New Shirt Alert: Better Put On Pants…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back in May we announced the winner of our Creative Minds T-Shirt contest…the winner was Vee with the Phrase “Visitors?!? Better put on pants!” And now we’ve finally got our shirt design ready and we can’t stop giggling over it…

Our “T-Shirt Guys” from TeeSpring and Blue Helm did an AWESOME job with this design!

You can get your very own reminder of this hilarious TSTO catchphrase here…

Better Put On Pants Shirts!

Show your Tapped Out Pride at home, at work or at your local Lard Lad Donut Shop!

We’ve got a few styles to choose from….

Next Level Tee in Black

Or Blue

Premium Fitted Women’s Fitted Tee in Black

Or Blue

These babies are Limited Edition and only available for purchase for the next TEN Days!! So you’ll want to pick one of these up before they’re gone!

The best part of it?  Every T-Shirt sale directly benefits this site.  So now you can support for your favorite site AND look stylin’ while doing it!

Go here to get the shirts, and again remember they’re Limited Edition so grab yours before they’re gone (they’ll be gone on June 30th)!

26 responses to “New Shirt Alert: Better Put On Pants…

  1. Got My Teeshirt today 😀 woooohooooo

  2. love this shirt. i always have a giggle when hear it and a shame u don’t get it when an event is on. also it sums up my life alot. living on a farm i am always walking around in my underwear even in winter.
    anyways i am going to buy a shirt but i would like to know what the sizes are like. depending on brand it is always a toss up between medium and large. i don’t want to buy a shirt that is too small or one that is swimming on me. so is their any rough dimensions to get an idea?
    also i wish they came in red. red rocks

    • There’s a link right under the little icons for shirt on the page that says “What’s your size” if you click that you can put your height/weight in and it’ll tell you what works best for you.

      • sweet thx Alissa my failing eyes skimmed that link. this is a great way to help support this site. u all do a great job.
        ohh that reminds me better put on pants

  3. Michelle aka Zarafyna

    Can you please make this a sticker! I want to put these on so many things, I love it!

  4. Pickin’ it up!

    Really I should get two – I’m a medium Wednesday through Friday, but more reasonably a large Saturday through Tuesday.😆

  5. Can anyone tell me what how big of a mens shirt I can order?

  6. is the woman’s fitted tee made by “american apparel”? I thought the last tapped out addicts shirt ran small

    • I think this is a different material. But I did see in the comments that it ran small, but not sure if it was a 1 off or not.

  7. I like the back of the shirt graphics. Maybe a small logo on the front left breast. Funny though.

  8. This is a very amusing t-shirt!

  9. Not sure if I would wear that in public. I have my favourite T-Shirt with Homer that I proudly wear anywhere – as I love both Simpsons and Game of Thrones.

  10. Well, that stinks I’m on a fixed income and won’t be able to buy one till July 1st, a day to late. I would like to get one to go with my TSTO Addicts T-shirt, oh well maybe another time. It is a cool looking T-shirt I have that saying on my phone (notifications) everybody knows me for that saying.

  11. Howard J. McEwen

    That’s so awesome.

    I am so getting one.

  12. Just seen that episode on Fox Europe. HILARIOUS 😂😅😂🤣

  13. Being in the UK, this always makes me chuckle as obviously pants is your underwear, rather than your trousers 😀😀😀

  14. Ho, jeez! Look at the butt on that!

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