Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Building, Week 2

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. But what isn’t debatable is that there are plenty of buildings in the rich history of The Simpsons universe still not in our little game. We present to you TSTO Addicts’ Most Desired Building Bracket Battle.

Like last year, with your help, we created a Bracket of 64 beloved buildings we believe would bring a smile to your face, have great tasks, could make for an awesome event, or simply be a nice idea for a new Friends Point prize. Unlike last year though, you had a huge say in what buildings made the cut.

We pre-selected 96 buildings organized into eight thematic conferences. We had chosen four to get automatic entries into the Bracket. However, your votes in the pre-Bracket polls selected which four buildings would join them in each conference. Those 64 buildings would then battle each other in six rounds of head-to-head matchups, that we hope produces the most debate in the comments below.

With the Bracket determined, every Friday over summer, we’ll post that week’s matchups and your votes will determine which buildings advance to the next round, until we’ve crowned “The Most Desired Building” on Friday September 1st.

For general housekeeping rules and guidelines, please click on the link to the first pre-Bracket poll.

Here’s a recap of the results from our first eight matchups:

#1 seed Bouvier House (68% – 1,054 votes) defeated #8 Birthplace of Matt Groening (32% – 496 votes)

#1 Moe’s Apartment (85% – 1,292 votes) destroyed #8 Smooches on the Beach (15% – 235 votes)

#1 Springfield University (86% – 1,298 votes) destroyed #8 Museum of Television and TV(14% – 220 votes)

#1 Praiseland (66% – 1,001 votes) defeated #8 Fort Springfield (34% – 519 votes)

#8 P.F. Wangs (61% – 928 votes) upset #1 Joe’s Tavern (39% – 587 votes)

#1 The Slaughterhouse (67% – 1,008 votes) defeated #8 Jazzy Goodtimes (33% – 493 votes)

#1 I Can’t Believe it’s a Law Firm (78% – 1,151 votes) defeated #8 Plunderer Pete’s (22% – 330 votes)

and in the closest vote yet, by just 5 votes

#8 Quitters (50% – 751 votes) barely upset #1 Springfield Shopper (50% – 746 votes)

Here’s a look at the updated Bracket:

Now without further ado, our next eight matchups from Round 1 featuring the #2 seed versus the #7 seed in all eight conferences:

Reminder, voting is open until noon EDT Thursday July 6.

What are your thoughts on last weeks results? Any surprises? How’s your Bracket pick’em looking? What are your thoughts on this weeks eight match-ups? Of the eight match-ups above, which was the easiest decision and which was the hardest? Which Addict did you agree with most? Which Addict doesn’t think like you at all? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you.

27 responses to “Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Building, Week 2

  1. I know this isn’t where to come with this but overnight my bank lost over $150000.

  2. Well done Safi. Your choices were correct for all but one…

  3. Other than The Jazz Hole, every vote was for the quote-unquote underdog.

  4. I’m surprised the Birthplace of Matt Groening was knocked out so early. At least it had a good joke with it, whereas the Bouvier house was just…another house :/

  5. Indiana P.R. Underwood

    Toughest decision for me was between marine land and the zoo…. ended up going with the zoo!

    • It was a little bit difficulty of a choice, but I went with Marine World, since we already have a zoo – Moe’s Zoo – and I’ve already sunk a lot of design time into that one.

    • I had to go with marine world, my hope is that it would come with Bart’s “big brother”, with a task for him and Homer to fight throwing star fish at each other.

  6. I’m surprised Joe’s Tavern was knocked out. I thought it would go far

  7. Regular readers will know what I’m going to say……..

    We need Marge’s car with the Pretzel-Wagon skin too.
    While we’re talking about skins for cars……we should have a skin for Homer’s car with the grand piano on the roof from the Monorail episode


  8. So, just looking at the results from last time, I see I’ve already blown it with my contest entry (I think…. I’m really not clear how the winner will be tabulated…need to go back and re-read that info in the contest post…). And I didn’t do myself any favors, because I voted here for what I want, but in the contest entry, I went with what I thought would win.

    • That is how I did it. What I have been picking for the bracket aren’t usually the winner, so I thought it best if I went with what I figured would be popular with everyone else.

  9. Still think Jazz Hole should be excluded since it’s going to be the clear winner of the entire bracket battle 🙄

  10. Voted! No surprises here.

  11. Let’s go Pillow Factory. The French waiter could have an animated task there. I’d place a rat trap truck to bring it all together.

  12. This week I agreed with Patric and Wookie 7 times, Alissa 6 times and Safi 4 times (sorry Safi!).
    The easiest decision was The Jazz Hole by a long way. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to have it in the game along with BLEEDING GUMS MURPHY!?
    I am a freemium player but would be willing to spend donuts on this combo!!!!!

    • Yes, Bleedibg Gums Murphy’s, Lisa would go all giggly 😁

    • No worries. My opinion has changed quite a bit based on how the pre-Bracket polls went. But since I chose the 4 top seeds, felt I should at least pick seeds 1 to 4 in Round 1. In Round 2 I don’t blindly choose seeds 1 and 2, and likewise in Round 3 I don’t blindly choose seed 1.

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