Quick Poll: TTT Prehistoric Era Wrap Up

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing the complaints in the comments about many of you missing out on the final Prehistoric Era prize, after a suggestion in the comments, I decided to do a quick wrap up poll to see who finished the prize track and if premium characters were involved…

So please take a minute to answer the poll questions below…thanks!

If you’re having trouble with the embedded form you can access it directly here..

96 responses to “Quick Poll: TTT Prehistoric Era Wrap Up

  1. Rodgeevans707

    didn’t get moe not likely to get pyramid first event where i havent got all prises, dont seem to be able to find moe any where to purchase either

  2. Got neither, but might spend the 75 donuts to get Caveman Moe… Don’t care too much about the dino-thing.
    I’ve only just started caring about this event like… five days before it was suppose to end? I was too caught up in trying to finish money mountain and just didn’t care. Now, I’m ahead of the curve (without buying premium characters or shovels)!

  3. I didn’t use donuts to buy shovels or to speed anything up. I went on, most days four times. I did visit my friends everyday.

  4. I was level 22 and it was four days before I started the event. I did get Boobarella and Billy. Was able to get everything before time ran out.

  5. Thought I should add that the reason I got a 2-day late start was because there was no message in-game saying there was a new update to download. There was something that Homer said about a future him not reminding him, but that was it. Didn’t click in my brain that meant an update. I don’t know why EA wouldn’t add a little message after that saying to update the game. Doesn’t make sense. I even visited my neighbors to see if there was a thing saying they have newer content I don’t have yet as that was how I found out the Spy event was out. I only visit this site when I need info on something so I didn’t find out about it on here either.

  6. At the beginning of the last day I needed 100 donuts to unlock Moe, but I managed to get it down to 25, which was low enough that I didn’t need to purchase any additional donuts. Hoping I get everything freemium for the second part as I don’t have the late start I did with the first.

  7. I got the final prizes of both sequences (plus 150 saved shovels for part 2 and got some extra bonuts) without using either of the premium characters and logging in (mostly) 3-4 times a day. This event is more like a puzzle than some past events. If you move around the excavation site using an “L” shaped pattern looking for rocks you can find the gem within 10 shovels (and if your strategy is good and you are lucky sometimes 5 or less). But I see, looking at my neighbors, that many people are just plodding through or randomly guessing, which would take you twice or three times (or more!) that many shovels to find the gem and make it impossible to collect all the prizes without spending a lot of donuts. I like that there is a puzzle aspect to this event. It makes it feel less like just tapping and grinding.

  8. I’m a freemium player who only logs in 3 times a day during the week and 4 times on the weekend. I had no problem at all completing this event. I think too many are using the changes by EA to make excuses for their lack of play time. If you do the basic math (1100 * 12 days of friend visits + 1100 * 12 days of challenges + clearing the town and hardware store 1000 * 3 times a day * 12 days = 62,400). This doesn’t account for excavatio and those days you log in more than 3 times.

  9. Yes I earned Moe’s Cavern / Caveman Moe ….

    I had to use up Bonuts (boo!)
    I had no time to earn Bonuts (boo again!)
    I concentrated on earning extra Shovels (take that, EA!)

    I believe newer Tappers will not like how difficult it is to earn everything (which means I expect to lose more Neighboreenos), while long time Tappers will be forced to use up Bonuts to obtain everything (EA’s loss, ’cause we won’t spend Donuts on Event Items in the Store)!

  10. I unlocked the baby t-rex but I bought hundreds of shovels to do it. I wasn’t going to get it at all if I didn’t do it that way and I didn’t know if it would be more or less expensive to wait to get it afterwards. I’m having a hard time digging to find the gems without wasting a bunch of shovels. Also, I didn’t get the last prize of Willy’s skin though. I just can’t keep up this time. It’s not fun when I feel pressured or rushed and I don’t want to play another event if it’s going to be so close.

  11. I just got Caveman Moe. Had the baby dinosaur with few days to spare. I kept digging a checkerboard pattern and tried to avoid the jewel to max out event currency. I was very speratic in logging in, which is a first. I usually am good about 4 logins a day. I had booberalla, but get her for character not shovels, but it paid off. I placed quite a few flowers to help panini press. down to 5 hour cool time, so log in every 5 hours now, still get my 4 in a day. visited friends twice to help finish. Had I played better wouldn’t have cut it so close.

  12. Howard J. McEwen

    I have 4 seperate Springfield’s I play. Yes I am an addict lmao…

    Only 1 of them is a Premium game, the rest are freemium. Only premium stuff I get are from the donuts I earn.

    I easily completed the Act on all 4 and had well over 100 shovels to start the next act saved up.

  13. Now they lowered the payouts for event currency on the excavation site again

  14. I was quite behind the prize track for the first 8 days of the event. Then I decided to upgrade my panini grill first by producing large amounts of the the prehistoric plants. Mainly, this was because I wasn’t able to find the “find tappable” button. So I thought that upgrading the grill to destroy the tappables would be the best option. Now I am down to 5hrs cooldown and 30% more payout at the digging site. And I have found the “find tappables” button. Therefore, I’ll probably make it easily in the 2nd part. Not like the first part which I finished 19hrs to the end.

  15. I finished both prize tracks. I started about half a day late, didn’t have any premium characters, only logged in 3-4 times a day (I say only because there was a time I was logging into this game every other hour, just about lol), visited my friends and completed all the friends actions every single day until I got Caveman Moe, and only took advantage of that fish glitch once (don’t know if that affected the prize track at all tbh). It did seem at first like I wasn’t going to make it to the final prize, but it was doable. I also x out of any daily challenge that does not reward event currency (yes, I give up the free donuts for event currency). Visiting the 20 or whatever friends is definitely a chore and cuts into my bedtime but is probably the only reason I was able to finish.

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