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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Last week for the Time Travelling Toaster Egyptian Era? (ends Friday) What are your thoughts on the Egyptian Era so far?   Where are you in the prize track?  Thoughts on the premiums released so far?

Yesterday we had a new episode of Addicts Live, have you checked it out yet?

How was the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!  (especially our very own Patric and Wookiee!  Hope you boys have a good day with your kids (and Grand kids for Patric)!

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

226 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. I love the Elisabeth Esselink musical theme for the Egypt week. At least, I assume it is her but if it isn’t then I do hope she is being paid for inspiring it.

  2. First, let me say that I have not done a great job trying to find this answer on my own. That being said, can anybody tell me what this new box is that showed up while I was in Krustyland. It said it was storing characters in a box for me. When I tap on the box nothing happens other than it expans and when I tap on that it contracts.

  3. So I got the final Time Traveling Toaster prize today (Egyptian Pyramid). Got the final Excavation prize Sunday (Abu Simbel Temple). Did this without any premium characters collecting shovels or any premium buildings/decorations collecting event currency. I expect to get in 1 round of bonuts like last time. Oh and I’m already crafting pirate stuff ☺

    • I don’t understand why there seems to be such a discrepancy to success in this event…
      I am falling further behind in getting currency every day and haven’t changed my playing habits
      Was a few thousand papyri ahead, then yesterday was about a thousand behind, and am now, will be up to 3 thousand behind, approximately, when i hit the sack.
      Got ACT 1 completed with a day to spare.
      An I’m also already crafting pirate stuff, LOL.

      • Mate u need to do a few things to finish. Visit ur friends, login every 4 hrs, have a good digging strategy and dismiss the daily challenge if it isn’t giving u pipyrus. If u don’t u have buckleys finishing. I would send ya some if i could. Also taskmaster willie is only a skin not a character and i don’t particularly like the pyramid. It is an ugly design. I think a 5 yr old could have designed a better pyramid.

    • I’ll be getting the pyramid today. Also no premium characters etc… Also crafting the last of the pirate stuff.
      I’m using Da Pimps method for the excavation site (thanks for that).

  4. So im back. Been a while since ive cared enough about TSTO to even look at the blogs. Im just curious if EA will ever release new characters again or keep up with boring events and lame, one time use skins….WE WANT SARAH WIGGUM (and troy mcclure, gil, etc, etc.)
    EA is losing me, and losing me hard with this complacency.

    • I would love it if Gil became a character! I mean, they already have files pertaining to it. But they’ve just been sitting there.

  5. Can’t wait – tomorrow is Vault Day! Wonder what goodies I’m gonna get to buy next? Hope there’s at least one good thing! 🙂

    • i was anticipating vault day as well. i having been stock pilling my donuts for the vaults and mystery boxes. the mystery boxes haven’t had anything i really wanted to own yet and have bought a couple of vault things. i really want Dr Nick and the Sushi chef. they have both been removed from the store so i was hoping they would pop up. not yet drats.
      Dr Nick is my fav character. It’s sad they don’t use him for $129.95 anymore. i love his lines. ‘i always clean up with a napkin’ and ‘i get there faster if i use the car pool lane.
      so hopefully next vault.

  6. Keith1Roon991

    Just completed act 2 and received the pyramid, very happy with my little Egypt, got started on my pirate cove and saving some shovels for act 3, happy tapping

  7. My Mayan Marge tasks have not unlocked what gives?? I did all the tasks that are available. All other task listings say that they require quest. Thanks in advance.

    • We need Mayan Homer annoyingly, who for some reason is not available on the store. Feel I wasted 90 donuts right now.

      • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

        You do NOT need Homer, rather, you need the Calendar – for the outside 8 and 12 hour tasks – which will cost ANOTHER 70 donuts.

  8. Josephine Kick@$$

    Good day again all 😊😊 On the personal side in life, I started PT on Friday from my back surgery & am a bit underwhelmed. I know I shouldn’t be, after having PT so many times over the past 20 yrs (have no idea how many, but can count at least 9 different facilities off the top of my head), I know the exercises & can do them in my sleep. I was excited to be evaluated & given the go-ahead on certain activities. Ok… so yes, I need to be guided & slowly increase the frequency. I hope they’ve come up with something to at least make me feel like it’s worth the time & $, because otherwise, I honestly am not going to keep doing this past next week. I am waiting for an itsy-bitsy part of my incision to heal to get in the pool with the grandkids. It sucked not being able to get in the pool at my dad’s house yesterday. We had an awesome day, & I got to see a pic of my brand new great niece, one of my favorite nephew’s (I only have 2😂), Father’s Day gifts! They live in Vegas, but all the rest of my family up there (including their mother, my sister), are bat $hî+ crazy & like a toxic chemical to me), so seeing them from a distance is about as good as it gets 😐 BUT…everyone else had fun swimming yesterday, which was great. I lasted about a half hr watching from under the gazebo in the shade. I believe it was about 116 degrees by then 😕. I still had a very happy day with 11 other family members I love, that don’t turn everything into a soap opera about them. I even got to see my 2 nephews who are 4 & 6 (he & his wife are 16 yrs younger than I). They still have entanglements with the crazies in my family, but still have enough respect to show up & act decent on Father’s Day. There’s hope for the future yet. Anyways… I’m worn out but doing well, and have been reminded again how important it is to be around people who lift you up & make you happy, instead of trying to drag you down into the loony pit with them 🤗😁😁😁

    • Hope you have a good week & be around those you support you and give you joy. Sometimes for myself it is being alone on one day and then another friends etc.
      Good luck!

      • And those that support you

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thank you Carie, Patric talks about balancing time vs quality time & what’s worth spending time on. I understand what he means. I don’t have enough time for the things that bring me joy, much less what is needing to be done 😊 Have a great day my friend 💞

    • I have this poem on the wall in my office…have had it since I was 17 and going thru the usual teenage 💩. Never read anything that was a better guide in life, or was more comfort in crazy times. Hope it does the same for you and that your life is back to normal soon😘.

      • Lovely message thanks for sharing.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thank you ebron, I’d heard the words & song so many years ago, but am happy you reminded me of it 😊 Such wise words to live by, no matter who you are.

  9. Absolutely loving this event so far. It feels a good length providing just enough challenge to get rewards whilst not getting boring like the spy one.

    I turned my Museum into a Springfield attraction, check it out here (hope links are allowed, if not sorry!)

    Egyptian zone coming soon.

  10. Josephine Kick@$$

    Good morning everyone 😁 TSTO wise: I’m really quite a bit bummed, & hope my suspicions aren’t right, & im getting burned I was offered Marge’s Mayan skin, found out most of the tasks were locked, needing quests completed (but no notification or task is sitting there waiting to be done like the others), THEN I was excited the only task that was visual & just said required the Mayan Calendar… it was also offered, but I didn’t really want to spend donuts on it right now, since my pile is dwindling. I went ahead & bought it, thinking I’d get to send Marge on a visual in her new cute outfit… nooooo, now it says quest required, & again no prompt for what that task is. Now I need to do a search & find what the quest is… like WTH EA????

    • You need Mayan Homer skin which EA have not offered up. I got burned on buying Mayan Marge and the Calendar and Marge has only a 1, 8 and 24 hour task with the skin if you don’t have Mayan Homer 🙁

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I am big on visual tasks, so this was an extremely disappointing, even misleading, move by EA. We should get Mayan Homer for free to enable us to finish her questline. I say free, because I feel we were duped into the purchase (ESPECIALLY the calendar!!!) Epic fail EA 😡 !!!!)

  11. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    I have a series of quests lined up for completion. Two of them are in a box that expands to show each task, or shrinks and “compiles” the individual tasks.
    What is the determining factor as to what is listed individually and what goes in the box?
    Inquiring mind wants to know.

  12. I find it annoying that EA have coded certain buildings that I want to move to the boardwalk or pier can’t go on there because I wanted to move Gold Navy and the Blocko Store on the pier with the Banana Dictatorship, Vulgari and Spiffany’s which I have as the SH promenade. I hope EA could read this and enable some of the buildings and decorations that were released a while ago so that they can go on boardwalk and pier because a lot of the new buildings and decorations like Moe’s cavern can go on the boardwalk and pier.

    • What they need to do is allow for more event decorations to be placed in krustyland! my inventory is cluttered and i would like to empty some of it into krusty land where the items would look less out of place

  13. I guess it’s just me, but prizes in this go round are much more difficult to attain then previous quests. I failed on Moe’s Cavern, and am likely not going to achieve either the Sphinx or the Willie skin.

  14. anyone else missing the lower donut purchases? I’ve only got the biggest pack available on my get more list and I definitely can’t afford that one…

  15. Got the temple yesterday. I will now collect shovels. The papyri from the shovel earning tasks, panini press and neighbor visits alone should be enough to clear Taskmaster Willie on the last day. Since the amout of papyri for bonuts is so high, I won’t bother and rather have strong start for the pirates stage.

  16. WanderingCaveman

    I’ve been out of town for the last two weeks with limited internet access and very little free time, but somehow I managed to collect all the prizes from act 1 and I’ve got 2 left from act 2. Not entirely sure how I managed to pull that off.

  17. Dad

    He never looks for praises
    He’s never one to boast
    He just goes on quietly working
    For those he loves the most
    His dreams are seldom spoken
    His wants are very few
    And most of the time his worries
    Will go unspoken too
    He’s there …. a firm foundation
    Through all our storms of life
    A sturdy hand to hold to
    In times of stress and strife
    A true friend we can turn to
    When times are good or bad
    One of our greatest blessings ,
    The man that we call Dad .

    🎬🎥🔫🐒 . See ya bye . 👽

  18. I was finding this Egyptian stage a little lack luster compared with the prehistoric stage. One thing I do like is that Jesse Grass’ practice yoga task, and the hippie’s outdoor task go well with the Egyptian theme music, since there is a hippy guitar twank.
    Anyone else notice this, or just me? lol

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I play with the sound off, & only turn it on to check out new items/characters I’m interested in. So no, I didn’t notice 😊

  19. Anybody else feel cheated that taskmaster willie is only a skin and not even a premium one at that. All that tapping for a normal skin. It is cool don’t get me wrong but i will probably never use it after the quest line is finished. So all those that may think about using donuts to finish because 8u could complete the act be aware that taskmaster willie is only a skin and not premium.

    • Well that sucks

    • I have a feeling that he’ll return and become premium in the run of things…

    • There’s no reason to expect any of the skins or even characters will be premium at the end of the prize track. Premium characters/skins are only bought with donuts unless on rare occasions.

    • Skins earned as prizes are, unfortunately, never premium. I have several skins for Willie, but all of them were event prizes, so none of them are premium. Have there ever been any premium skins offered for Willie?

      • yes i know the skins are normal but for all the grinding to get to end of Act and then just a skin. Kinda feel why did i bother. My point was to warn people not to spend donuts if they don’t complete the act. Taskmaster Willie is only a skin and not premium one. u would feel ripped off if u spent hard earned donuts to get a skin

      • The only one I can think of is Bare Chested Willie (a Whacking Day prize which became Premium the following the year?)

  20. I unlocked the last prize this morning and am on bonut round #1. This act was a lot easier thanks to the shovels I hoarded and the panini press paying out every 4 hours (for most of it; it’s now 3 hourly).

  21. Happy Sunday to all and hope each has a peaceful and safe week.
    Also Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads. My brother posted on Facebook today great pictures and memories of my late father. He was great father and I appreciate all that Fathers do.

    Have completed the prize tracks for Act Two and looking forward to the next Act, having a little down time in between. Will be traveling next few weeks to visit family around the country. (US).

    Peace to all.

    • Have fun visiting your family. I’ve been at my folks house for a month now, and am finally returning to Savannah today. I love visiting, but it’s always nice to get home again. Travel safely, I’ll be sure to remind the neighborhood watch to keep an eye on your town😁.

      • There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Hope you had a safe trip home. Totally enjoying your new SF . As always, great layout!

      • Hope you got home fine. I have heard Savannah is lovely. I will be in Colorado for my first stop this summer
        Safe travels.

    • Howdy neighboreena. Just wanted to tell you I enjoy your SF. Have a great time visiting family. Know that every mile you travel is another smile on someone’s face.

      • Thanks neighbor. I enjoy your town too, like your 3D or up and down designs very creative.
        Happy tapping.

  22. Anyone making Lisa combat train? Thinking about taking her off shovel duty and trying my luck to see if EA is giving away war heads more now that Lisa is shoveling in most games.

    • Towards the end of act 1, I put Lisa back on the eliminator. I got one nuke out of maybe 6 tries.

    • I did for a week or so and then stopped, returning her to regular tasks on a premium costume, collecting cash to turn into donuts via XP Collider, eventually. The last round of doing so pushed me up to 2.600 donuts and took my cash down to 40 mil, so it’s saving time again.

  23. Gregory Jablynski

    Is there a way to tell who’s been visiting you and hitting the guards? I haven’t seen anything. Am I missing something?

    • You’re right that there’s no way to tell who visited you. I think it’s because you tap npcs that move around instead of stationary buildings. I

    • I kinda prefer tapping the NPCs…I always feel bad cashing in my buildings, cuz it leaves nothing for my neighbors to tap. Too bad EA can’t figure out a way for us to tap that isn’t dependent on cash revenue buildings.

    • During this event, your neighbors get no benefit from you visiting them (and vice versa). So, no – there’s no way to tell who’s been visiting you during this event.

  24. Maybe I missed this…were the hieroglyphic/Stonecutter walls limited time items? They aren’t in the event section of the store anymore…and we still have 4 days left for the Egyptian act.

  25. (Forgive me if I don’t use the right names/spellings for things.)
    So, I decided early to focus on getting the Panini Grill up to 150%. I have achieved this and am finding that the dig site is really paying off. I mostly used the cheap plant that pays 125 tychons. The next level is a 6sec blast recharge but that is irrelevant. The 1 hour recharge ensures I don’t leave Egyptian Gods wandering around unclaimed.

  26. I have been avoiding the pressures of the event and sticking to my land earning break. After Patric’s analysis I realised I made the right decision; if I had been taking part I most likely would be struggling to earn everything.

    I was wondering if there’s a chat room linked to this site? It would be great to connect with other addicts, share our springfields off etc.

  27. Hello and Happy Father’s Day !

  28. Has anyone else noticed that the pet shop and hubbub aren’t available in the store any longer. I know sometimes that means there will be a skin/bundle update in the event, which would be good because I need the pet shop for Stampy and Mr teeny

    • It’s something that’s in the vault. So should be coming up for you sometime with a rebate. 👍

    • JUSTIN- A lotta stuff temp removed. Will be in vault or offered up cheaper. Have to just wait til it shows up. Good news is your patience will be rewarded….💜X

  29. Anyone else getting the “Cannot Connect to Server” message? My internet connection is fine, so it is not that.

  30. Was soooo happy that I was finally able to get the rowboat (hey, I have a thing about boats, ok?…and whales…and islands…and docks…so,…whatever). So, anyway, I finally had enough specimens and I placed it…and it is a pee-wee boat no bigger than a beach lounge chair! I mean this thing is TINY! The only thing going for a row in this boat is the Homersaurus (or maybe the guinea pig)…what a rip off! Bad EA…Bad EA…no treats for you😩.

    • The rowboat was one of the craftables I was most looking forward to. But I agree, so small it’s disappointing. And I don’t think it can be placed on the beach either. I had planned on crafting a few…now, maybe not. I’ll have to see how much crafting currency I have at the end of the event.

      • I wanted at least three of them, but won’t bother now…guess I will get a couple more dragonfly rocks for around my town ( I think they’re also bigger than the rowboat😄).

      • The rowboat is in proportion with the other boats.It may be overpriced at 6000 (does that mean it might get a bonus later on?). But place next to the wreck or ghost ship, a bigger boat would look ridiculous.

        • With the way EA brings things back these days, it seems unlikely that any craftable will get an added bonus. Instead it’ll be a “new” item available for donuts (and bonus). Like with the guillotine and giant snake in a tree. Hope I’m wrong though, an added bonus is always welcome.

      • TSTO rowboat

        via Imgur for iOS

      • I got the rowboat a couple of days ago. I really like it. It fits perfectly with Mulberry Island; The Daughter Also Rises from Season 23. It’s only crafting currency and there are still two weeks left for crafting. It would be nice to be able to place one on the beach though.

        • It would also be nice to place to rowboat and the “bat boat” on “rivers”, and large internal water area (e.g. behind a dam).

    • I’ve been wanting a rowboat since I got the old abandoned warehouse. It’s little, but I’m still glad to have it floating there menacingly.

      • I like that…floating menacingly…as in ‘”yous mess with me, yous gets an oar to the head” (my rowboat has a Jersey mobster accent) 😆

    • I noticed earlier there is a rowboat attached to the private island. I am in the process of getting enough to get the rowboat. I got the masthead yesterday and goes well with the crashed ship we had from before. Hope the pirate stuff is fun.

      • I’m still trying to figure how a mermaid tank fits with pirates…yo ho ho and a bottle of …mermaid repellant?

        • Sailors who were away from women for months tended to start telling tales of beautiful women living in the sea. It’s even possible they saw mirages of such as they got drunker and lonelier. I’ve read speculation that manatees floating near the surface might look like a woman to a drunk, tired, lonely pirate.

        • 😂😂😂

    • OTOH, if they had made it much bigger, them out would look out of scale with the yachts and houseboat and stuff.

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