (and Barney) -250 Donuts with a 90 donut rebate, NET 160 Donuts – now that’s a bargain ! 👍

    This bowl-o-rama fan is going to enjoy the bowling Springfielders 🤗

  17. Barney’s Bowlarama (and Barney) -250 Donuts with a 90 donut rebate, NET 160 Donuts – now that’s a bargain ! 👍

    This bowl-o-rama fan is going to enjoy the bowling Springfielders 🤗

  18. yAEh! Bowling shoes carry over to the next task. I bought the Burns and Moe Pin Pal skins right away so after placing the bowling alley I already have four pair towards the next prize. I’ve been waiting for two years to see if we would get any other Pin Pals. I’ll have the full set when I unlock Homer’s skin. Now how long will Barney remain the only Barfly?

  19. I got Jaques …

    his first task is to go for brunch with Marge

    Also remember to
    turn off “push notifications” and
    turn on “confirm donut spend”
    After updating

    Strike 🎳

    • LEE3472- What a charmer Jacques is too. Pulling out all the stops, sizing up all the eateries in my SF and then settling for the seductive attributes of….Krusty Burger’s😂😂😂…..💜X

  20. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Possibly Fiesta Terrace and Jacques
    Maybe Rolling Rock – decent %bonus, but does it take up memory due to action?
    Probably Shortys – 30 donuts for a building is a good investment
    Pin Pal bundle is skins, so no
    Tejeporter buildings – not exciting to me

  21. Is it just me, or does Apu’s Pin Pal outfit NOT earn at the premium rate?

  22. Jan McAlister

    I know this is totally off subject, but can anyone please tell me how to get the second monorail tunnel?

    • Keep doing the Monorail tasks; iirc, after you get the 1st one, the next week ends with getting a truck of Track Pieces & Donuts, then the week after THAT you’re working towards the 2nd tunnel. 🙂

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