Addicts Housekeeping: “Better Put On Pants” Shirts Sale Extended!

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know the latest Addicts shirt sale has been extended through July 5th!  I know several of you mentioned you’d like to get the shirt, but you had to wait until you got paid (which was after the shirt offer disappeared) so good news….we extended it!

The “Better Wear Pants…” shirts will be available until July 5th!  So get yours before they’re gone (for real this time)!

As a reminder, you can purchase the shirt here!  And all sales benefit this site directly!

Thanks to everyone who has already purchased and thanks in advance to all those who will be grabbing them before the 5th!

13 responses to “Addicts Housekeeping: “Better Put On Pants” Shirts Sale Extended!

  1. Wooooohoooo Got my teeshirt today 😀

  2. I didn’t really like this tee but I might buy the next one. If you want to send me on well England is my city

    • Maybe if this tee had a different picture on it I’d like it better. Not too interested in wearing a pic of Homer’s underwear! Oh well. I was rather surprised that this saying won too – I guess I get kind of tired of hearing this phrase constantly coming from my game. I do like the blue, though. RachelS

  3. I got mine coming to Australia soooo wrapt tho need bigger sizing but yet to see if there is a difference in USA size to Australia sizing but seriously cant wait 😀 wanted 2 but eh lol it will get worn to smitherings lol ♡♡♡♡

  4. I’d purchase one if it were available in a tank top. Merely a suggestion for next time!! 🙂

  5. Thank You!!! getting one for sure.

  6. I already purchased one. 🙂

  7. alissa, I received an email from teespring that explained the different brands of women’s shirts & the sizing. is there an email I could forward it to you?

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